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Gallery Archive - April, 1998

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Welcome to a SunSpirit 'Gallery Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to October of 2000 are located within the links above. Within these links you will find updates and information as far back as 1998. Please feel free to write the artist with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook-Happy wanderings!:
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Gallery Editorial

To those that have been following the progress of the gallery,...I thank you for your continued interest and support. If you are new to the gallery, welcome. I believe that you will find this update most enlightening if you follow it through,.. for there is much information to pass on in regards to some of the more recent posting's on the gallery's work. I realize that wisdom is gained from experiencing the information and knowledge aquired. Whether new to this gallery or not, take the time to read and follow the links that are presented here if you can. Bookmark the site and come back as new information is being added all the time. The Gallery hopes to serve as or within a network of related web sites and like-minded projects. The message boards have just been added to archive the information and the interactions of such. If interested, please contact the gallery in ways you may be involved in interacting and networking. If you are not familair with the means of art as a healing device,.. I hope that at very least a 'seed" will be planted here to allow one the opportunity to experience the 'spiritual" process of art as a healing, transformative force. Through the power of inspiration and creativity, the methods may be applied to invoke shifts of consciousness and vibration and thus shedding the veils and unblock passages of energy in order to heal. Then beyond the healing and acting as Co-Creators of the conscious universe. Peace begins within, thus creatively externalizing itself outward.

I also realize that there is much that is presented here in bits and pieces, like pieces of a huge jig saw puzzle and it takes a little bit of "insight" and some,..'connect the dots" see the bigger picture,..especially when the work here in the gallery is left so incomplete at certain stages. But know that in time,...with a little help, that the work presented here will be of great value and assistance in understanding the science behind the process of "spirituality" and the "manifestations" of it's principles. Moreso, how these principles are now being applied to invoke the major transformations that are taken place within our world today. I'm not sure about anyone else,..but i certainly have had a lot of questions lately about what has been happening here and where this has all been leading too,..I've asked myself numerous times lately,..What is exactly going on here?..where does this all lead,..and why?

In my search and quest for the truth beyond the dogma and propaganda of a new age, i find that the journey within is externalizing itself through millions on this planet. All ideas and realities are first created by 'thought",..with an "idea". Hermetic principle number one. The seed has already been planted,..the thought and idea manifested by millions of others within this world are not alone. Therefore,..beyond all that which is true and untrue and that which "we think" can or cannot be attained,....we do indeed stand on a brink of a major transformation. How is this possible? is this going to manifest itself? What is the SUBSTANCE behind it all, and how exactly is this going to work?

For the past three years now i have been driven to find the answers to these questions and to be able to understand them in the most logical and practical way possible. My art has served as the vehicle in order to guide me. A conscious link to my "higher self". Even before i realized that this so called 'greater reality' even existed, i found myself compelled towards my own "transformation" process in order to be "initiated". What i have found is that it all has been a remarkable journey of remembering,..of re-awakening too,.and re-activating that of which is inherently born within all of us, ..thus remembering who,.why,.and what we are,..and where we are from, but most importantly,..where we are going!
What is this "spiritual process"?... and 'how does it work?
In my opening bio for this web site, written more then three years ago now,...i stated that,

"I do believe we stand at the brink of another "wave" of revolution or transformation in how we live and adapt as human beings, especially in terms of spiritual interaction, expression and communications. Spirituality to me is in "relationships" . How people, places and things relate to one another.The process involved to create not only the designs, but the concepts, and printed product of the SunSpirit line, is an evolution in art, heritage, religion as well as technology. My goal is to help find a fusion of these colliding worlds in which we live and change and grow and express these fusions through the spirituality of art. As we approach a new millenium and enter the "Age of Aquarius" I hope too help guide art or, ...have art guide me, into the 21st century."

