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Special Assignment: Peace is Coming!

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Febuary 7, 2003
Operation; Special Assignment: Peace is Coming!
By Jon-William Brown

Something wonderfully amazing is happening. Ths is one of the most exciting projects that I have had the honor and privlege to post in service on this web site in the seven years of it's development. I have been given a 'Special Assignment' to share with the world, something so truly amazing that it has taken almost two weeks to evolve thru a newly formed 'wave' of energy and channeled communications directly from the Spiritual Hierarchy. Something so pertinent that it is going to take several days and perhaps weeks of intense communications and channeling sessions in order to download all in it's entirety. I have been given specific instructions for this and have spent the last 14 days of intense clearing and purging, initially unaware, in preparation for such a receival. I have been given a general overview and at the time of this posting am still consciously unaware of it's major content...only it's purpose:
To act as a combined blueprint in order to serve humanity DURING and AFTER the time of the GREAT TRANSFORMATION OF PLANET EARTH!

There is no denying what is now happening. Beyond the facade and blatant lies of the world's corporate controlled media outlets that present nothing but a veil of illusion and a false sense of reality, a globally united Voice of Peace is now breaking out all over the planet from India to Jerusalem, to the United Nations and the people of the United States of America! Your major source of 'real news' is driven by a controlled force of perpetual fear...but the fact of the matter is, thousands of people are turning out in force for peace initiatives almost daily in cities all over the planet. On January 18th alone, millions of people worldwide from the USA to Japan turned out to voice one clear message...NO to the warmongers! PEACE NOW! This is not to mention the millions more who have turned inward over the past decade to anchor the new energies of peace within themselves..the source for genuine peace. This and much much more is what you will NOT hear on CNN or the six o'clock news. It is time to see beyond the deception.

Then there is dichotomy. With this latest emergence of the 'peace wave' comes a most perilous danger. A danger that has not been evident on this earth for almost fifty years. Those that have taken on the roles of darkness through global domination and submission are now being cornered and exposed fully for who and what they truly are. They have exposed themselves mainly through the actions of 9/11. I would like to call to mind once again a message posted on this web site three days after that event, at a time when this country's general populate was blinded by patriotic ferver and fear. They refuse to transform and are now facing their last act of desperation to maintain control. The threat of lashing out with more terror and fear has recently been escalated due to this exposure. People have asked a common question when this topic is discussed many times. They say, 'Just who are THEY in which you speak of? See beyond the deception and 'they' will expose themselves to you.

This, at a time when the forces of peace mount due to an awakening consciousness that is sweeping the planet.

On Febuary 9th, using the science of ancient, lost (deprived) knowledge utilizing thought, emotion, intention, and prayer (heart/mind connection, the science of compassion) to evoke world peace, thousands of 'Spiritual Warriors' trained in the development of telekenetic abilities, will unleash a force of power that has never been witnessed on this planet before. A core group of 60 people will be anchoring this synchronized prayer in Israel under the guidance of James Tywman in an event called the 'Great Experiment 3". A simultaneous Global Peace Ceremony involving author and ex-astronaut Dr. Brian O'Leary and Sai Baba will take place in Jerusalem to empower the prayers for global peace now by all of humanity to bring harmony between Christians, Moslems, and Jews. Describing Baba as "the greatest example of inter-faith spiritual unity since Buddha," the sources said that by spreading his "message of truth, peace, love, righteousness, and nonviolence" the US astronaut hopes that global peace will "break out in mere days from across the US, India, Pakistan, to Iraq.

By utilizing whats called the 'Maharishi Effect', (see gallery update Dec 2001) studies have shown that all it takes is a small percentage of collective thought and intention from a general populate to impact the physical realm. Ken Kalb writes;

"Scores of studies have found that the reduction of stress in meditators creates a powerful influence of harmony in the environment at large. Scientist have named this phenomenon the Maharishi Effect- the finding that when just 1% of the population is meditating, the overall quality of life improves for everyone. This has been demonstrated, scientifically measured, and documented by a reduction in the symptoms of social stress such as delinquency, traffic accidents, and illness, as well as a reduction in political conflicts and improvement in international relations. Mass Synchronized Meditation has been proven to be the most effective technology for the implementation of World Peace!"

You may obtain added information about the 'Great Experiment 3' at James Tywman's web site. I have written on my personal experiences and participation in both the 'Great Experiment' in 1998, and the 'Great Experiment 2' in 2000. Most of this information may be found in 'Return of the White Dove' and the related writings within my journaled manuscript, ' 'Atlantis Rising'.

We are now standing at the brink of a global transformation unlike this world has ever seen.
Have you been listening? Are you ready?

Many of you that have been working this process for years now have begun witnessing first hand this latest tidal wave of new energy. Have you felt it yet? Open your eyes, mind and heart...This is what we have all been waiting patiently for!. It is here, it is now, and it is real, and it is ABOUT TIME!

