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February 4, 2002

IMPORTANT NEW MESSAGE: PLEASE READ the following information contained within this link: Light-Grid.

Explanations, instructions and links to the Light Grid Matrix are posted throughout this web site. See:
* Hermetic Principles
* Creation of the Grid Matrix
* Atlantis Rising
* Activations of Light Language
* New Energy and Critical Mass

*Conscious connection to the New Energetic Light Grid Matrix is about to reach a 'critical mass' tension point. Major opposition forces are being neutralized and transmuted in helping to assure as smooth a transition as possible. Mass Transformation of the collective consciousness is now irreversable, inevitable, and thus....imminent. Make your conscious connection to the Light through Love NOW.

Here is a simple exercise to assist you in attaining basic access to the Light Grid Energy Matrix;

1 ~ Sit with your spine straight and breathe deeply.
2 ~ Calm your mind, body, and emotions. Stay perfectly centered at all times when using this force field.
3 ~ Invoke the Light and your Higher Self to protect you.
4 ~ Meditate on the Light
5 ~ Illuminate the Third Eye by visualizing a bright golden Light within your head. Connect this Light with your heart center.
6 ~ Connect to the Great Central Sun and the Earth Star through your twelve chakras and ground this higher radiant energy within your heart.
7 ~ Visualize the Light Grid connecting to your solar plexus area with a golden Light of energy. See yourself as a part of this web and feel grounded in this sea of Love and Light. Feel this Light. Become this light.
8 ~ Send out impulses of energy and begin to receive ,as well.
9 ~ Expect that it is so ! So Be It ! So It Is !

"Desire nothing and there is nothing you shall not realize".

You are already enlightened"

Notes on Application of the Hermetic Principles.

Throughout history, Hermetic axioms and principles, although simple to understand, have been deliberately shrouded in cryptic ciphers, allegories and parables. Alchemical works provide a good example, and the reason they seem so difficult to understand is that there is a prerequisite for the individual to have an understanding which is free from pre-conception, as well as a pre-requisite of being free from culturally programmed grid-works which encompass belief systems that mask realization of the principles discussed.

Hermetic philosophy embodies the following principles:

* Every human being is a transmitter and receiver of impulses which operate within specific wavelengths.

* These impulses can be detected by a trained conscious mind.

* Individual sub-conscious levels are inter-connected - the "collective sub-conscious"

* Intuition is the recognition of reception on this level.

The "feeling of knowing" transmits within this band.

Intuition: (In this context) is the absolute knowledge founded on the identity of the mind knowing with the object known.  Attend to this definition . You can never actually know something unless "you become one with it" in a certain sense. Intuitive processes operate just below the average level of waking consciousness of the human population, although the barrier generally seems to be thinning as the mass population evolves, despite manipulation and control. These intuitive processes are functional product of the very nature of the Matrix which connects all life-forms; from one perspective it can be said to be the "collective subconscious", but that is a definition reflecting lack of consciousness of the Matrix - where most people "are at". This Matrix is the Source of all consciousness in all species. The process of access to this Matrix is the subject of all Hermetic and Alchemical works, as well as the ultimate subject for various occult (hidden) paradigms. From a cultural religious body-consciousness dis-empowered point of view involving exterior psychological projection, it has been called "God".  

Access to the Matrix requires a certain amount of cognitive restructuring, in that the process of access appears to be "paradoxical" and "against the laws of logic". It requires you to do things that seem counter to anything you have heard, yet you see examples of these principles in use every day. Norman Vincent Peale (the power of positive thinking) discussed some aspects of Hermetic principle, but most applications of the principle by the public appeared to be the means to an end - the end product was the satisfaction of a need based on security, sensation and power for most people. Image-based ego orientations. The actual process is important, not the things that manifest themselves. 

According to most Hermetic sources, there seem to be three classes of "knowers": one who "knows" by virtue of opinion and illusory appearances, one who knows by virtue of recognition of inner truth by power of interior perception and understanding, and one who knows by virtue of identity with the truth because they know themselves - the Holy Grail, as it were, is manifest within them and they have access to knowledge of everything.

Hope: a term implying uncertainty and a desire in the future which has  yet to be fulfilled.

Imagination: allowance of anticipation of the future.

Hermetic principles only operate in the Eternal Now, the present. The word "eternal", in this context, does not mean "a state of time without end", but a state where there is in fact no time to be measured. It is the personal "I" that observes the present moment "Now".

