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Gallery Archive - August, 1998

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August, 1998

I have come to understand, that these principles are the fundemental building blocks for the manifestation of matter to spirit, mass to energy. The science behind the transmutation of interdimensional interaction. The Hermetic principles are named after the teachings of Hermes Trismegustis, the enlightened one, born from Plaiedian incarnation,..the original hermaphrodite. Along with his incarnation as the "God of Thoth" in the Egyptian culture (hence the "Book of Thoth"..(thought),,.and his incarnation in Roman culture as "Mercury",...the origins of music, numbers, the alphabet, science, art and all the great teachings are found along with that of the most rivaled of the sciences,..alchemy. Although the real revelation behind the science of alchemy was not the transformation of metals to gold as often the allegory mis-leads...but the transformation of mind. Through the studies and research of this gallery, assimiliations have been made between these ancient mythological gods and that of Archangel Michael. All of the same great ancient spirit and archetype....

If this is true,..the fundementals of the implimentation of this great transformation is found in the lessons and writings of these great mythological figures. The relationships between the Pythagorian theories on music and art, who was taught by the Egyptian and Baylonian teachers and initiates of Hermes and perhaps was an incarnate himself, directly correlates to the fundementals of the new medical and scientific fields in art and healing today. It has even been quoted by some authors as saying it is remarkable that further study has not been done concerning these theories and the connection to transmutation and manifestation,.. and that it is up to the generations to come to make the direct realtionships to that as a healing force. Ever wonder where the western medical symbol comes from? The Caduceus,..the medical symbol with the wings and two serpants wrapped around a rod? Those are the symbols of Hermes,..the androgynous one,...with two serpants (male/female) wrapped around the rod of mercury and their tails becoming one. Look at the relationship to that of Kundalini energy. The science of how it all works , the relationship to healing is all there. And here we have the symbol of western medicine portraying these principles,..yet,..we haven't even applied them to our health system...why?

I do find it amazing that the history behind such a symbol has made it's way down to western society and it's principles are just now being applied seriously to the health and institutions of medicine. I just found out recently that the first PH D is being worked on in the connection between art and healing. Not as art therapy,..but art as the healer. The first Ph D,..after centuries have gone by of the teachings of Pythagoris, we just now have someone doing a dissertation on it. I applaud the efforts of Mary Lockwood and her present work in the field.

It's like waking up after centuries of being asleep, and wondering where you've been. The beat goes on, with every study and every lesson learned, with every experienced shared, the relationships, the "principles of spirituality", become clearer and clearer, and with it, the more distinct the memory of it all.

The ancient tibetan teachings, the studies of the Hermetic Principles, the Pathagorian theories of music and color, the "science of spirituality" , the power of Light and Love, all of which I feel are the underlining fundemental building blocks of all manifestation.

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