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Jon-William Brown is a visionary artist, currently residing in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Originally trained in photography as he worked as a technician within some of Boston's finest custom labs, Jon's creative abilities are mainly self-taught and 'stylized' from an early age. Motivated by his eclective and asthetic tastes, he spent five years developing an extraordinary innovative technique. By fusing natural painting, photographic and drawing abilities, with that of cutting edge digital imaging technology, a brand new genre of printing and fine art resulted. Jon was among some of the first to embrace this new medium for creative purposes when he introduced a sample of his work during the Boston Gift Show in 1995. The field of photography, printing, and fine art, has since been revolutionized.

Blending vibrations and form with shadows of color and light, vivid detail and fantastical themes, the designs of Jon-William illuminates the passion and soul of an artist whose furvent intent is to create beauty, peace, serenity and unity in a now limitless medium. Jon's creation of 'SunSpirit Gallery' in 1996, a virtual portfolio and web site, has brought many from around the world to purchase, view, meditate and comment on his art. By combining poetry, writing and music, Jon has embraced a medium in which he states, "is as unlimited as imagination itself," a form that deeply touches and evokes one's own heart and inspiration. Renditions of ancient themes such as the Angelic Realms, Astrology, the Gods and Goddess of Mythology, fused with visionary objectives and an "inter-connectedness" with nature, are the result of his roots and growth in spirituality and foresight that is emerging as part of the leading edge in the contemporary artworld today.

Jon-William is in the midst of the premier exhibit of, "Newburyport:An American Perspective." on February 25, 2006. The exhibit assures its viewers of an inspiring tour of the insights of an intuitive visionary within a contemporary world, and is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Along with exhibiting his art, Jon-William has embraced creative writing through his soon to be published journaled manuscript, "Atlantis Rising; A Starseed's Journey," featured exclusively at his web site. This work documents Jon's personal spiritual transformation and development as a contemporary visionary. In conjunction with hosting his exhibit tour he has adopted a teaching role offering seminars and workshops. His material involves the interactions and activations of the "Universal Language of Light." Through co-creating 'energetic signatures,' Jon-William's work demonstrates art as a powerful force for personal transformation, healing and empowerment.

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