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Gallery Updates - August, 2004

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August 28, 2004

While the Gallery is working to restore the art collection images, the following link is a preview of some upcoming online special presentations, including an 'Open House' sale and a scheduled 'live online' introduction seminar of 'Activations of Light'.

'SunSpirit Meditational SoundScapes' (SMS) will be an added feature of the Gallery. These soundscapes are demonstrations of imagery, poetry, music, and consciousness, each carrying with it a particular 'energetic signature' from the artist, otherwise described as a 'conscious intention', or 'meditational prayer'.

A message from the artist;

Dear Friends of the Gallery,

It has been some time since I have been able to speak here personally. After working relentlessly the past few days in getting this 'restoration' phase of the web site initiated, I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about a new (old) feature that I will be re-initiating into the web sites collections. I say 'old' as well, because over the years I have integrated the concept of imagery with music many times. But what I have begun to work on more here now takes this concept to another level, literally.

Before I get into some of the more simplistic nature of these 'soundscape exhibits' (SMS's), I would like to back up a little bit and touch upon some of the more complex origins of the fundamental principles contained with the seminars that I have introduced via this web site, 'Activations of Light'. This 'fundamental' aspect in which I speak of is the properties of energy, or that of the non-physical and 'spirit' world, and how they interact with that of the physical world, through means of vibrational frequencies contained within form, color, sound, and the written word.

I would like to touch briefly on an experience I had a couple years ago while researching my work. I was working late one evening printing out symbols from the 'universal language of light'. I won't get into the details at this time but, at that time, I was experiencing many shifts in consciousness due to the extensive research in the subject. I began to experience very intensive reactions to the 'experiential aspect' of the research. One very common thread in my work extending years back, is when the 'experience' comes first,...then the research. Most my understanding has come first through intuition, only to be confirmed and validated through the research itself AFTER the experience, thus, eventually illuminating what otherwise was just a 'hunch', for lack of a better word.

After retiring this particular evening, I awoke shortly after falling asleep from what seemed a 'dream', and immediately grabbed a pencil and notebook from the nite stand. I had been keeping it close at the time due to extensive recurring dream states. I proceeded to write down the letter's 'HCT', then next to them the words, 'Hyperbolic Creative Transmitter'. Although foreign and half asleep, the letter's and words seemed to carry a familiarity to them in which I immediately recognized. They automatically seemed somehow 'implanted' or embedded into my consciousness. I then recall faintly falling back to sleep.

When I awoke the next morning, the notebook was lying on the floor amongst the piles of printed material. The letters (not to be confused with THC) and words were the first thing I began to contemplate while making coffee. The 'creative transmitter' seemed to be pretty self evident, but hadn't a clue on the 'hyperbolic' part. Once I began my research on the term itself, and studied up on it's geometrical relationship to energy, it didn't take me long to completely understand what had happened to me the night before. The implications on what I had learned were staggering. I had sub-consciously 'downloaded' a very intensive, multi-dimensional level of conscious creative energy, capable of being transmitted through my work. The flow of creative energy that ensued over the following weeks were like that of a tidal wave. I had never experienced anything like it before. It wasn't like I didn't know what was going on, I did. I knew exactly what it was, why I had experienced it, and further, I knew exactly what I was to do with it.

So here I am. These 'energetic signatures' that I speak of in my seminar are 'conscious intentions' of thought and prayer. The SunSpirit Meditational Soundscape (SMS) online exhibits are a work in progress, and will continue to expand over the years, especially due to the ever increasing technology and creative means via the internet at our disposal. But what they are, no matter what stage they are in, are conscious prayer and thoughts of only that of the 'highest' light and intention of the universe. By utilizing the HCT, Hyperbolic Creative Transmitter, I have infused imagery and form, color, and the written word, with that of this very high level conscious energetic source, in order to hold a certain vibrational frequency, then to 'transmit' the prayer and intention from the 'observed to the observer',...then one observer to another. In turn, these 'conscious prayer meditations of intent' will be passed from person to person worldwide.

The intentions will always be that of the universe, not mine. I am only a carrier. A messenger of sorts, a vehicle delivering a message through art. The message is left up to you to observe and allow, that in which would benefit you in the highest way possible. Then yours to transmit to others. In viewing these SMS's, all I ask you to do is relax and allow. Try to let go of all that weighs on you. Release. Take a few minutes to focus your thoughts and energy on the image, the colors, the words and the music. Some of the images will have a 'center' point. Allow that to be your main 'focal point' while listening to the music, and, as always..... breathe.

'Lady Aries' is a short preview of coming attractions.

Along with the 'restoration' of the Gallery's collection images, there have been some updated renditions such as 'Mebahiah; Winter Angel', which also will be included as an SMS.

Now it's back to work. Thank You for your continued support in the work of SunSpirit Gallery. My next message will have to do with the upcoming 'Open House'; the on going 'Celebration of the Enduring Spirit', and Seminars....until then, I will be 'intending' that you enjoy the show ; )

In Service,

August 26, 2004

Even though this web site has been recently re-activated, images of the art collections are currently being updated and will be completed shortly. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

There will be new postings and announcements made shortly, as well as to the mailing list, regarding current and exciting new events scheduled by Jon-William, along with a general overview of the status and intentions of the artist and this web site. Please stay tuned. In the meantime, please check out the following links;

Gallery Events
An Updated web page for SunSpirit Gallery events and presentations.

