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Clearing Meditation

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Breathe into your heart. Focus your consciousness in your heart center. As you do so, you become aware that there is a heart within your heart... And this is the heart that all humans share. Focus your awareness on this heart within a heart.

There are many chambers in this heart. In one of them the walls are made of lavender and there is a violet flame in the center of the room. You see Ascended Master Saint Germain standing in the center of the room right by the pillar of violet flame. This violet flame can transmute energy. Saint Germain now tells you that if you want you can immerse yourself in this violet flame and the flame will transmute negativity held in the physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

As you step into the violet flame, it feels almost as if you were stepping into a soothing healing body of water. The violet flame feels very fluid as it pours into all of your bodies, gently releasing negativity and blocked energies. As you walk out of the violet flame you find yourself in another chamber of the heart.

This room is a soft white. You are met by the Holy Spirit, robed in a satiny white gown. As you enter the room the Holy Spirit hands you a black box. You easily are able to hold the box which does not weigh much at all. The Holy Spirit now tells you that she will work with you to release things, people, events, whatever that are no longer for your highest good.

She asks you to call in your soul and to ask your soul to assist you in releasing anything, anyone or any event that is ready to be released. She asks you to place any quote problems unquote that you may have into the black box. She asks you to place any health challenges you currently have into the box. Then relationship challenges. Then financial challenges.

She next asks you to place all people into the box that you have ever experienced problems with. She especially wants you to place all people into the box that you are angry with, or those who get you upset when you even think their name. Especially those people that you have never been able to forgive. She asks you to put all your belief systems into the box. All the things you thought were true.

She asks you to place your past into the box. And then your future. For your power rests in the eternal NOW. She looks deeply into your eyes and asks "Will you let me assist your soul in releasing everything in the black box." As you say yes, she asks you to hand her the box.

You try to lift the box to no avail for it is now very heavy. Filled to the brim and overflowing with stuff. She merrily laughs and with a gesture of her hand the box levitates to her hands. As she holds the black box in her hands, she radiates an intense, cleansing, purifying white light. As you watch the black box is transformed into a radiant jewel of intense light. She says that all the stuff in the black box has been purified and only the gifts remain from the experiences, events, and relationships held in the box. She places this radiant jewel into your etheric heart center. She tells you that when you ready to release anything in the future that all you need to do is to breathe deeply into the heart center, concentrate on the radiant jewel and call upon the assistance of the Holy Spirit and she will assist you to release whatever you wish to release at that time.

She then holds forth a golden cup of Holy Spirit energy and asks do you wish to be baptized by the Holy Spirit. As you say yes she pours the contents of the golden cup over your crown chakra. You find that you are now robed in a radiant white robe of light. After you are baptized the white room dissolves and you find yourself in a chamber made of platinum light.

Two radiant beings of light are standing in the room. The Divine Mother, the essence of love and compassion, is garbed in a rose robe. The Divine Father, the essence of light/love/will, is wearing a robe of radiant cobalt blue. The Divine Mother hugs you and looks deeply into your eyes and says "You are DEARLY loved." As the Divine Mother embraces you, many of the barriers and walls you erected around your heart center are dissolved. You feel that your ability to hold and radiate love is magnified a thousandfold. The Divine Father then hugs you. He looks deeply into your eyes and says "You are the Light of the world." You feel as if your ability to hold and radiate light has been magnified a thousandfold.

The Divine Mother and Divine Father escort you to a golden door and say this is your special place. The sacred chamber of the heart where only you can enter. They hug you one last time and disappear. You open the door and you find yourself in a golden room.

Inside the room is a golden chair and a golden angel sitting upon it. The golden angel is of course your true self. The golden angel asks "Do you love God? Do you love ME?" As you say YES, you feel yourself merging with the beautiful presence sitting on the chair. Sit in this energy for a few minutes enjoying it.

You realize that it is time to leave the room and you feel very reluctant to do so. The golden angels laugh joyfully and says "This time much of me can go with you into the world." And you realize that this time is different. You have merged your essence more completely with the essence of the golden angel. You now take several deep breaths. Breathing deeply into your heart. The golden chamber dissolves. You begin to wiggle around, preparing to gently leave the meditation.

You realize however that you are different than you were before the meditation. You feel renewed. You feel as if you have been reborn.

You are resurrected!

And so it is.

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