January 13, 2001: Humanity's Ascension Opportunity

Many great prophets and writers have brought us moments in the last two decades which have greatly advanced the light quotient of our human mass consciousness and the planet herself.

Beginning with the Harmonic Convergence and then the 11:11, then the 12:12, we have collectively shifted upward, dramatically. Now comes a moment of great importance. Since 1992 we (humanity, the awakened ones) have been eligible and the groundwork has been laid for a mass ascension.

What this means to us collectively and individually is explained in more detail below, along with some brief 'how-to' instructions. To accomplish the mass ascension, a minimum of 144,000 must be vibrating at a frequency of fourth-dimensional reality, simultaneously. According to Ascended Master Dwaj Kuhl, there are frequently days when there are up to 138,000 of us reaching these frequencies simultaneously. That is, we are lacking only 6000!

To push us over the top only a little more coordination and effort are required. If we miss the target this time, other opportunities will arise, but the longer we postpone, the more difficulties we will bring upon ourselves in later years.

There is a golden doorway for this ascension, this Sunday, January 13, 2001. It can be seen as the 13:13. It is the 13th day of the 13th month of the millennium. It is also the date of the new moon. The chosen time is 1:13, or 13:13 Greenwich Mean Time.

If 144,000 of us can reach 4th dimensional frequency simultaneously, the mass ascension will occur. Let me tell you what I understand this to mean for all of us.

First, those ascending will be granted great dispensations and advanced training, in appreciation for their dedication and taking this step. Once they have ascended, they will be able to move between the dimensional worlds and will be able to bi-locate, dematerialize, materialize, and adjust their vibration at will. If their third-dimensional obligations are a concern, they will be able to return to this dimension and fulfill any obligations seen as necessary. They will be able to look out for loved ones, perhaps even more skillfully than they can now. It will be a mission of pure joy.

For those who do not go with this first wave, their success is vital to those who remain here as well. The ones who have ascended will have the ability to come back and teach others how to move inter-dimensionally. They may also take as many as 100,000 people with each one of them. In the second and third waves, and so on, it will not be necessary to move simultaneously, so it will be much easier to plan and accomplish. [If an old friend suddenly materializes in your room in front of your eyes, you may be easily convinced to try his suggestions!]

All of those destined to ascend into the fourth and fifth dimensions are advised to leave the third dimension prior to 2012, as the weather and other conditions will make human survival very difficult.

The earlier we can lift the first wave, the more work can be accomplished to propel the rest of us forward at the appropriate times. We have already let 10 years pass since this tool was first available for mankind's use!

If you would like to participate, chances are you already know what to do. For confirmation, use a MerKaBa or Violet Flame type of meditation, communicate with your higher self or your guidance, and raise your frequency as high as you can. Try to stay in the meditation from about 1:00 to 1:30, (GMT - adjust the time for your time zone) if you can.

Focus on the joyful reality of ascension. Intend this. At this particular time other foci, such as world peace, etc. would be a distraction to the intent of the critical mass. Ask your higher self to guide you into the new vibrations.

If you find that you do not ascend, do not despair. Every one of us who raises his or her own vibration helps to raise the collective vibration of the planet, and facilitates the occurrence of the ascension for the others. If no one goes, we will still have accomplished a great vibrational acceleration.

If you find yourself in a new, clean, harmonious environment, there are no words of gratitude that we could express to adequately thank you for courageously taking this huge step for the benefit of mankind.

This is a great golden doorway. Please join with your sisters and brothers by meditating during these golden moments.