A Universal Appeal
Channeled by Jon-William Brown
September 15th, 2001

Since early tuesday morning, I have been experiencing increased vibrations and impulses of varying intensity and frequency. Through silence, meditation and prayer, I have been able to come to an understanding of heart and mind. There has been a battle waging within me over the past few days, a dichotomy based on a combination of "patriotic duty", belief systems, and a sense of forsight. I have been made to witness how important it is to rise above this inner war, and to post the following messages in order to share with my universal brothers and sisters. Even though this information may upset and be rejected by many, it is not given to contribute to the already saturated state of fear. I understand that it's source is only for the betterment of humanity as a whole and it's message must be told,..now. Please share this with any and all that you feel may serve it's true intent.

"The new 'Light Energy Grid Matrix' is an instrument of peace, cooperation and love. It is not to be used to manipulate a new world order, but to create a whole new world,..... the new "Heaven on Earth". "

Introduction to 'Atlantis Rising': A StarSeeds Journey',

A Universal Appeal:

Be aware the actions of the *World Management Team's deceptions by creating fear, control, and manipulation. The responsible parties that are behind the orchestration of the events of this past week within the City of York and Washington, even the events themselves, go much deeper than what is being shown and interpreted through the worlds media outlets. Pay close attention to fragments of information that is being reported then quickly cloaked from any further channels of communications. It will soon come to light, that the trail of it's perpetrators infiltrates major social, political, military and financial institutions, not only worldwide, but within the United American States itself. It would be a grave mistake to undermind or limit such involvement to a small group of so called "finatical madmen" that can be easily removed or eradicated (from power). The ability to permeate it's avenues of orchestration go well beyond what may be considered 'normal comprehension". It's power is being perpetrated from "within", turning vast, wealthy, and worldy systems upon itself by manipulating energy sources and unleashing vast amounts of terror and destruction. Protect yourself and those closest to you. Pay attention. There is a purpose. We are now entering the final stages of disclosure which will culminate in the full awakening of human consciousness on this planet. The following is of vital importance.

To all lightworkers that have spent the last few years re-connecting, re-creating, and re-activating the new LightNet Energy Grid Matrix around planet Earth. The time has come to activate the final phase of initialization of the grid in order to reinforce all facets of Light and Love, with emphasis on it's communication channels. It is imperative in the days to come, that you rise above the carnage, the deception, and the fear. Pay close attention to star alignments in the days that follow for these are the window of opportunitys that exist within this created timetable in order for you to ground and connect to major energy shifts of consciousness.

Hold fast. Meditate. Pray. And know that the power and wisdom of light through love is much more powerful than the ignorance of hatred, darkness, and fear. What is happening is happening for a reason. This is a warning to all those that choose and allow themselves to be impulsed by those that seek to control through manipulation and fear. It is of the utmost importance for the continued course of planetary transformation and survival of the human race to fully engage in the final initialization process of the LightNet Energy Grid Matrix.

*World Management Team- individuals in the third dimension who are controlled by the Annunaki, who are impulsed by them to carry out plans that benefit Nibiru and not Earth. All individuals working in team agencies- such as in the Vatican, secret societies, banks, governments, school systems, the medical system, and many buisnesses- are agents of the Annunaki, unless they are conscious of Annuaki vibrations and do not carry out their plans. In recent days, the World Management Team has been calling itself the "New World Order".