Even though there perhaps was some insight to those words at the time, in hindsight, I had no idea as to the actual "substance" in which they held. The journey that this gallery, the art,..and my own life has taken since this statement was made, has been stellarly awe-inspiring in regards to the understanding, knowledge, Love, experience and wisdom gained from the use of art as a transformational force to heal,.or at very least inspire, initiate the process to heal,..completely. This "force" has been fueled by the spirituality of that in which i stated,..the 'relationships", between people, places, and things,...this process of relating information, gathering knowledge,.and then experiencing it first hand empowers wisdom. By following untuitive insights and reactivating memory codes buried deep within our DNA structures,, trusting in this "unseen" reality, following it,... by shifting and increasing vibrational frequencies,..the answers and truths are unveiled. The answers have always been here,..always within ourselves, but lost,.buried deep. The ancient knowledge of the great myths that our major religions base their theologies on hold the secrets to this "lost" information and spirituality. I believe Joseph Campbell was right when he said that "by studying these great mythology's, we invoke their powers in our lives". The Celestine Prophecy was a great example of this power,.and a great story,....but how exactly does it all work?

The gallery's work has been but another small example of this power manifesting itself in reality, documented and journalized. By dealing with and creating these ancient Male and Female dieties,.. These great ancient powers have been invoked. Enough to be able to apply the spiritual process and to begin the healing process. Remember that,..a "Myth" is a perjorative term....It has been persecuted and misinterpreted over the ages into thinking that a great myth is "unreal" and has no basis in reality,..What realities are real and exactly which ones are an illusion? Was this information really lost?....was there a "fall" from grace?..or was it "taken" from us on purpse?...and if so,..why? What is the REAL story of what happened to us?

Although i could get lost on a personal rave of theological conspiracy and the quest for control, i feel it best to concentrate on where we are headed and how this mass transformation will take place. For those that are not familiar with the projects that the gallery has been working on over the past couple of years,..i would suggest reading as much of the archives as possible and following the links to the latest exhibits. The last set of "gallery updates" have now been archived and you will be able to review from there. I will review some of the projects as i post the latest links and will also touch upon briefly some of the subjects that the gallery has been studying recently. Hopefully,.there will be a coresponding relationship to the information being presented here and the gallery's work that will give you a better understanding of the "bigger picture", and the time that is at hand.

This gallery's main objective is to have art guide the way,..and in so doing, help plant a seed, help one other to inspire and follow a spiritual awakening. Aside from creating and exhibting art, the gallery would like to serve within a network of like minded projects working towards the same goals. This gallery is self produced by an independant artist. The only means of financial support for this gallery is through it's owner, donations, and the sale of it's products. Please help support the gallery and the arts as a whole. Thank you.

Jon-William Brown
Artist of SunSpirit Gallery


The Great Experiment

The Dichotomy at play here has been very interesting to me. Speaking from my own perspective, i look forward to seeing how this dichotomy will work itself out in the very short term future. I think we may be the 'extreme' representations of a world caught in the middle of an extreme transition. I belive that even with all of our differences,..we have to agree on that...There ARE things happening within our world today that cannot be logically explained. There does indeed need to be a new paradigm set in place in order to 'explain' some of the things that are happening. Many people have witnessed the same extraordinary occurences in their life the likes that has happened to James Tywman. It's just that a lot of us have been sitting at homes in a closet wracking out brains out ready for a suitjacket because we haven't had any idea what has been happening to us either!..And God knows we haven't been able to explain it to ourselves,...let alone anyone else....thus driving us to the brinks of insanity because it has not been able to be explained logically. I am speaking for many here that do not have any voice or means of communications. Luckily the internet has provided me a source of some 'connection' and has served as a life support for me in many ways over the past three years. But a lot of us are just little people that the world will never hear about,..Some are a little luckier and have been able to tell their stories and at least 'come out of the closet' sort of speak and proclaim there lives as a "Lightworker", make some money to support their careers and move on. Some are caught in the middle, because they still aren't sure what is happening or what to do about it.

