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Atlantis Rising;
Awakening of an American StarSeed

Introductory Print Issue
Part One - The Initiation

'Atlantis Rising':
The Awakening of an American StarSeed

By Jon-William Brown , 2002

"What we have all been witnessing as of late is the final quantum leap for the restoration of full human consciousness on planet Earth."

"Atlantis Rising" is a true experiential story. It is documented and constructed around the written journals of an Artist from 1996 through the turn of the new millenium. Due to spontaneous, synchronistic, and intuitive interaction, certain circumstances resulted in a spiritual pilgrimage across the United States. America, the great melting pot of the free world, is considered by the artist/author to be the land in which great transformations will soon occur that will change the world in which we know it today.

"Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American StarSeed" are the journals of this journey. Over time, documenting a personal transformation that reflects a quantum leap of human consciousness itself at the dawning of a new age.

The world now stands on the brink of a major transformation. A challenge to this transformation has been recently demonstrated by the last desperate acts of 'Annunaki-bred' Illuminati pawns to achieve their long sought after 'New World Order' agenda and total world-governed dictatorship. The war on terror and the latest global financial crisis are but two of the many 'prophetic' avenues that have been created 'by design' in order to decieve the world into accepting a world government manipulated and implemented by the global elite.

Evil can never be erradicated. It can only be transmuted. This is our role to fulfill for human evolution

This story tells of how a new 'energy matrix' is now rising, exposing, and challenging a world polarized by a web of illusion. A net that was woven by relatively few sources that manipulated power and secret knowledge in order to separate, deceive, and dominate the human race.

Through a newly activated 'Light Grid Energy Matrix', humankind now has the ability to transcend this veiled net of deception and create a collective shift in consciousness resulting in a global awakening instead of global enslavement.

What we have all been witnessing as of late is the final quantum leap for the restoration of full human consciousness on planet Earth. A decree that all tyranny, all acts of domination, slavery, and destructive thoughtform control over human beings MUST NOW CEASE!

This story is not about new age or religious rhetoric. It is based in spiritual-science, meta-science. The trumpet warnings have all been sounded. This is is now....and we all must make a choice.

A Message from the artist;
"The following account is chronologically documented through my awakening experience. It is my story. Some names have been changed or omitted for the sake of anonymity. Although the results may never be proven through current "status quo" scientific methods, may history reveal a time in evolution in which humanity stood at a threshold and embraced a total shift in awareness. A 'Great Shift of the Ages' that resulted in a brave new paradigm of life on earth.

In the words of "meta-scientist" and author Paul Von Ward, "The current works of various frontier scientist and grounded metaphysicians are now confirming the validity of these concepts, we can now begin to test them and determine their application to all dimensions of our universe"....

A new 'human in the cosmos' myth is now being created. The new 'Light Energy Grid Matrix' is an instrument of peace, cooperation and love. It is not to be used to manipulate a new world order, but to create a whole new world,..... the new "Heaven on Earth".

Introduction to Part One"The Initiation"

Introduction to Part Two;"Activation"

Introduction to Part Three;
"Return of the White Dove"

Atlantis Rising;
Awakening of an American StarSeed

Introductory Issue
Part One - The Initiation