A Hermetic Process

If you require something in the material world, and it can be reasonably available to you, all you have to do it transmit that requirement to your sub-conscious mind - but the subconscious mind will do it only if the desire is successfully transmitted to it from the conscious mind. The paradox for most people is that to cause the desire to reach the subconscious, the conscious mind must cease to exercise the desire, because as long as the conscious mind wants something, the very act of wanting implies a future tense in regard to fulfillment. Since the subconscious only deals with the Eternal Present moment, any idea which is offered within a context that is not in the present moment will be ignored. Thus, the "desire" must be thought of as already satisfied. In terms of cultural religious programming, this maxim translates as "only if you believe it has been granted will it come true". Any trace of Doubt will render the result moot.

So, the paradoxical nature of the Hermetic process (paradoxical from a social consciousness point of view) is that you are required to believe that a desired condition exists before it can be made manifest in the physical world.

DOUBT is an interesting concept; DOUBT is a product of the reasoning process, or the logical side of the brain. The opposite of DOUBT is CERTAINTY, and CERTAINTY is what is behind KNOWING.

If you WISH for a desired state, or HOPE that it will come to pass, you are automatically thinking in the FUTURE tense. As long as you WANT something, and the want (in your mind) remains unfulfilled, aspirations are centered in the FUTURE and cannot be transmitted to the Eternal Now of the subconscious. Thus, "desire nothing and there is nothing you shall not realize".

The collective subconscious is a force that awaits activation and response through KNOWINGNESS and CERTAINTY. Initiates are advised to work on development of the feeling of KNOWING

This information above is courtesy of:

Leading Edge International Resource Group

WEB: www.trufax.org/w4.html

February 2, 2002

Special introductory Bookmark promotion as well as specials on Greeting Art Cards and Prints beginning any day,..stay tuned!

February 1, 2002

Updates made to Free Art Specials and Gallery 'Introductory Membership' offer. Please read links for details.

January 31, 2002

Some 'Monkey Business' !

Monkey Moves Computer Cursor by Thoughts Alone
(Subtitled: "Monkey Think-Monkey Do")
The following is fresh off the press folks...no joke, It's fact. Some of the most radical news of our times.....and it only scrapes the surface.

Posted by Reuters Health Associated Press and ABC News-
Wednesday January 30 5:23 PM ET

Monkey Moves Computer Cursor by Thoughts Alone

By E.J. Mundell

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - It may seem like science fiction, but scientists say they have developed a technology that enables a monkey to move a cursor on a computer screen simply by thinking about it.

The breakthrough could someday help totally paralyzed, ''locked-in'' patients ``operate external devices such as a robot arm, or a computer to surf the Internet,'' explained researcher Daniella Meeker of the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena. Meeker described her team's findings at a recent meeting of the Society for Neuroscience.

Their work focuses on a section of the primate brain known as the posterior parietal cortex. Using high-tech brain scans, the researchers determined that small clumps of cells in this region--as few as 16--were active in the formation of the desire to carry out specific body movements. Armed with this knowledge, Meeker's group implanted sensitive electrodes in the posterior parietal cortex of a rhesus monkey trained to play a simple video game. The monkey's brain was first analyzed on high-tech MRI as it used its hand to touch dots on a touch-sensitive computer screen.

``After the monkey has done this task several times, we are able to determine, for the particular neuron, the different patterns of electrical activity when he is planning reaches in different directions,'' Meeker said. Going one step further, her team then trained the monkey to simply think about a movement, without reaching out and touching the screen. A computer program, hooked up to the implanted electrodes, interpreted the monkey's thoughts by tracking flare-ups of brain cell activity. The computer then moved a cursor on the computer screen in accordance with the monkey's desires--left or right, up or down, wherever ``the electrical (brain) pattern tells us the monkey is planning to reach,'' according to Meeker. ``In fact,'' she said, ``we found that he became quite reluctant to move his arm to the reach command once the cursor was introduced into the game. Apparently it was easier just to think about reaching.''

Speaking with Reuters Health, Meeker said her group's work differs from previous research in that it seeks to replicate the brain-motor connection ``at the level of the first inclination to make a movement.'' She added, ``This supposes that much of the downstream function--which would be normally implemented by the rest of the brain, the spinal cord and muscles--can be relegated to intelligent machines.'' Giving completely paralyzed patients full mental control of robotic limbs or communication devices has long been a dream of those working to free such individuals from their locked-in state. ``These patients are completely paralyzed and cannot speak, yet they are fully conscious and aware,'' Meeker said. Brainstem strokes, injury to the upper spinal cord or diseases such as ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease (news - web sites)) condemn tens of thousands of patients to such an existence. ``Restoring even the most rudimentary communication or motor function to such patients will drastically improve their quality of life,'' she said.

