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December 5, 2013

Please see the latest updates to the 'Spirit of Newburyport'

ALSO; Please stay tuned for a special announcement regarding the next 'stage' of development to SunSpirit Gallery and the Spirit of Newburyport, including journal documentation of travels to the East Coast of the United States including Charleston, S.C., Savannah, GA, St Augustine, FL, and Key West, FL.

A little girl, mistletoe, and destroying capitalism

by Jon Rappoport

December 5, 2013

The psyop works this way: label all criminal machinations designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer "capitalism."

The objective? Increase the power of government and its allied corporations to control the means of production and the distribution of goods and services.

"Well, freedom and the free market didn't work. It was always corrupt to the core. So let's kill capitalism and install a fair and equitable and humane system..."

Yes, and let's have a rainbow every day, with fairies and elves dancing in the sky and parachuting food and money down to the masses. If you want something now, you can have it now. No charge. You didn't like the vegetables that came from the sky with your package? We'll send a drone to your home and deliver candy and ice cream and hot dogs.

Fairy tales aside, capitalism actually means: you produce something and you charge money for it. People who want it pay for it.

All by itself, that system doesn't make the rich richer and the poor poorer.

Hijacking that system creates the problem. Illegal coercive monopolies create the problem. Covert government favoritism creates the problem. The failure to prosecute these crimes creates the problem. Inventing so much money out of thin air decreases the value of the money you have, and that's a problem. Saddling small businesses with so many regulations saps their money and energy and creates a problem.

Fascists telling an 11-year-old girl named Madison Root she can't sell mistletoe in Portland, Oregon, but can beg for money in the park illustrates the problem. She can "ask for donations," but she can't sell.

The federal government can offer hundred of billions and even trillions of dollars to big banks, but a little girl can't sell mistletoe.

On behalf of Monsanto and other biotech ag giants, the US government can send advance men around the world to promote GMO food, can try to drown Africa in toxic GMOs, but a little girl can't sell mistletoe without a business license.

What's next? SWAT teams invading garage sales and shutting them down? Oh, wait. Was Madison Root selling mistletoe on public property? Was that the crime? Public property means "government-controlled" and has nothing to do with the public, the people? Then why not call it government-owned land.

"Our top story tonight...Karl Marx walked into a park in Portland, Oregon, and explained to an 11-year-old girl why she couldn't sell mistletoe. He said the dictatorship of the proletariat controlled the means of production, and since there was no government mistletoe factory, she was a criminal. Afterward, Mr. Marx chatted with a local student group carrying a banner emblazoned with the directive, Everything Should Be Free. He was overheard saying, 'You people are very useful idiots. Keep on keeping on.'"

Giant pharmaceutical companies can sell government-approved toxic drugs that kill 106,000 people a year, like clockwork, in the US, without fear of criminal prosecution, but a little girl can't sell mistletoe. (See Starfield, Journal of the American Medical Association, July 26, 2000, "Is US health really the best in the world?")

Pharma doesn't operate according to the rules of capitalism; it operates on the basis of government protection in the service of poisoning the population, while racking up billions in profits.

Defense corporations can win taxpayer-funded government contracts to produce enough munitions to destroy the planet ten times over, but a little girl can't sell mistletoe.

The defense corporations don't operate according to the rules of capitalism; they operate on the basis of government-mandated imperial empire.

Producing and selling goods which are non-harmful isn't the problem. Cronyism and hijacking and pirating that system are the problem.

Unionizing and striking and collectively bargaining to earn a livable wage aren't the problem. Signing illegal globalist treaties that encourage the export of jobs overseas where labor is cheap is the problem. Relocating those jobs under the false rubric of free trade is the problem.

But a little girl can't sell mistletoe during the Christmas season in Portland.

The US government can create a trillion-dollar sector of the economy, by letting out contracts to companies to build a wall-to-wall Surveillance State, spying 24/7 on the American people...

