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Gallery Updates - April, 2000

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April 22, 2000

I had left Palm Springs at about five p.m. on Thursday evening, April 21st, and had a ride out to Giant Rock. After about an hours drive,.the main road turned off and began rising up some very long hills,..onto a dirt road for a couple of miles,..then the road disappeared completely,... emptying into the desert to a point where we wondered if we were even headed in the right direction. Finally we saw Giant Rock in the distance,..unmistakingly identified with it's large shaft of granite split and lying next to the main boulder that stands out all by itself.. Upon arriving there I was taken back by the desolation of the place,..which was not quite what I expected. What surprised me the most was that when I arrived,.there was no other groups there at all. I had expected to see many others from Tymans group camping around the rock,..keeping vigil and watch,...but there was no one. I had expected a warm starlit nite with campfires and friendly welcomes,....none of that was there. The energy and wheather that nite was less then cooperative with winds whipping around, at times very strong,..perhaps 30-40 mph gusts, maybe even stronger at times......There was a low pressure passing through the area...and even though the ride up there was mostly sunny,....upon arriving,..dark clouds began to roll in from over the mountain ridges to the west as the sun set behind the high mountain ridges. The energies of giant rock were very intense,..and somewhat errie,...the harshness of the area making it seem uninviting to say the least. Within the few minutes that it took to unload my gear and say goodbye to my ride,..i realized I was in for avery long nite...and alone in an environment that I had never experienced before...and new I was not properly prepared for. As positive as I tried to remain,.I couldn't help the thinking about the possibility that I had no business being here. Doubt seemed to creep in as slowly and ominously as the darkening skies. I glanced out over the sands as if to call for my ride to come back,..but it soon disppaeared beyond the mountiains in a cloud of dust and out of was too late, was done,..and I was alone. There was no turning back now...and I knew i had to make the best of it.

The sun had already set and darkness was closing in fast and didn't have much time to set up camp. I checked out the area around the rock and the gap between giant rock and the part of it that split and fell to the desert floor created a wind tunnel, I felt it was best to stay out of the center and attempted to set up my tent off to the side, out in front of a cave that was at the along side the base of an adjacent hillside, about 30 yards from the rock. It didn't take long before I was humbled by mother nature and the harshness of the desert. Within the first twenty minutes of trying to set up my tent,.the wind had torn it in shreds like paper and leaving me without any protection. I must have looked pretty foolish....with a ripped tent and poles sticking out and wrapped all around me,..while I wrestled with the wind to salvage what i could. The winds were just way to strong and I finally gave up ...residing to the fact that I was not to have a tent this nite.

I then decided that the best thing to do was move myself and my gear into the small cave along the southwest side of giant rock. At this time it was growing very dark and low and behold my brand new batteries in my flashlight began to fail almost immediately. The darker clouds began to fill most the sky from what i could see and raindrops began to fall......yes,.I know, doesn't rain in the desert.....i kept telling myself this. I had also heard that the windy and rainy season was supposed to be over. Not this time. At this point I was trying to do all I could just not to panic and grew very nervous about the prospects of just surviving through this nite....which only grew worse by the minute. After getting all my gear into the cave I settled down with my sheep skin and sleeping bag laid out,..only to see what I thought were scorpions,..crawling along the well as desert rats scrurrying about. Well,..needless to say,..i got out of there very fast. I can endure alot of things, but the thought of falling asleep inside a cave with strange crawlings around didn't suit me well.

I decided to risk the open desert, even with the growing prosepect of a wind whipped rain storm. At this point I was litterally shaking...i became terrified and angry...I began to approach the rock screaming out loud,.."what do you want from me"???..."What do you want me to do now"??? if it was suppose to be good enough that I was just there and felt as though I was supposed to have been protected...things were not supposed to be working out like they were,..this was not at all what I had in mind,..nor expected. So much for expectations...this was not a very good environment,....I realized then and there,.that i was in the midst of a battle,...there were many mixed energies going on ...the area was in an influx,.I could feel it...and it terrified me.

