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The latest insights on todays lightwork and visionary activities can be found posted on our "Updates" page.

Now accepting bookings for art exhibits, workshops and seminars in galleries, metaphysical and new age shoppes, hospitals and holistic health centers in the New England Area. If interested in hosting a featured presentation, please contact SunSpirit Gallery


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'Activations of Light; Art, Science and Healing':
A Program for Consciousness Restoration.

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Developing advanced learning programs by artist and telluric geomancer - one who works with earth energies - John William Brown.

" New Earth Paradigm; A Program for the 'Cultural Creative Sustainable Community

The difference between the coming times will be either a peaceful, civil, social revolution,.....or a bloody civil war that will spell the end to personal freedom, and result in the New World Order being completed.

Will history repeat itself one last time? Or will humanity finally break free, once and for all, and establish a new social paradigm on planet earth.

John Brown - October 18, 2016

See John Brown Returns; Newburyport Origins of the New World Order in America" for more insight on how the first American Civil War was instrumnetal in the origins of the New World Order in America.

John Browns Introduction to the 'Inn Street Artisans Revival" at the Newburyport Library on June 8th 2016

Update; June 21, 2016
Welcome to the Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival

An evolution of an exhibit and presentation 'Newburyport; An American Perspective" in 2006.
These updated links are Now - Ten Years Later

John Brown speaking at the Newburyport Library in 2006 regarding Thoreau's question to Emerson; What Are You Doing Out There?

Newburyport; An American Perspective -
Ten Years Later

Yankee Homecoming Inn Street Artisans Revival

Inn Street Artisans Revival Library Presentation

Yankee Homecoming Chairman Plans New Events

Spirit of Newburyport Blog

Tribute to Jack Frost

Inn Street Blues

Inn Street Artisans Market

ACTIVATIONS OF LIGHT: A Program for Consciousness Restoration".
An Exploration into Meta-Science, Spirituality, and Consciousness.

"New World or New World Order": A Spiritual Revolution Begins"

A Research, review, open discussion and support group dealing with the bio-psycho-socio-spiritual crisis in America. A Geo-political study of current events, the developing silent spiritual/cultural/political revolution, and the direct effects on individuals by the 'New World Order' agenda.

Jon produces a small art business ( Spirit of Newburyport while writing and developing extensive learning programs for future publishing's over the past decade. One on one experiential and group workshops would follow.

* Soundclip of Jon-William
during an Introduction Seminar in March, 2003
'Critical Mass'.

Due to current global 'shifts of power', a massive consciousness transformation on Planet Earth is now emerging and confronting a socio-spiritual planetary crisis. A heart-mind based infusion of an energetic light vibration, containing certain information, knowledge, and understanding of ancient teachings, have resulted in 'Activations' that are currently transforming peoples lives on a daily basis. This is creating a cultural quantum leap, what many believe to be the great 'Shift of the Ages', or the 'Golden Age'. One does not have to look very far to see that something very vast indeed is transforming our world.

We now stand at the threshold of a major planetary transformation, the next stage of human evolution. The key lies in transmutation through consciousness awakening. The process of transmuting energy personally, thus collectively, is at the core of the 'Activations of Light' program.

According to Jon-William's manuscript,'Atlantis Rising'; The Awakening of an American Artist', what is at the core of the most recent violence, war, financial crisis, and geo-political 'power shifts' throughout the planet, is a last desperate attempt by the 'ruling elite' (Annunaki/Illuminati bred manipulators and pawns) to maintain control and dominance over the human race by creating what is becoming known as the 'New World Order'. Total Global Governance. It is this process that will ultimately lead to a global awakening.

The 'Activations of Light': A Program for the Restoration of Full Human Consciousness, has been under development for many years. Jon-William has reamed through many various assimilated writings while incorporating his own life experience, to compile, present, and demonstrate the spiritual inter-connectivity of three major components of the Earth Ascension Process. This in order to serve humanity upon the path of awakening and availability of restoration to full human consciousness.

When undertaken and APPLIED, the 'Activations of Light' program is a life altering experience resulting in consciousness transformation. Once 'Activated', you then become a responsible carrier of the new energetic light frequency field. The 'Activations of Light' program is designed for anyone wishing to achieve their Highest Potential and bring about real change in their lives and this world. It comes highly recommened for teachers, healers, artist and medical practitioners of the coming new age.

The 'Activations of Light' program currently consists of four Lessons (subject to change).

1. Defining 'Activations of Light', New Energy, and the Hermetic Principles.
2. Accessing the New Energy Light Grid Matrix
3. Communication and the Universal Language of Light
4. Activation of the Light Body and Restoration to Full Human Consciousness.