Perhaps that is the misinterpretation that you have in undertanding what i am trying to say. I certainly couldn't get into the specifics and details of, as you put it, dramatically proclaimed, of what has happened to me,....this is only a message board and to explain fully, of what at least i am capable of explaining, would certainly take some interest, and energy to follow on your part,..or anyones for that matter. I have spent countless hours documenting, researching, creatiing and expressing what has happened to me personally. I assure you,..that i do indeed have what you scientist regard as their "proof" of at very least the documentation of such an "illogical" ocurrences that have happened to me over the past few years.. I think it's time for the Artist and the Scientist to come together. We have too. I believe we have to set aside our differences in opinions and try to work together to the advantage of humanity as a whole to try and attain harmony through diversity. I for one am willing to come forth today and stop "straddling the fence" sort of speak. Are you? I believe we all have to make a decision or a choice. Are we a lightworker,.or are we not. Do we want to be a peaceworker,.or do we not. Do we want to attain peace within ourselves,..or do we not. This past week i have been feeling out this message board and the organization behind it. There definately has been some flaws pointed out,..there is no denying that. I really don't think that this organization had any idea what was going to transpire here. Theres flaws and contradictions in everything,..As our friend tony has pointed out,'s another 'law of the universe'. I for one am willing to see how it plays out after today and to see if indeed it does become a viable "platform for peace" for scientific study.. In the meantime,..If you read the hundreds of pages that i have you will also notice a link of Updates' that will explain some announcements that the gallery has made recently. You'll notice one in the beginning of April in which i claim to be sent some 'message' that i am still trying to figure out exactly. I was told about this "scientific' experiment before i even knew about it. I had made a trip out to california to even lay down the foundations of the upcoming work,..telling my associates of this message and trying to explain the "scientific" value of it. laying down the principles for a platform or foundation for a school and healing center located in California. I had even made a phone call to a well known author, lecturer, and "channeler" of the source in which i felt this information was coming from right before i left. She in turn sent me a set of transcripts that told me the EXACT same thing of what i was telling her about. About the 'science' Mike. The meassage was telling me to be poised for the "Science of Spirituality" to reign upon the earth. It's all documented. I have hours and hours of audio tape describing all the events and transcripts of such interactions. I open it to you today and anybody else that may look into such and hopefully be able to network such like-minded work to take it a step further...the next step....whatever that may be.

Early on when i was younger i had to partake in a 12 step group. I had a lot of questions that i didn't understand and a lot of answers that i thought was right. I'd fall down on my face but i had to keep getting back up and the group would keep taking me back to help me. Even though i felt like a piece of dirt and unworthy because i just couldn't get it.....i kept going back....everytime i would go up and get that damn 24 hour clean keychain they would break out in a chant,.."keep coming back",..keep coming back", helped to save me. I felt love. So,..i say to you,...

"keep coming back".

It's just about six o'clock e.s.t. I'm glad I had the opportunity to write this now. I can feel the energies already. I am going off my computer and will join the rest of you in thought, meditation and prayer. God Bless and peace to all.

4-23-98...8:00 e.s.t.

The gallery has been re-arranging and trying to re-organize it's archives to establish some kind of order. Please be patient as it all comes together. In the interim of archiving the updates, I am also in the midst of redesigning a new showroom to present new work. I will talk more on that a little later. For now i would like to present a few links in light of the "Great Experiment" that took place today. Part of the gallerys work entails a lot of reading but i hope that there are many of you that are interested in the origins and purpose of the work as well as the visual esthetics. The gallery is using the message boards and these updates to try and convey the progress and unfoldment of the projects themselves. I hope that you take the time to not only enjoy the designs themselves, but the nature of the process of which they are created both mentally and technically. The gallery would love to hear more of your comments and opinions.


As i pour through these messages from all over the world i can feel the energy rush through me all over again. Just like it has been pouring through my body and spirit all day since tapping into the worldwide group consciousness yesterday. It's just been an amazing process to behold. Like so many others have reported, i too have had lingering effects right on throughout today. Is it just me or do people all over the place seem to be smiling more?, even the ones that had no idea of the meditation. I was in downtown Boston on a friday afternoon today and I was actually approached and engaged in not just one, but TWO conversations on the public transportation routes!!....I guess you have to be from boston to know how odd that may be. Even if it was just me,..just more confirmation on how this energy just resonates outward. Everything just seems to be glowing. In my 22 years of being exposed to meditations, i don't recall entering a peaceful state of mind so quickly and intensely then i did last evening at 6:30 It was like,...bang,..i was there,..effortlessly. Three hours after the meditation was even more intense for me, so i directed it to some creativity.