Of course, roadblocks remain and the technology remains crude. Still, Meeker said her group ``can achieve over 90% accuracy'' in carrying out the simple commands the monkey has been trained to perform so far. A technology that could replicate more complex movements--such as handwriting a letter or playing games with a robot arm--could still be years or decades away. Even more challenging are ``Terminator''-type applications that would allow the minds of healthy individuals to meld with machines--allowing drivers to ``think'' their way through traffic, for example, or granting pilots the ability to navigate the skies with their mind. ``The largest difficulty that I see with this kind of sci-fi application is the current risk that brain surgery presents,'' Meeker said. ``This kind of technology could save the life of a locked-in patient, but has the potential to kill a healthy pilot if something went wrong.'' However, several groups are currently working to develop methods of tracking brain signals without the use of surgically implanted electrodes. Such a breakthrough could lay these types of safety concerns to rest and ``revolutionize'' the field, Meeker said.

End of Article

The links below contain much inofrmation and personal opinions on the preceding topic. The only thing I would like to add here is that like everything else, whether it be technology, knowledge, information, etc, anything can be used in a world of polarity to different degrees of intention. Enlightenment, deception, good or evil. Suggested reading for more about the "Power of Thoughts' that this Gallery has presented in the past.
Read Gallery Update December, 2000: Lightshift:Critical Mass.
Be sure to read the part about the 'Hundreth Monkey'!-No Joke either.
From my manuscript 'Atlantis Rising'
Read: Return of the Dove
Soon to be posted: 'Return of the Dove: Part 2'
New Article: New Energy and Critical Mass
I could go on and on. Take a look around for more.

For review. Familiar with this 'symbol'? Besides the obvious 'medical ensignia' in which all of western medicine is symbolized by- What does it really symbolize? Where did it's origins come from? What does it REALLY mean? Read: Gallery Update December 18, 2000:Relationships between the spinal cord, Kundalini Energy (important connection), Hermes and the Caduceus.

New article that poses an important question regarding 'Intent': 'Intent and the Universal Language of Light'

Message from the artist-01/31/02.

January 30, 2002

* Within the 'Message from the Artist' on my 'Home Page' the following words are written:

"In contemplating ancient myths and archetypes in the creations of many of the gallerys images and writings, their powers were evoked and reflected the spiritual relationships and potentialities within my own life. I have found the re-discovery of cosmic myths to be a spiritual process. Many answers about our existence lie in mythology."

Indeed much information of late has come to pass, leading to a continuation of on-going awareness of Solarian Legacys and just who, and what we are, as well as the many beings whos incaranations were embodied in mythologies. Just who were/are these ancient beings who continue their manifestations today? Through my work regarding the creations of SunSpirit Gallery's 'Cosmic Mythology' collections, many of these answers are being revealed, leading to startling revelations.

Introducing a new series of articles by Jon-William:
"Hermes and the Gatekeeper's of Myth"

* See a related posting by 'Sheldon Nidle'
"These items were used to hold you spellbound so that you would be more willing to believe what you were told. The success of these manipulations allowed many ancient empire builders to carve out huge dominions, creating the numerous popular mythologies that continue even now. More significantly, their actions legitimized the concept of 'the rulers' and 'the ruled'".

* In last months Gallery Update, I presented a running thread on the 'Language of Light' that I will be incorprating within my upcoming seminars and workshops. As part of this series, there was one very important determination and 'main ingredient' that was omitted in defining Light Language. Intent:

Intent n. 1. That which is intended; purpose. 2. The state of mind operative at the time of an action. 3. a. Meaning; purport b. Connotation. --adj. 1. Firmly fixed; concentrated. 2. Having the attention applied; engrossed. 3. Having the mind fastened upon some purpose. [ME entente < OFr. < Med. Lat. intentus < Lat., attentive to, p. part. of intendere, to intend.

Read more about the defining role of:'Intent, activation, and the Universal Language of Light

January 28, 2002

Update made on new SunSpirit Gallery Memberships-Please see: Gallery Membership.

Those that have been following the most recent thread within this Gallery Update, 'Language of Light', may now find all the information stored within the 'Archived Updates' above. All Archived Updates will remain accessible regardless of any Membership Policy as well as additional posts made within this web page. NOT ALL information posted here will require Membership. Links and written information received from other web sites and authors will be freely shared and distributed through this web site as always. Most 'Membership Only' access will pertain to new articles and artwork from the author of this web site.

Speaking of which, as mentioned within the 'New Membership'update, I would like to open the communications channels with Gallery Members with an article recently written entitled:
New Energy and Critical Mass
By Jon-William Brown-

Of course there will be a lot more posted soon, please be patient and bear with me during this time of transition. As always, I would appreciate hearing from you as well as your continued support. Thank You.

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