But a little girl can't sell mistletoe.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at Use this link to order Jon's Matrix Collections:

December 8, 2013

The Great American Awakening

Florida cop, Marine vet, arrested for wearing ‘Anonymous’ mask warns of ‘a war coming’

A veteran South Florida police officer and former Marine arrested late last month for refusing to remove his Guy Fawkes mask near an anti-Obamacare demonstration. He has now come forward to say what motivated him.

Ericson Harrell, 39, a 15-year veteran of the North Miami Beach Police Department who spent four years in the Marines, was driving through Plantation when he came upon the rally, according to the Sun Sentinel. He parked his vehicle, donned his cape and mask and grabbed his banner — an inverted U.S. flag, signifying distress.

Read More Here

A cappella group’s amazing version of ‘Little Drummer Boy’ goes insanely viral

If this doesn't give you a chill at some point,..then i suggest you check your pulse.
- The artist.

The five member a cappella group Pentatonix, posted their version of “Little Drummer Boy” to You Tube on November 25. The video is being picked up and shared by publications all over the Internet and has become a viral sensation with more than 7 million views in a week’s time.

It’s hard to believe an old Christmas classic can be made into something that garners so much attention, but after you hear it, you discover why!

According to the group’s Facebook page:

Mitch Grassi, Scott Hoying, and Kirstie Maldonado formed a trio during high school together in Arlington, Texas. They added the final two members, Avi Kaplan and Kevin Olusola, the day before their audition on Season 3 of NBC’s “The Sing-Off”, and PTX was born. Pentatonix has that special a cappella swag, something that most singing groups tend to lack.

You can also download the group’s Christmas album on iTunes .

December 14, 2013

Lots of discussions on art lately. Lots, and I love it. It is my life and nothing excites me and allows me to be me, more then art and discussing the multi-faceted concepts of art. Of course, this article was to show up in my mail box. But since Jon Rappaport is an artist and writer and speaks often on the topic of art, I was not the least bit surprised. Never underestimate the proliferation of imagination.
If your looking for a great gift for yourself, or someone that you love, who is on the 'self-realization' path and wants 'out of the controlled Matrix', I would highly recommend checking out Jon's collections of work in the Marketplace link below.

Setting goals in multidimensional reality

by Jon Rappoport

December 11, 2013

In my practice, a client asked me an interesting question: "How do you set goals in multidimensional reality?"

Art has been sending us messages for tens of thousands of years. If we don't receive them, or if we choose to misunderstand them, it's not the fault of the artists.

Their message is: reality is multidimensional.

More than three, more than four. More than ten, more than a hundred...

If we say the world shows us four dimensions, we're really talking about our formulation of the world. More than that, we're talking about the human effort to make use of the world.

It works. But working isn't the end of the story. We may certainly prefer to live in houses with heat, rather than huddle in caves in front of fires. However, what about our experience, over many years, of living in that house? How many dimensions is that experience?

The artist is telling us that multidimensional reality is inside us. We can express it. Not as number, but as life and imagination.

Setting goals is often the trimmed-down and flattened version of an interior reality that is so much more full and rich and alive. In which case, we short-change ourselves when we believe these goals are the expression of our deepest desires.

Goals are clues. They're navigation markers. They're three and four dimensions of action described in shorthand to remind us of something much larger.

A goal says, go here, go there, do this, reach for that. It's a brief and shrunken translation from a language whose complexity and art are vast submerged vessels of consciousness.

If we want more life, we discover that following a goal opens up previously hidden vaults of self. And we don't push those revelations off to the side in pursuit of an objective.

We expand and enlarge the objective. We open the vaults. We project what is inside the buried dimensions.

Life in society says, "Learn how to remake a hundred dimensions in three." It says, "Learn how to be happy in three."

The artist says, "Learn how to express a hundred..."

The ancient symbol of the labyrinth was, when all was said and done, a representation of inner life in three dimensions, and therefore it was designed to fail. That was its intelligence.

It was a creation to remind us that a voyage on a flat Earth was a misconception of a far broader and deeper engagement and desire.