A lot of people here have been posting that this was a tremendous success for themselves and the world. I agree. A lot of people seem content with the fact that it worked for themselves and not be concerned with the 'scientific" implications. I believe thats all good and well for themselves. I too have known for a long time what meditation can do for me,..even how it works for me. But i am looking at this in another perspective since it was first "advertized" as a scientific experiment for the far reaching goals of "healing the world". In that light i am not thinking of myself, but more for those that live in pain and suffer from addictive and incurable deseases,..especially the stress related ones. Like i have mentioned in previous posts, i have spent a great deal of time interested in such ideas as applying the principles involved here to help those through the professional medical fields..especially those that are now working as ART AS HEALING. It is the data and scientific research along with the inspiring force of art that I believe will contribute greatly to the "idealism" of healing the world with such applications of principles.

For those that feel it is right for just themselves,.then keep it that way,..cherish the peace within you until you are ready to manifest it outward. I for one am still in "defense" of the scientific research and call for the scientist and doctors of the world to heed this experiment and those to come and take seriously the effects of these principles on the "masses" of human consciousness and use these principles as a transformative healing force... now!...because we "ARE READY".......

or are we not?

I have gotten some responses from my previous posts and the interesting dialogue that took place at this board prior to the meditation. This site has proposed itself as a platform for peace related projects. I'm thrilled to see other organizations and events now being activated. In an earlier post of 'visions for peace" i put forth the addresses of some art exhibits and the address of my web site gallery that deals with art as an inspiring, transformative healing force. I again will post the addresses for those that may be interested in networking ideas, information, and inspiration. I have added an update on the main page specifically dealing with some of the related material of the "Great Experiment"...very interesting stuff,..please read and would love to hear from you.


*The effect of sound-wave energy is being studied extensively by many people. Audible as well as in-audible sound. In general this is known as Vibrational Medicine. A great web site that can give you a lot of information about this subject and about people doing research is the site of the Trans-Hyperborean Institute of Science:.

* Cancer-Sonics. A possible cure for cancer. This is a scientific study from a scientist in Isreal dealing with the relationships between sound, vibration and frequency and how they can be used to treat cancer.

* "Kundalini Awakens" A MUST READ for anyone that wants to know just how this energy works. ``Kundalini'' literally means coiling, like a snake. In the classical literature of hatha yoga kundalini is described as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine. The image of coiling, like a spring, conveys the sense of untapped potential energy. Perhaps more meaningfully kundalini can be described as a great reservoir of creative energy at the base of the spine. It's not useful to sit with our consciousness fixed in our head and think of kundalini as a foreign force running up and down our spine. Unfortunately the serpent image may serve to accentuate this alien nature of the image. It's more useful to think of kundalini energy as the very foundation of our consciousness so that when kundalini moves through our bodies our consciousness necessarily changes with it. The concept of kundalini can also be examined from a strictly psychological perspective. From this perspective kundalini can be thought of as a rich source of psychic or libidinous energy in our unconscious. --- Excerpt from Kundalini FAQ by Kurt Keutzer.

Web Site review's

*There is an exciting new movement being born today in the healing and art fields of medicine. Art, healing, science,..and more are joining and becoming one. How does Art heal ? What is the science behind the healing process?
Check out the "Art as Healing" organization for some of these answers and more.

* Mary Rockwood Lane , R.N., M.S.N., Ph.D.(c). co-director of the Arts In Medicine Program at The University of Florida, Gainesville, is doing a Ph.D. in nursing with a minor in studio art painting, at the University Of Florida, that will examine the process of art and healing, to more deeply understand what is happening when art heals. Her Ph. D. will be on art and healing, not art therapy. Her work will concentrate on the lived experience of art itself, not of an art therapist working with a patient. Please share your comments and feedback on these topics with the gallery.

