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The SunSpirit Foundation


A non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement and awareness of alternative therapy and holistic healing applications.



SunSpirit Gallery.Com


SunSpirit Gallery.Com is now a virtual art gallery and resource center, acting as the center and disseminating point for the SunSpirit Foundation. The Gallery features the visionary art/work of Jon-William Brown now backed by a vast affiliate network of homeopathic products, programs, and resources, continuing on its mission to integrate alternative healing methods with art and meta-science. The web site will disseminate information in the form of newsletters, promotions, and articles while featuring specific presentations of affiliate products and services. These affiliate sponsors are advertised throughout the web site by sponsoring each and every design of the virtual Gallery by means of banners, links, and demo’s. The Gallery receives a commission on all products and services purchased by visitors that have accessed the affiliate network via SunSpirit Gallery.Com.. Proceeds of these commissions will go towards supporting the activities of the SunSpirit Foundation which is dedicated to the advancement of awareness of alternative healing modalities.


Holistic Home Shows


Another form of product and service distribution will come in the form of ‘Holistic Home shows’, where by home demonstrations will be held featuring affiliate items together with the gift products of SunSpirit Gallery.Com. These demonstrations will be highly conscious oriented exhibits incorporating the finest presentations of alternative and homeopathic therapies designed to further advance awareness and personal ‘one on one’ interaction with such products and services, spreading awareness of such methods literally from ‘one home to another’. These home shows will also lay a foundation to combine several seminar and healing presentations.

Please contact the Gallery with 'SunSpirit Foundation" as the subject title for more information.


Employment, Volunteer, Donations, and Investments


Employment, volunteer, donation, and investment opportunities are now provided by the foundation via distribution of the Gallery and affiliate programs and products.

on all operations of the SunSpirit Foundation, Gallery, and Resource Center.