Likewise, the old alchemical cross was a symbol of the inherent conflict among the four elements of nature, the four endpoints of the cross: earth, air, fire and water. The place where the staves of the cross meet, the quintessence as it was called, or the philosopher's stone, is imagination. That quality takes the surface (three dimensional) conflict and resolves it by using the elements as fuel for the fire of transformation of consciousness. Through creation. Through expression of self in many dimensions.

The astrological zodiac was, all in all, a poem about time, time and its reflections among the individual signs. It was a song about multidimensional reality and was meant to be read in its entirety, just as the I Ching, the philosophic machine detailing chance, fortune, opportunity, and crisis was meant to be studied as a whole.

These are all art, art about the endless dimensions of reality, which is to say the dimensions of a spiritual self living in a physical world.

The message was never about reduction down to a vanishing point. It was always about proliferation without limit.

The proliferation of imagination.

Goals are markers that suggest action along that tree of many branches.

Striving for a specific objective, with all systems go, one finds the voyage spreading out like many ships on the sea. The one target becomes larger and larger until what self can be and where self is going merge.

Merge, not in pacification, but in action. In ecstasy.

All the politics, all the money, all the repression of freedom, all the domination and manipulation of humans is scaled to convince we are flat people living in a flat world.

This or that concocted escape hatch is offered to us, as if it is the height of generosity. As if it represents some sort of divinity.

But it is just one more turn in the labyrinth.

From the ancient cave painters to the artists of Dun Huang on the edge of the Gobi, to the episodic masterpieces of Piero della Francesca, to the startling bursts of Gauguin and Van Gogh and Monet, to the collages of Rimbaud and TS Eliot, the artists have have been telling us, over and over, that there no limits to the number of dimensions of Self.

We can choose to believe we are spiritual cartoons starving and dying of thirst on a desert of sacrifice.

But in truth this is not so.

We are all artists.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

Use this link to order Jon's Matrix Collections: MARKETPLACE

Introducing Market Square Christmas 2013; The Sixth Rendition

For the better part of seven years since I began the Spirit of Newburyport series of work, I have put out several renditions of a Market Square Christmas. This is the Sixth rendition. I would like to think my work is constantly evolving, expanding, and reflecting both a conscious and subconscious perceptions of my surroundings, growth, maturity and expressions of both, my self as an artist, and the evolution of the medium itself. I believe this piece of work is a great example. It is also the first time in the 54 years of my existence on this planet that I have created something from scratch to the end, without the use of a drug. Something I never thought was possible. For this I am very proud, and thankful for everything and everyone that has supported me through my trials and tribulations over this past year. A huge thank you from the bottom of my heart.

The years have past quickly and so much has been experienced. Great accomplishments along with disappointments have been shared. This time of year we tend to reflect as well look forward to the future. The road may have been long and winding, and one never really knows in which direction the next path will lead. But in the end, for me, it's about making the best effort to sustain a measure of gratitude, balance, and a reverence for life, my surroundings and the relationships along the paths chosen.

I was listening the other night to the little drummer boy (see above) when I spent the entire evening in my studio finishing this piece of art. I was missing my 'best friend' somewhat, yet, I couldn't help but feel the chills run down my spine as tears filled my eyes thinking of what the song meant. Sometimes I feel I have taken so much, and given so little, and want to give up, that I would never 'be enough', nor ever 'give enough'. Then I had some good friends remind me of my art, gift, my contributions to my community, my 'evolution and maturity', and how much Newburyport 'needed me'......and to never underestimate my contributions of just how I indeed 'give back' in my own way.

I'm still missing the illusion that is my 'best friend' that sat with me during long winter nights creating, but I am finding something else again that has been long lost and more real....myself. I would like to elaborate more on this sometime in the near future, but until then,...Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone.

When The Enforcers Become Allies

Now this is LOVE in Action!
IMAGINE the implications! Fear THIS NWO!

Tune in to almost any news source and you will see huge protests going on in more and more countries across the world. Squared off against them are always “the enforcers” with their armor, helmets and badges. But there is a thrilling new behavior trending — where the actual beings behind these masks are waking up and turning to stand (or sit) with those protesting against political and economic corruption.