Two weeks ago it began for me personally. In this message, and those that are soon to follow over the next few days and weeks, I will refer to this new wave of energy as the 'peace wave'. This specific wave of energy has been created and generated for quite some time now through the newly formed Energetic Light Grid Matrix (See 'Activations of Light') When such a force of energy waves are formed, they magnetically accumalate within the upper etheric dimensions first, then begin a slow 'download' filtering process before it begins to make an impact in the physical world. This takes form of an 'awakened consciousness' available to anyone who opens their heart and minds to it. Can you feel it yet? After a major grid activation last April, I stated that critical mass had been reached and would be just a matter of time before the material realm was impacted. We are now seeing the results. Many people feel that the utopian 'thought' of world peace is as old as the ancient prophets themselves. But by utilizing the science of an ancient lost wisdom, we now have the capability to alter our reality and usher in a new age of peace, cooperation and understanding NOT based on an elite, geo-political control and domination, but one of prosperity and abundance for all. Once again, you may read about the formation and construction of this new energy matrix within my journaled manuscript 'Atlantis Rising: A Starseed's Journey' to gain a better understanding about what has really been happening on our planet lately. Modern scientist and meta-physicians who dare challenge the 'status quo' are proving this by utilizing quantum physics, string, and unified theories, validating what the ancients have known for thousands of years. If you are one that has been following the progress as posted within this web site, you may be very familiar with the gridwork I have been involved with now for quite sometime as documented within these Gallery Updates and Journals. There have been reports of the latest gridwork here over the past eight months and you may find a comprehensive ' Grid Report' from last April's Gallery Update.

As previously mentioned, this latest 'energetic peace wave' began to infiltrate my consciousness two weeks ago and impacted me physically as I awoke in the middle of the nite after only three hours sleep. I have not slept more than four hours within a 24 hour period since. Yet, have been fully charged. Then the messages and communications began, but my physical composition was still to dense in order to obtain a clear understanding of what was happening. Yet, I knew it had to do with my heart chakra and an influx of compassion. I began to share and discuss this information with my significant other slowly as the days passed. I began to check into my earthly sources for validation and confirmation. There was no denying it,..there was a specific event, or task at hand that was about to happen. The energy was so intense and contained such high frequency vibration that my body needed to undergo a major purging of both physical and emotional toxins. I then contracted the flu. After three days of intense fevor, emotional purging and heart chakra clearing, I emerged lighter and more clearer. The intutive insights became more refined. E-mails and personal messages began to filter in from familiar, yet unrelated sources, that new nothing about what was happening to me due to lack of correspondence over the past couple weeks, confirming the same wave of energy. I have selected a few of the correspondences in order to validate here. They are as follows:

Febuary 3, 2003

Hi Jon,
I was wondering if you can feel the energy? I feel a powerful influx of energy as of is amazing......Last night as I was lying in bed I saw thousands of light particles descending on me along with what looked as though there was a swirling vortex of energy...make sense to you? Anyway how is everything? May all your prayers be answered

Febuary 4, 2003

Hi jon,

I was introduced to something the other day that I think is very important for you to check out. Go to - Humanity's Team and take a minute to read what I am talking about. Let me know what you think. I joined their email address book and am excited to hear how I can participate.

I am concerned about what is happening in the world and I believe you and I can be a part of making a difference through Humanity's Team. All we have to do is join their email list and when they send us ideas on how we can play a role in changing the world, listen to our heart to see if that works for us or not.

Also, if you resonate with their mission I suggest you send an email to as many people as you can about Humanity's Team, because rapidly expanding their outreach is their biggest tool.

Thanks. Letās talk soon.

In response to these communications, I replied with the following at 8:30 a.m. on the morning of Febuary 5, 2003. I am including the specific times and dates for a very particular reason in which you will understand shortly.

hi xxxxx,

thanks for the info..will check it out.
something wonderfully amazing has happened and can't wait to talk to you about it...I have been given another 'special assignment'. call me when you can..will be here this morning and perhaps all day.

remember something....we have ALREADY been helping to change the world. but I will check out this humanitys team in the interim.

ciao till then

I also wanted to point out here that the 'Humanity's Team' project is sponsored by Neale Donald Walsh who is the author of 'Conversations with God' and many other works. This project demonstrates even further the onslaught of a spiritual, yet political responsibility movement that is part of this energetic peace wave initiative. Notice that the organization is relatively new, one of hundreds being created around the world. I would highly recommend checking it out and participating in any one of them that sends a loud and clear message that war, rascism, and social injustices will no longer be tolerated by the citizens of the world.