I realized there wasn't much I could do,.....I had no tent, protection from the wind, fire wood,...and I wasn't about to start walking the many miles back through the dark. I returned to the area out front of the cave but moved out from the rocks further to be placed out in the center of this desolate, sandy area,..about thirty yards from Giant Rock. I just wanted to calm down and get my sorts together. I began to line up my pack and bags around my head,..pulled out my sleeping bag and got in it and crawled inside as much as i could, the point where I was content to roll up in a ball with my bag over my head to wait the nite out and hoped that I'd make it to sunrise....The temperature was dropping,...the wind was whipping sand in my face, ears, mouth, hair,...and the sky kept growing darker as rain drops would scatter the area. There were stars in the east,... and every now and then I would see a star appear in the western sky above the ridges were the wheather was moving in from....I knew there was hope of it not raining badly,..this I feared the most. If it rained, was going to be a soaking and with the wind and temps dropping into the fortys, a wind chill factor,..the outlook was bleak. I knew I had passed a few camps on the way up by people in the area that were there dirt bike riding,..but i wasn't about ready to go knocking on any least at this point. But knew,.. that in a worse case scenario,.I would have too. Every now and then,.there would be a car that would drive into the area,..stop,..then ride off. I laid there hoping for the best,..shaking,..and wondering what the hell I was doing there,...feeling like I had no business what so ever being where I was and feeling like a fool for being in this predicament. I laid there and began to pray. I thought of the bubble of "protection" and visualized it still being there. Every now and then I would glance up hoping to see stars in the western sky high above the dark outlines of the mountain ridges....and waited in the silence of the desert wind for some answer to come on what to do.

About an hour had passed at this point,.I would estimate it being around nine o'clock...when I heard a pick up truck with loud music blaring,..pull up to giant rock and backed in to the center of the split. Three guys got out and began unloading a load of wood and within minutes,...giant rock was lit up with it's white sheer granite exposed by the split,...beaming with a yellow and orange glare from the fire below it...It looked like a massive beacon of light against the black darkness of the sky around it sitting in the middle of the desert,.... I arose from my sleeping bag and began to walk towards it.

I was met by one of them and welcomed,...I had asked to sit by the fire to warm up some. I introduced myself and found out there there was a father, Frank,...his son, Dennis,..and a friend of his there. Frank had been coming to Giant Rock for over forty years and considered the place,."his home". It did not take me long to figure out the divine design behind the events of what was happening. This was a gift of insight and I planned on taking full advantage of it and listened to every word, paying close attention to the details. Frank was a colorful one of sorts and one could tell immediately his regards to giant rock and it's history. He took me around the rock to show me where the rooms below that were covered and filled after the death of Frank Creighter. He showed me the tiled floors and cement slabs that were left where the cafe and showers were consctructed when George Tassler operated the airport here. After circling the rock, we arrived back at the warmth of the's blaze being fueled by the winds and sparks whipping everywhere,..funneled in every direction at times. Frank had a side of him that was angry and confused about the history of giant rock,..he felt betrayed and let down by all the locals and kept referring back to being "left alone",...and that he "just didn't know anymore",...and how he 'was scared". I could see it in his eyes,..his sincerity,...his dedication,...his fear. Every now and then I caught a good reflection of his eyes in the fire,....I kept telling him,..Frank, are not alone anymore....That there was nothing left to be afraid of. It was quite an amazing exchange of thoughts,..I felt like I was communicating with generations and years of energies surrounding the area. In all actually,.....I was. I continued to try to explain the best way i could in why I was there...although, seemed like he already knew never really questioned me much,..which,.of course,.I thought it was pretty strange,..considering I was from 3,000 miles away and here I was in the middle of this place. I felt as though he trusted me somewhat,..but,... in a way,.he didn't want to know why i was there...he didn't want to hear that he wasn't alone,..that there was nothing to fear.

After an hour or so of talking,..Frank offered to ride back out to his house to get more wood for me. I had mixed emotions about setting this rock ablaze. Here I was,...a place that the ancient natives considered so sacred that only the high chiefs were allowed to come near it...and here I was coming to an event in respect of this symbol to find myself with a group that was setting it afire...the acts that have contributed it splitting in the first place.

But I know there was more to it than appeared on the surface and since I had come this far, I needed to see it through.

(See chapter in Atlantis Rising; Activation at Giant Rock".)

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