Read More Here

December 18, 2013

Hope in the holiday season

by Jon Rappoport
December 18, 2013

Untold millions (billions?) of people across the world are waking up to official lies, cover stories, and conspiracies.

These people are crossing the bridge, so to speak, to see what's on the other side.

The question is, do they stay there once they've crossed over, or do they try to retreat back to their former positions as ordinary citizens with dimmed perception?

It's quite a trick to a) maintain the status of "normal person" while b) seeing through the enormous ruse.

In fact, in the long run, it's impossible.

Therefore, the retreat backwards involves self-induced mind control. In other words, the enlightened person un-enlightens himself. He re-educates himself to accept all the lies he saw through.

He "rejoins the church" he once quit. And he does so with a fervor.

Not long ago, I spoke with a college professor who detailed that journey:

"About ten years into my career as a teacher, I became aware that I was educating my students into a whole series of official stories that were egregiously false. So I began to expose the lies in my classroom.

"This led to a clash with officials at my school. I realized my neck was on the line. I had to make a choice.

"I decided to survive. I went back to accepting what I knew was false. The process by which I did this could call it self-administered brainwashing.

"I'm certainly not proud of it. But that's what I did..."

The teacher went on to tell me he knew a number of other professors at various colleges who'd done the same thing. They weren't proud of it, either, but they'd made their bed.

In our society, our culture, the see-saw is swinging back and forth. People are discovering truth, and then they are denying its implications.

In some cases, these people work for companies they know are part of the problem. Others work for government agencies. Others are in the military or the police. They're caught in the middle.

This is one reason why we live in a Surveillance State, one reason why psychiatrists have become far more important authority figures, one reason why dependence on government is being pushed as never before.

The intention is to drive people back into their lives as obedient citizens, as opposed to free people who are seeing more and more of the truth.

Television, of course, plays a central role in this effort. Aside from what is laughingly called the news, the endless proliferation of crime dramas and sports coverage fulfills the desire for well-defined outcomes:

Good triumphs over evil. The good guys arrest the bad guys. One team wins, the other team loses. It's clear-cut. Simple. With relatively few exceptions, things resolve the way they're supposed to.

If the fictional hero is "fighting against the establishment," it's revealed he's really battling "a rogue element."

So the television audience can rest easy. It's all okay. The authorities are on the side of the angels.

People caught in the middle tend to see retreat as their best option. They first looked for some stable platform on which they could stand, in order to send the old order to its demise, but not finding it, they opted for safety.

However, the itch and discomfort and the moral crisis don't dissolve. They remain.

It is in this tension that new ideas and new solutions are born.

We are brought up to believe that if something is wrong, there is a prescribed solution; if not, nothing was really wrong.

This is the big lie. This is a prominent piece of mind control. It's successful because official bodies are full of prescribed solutions. They appoint themselves princes of solutions. They breathe and excrete solutions every day.

Promoting and bringing about a wider gulf between the rich and the poor is another official strategy designed to force people to fall in line. Those on the edge of sinking into poverty are less likely to step out and defend conspiracy researchers and citizen reporters.

So it's all the more unusual and forceful that we are seeing this relentless building wave of anti-establishment research. It means that people all over the world are fed up with the status quo and the official scenarios put in place to protect it.

There was a time, 30 years ago, when the best way I could get information out was to give lectures, have them taped on audio cassette, and send the tapes to friends and allies.

Fortunately, that time has passed. Now, thousands and thousands of researchers are being read, seen, and heard online.

On some days, it doesn't seem like we're winning. But we are.

Keep it up. Find ways to cross that bridge from official stories to the truth and stay there. No one said it would be easy. It's always tempting to sink back into a trance.

But we do have an inherent desire to see things through. It's strong. It's compelling. It's real.

Some years ago, a painter friend sent me the following note. Its implications are universal:

"I used to be a house divided. I knew the work I wanted to do wouldn't become popular in the marketplace. I was torn in half. I knew how to please the powers-that-be. But then it occurred to me: what would happen if I catered to the dominant culture and still failed to prosper? That would be the ultimate irony. If I went my own way, to the hilt, and did the work I wanted to do, I would have freedom, and the joy of looking at what I had produced. I wouldn't go to sleep every night wondering what the hell I was doing. I would know."