* "Spiritual Spectrum" TV Series is a Colorado-based community access project currently produced through the facilities of Denver Community TV. They have been producing spiritual panel discussion shows since 1986 covering a variety of topics. Spiritual Spectrum has put together a series of 60 minute internet video and audio files to be presented on the internet. All you need is realplayer 5.0 which can be downloaded right here for free.

This weeks presentation is on

"Spiritual Healing"

*An interesting dialogue can be found at createpeace message boards. One that i have personally participated in was the one entitled the "The Great Experiment". The post prior to #170 were made before the actual world meditation took place and contains some very interesting points of view.

Here are some interesting web sites that deal with the "scientific" applications of some of the principles that are being used in conjunction with the meditation experiment.

* Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research. Scientific Study of Consciousness-Related Physical Phenomena

* Scientific proof of the I Ching" This thesis presents mathematical arguments proving the validity of the I Ching as a tool to foresee the future and explain the meaning of daily events. The author believes its one more step toward the scientific proof we're looking for in conjunction with the "great experiment"..

*This link is a conversation with James Tywman, musician and one of the founders of createpeace project and the author of "Emissarys of Light" by Laurie Joy Pinkham. The entire conversation is very interesting, ...but there is one highlight i would like to share in regards to this interview here now. I personally had never heard of James Tywman,.. or of peaceseeds or createpeace prior to two weeks ago when i discovered peaceseeds through the sprit web. Nor have i read his book or have heard anything about it. The following is a paragraph taken from the recently posted interview at createpeace's web site. In the introduction there is this..

Jimmy speaks of being ready. Teacher said we are ready. WE ARE ready! Ready for what? Read on and you will discover the reason we are at such a pivotal time in history.

then further on in the interview, he says this....

LaurieJoy: How can people who do not go to your workshop bring the message of the Emissaries into their lives?
Jimmy: The summation of the whole book is can be put into these two words: "YouÕre Ready." This is the only thing that the Emissaries are saying. Teacher told me to go out into the world and tell people that they are ready for this, tell people how holy they are and that they are ready. I have received so many letters from people who have said that when they read the book, something clicked inside of them that made them realize that they were ready. They realized that they were Emissaries as well. Going to a workshop is fine, but if you can just get those two words, then something is activated inside you that takes you over. At that point you do not need anything else because you ARE it. On some level, I have discovered, that we all need to hear those two words. We need to hear someone say it to us. YOUÕRE READY. When you hear this from another, you can accept it. We canÕt really say it to ourselves. It is almost like it has to be given to us as a gift. When the person accepts this, that is when the activation point takes place. That is what the book does. It is a dramatic story which engages people. The important thing about the book is the teachings. I would much rather someone not believe any of the story and believe all of the teachings. Ō I fully expect to be questioned and doubted.

LaurieJoy: Have people doubted your story?

Now I would like to point out a quote from my "updates" in the gallery dated 3-28-98.

I have continued the research, in the most objective way possible, into the teachings, transmissions, and channelings of such "spirits of light" and the documentations have intensified over the past several weeks. Even to the point, although not intentional, of experiencing several "channeled receivals" myself. These transmissions correlate to several others that i have witnessed and read about, and all seem to be saying the same thing. That very important information and energy is poised and ready to rain down on this planet over the next few months and preparation for the receival and acceptance of this is of the most profound significance..... They say to be ready..... be prepared.

* A channeling of ArchAngel Michael titled "The Golden Promise" by Ronna Herman on March 23rd 1998. A small quote from this transript.

I ask you to set your analytical mind aside for a short time. See or sense your conscious mind shift to the side, as if it were perched on your shoulder. Give it a form or shape--make it real. This is advisable when you are in a meditative state or endeavoring to tap into your Higher or Causal Mind in order to access the wisdom of Spirit. You cannot live or function within just your emotional body, nor can you function within the mental body alone (the mind). Spirit is meant to inhabit the whole body, not just the heart (emotions) or the head (intellect). It is time you become aware of the science of Spirit and not just the emotions of Spirit.

More to be posted shortly.

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