Now you are asking: "What is happening? I feel lost. I feel separated from my guides." Please re-member the story of Ana and the Bird for Spirit is integrating within you. You are becoming one with the whole and as you begin to incorporate the fifth dimension, the magic begins. First you must shed yourself of the binds that hold you firmly in the third dimension. We ask you not to try too hard. Do not look for things to release, simply be ready to release what your heart tells you. Be ready to release that which is holding you as you grasp the truths of Lemuria. The Planet of Mu is returning. The land of Mu is coming Home. We tell you it is a magical time. You have made it so. You are doing well. Watch the numbers and when you see them, whisper the magic words, thank you.

We tell you with great joy in our hearts that we thank you for inviting us here to be among this gathering of masters. We re-mind you to please treat each other with respect, nurture one another as you would yourselves, and play well together.

the Group

The Group told me a while back that they would soon tell a special story. They said it would be the story of a young boy in Mu and that the story would finally be understood. They are already presenting the information about Amor in the live channels. Each channel adds another chapter to the story. Here was the first time they mentioned the name "Amor." Several chapters have been added since this channel and when the entire story is told, we will present the information.

Big Hugs and gentle nudges

Keeper of the Sword

~The Beacons of Light Meditation~

Breathe for a moment and find your center. Feel yourself rising with every breath. A feeling of lightness pervades your body now as soon you find yourself floating off into the air. Floating over the city below, you notice that you are very comfortable and safe traveling in this manner. After traveling for some distance you feel a guidance to move back to the ground and begin to move closer to the earth. In that moment everything begins to get dark and soon you can't see what is in front of you. Feeling your feet touch the ground you stop traveling but still cannot see your surroundings. Not sure what this means, you begin to feel around in front of you looking for any clues as to where you are. Searching, you somehow know that you are still safe and that there is guidance over your own shoulder. Opening your mouth to speak you find that your voice is silent.

Then in the darkness a hand touches your own and you stop in your tracks. The hand is tentative and even though you cannot see who or what is attached to it you can feel the energy from the hand. You can tell that the person is a gentle soul searching for their way in the dark much as you are. You get brave and give the hand a gentle squeeze. A moment later the hand in the dark returns your gesture. Impressions fill your head and even though you cannot see the person who is on the other end of the hand, you seem to know a lot about them. It's like finding an old friend even though there is no communication other than a touch in the dark. It may just be a hand in the dark but the love you feel for this hand begins to overtake your being and fill you full of love. You are aware that you are tapped into their energy field and you know this person better than if you were handicapped by being able to see them with your eyes. Just then the hand changes energy and you know your time together is at an end. You both give a gentle squeeze of the hands and release.

Once again you feel the lightness approach and you are floating high above the city. Your sight has returned and the sights of the city are so beautiful from this perspective. Then you find that the colors begin to blend together. Soon a beautiful colorful swirl is all that you see. In the blink of an eye you find yourself sitting watching from above a schoolhouse below. You see the children of all ages interact with teachers and other students. You can see that everything is in its correct place. You look at the little girl sitting in the corner and for a moment you see from her perspective. Here you observe as she looks out the window from her classroom. Seeing children several grades above her at play on the playground, she secretly wishes she were that advanced. Now you look from the shoulder of a young man on the playground as he peers into the classroom and sees the same girl who you just encountered. He is thinking that he is glad he is now in the higher levels and not still in the lower ones. Now you jump to see from the shoulder of the teacher sitting in front of the class. She is thinking back to the time when she was in school. She re-members looking out the window and wishing she were older. She now looks back and re-members that she once believed that the sixth grade was better than the third. Now she sits at her desk and re-members how wonderful all of those years were. Good memories fill her as the teacher adopts an overall perspective that makes room for empowerment.

The colors begin to swirl and once again you are traveling. Moving slowly first and then more quickly. Suddenly all the swirling stops abruptly and everything is still. Now you find your self in a room that is very familiar to you. You have been here many times before and as you look around the room you sense that there is something different about the room. As you examine everything more closely you become aware that everywhere you look you see master numbers. Looking at even the blank walls you can see numbers in the texture of the paint. The pattern in the carpet beneath your feet is made up of master numbers. At first it is a little overwhelming and you stop to take a breath. As the air enters your body, feel your entire biology shift to a higher vibrational state. After a moment you see just how detailed these signals are. Everywhere in your field you see that there are patterns and numbers hidden everywhere you look. Some of the patterns make you feel very warm and happy. You know in your own heart that these shapes and signals are adding to you and helping you to advance. 'Breathe deep dear one." says a guide from just over your shoulder. "You have earned the right to be here at this time and to receive these signals. These signals have always been in your field but in the lower states of vibration you were oblivious to them. Now you are aware and can accept the gifts that have been offered you for so very long." With that you turn to look at the one who is speaking to you. You have done this many times before without success. It seems that every time you turn to see them, they move just out of sight. This time was different thought as when you turned you came face to face with the most beautiful creature you have ever seen. Your mouth drops open but before you can speak she anticipates your question; "You have chosen to advance and therefore you have accepted the higher vibrations into your being. Because you moved past the Phantom Death and decided to walk forward, we have begun to introduce the gift of angels. This gift is the constant introduction of external stimuli that will help your biology stay attuned to the higher vibration you are carrying in your spiritual being."

Tears come to your eyes as your guide now turns to walk away. She then stops and turns to you. "We will not be far away dear one. Your higher vibrational status has literally brought you closer to home. We are so very proud of you. You have done well."

With that she is gone and the swirling colors begin again. Now you find yourself back sitting in the chair where you began this journey. Somehow a smile is welling up inside your being. Taking one deep breath as your senses return, you realize you are now home again. Just then you look at the clock to your right and see that it is: 5:55.

Welcome Home

And so it is. . .

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