That spirit is very hard to kill. In the long run, it's impossible to destroy it.

It keeps resurfacing, like a dream that is more real than waking life.

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

December 20, 2013

Tapping into the 'Unified Field' without sacrificing 'Individuality' and 'Imagination', or perpetuating an 'US and Them', or separation mentality.

To know all things serves the 'higher good' of all is the key. That's Unity Consciousness. Yet, like so many other circumstances that the Illuminati, New World Order, Corporate Elite, Global Cabal, Collectivist, etc etc, call it what you will, continue to perpetrate are absolute 'truths' in order to further their agenda, yet at the same time, high-jacking absolutes and TRUTH, with false and misleading brain washing techniques, in order to deceive and mislead the general populate. So many examples of this can be documented, but one in particular stands out for me, was the 'collective' signage of ten people that were featured in the 'THRIVE' documentation. Claiming that they were 'misled' and together signed a statement proclaiming the film perpetrated an 'US vs Them' mentality. Yet, here they are playing the 'victim' role, blaming Foster Grant and Company, and doing the same exact thing they are supposedly using to justify their reasons for pulling out and not supporting the film, which in turn, describes the BIGGER PICTURE, the truth. Such hypocrisy is found in so many latent and subtle variations of those that speak of 'unity' and 'community' yet 'justify' their reasons to separate as if no other alternative can ever exist. Time after time you see example after example how how the 'truth' is manipulated to deceive, ultimately used against the 'greater good' of all, and insidiously disguised as a 'humanitarian' effort.

Yet 'free will' presents a choice. We have the choice to use the global agenda as a vehicle to 'WAKE UP' and reclaim humanity's role in the 'greater consciousness', by evolving and reclaiming our birthright as free and sovereign human beings. Not by hiding from the truth. Not by twisting and manipulating it in order to deceive and achieve some warped agenda that benefits those that continue to perpetuate separatism (the elite),..but by transmuting the evil perpetrated BY IT. It is a gift if we embrace the opportunity with courage. We cannot afford to not look at it, thinking that we will 'be saved', or someone, or something 'out there' will 'save us'. We have this opportunity to save ourselves.

I've been featuring a lot of Jon Rappaport's work this month because of all the reading I've done in my research over the year's, I find this man to be spot on. So it is with this next piece. Besides, maybe I'm a little bit biased because he's an artist as well. Long live the power of art, co-creation, individuality and the power of imagination!

The eternal sunshine of the mind-controlled classroom

-a short story-

by Jon Rappoport

December 20, 2013

I'm reprinting this piece, in view of the recent report on the vastly escalating diagnosis of ADHD, a "disorder" for which there is no diagnostic test.

"Well," Jimmy's teacher said, "we're trying to emphasize cooperation. But Jimmy has another agenda. He apparently wants to stay separate from the other children."

"Yes," the principal said. "It's matter of psychology. You see, separateness breeds conflict. On a larger scale, this is why nations have wars."

"Agreed," said the school superintendent. "We want each child to see the reflection of himself in the other children. And we want him to see the reflection of everyone else in himself."

"You lost me there," Jimmy's father said. He was trying to remain calm.

A week ago, Jimmy, six years old, was sitting in class drawing. The teacher had taped a sketch of a face on the blackboard. She was taking the students through a step-by-step process aimed at getting them to reproduce the face in their notebooks.

She walked up and down the rows, and when she came to Jimmy, she saw he was drawing a very different face. It wasn't bland. It was the face of a woman laughing. The face was floating among trees in a forest.

She stopped. The drawing looked very real.

"Jimmy," she said, "this isn't the face we're all working on."

He looked up at her.

"I know," he said.

"So why are you doing this other one?"

He shrugged.

She said, "When we're done, we're all going to put our drawings on the blackboard and see what they look like. But your face will be different."

"So?" he said.