Open House
'Celebration of the Enduring Spirit'

Sunday - September 25, 2004
Newburyport, Ma 01950

Grand Opening
October 2-10 2004
Nashville, IN

The following links will provide more information on the seminar/workshop series.

August 1, 2004

Introducing, 'Activations of Light'. A Program for Consciousness Restoration

Have you ever been Activated?

"The current 'war on terror' has been molded into the classic apocalyptic clash of 'good vs evil'. This is exactly how it was designed and set up to appear, especially by certain world power structures. Yet, this is only a reflection of the constant war within ourselves. The microcosm/macrocosm. Evil and darkness can never be 'eradicated', only transmuted. The process of transmuting energy is at the core of the 'Activations of Light' program. A path to true freedom and sovereignty."

Visionary Artist and Geomancer (one who works with earth energies), Jon-William Brown, is now hosting introduction seminars and intensive workshops , FREE online and off, entitled; "ACTIVATIONS OF LIGHT: A Program for the Restoration of Full Human Consciousness".

This program is an Exploration into Meta-Science, Spirituality, Art and Consciousness. 'Meta-science' being an integrated term of meta-physics (the study of that which is beyond the physical reality) and 'science'. 'Activation's of Light' is about the energetic triggering, or re-awakening on a cellular level, to the knowledge of all time, place and occurrence of all living things in the universe.

The first lesson has been posted within the following introduction. Lesson's one thru three will be posted in their entirety within 33 days. This presentation is a culmination of seven years in preparation. Please stay tuned for more details shortly. There will be much time devoted to this seminar/workshop in the days, weeks and months ahead.

An excerpt from the introduction to 'Activations of Light';

"Due to current global 'shifts of power', the next seven years will result in a massive consciousness transformation on Planet Earth. The infusion of a new energetic light vibration containing certain information, knowledge, and understanding of ancient teachings, are resulting in 'Activations' that are currently transforming peoples lives on a daily basis. This, ultimately, is creating a cultural quantum leap, what many believe to be the great 'Shift of the Ages'. One does not have to look very far to see that something very vast indeed is transforming our world. The current 'war on terror' has been molded into the classic apocalyptic clash of 'good vs evil'. This is exactly how it was designed and set up to appear, especially by certain world power structures. Yet, this is only a reflection of the constant war within ourselves. The microcosm/macrocosm. What better archetype and guise to use by creating a 'phantom enemy', capable of striking anytime and anywhere, in order to deceive, divide, mislead and control the masses through fear, sheep to slaughter.

This is not to say that the ‘terrorist’, nor ‘terrorism,’ does not exist. But what needs to be understood is exactly who, what, where, and how these so called ‘terrorists cells’ operate at the highest levels and who or what are their sources of power. One would find the truth stranger than fiction. The world now stands on the brink of a major transformation, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER. As written in Jon-William's introduction to his manuscript, evil can NEVER be simply 'eradicated'. It's not ever meant to be. The answer lies in the natural process of universal law. What we term as 'evil' or 'the darkside' is as necessary a component in the continued evolution of humanity as is good, or 'the light' side. The key lies in the allowance and created TRANSMUTATION of evil, or any of it's duality based opposite attributes of darkness, fear, greed, control, malevolent manipulation and domination.

The process of transmuting energy is at the core of the 'Activations of Light' program. A path to true freedom and sovereignty.

According to Jon-William's manuscript,'Atlantis Rising'; A Starseeds Journey', what is at the core of the most recent violence, war and geo-political 'power shifts' throughout the planet, is a last desperate attempt by the 'ruling elite' (Annunaki/Illuminati bred manipulators and pawns) to maintain control and dominance over the human race before this 'Shift of the Ages' occurs, by creating what is known as the 'New World Order'.

The 'Activations of Light': A Program for the Restoration of Full Human Consciousness, has been under development for the past seven years. Jon-William claims that he has been guided through various 'channeled sources' (See 'Operation Special Assignment' - use web site search engine) to ream through various assimilated writings while incorporating his own life experience, to compile, present, and demonstrate the inter-connectivity of three major components of the Earth Ascension Process. ‘New Energy’ and the Hermetic Principles’ ( the bridge between energy and matter), The ‘New Light Grid Energy Matrix’ (no, this term was created a long time before the movie, ‘The Matrix’), and the ‘Universal Language of Light’.

This is being done in order to serve humanity upon the path of awakening and restoration to full consciousness.

If undertaken and APPLIED, the 'Activations of Light' program is a life altering experience, designed to assist in manifesting ones life purpose and goals, through ones intentions for the 'highest good' of all. Once 'Activated', you then become a carrier of the new energetic light frequency field, responsible for the continued awakening of yourself, anyone you contact, as well as the collective consciousness of humanity itself. The 'Activations of Light' program is designed for anyone wishing to achieve their Highest Potential and bring about real change in their lives and this world. It comes highly recommended for serious teachers, healers, and medical practitioners of the coming new age.

Please contact
Jon-William Brown
3 State Street
Newburyport, Ma

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