: In order to have the utmost understanding of the terms used within this program, please refer to the Gallery's Glossary page.


SunSpirit Gallery.Com is now producing a newly structured web site, marketing and promotional foundation that will further allow Jon-William to continue to offer his workshops and speaking seminars sponsored by the sale of his artwork . Please consider supporting the work of Jon-William and SunSpirit Gallery.Com. by purchasing the artwork offered via this web site or by making a donation. Please contact Jon-William Brown directly for more information.

Introduction to Activations of Light

Lesson One:
Defining 'Activations of Light' and 'New Energy'

In defining the words "Activation" and "Light" and how they relate to the following material, one may immediately gain a broader perspective of their meanings on a higher level by using definitions that are much more extensive and all-encompassing than 'everyday' terminology. Let's take a closer look at how they are to be used here within the 'Activations of Light' workshop. The following is an introduction including a small 'excerpt' from Lesson one. All terminology, theories, and postulations will be explained and elaborated on extensively within the workshop itself.


Activation: An energetic awakening of cellular memory of multi-dimensional consciousness that is triggered by dimensions outside of linear space and time.

Cellular Memory: Knowledge of all time, place, and occurrence in the universe that exist in the actual cells of all living things.

What is Light?
Light is the emanations from the Divine Creator of All. Light is energy, transmitted by waves of band width frequencies. Light is the tool, essence, and manifestation of the Creators essence manifesting in many realms. Light carries information. Light is Life. It is the emanation of the Creator's soul. Light carries with it all properties and aspects of cleansing, healing, annointing. For it is Light that you use in your life to cleanse, heal and annoint yourself and others.

Light meaning:
Tools of perspectives for yourself - information / guidance. Light manifests in many realms, in many planes, in many realities. Light is the highest source essence of our Creator. For, Light is the very essence of the ONE SOURCE. Just as your blood runs through your veins, the Creators Light shines and emanates everywhere. Light is consciousness, divine intelligence, Light is pure, Light is the evidence of Unconditional Love, the source of all that is absolute and true. For there is only one love, one source, one truth. All else is but an illusion.

'Activation's of Light' is about the energetic triggering, or re-awakening on a cellular level to the knowledge of all time, place and occurrence of all living things in the universe. It is the re-connection to the source of the divine conscious intelligence that exists and permeates all things, in all worlds. Re-connection to this Light source allows for all properties and aspects of cleansing, healing, and annointing to be manifested.

Light Energy and the Tetron Theory

There is a new level of Light Energy that now exists on this planet. Dr. Eric Pearl states in his book, 'The Reconnection';

"These healings and evolutionary frequencies are of a new band width and are brought in via a spectrum of light and information that has never before been present on earth. It is through the 'Reconnection' that we are able to interact with these new levels of light and information, and it is through these new levels of light and information that we are able to reconnect."

He goes on to point out that this new level of energy is something new... it is real ......and also supported by the latest theories on nuclear and quantum physics. David Crockett-Williams, who has worked for the past twenty five years specializing in theoretical chemical physics of human consciousness, along with other more well known and prominent chemical physicist, postulates that Tetron (as described by his four equations of his "Tetron Thesis" which defines this consciousness orientation function of the human mind), as an overlooked property of Light. The 'C' in E=Mc2, hypothesizes it as the relationship of mind between observer and observed, and concludes that beyond the measurement parameters of space time that the observer and observed are 'absolutely identically equal', that 'All is One', and that it is this human mind's consciousness orientation function of Light which delineates this 'Oneness', into the 'objective reality' relationship between observer and observed. See: The Tetron Natural Unified Theory Equations

This text version of 'Activation's of Light' will impart this vibration and assist in your attunement of the new energetic frequencies. Dr. Eric Pearl also states that;

'More of it, however, will be imparted by something -other than words-whether you want to call it encoding, vibration, or anything else. And yes, you can begin the shift and accommodation of carrying the energy after reading this, because, to varying degrees, the ability to hold and utilize these new frequencies is imparted to those who come in contact with them through the written word, as well as through other forms of media. No, it isn't the same as one on one, yet it's a powerful beginning."

More on the 'Activations of Light' program......

The 'Activations of Light' program demonstrates the inter-connectivity of three major components that are currently serving humanity in the Planetary Ascension process. These three major components are;

1. The Hermetic Principles- Universal laws that create an 'energy grid matrix' connecting the non-physical to the physical world.
2. A 'New Energy Grid Matrix'; an electromagnetic communication grid system created by the applications of the Hermetic Principles, used for accessing 'Light Language'.
3. The Universal Language of Light- 'Photonic communications,' sequences of energetic geometries of color, sounds, words, and shapes that represents the way energy moves into form.