She felt a wave of anger sweep through her. She controlled it.

"The other children will be confused when they see your face," she said.

Jimmy shrugged again.

"I won't put your face on the blackboard," the teacher said.

"Okay," Jimmy said.

After class, the teacher went to the principal and they sat down and looked through Jimmy's file. They noticed that Jimmy had once worn an unusual T-shirt to school. It had a photo of a crown on it.

Another child had asked the gym teacher what the crown was.

Now, sitting in the meeting with the teacher, the principal, and the superintendent, Jimmy's father said, "Jimmy just likes crowns. I don't know why."

"Well," the teacher said, "a crown is a symbol of monarchy. One ruler over all the people."

The principal said, "That other child felt confused when she saw the T-shirt. Confusion is an indicator that the communal spirit has been , well, interrupted."

The superintendent said, "A crown can also have religious connotations."

"Look," Jimmy's father said, "we were at a garage sale. Jimmy saw the T-shirt and liked it. So I bought it for him."

"You let him wear a T-shirt from a garage sale?" the teacher said.

"We washed it first," Jimmy's father said.

"The point is," the superintendent said, "we're trying to foster a spirit of unity among the children. I'm sure you can see the value of that. Separateness is the problem. It means a child thinks he's more important than the others. It's a behavioral problem. The child can't understand that we're all One."

"What does that mean?" Jimmy's father said.

"It means the higher reality is Oneness."

"I still don't understand," Jimmy's father said.

The superintendent frowned.

"Jimmy drew a face that was very different. It wasn't part of the lesson. Not only that, the face was disturbing."

"Why?" Jimmy's father said.

"Because it didn't relate."

"Didn't relate to what?" Jimmy's father said.

"To what children think about when they have a spirit of unity and when they share that spirit."

"That's interesting," Jimmy's father said. "So there is this spirit of unity, and children can share it. And when they do, they stop thinking about certain other things."

"That's one of way of putting it," the superintendent said. "Do you teach Jimmy drawing at home?"

"No," Jimmy's father said. "He draws by himself. He likes it."

"But," the teacher said, "something must be going on at home."

"I'm not sure what you mean," Jimmy's father said.

"You're teaching him something at home."

"Not really. I read to him."

"What do you read?"

"The Wizard of Oz. Alice in Wonderland."

Ah," said the principal, "I see."

"What do you see?" Jimmy's father said.

"The boy doesn't understand the text. It's too advanced. So he substitutes his own images and ideas while you're reading to him. And this takes him...away."


"Yes. Into his own thoughts."

"Actually, he does understand the books. I explain things when he has questions. But what's wrong with his own thoughts?"

The principal said, "They're...random. He fixates on those thoughts. And that takes him into a private world. When he comes to class, he's still there. He can't really perceive his classmates. He can't see that he and they are One. He's drifting. He's isolated. It means he's selfish. He doesn't accept our curriculum. He doesn't agree with it. He won't develop a communal understanding."

Jimmy's father said, "I don't think he's selfish. And he can read. He can write, too. He has a notebook. He writes in it."

"That notebook," the superintendent said, "could be revealing."

"What?" Jimmy's father said.

"Yes. It could show that he's..."

"Using his imagination?" Jimmy's father said.

"Imagination," said the teacher, "is a general word. It covers a very large territory. You see, Jimmy is using his imagination to remove himself from the energy of the class. There is an energy, you know. It's universal. It's everywhere. We have a choice. We can connect with it, or we can reject it."

"An energy," Jimmy's father said. "What happens when we connect with it?"

The teacher smiled.

"We move into higher consciousness. We all share in that consciousness. We suddenly understand how futile our separate lives are. Instead of believing we have separate minds, we see that we're tapping into one greater mind."

Jimmy's father nodded.

"And this is very important to you," he said.

"Yes," the principal said. "There are many implications. For example, suppose a great leader arose in our midst. A leader who is the expression of that greater mind. And then suppose we were all living little separate lives. We wouldn't recognize the leader. He would go unnoticed. That would be a tragedy."