Yet another source and correspondence dated Febuary 4, 2003

Dear Friends,
Around 3:00 this afternoon (Feb. 4th) I felt a wave of incredible energy coming in (actually, it was more like a tsunami!) That was when I first consciously noticed the energy - it could have started earlier but I was at school and distracted by 3D activities. I continued to feel wave after wave bliss throughout the afternoon and evening. My heart and third eye chakras kept expanding, rhythmically like an acordian contracting and expanding. I received another exciting cryptic message tonight, but promptly forgot it!

There's so much going on right now planetarily and universally, and I can feel that there's much more to come very soon. I'm just sitting back and enjoying the ride! I think our lives are about to change for the better. I can see and feel the guides smiling in anticipation. Did anyone else notice the wave of energy today? Comments and insights are most welcome.

Then another startling synchronicity began to develope. I received an e-mail on Febuary 5th from a poet that is in the process of publishing a book, asking me if I would be interested in doing the artwork for it. He is an Essene brother and went on to explain how he is "working with Viktoras Kulvinskas, author of "Survival into the 21st Century"... if you've heard of wheatgrass, blue green algae and's because of his lifeswork. He is truly a master... and an archbishop of the Essene "church".

We began corresponding and I got to read several of his writings contained in individual e-mails with attached text documents. Then, around midnight last evening Febuary 6th, after a very intense 'analytical session', discussing my personal state and situation with a friend, a new revelation was being brought forth regarding this particular 'special assignment'. The two words kept being repeated over and over in my head until I fell asleep a short time later. Special assignment, special assignment.

I awoke sometime around five a.m., once again with no more than four hours sleep. Due to a drastic change in a personal situation, fears, doubt, and insecurities were resulting in massive anxiety. I knew in an instant that I would not be able to go back to sleep and felt compelled to take the initiative step to begin accepting and addressing this so called 'special assignment', and sat down to write. As I did, the overwhelming fear of self-delusion and fear of not being able to follow through or accomplish any such assignment began to break me down. The questions ran rampant. I have not been feeling well about myself due to personal affairs, and sick for days from the flu to boot. What is going to happen to me now? Who am I? Who am I to be dealing with such intangible and far out concepts? What is real and what isn't?

I sat and began to pray for help. I even spoke out loud which is something I rarely do. My heart was beating out of my chest and my hands trembled as I reached for the keyboard on my computer. I asked for strength and guidance to overcome the fear. I asked for calm and centered focus. I then asked for a clear and unequivical 'sign' for validation of this so called 'special assignment'. I began to calm my nerves, continued to pray, while opening to read my latest e-mail. The first thing I read was a latest notification of an entry to my web site's guest book. It was a private message from the person to whom I had spoken too earlier in the evening that read:

You can do this...your work, your inspirations, your message......are important.
Stay centered, stay will rise above and know that it was what you needed to do.
Baby steps Jon...
Blessings..light...and love,

The waves of emotion began to wash over me. I continued on to answer an e-mail from the poet who had just sent me several more files to check, which I had not read as of yet. After answering his e-mail, I open the next text file to read the last poem he had sent. This file is dated Febuary 5, at 5:11 p.m. I had already sent an e-mail in response to one of the above correspondences mentioning a 'special assignment' at 8:30 a.m. earlier that day. My first posting to this web site was not until the next day, Febuary 6th, so no mention of special assignment had yet been mentioned publicly. The events and correspondences here are as they happened. All such sources can be validated.

I opened the file and when my eyes read the title of the poem, my jaw dropped as I faintly muttered, 'Oh my God'. I about fell off my chair and erupted in a wail of emotional bliss. I had recieved my sign of confirmation, and none the less from an Essene brother. His poem read:

Special Assignment

dirt on my fingers...sand in my hair.
feet in the water...thoughts in the air.
planting precious seeds...nourishing with love.
the sun on my back...a gift from up above.
climbing free, wild trees...strolling through a mist.
do as mother father please...a gridwork sacred list.
crown of thorns and flowers do blossom...
to the living dreams so beautiful and awesome.
angels in chorus...the love on the line.
pictures of forest and waters for pine.
black sand...and crystal beach.
manifesting within reach.
prepare to dare...a grand alignment.
gifted to care in this special assignment.
peace within our garden...calm as was meant.
creator sends glorious descent.
overwhelming metaphysics...calming meditation.
inner temple homework...path of destination.
focus on the what they need.
build a greater stairway...raise a brighter seed.
patient cleansed vessel...will and drive to play.
so open to transfer...the love that will stay.
releasing linear time and priorities that wait.
at the here and longer a debate.
elements in control...angels do disperse.
the power and the glory...a lifting of the curse.
with just a few words...and foot in the door.
grace will hold it open ...and bring home many more.
the morsel and taste...of seed bearing fruit.
the sun does baste...a royal card suite.
walk a path your sure to bind...
a temple on consignment.
do the math destined to find...
your on special assignment.

copyright- jeffrey scott ginn

I will continue on with this writing shortly regarding the Special Assignment and the Ascended Masters,..please stay tuned.

In love and devoted service,

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