Light Language, or 'photonic communications,' are sequences of colored geometries that represents the way energy moves into form. Energetic symbols, images, and words are used to communicate the energy of 'God Consciousness' in everyday terms. They can be arranged for inter-dimensional communications, to communicate love, truth and world peace, or soothe a headache, balance the chakras, heal dis-ease, and manifest your highest potential.

Jon-William's expressions of art, writings, and workshop seminar programs, demonstrate the interactions between the Language of Light using words, sounds, tones, colors, form, frequencies, and vibrations that create "energetic light signatures" within his writings and artwork. These energy signatures are then used in conscious and sub conscious ways to activate latent cellular memory codes resulting in DNA expansion, spiritual re-awakening, and lightbody activation. Infused with the roles of emotions powered by LOVE, thought (heart/mind connection), intent, co-creation, power and wisdom, this process demonstrates a DIRECT link to personal healing, consciousness expansion, and personal empowerment on an etheric, physical, and multi-dimensional level.

'New Earth' Image and Energetic Signatures

While gazing into the realms of Heaven's 'New Earth' (above image), one may obtain a sense of peace, unity, and tranquility. This design was guided by Spirit for a purpose using symbols of photonic vibration in form, color and sound. Like many of the Gallery's images, Spirit utilized an 'energetic signature' from the Universal Language of Light while guiding in it's creation. With the inter-connection of man and nature in mind, it's intent was to be used for cleansing, integrating, balancing, harmonizing, healing and spiritual awakening on a conscious and sub-conscious level for both you and I, and for Earth itself.


Heaven's "New Earth" utilizes the circle. It is a universal symbol that is all encompassing and infinite. It represents unity; boundedness; polarity; and balance.


The prominant colors that Spirit guided to use in this specific design contain the energies of the 'Violet Ray of Transmutation' and 'Core Star Light', which can be used for cleansing, transmuting, healing, spiritual connection, wisdom, energy, peace, protection and deflection.


The color correlating tone within the musical scale is 'E' major. 'E' is also the tone of the Earth being the third planet from the Sun seeing that 'C' corresponds to the first note on a major scale. Thus, Heaven's 'New Earth' also depicts the Music of the Sphere's.

The five platonic solids are represented by the elements of earth, sky (air), water, fire (the Sun) and the ether (stars). Love and re-birth, as well as the trinity, is represented through the triad of the celestial bodies of the Earth, Sun, and Moon. A mirror image would depict the Microcosm/Macrocosm,....... as above so below, or 'Cause and Effect', the sixth Hermetic Principle.

Harmony, ....Can you hear it?

Introduction to the 'Ascension Grid'

The Ascension Grid (aka Christ Grid, Electromagnetic Grid, Light Grid, Conscioussness Grid, etc.) is the newly formed energetic lattice that covers our planet. It reflects and amplifies our ascending levels of consciousness. It is a crystalline 'light' matrix that has been recently anchored on planet earth. Although in place and functional, its total activation will involve 12 phases, with full resonant vibratory rate achieved on the 12-12-12 ...December 12, 2012.The 'triple' dates ( 01-01-01 thru 12-12-12) that occur uniquely for the next 12 years each carry numeric light codes that open & activate each of the 12 major faces of the light grid.

Visualize the grid as as a geodesic sphere, of pentagons and triangles, sparkling as a faceted, brilliant diamond. It is a seed crystal of new form, the double penta-dodecahedron. Its time has arrived, merkaba of Earthstar. The double penta dodecahedron has 144 facets, the number of Christ ascension. Each dodecahedron has 12 pentacles with 60 facets, add the 12 pentagons for 72, double this for 144!

The concept of planetary grids is not a new one. Plato theorized the concept as did the ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Hopi Indians. In a sense, grids are the template, the 'program', that allows all life to operate in the graduated light format.

If you will, the "Ascension Grid", is 'Windows 2012," and it is quite necessary for our ascension.

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Introductory Message from the Artist:

Have You Ever Been 'Activated'?

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Activation of Light C.D.

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1. Activations of Light;
A Program for the Restoration to
Full Human Consciousness.

2. New World 2012;
A Spiritual Revolution Begins- Open discussion and support group dealing with current events, the developing silent spiritual/cultural/political revolution, and the direct effect on individuals by the 'new world order' agenda that is currently being played out on a global arena.

Please contact Jon-William Brown for more information.

In the meantime, in order to gain a better understanding of the programs in which Jon-William will be presenting, please read the following links. You may also follow along with additional posts on this web site within the "Gallery Update" pages, as more information will be posted periodically.

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