The teacher said, "It's quite possible Jimmy has ADHD. A chemical brain imbalance. He should be referred to a psychiatrist for diagnosis."

"But above and beyond that," the principal said, "this is about a principle of interaction. The merging of, how shall I put it, individualistic traits into a higher arc."

"Arc?" Jimmy's father said.

"That's right. The arc of unity. All civilizations have sought it. We're finally on the road to achieving it."

"Through education," Jimmy's father said.

"The enlightenment of young minds," the teacher said. "We adults can only talk about these things and try to implement them. We've been conditioned to accept individuality as an ideal. But through the children, we can imbue a whole line of generations with non-separation."

"Post-conflict awareness," the superintendent said. "Society will finally grow up. For most of human history, our species has relied on a myth we told. We told it to ourselves. The myth of the individual. But now, because we have the technological means to make life supportable for everyone on the planet, we can dispense with that myth. It was necessary for a time. But now it's outmoded."

"So," Jimmy's father said, "my son really isn't an individual."

"Correct," the teacher said. "He just thinks he is."

"And what happens if he keeps thinking he is?"

"Well," the principal said, "I'm afraid he'll become greedy and selfish. He'll become combative. He'll put his own needs ahead of everyone else's. His behavior will become ego-driven."

"Let me put it this way," the superintendent said. "The shape of a society starts from a spiritual level. And on that level, a person can conceive of his life as distinct and unique, or he can realize that he is the manifestation of an energy that incorporates all of us. This energy is everywhere. It's universal. Your son is a disconnected piece of energy that needs to reconnect."

"So..." Jimmy's father said, "what do you want me to do?"

"Well," the superintendent said, "let's have him see a psychiatrist for an interview. Let's see what a professional can discover. Also, talk to your boy. Tell him that he needs to give us a chance to do what we do."

"All right," Jimmy's father said. "I think I understand. I want to thank you for taking the time to give me a picture of what's going on. I appreciate it."

"Will you try to help us?" the teacher said.

Jimmy's father said, "I'm going to take Jimmy out of the system and home school him."

Everything stopped.

There was a long silence in the room.

The superintendent said, "Home schooling breeds terrorists."

Jon Rappoport

The author of two explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED and EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

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December 29, 2013

It is with great pain and sadness that for the second time this year, I need to dedicate this time and space to a friend who lost their battle to cancer. Micheal, you are much loved. Your music and art touched many, and you will be greatly missed, but never forgotten.

"HELP" Covered by Boston Michael who is my brother battling liver Cancer. Mike you have tons of friends praying for you...myself? I think of you every day! Love you - Bob I.

This video was put together by Micheal's Brother and my good friend, bobby. Please help us bring Micheal Home. Created by Christa Sanxaridis on December 29, 2013

this fundraiser is to help us raise money to bring boston michael indorato home to be laid to rest. please help us give him a proper goodbye surrounded by his friends and family. any amount big or small will help. thank you so much for all your prayers and support.

Circle of Love fundraiser

Updated December 30th, 2013

"The name Circle of Love reflects this new phase in my life journey as a cancer patient... the LOVE from family, friends, Spirit, & the universe is what sustains, strengthens, and inspires me and deepens my desire to create Art & Music that shares positive healing energy with others, while also being therapeutic for my own healing process. When you are challenged with something like Cancer, that makes you fight for your life, you realize more deeply than ever before that the purpose of life is share LOVE."
~Artist "Boston Michael"

In Sept 2012, Artist/Musician "Boston Michael" was diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer and has been moving through a lengthy treatment process. He feels hopeful and positive about healing & looks forward to recovering so that he can have more time with his loved ones, and continue to create artwork that promotes healing, peace, and love.

All orders from this "CIRCLE OF LOVE ART STORE" support Michael in his fight to overcome Cancer by helping cover the cost of his care. MANY THANKS AND LOVE TO YOU!

Circle of Love Art at Cafe Press

Sun Studio - Michael's Fine Art

Taxi- Michael's Music

Micheal Indorato

Micheal's Circle of Love Cancer Care

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