September 3, 2005


New Orleans; The Modern Day Atlantis


ALERT : The New World Order (Illuminati Elite and Anunaki bred pawns), backed by its Military Industrial Complex , has now begun its physical occupation of the continental United States, ‘Ground Zero’ being the Gulf Coast.


By Jon-William Brown

SunSpirit Gallery

And Transcendent Resource Center



In guise as a ‘natural disaster’, together with a insidious design to once again perpetrate the illusion of ‘failure and communication breakdown’, a complete evacuation of  the entire gulf coast region, with its strategic oil and natural gas import/export and economic location, is now underway. With the help of major networks (FOX CNN) to create a state of chaos and violence, the plan to supplement state and local authority of law and order with that of a federal (N.OW. with its agents of Homeland Security and FEMA) takeover worked flawlessly. What you are now witnessing is the beginning of the end of the United States and the transfer of power from the symbolic Free World to that of the New World Order agencies.


This designed plan of Problem/Reaction/Solution formula, so typical in many Illuminati movements once again proves viable as initial cries of failure and inadequate response (RESPONSE) created by Hurricane Katrina ( manipulated natural event in order to create particular conditions - PROBLEM) go unheeded by federal government agencies in order to create fear, chaos, and breakdown of social order in order to supplement and transfer full power of authority to federally backed agencies such as FEMA and Homeland Security (N.W.O. agents SOLUTION). This was the same method used in such attacks and prior operations contained in 9/11, the Asian Tsunami and now, New Orleans.


Typical created conditions include;


* Breakdown of communications

* Intelligence failure

* Stand Down of normal procedures

* Breakdown of social law and order

 And local police and firefighting capability.



The Anti-Christ is the new world order, capable of deceiving all with its insidious disguise as helper, defender of freedom and general humanitarian, appearing to all as the worlds savior when in fact it is responsible for the carnage, terror, and catastrophes itself. It has now been empowered fully by a corporate sponsored business that entails operations based on destruction, rebuilding and financial funding by the general populate and corporate entities worldwide in the insidious disguise as ‘humanitarian relief’.


What a racket!


Stay vigilant and aware of continued attacks, war, natural disasters, and world terrorism and economic breakdown in order to advance the agenda (World Totalitarian Domination) even more quickly now, before any large scale movements of recognition opposition take root.


Continue to prepare oneself , loved ones and community in self sufficiency in order to survive continued occupational attempts and attacks in the near future. This would include generators for basic power, communications, food, water, medication and arms.


The following was first posted on January 11, 2005 in regards to the Asian Tsunami. Simply delete and replace Asian Tsunami with Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans and the very same can be applied to the current situation.


For further information on weather manipulation and other Illuminati specifics, please see archival updates of January, 2005.



January 3, 2005
Updated 1-4-05

ALERT: New World Order Takes Global Step Forward
By Jon-William Brown

On December 26/27th, 2004, The World Management Teams/New World Order and their Illuminati/Annunaki bred forces took their next major step in achieving its global agenda of world domination by intentionally creating and manipulating a natural disaster that claimed more than 150,000 lives, displaced over 5 million people, and secured a geo-political and military foothold in oil-rich southeast Asia, the next step in fulfilling it's occupational global agenda. More specifics on the possibilities of how this was accomplished is given below, and will be elaborated upon within this web site in the days to follow.

The stakes have now been raised. In the past, the attacks on NY on 9/11, 2001 and the 'war on terror' was the standard in which we determined what deception was and what was real. All has changed with the latest tragic tsunami events in Asia on Christmas/'Boxing Day',2004, for we now have a new global standard to judge our level of awakening, awareness and knowledge of the current level of manipulated deception.

With this new standard of judging our awakening, we must now take our commitment to empowering ourselves to another level. We must stop 'waiting' for some 'great event' or 'power of authority' to save us. It’s not going to happen. This evolutionary process is about non-intervention and learning how to take control of our own destiny. From what I can tell at this moment, although more and more are awakening every day, very few are awakened enough to see beyond the mass deception that is now occurring on this planet. Many of the so called 'awakened ones', or 'lightworkers' are still being lulled into a false sense of spiritual security, relying on some form of off world 'intervention' or rendered powerless and complacent by other passive states of 'new age' mind control.

Be aware of any sources that tend to downplay and discredit alternative viewpoints, no matter how delusional and far fetched they may seem. Do not fall for the trolls who rush to defend the most basic of questions with such utter nonsense and pacification. Watch for those that cannot answer a simple direct question with a simple direct answer. We no longer can afford to close off our minds to any and all possibilities. If anything, 911 should have taught us this. I have no pleasure to state the following, but feel I must do so in order to heed a most dire warning.

We must make major advances in our conscious awakening NOW, or we will not be counting body bags by the thousands, nor hundred thousands, but by the millions worldwide before it is all over and our safety assured in terms of evolution on this planet.

Our best chance at overcoming these forces hell bent on their last ditch effort at world domination remains within our ability to restore full consciousness within ourselves, and our ability to 'see' beyond the current deception. In doing so, we render these forces powerless. Do not buy into the reasoning that many more souls will need to be 'sacrificed' in order for evolution to take its course. This is a dangerous and irresponsible way to ignore what we need to do as individuals, as starseeds, as lightworkers and as responsible future members of a galactic society.

We must continue to work diligently at lifting the veil of deception. This is our only chance. There are many similarities to 911. We can take this unfortunate event in
Asia and turn it into an opportunity to awaken. Or we can continue to be deceived and rounded up in, what is now a 'global' and not just national unity, like sheep to eventual slaughter. Unfortunately, like 911, thousands had to die in order for us to have the opportunity to do this.

Take care and pray for those in need now, but let’s not ignore what is truly going on here. Watch for the geo-political ramifications of the long term 'reconstruction' and humanitarian efforts. Watch for those ('They' that have been exposed, named and identified by numerous sources), to make more public appearances and their quests for financial aid. Watch and be aware of a continued thread of possible natural threats or cataclysmic events to follow.

Natural disaster or man made, there are no excuses why so many were left to die without proper warning. None whatsoever! It is high time we take accountability for ourselves and learn to hold our government and world agencies accountable for the safety and security of ALL world citizens, or it is time that they go. Even if this was a natural disaster, which I have no doubt it wasn't, many lives could and should have been spared. In this day and age, there is simply no excuse. With the least amount of effort and research, one can clearly see the continued pattern, as in 911, of the manipulated 'stand down' procedures set in place along the time line continuum in order to assure the magnitude of casualties, exposing the standard 'problem/reaction/solution' formula typical in so many Illuminati signatures.

How many of these events and wars are we going to allow in order justifying our assured evolution? How many times are we going to allow ourselves to be deceived by what is manipulated and conspired to be an act by 'terrorist, natural disaster, mission for freedom, democracy, liberation, re-construction, or humanitarian relief'?

We can ill afford to allow any more at all. Period.



In Service,

Jon-William Brown

Artist- Visionary

SunSpirit Gallery and

Transcendent Resource Center