September 20, 2015

Inn Street Revival

By John Brown




In 1958, Jack Frost, a New England artist, put forth a vision for the first Yankee Homecoming. At the time, Newburyport was in dire economic straits. In that vision he expressed the intent for a festival that was motivated and engineered by business, community, and volunteers to serve as a revival of local, co-creative, community based- sustainable economics. In light of this morning’s Newburyport Daily News article entitled, “Inn Street Blues’ (August 2015 - on the corporatisation of Yankee Homecoming), this original intent can never be more important to remember, and to embrace. It is with that vision in mind, alongside the completion of the initial phase of the Inn Street Renovation Project next spring, comes the proposal for Inn Street Revival 2016





Three Main Elements of the Revival


1. A Week Long Arts and Crafts featuring ‘Artists Row’ consisting of the finest artisans from Newburyport and the surrounding area.

2. Music - Inn Street Stage and the ‘buskers’ stage, consisting of the finest local musicians and street performing musicians of the area.

3. Agriculture - Local Farmers Market


The purpose of proposing Inn Street Revival 2016 is for the following reasons;


1. It aligns with the original vision and intent of Yankee Homcoming.

2. Gives and opportunity for the local co-creative sustainable economy driven by local arts and crafts a chance to supplement the corporate sponsorship, that DOES NOT align with the original intent and vision of Yankee Homcoming.

3. Gives an opportunity for the city to embrace more it’s ‘Historical Arts and Culture District designation buoyed by local artist.

4. Gives the city and Inn Street an opportunity to feature the Inn Street beautification and renovation project and the restoration of the Inn Street fountain, the latest demonstration of the historical evolutionary transformation of Inn Street.


The city begins construction on the initial phase of the Inn Street beautification and renovation project with the restoration of the Inn Street fountain the week of September 21, 2015. It is slated to be completed and opened in the spring of 2016. Due to the ongoing and building tensions over the past few years of the corporatisation of Newburyport’s most revered festival, Yankee Homecoming, the proposal is brought forth for the main alternative avenue for supplementing the financial cost and sponsorship of the festival, giving the YH a foundation to build, incorporate, sponsor and celebrate more the original intent and vision of Jack Frost, the man and artist who envisioned the very first Yankee Hommcoming in 1958, by bringing community involvement the driving force behind the festival. Build your foundation with local arts, crafts, and music, then get your brick and mortar business to participate with sidewalk presentations,. and now you have a real ol town block party that we can all celebrate in and be proud of!