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Atlantis Rising;
Awakening of an American Artist

"Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist"
Introduction to Part Three: "Return of the White Dove"

By Jon-William Brown

Journal Excerpt: March 19, 2000-Spring Equinox

After returning to Boston in the Spring of 98' from a trek to Tennessee, Florida and back to California again, I settled down alone for a time in New England and had much time to reflect on my travels across America. In light of the "focused intent" projects and initiations that I had been processing since June of 97, much information was being revealed in regards to the "power of thoughts and projected feelings," the premise of my current manuscript, "Atlantis Rising." I naturally gravitated towards similar projects and participated in an event initiated through the internet called, "The Great Experiment", sponsored by author's James Tywman, Doreen Virtue, and Gregg Braden. This so called scientific study called for group experiments in focused meditation and prayer and their planetary impact due to mass projected "thoughts of global peace". This particular event evolved around James Tywman being at the United Nations along with other Ambassadors from around the world while thousands came together with a synchronized "focused intent" meditating and praying for world peace, while certain scientific studies were to be evaluated in an on-going experiment conducted at Princeton University. I myself, along with countless others who documented their experiences via the internet, witnessed a tremendous amount of energy shifts during the event on April 23, 1998. An event that was to leave residual effects on me and many others for months to come.

I am now compelled, again, to tell the story of my experiences prior, during and after this time period in April, 1998. I'm sure that once you will read this shortened version adapted from my journals, you 'll understand how it all relates to the events that are about to take place, and why I am driven to do

The following meditation was performed at the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C. during the "March For Peaceful Energy" on October 24th, 1998. It was recited by Sister Jenna of the World Spiritual Organization. This meditation was delivered without text, notes, or "speech." It was delivered precisely, clearly and unrehearsed during a state of meditation that lasted approximately eleven minutes. The written text here was captured from the video of the event. During this meditation,...a pervading silence and a feeling of peacefulness fell upon the area surrounding the Capitol Building that left many there to witness it stunned and speechless..... I was one of them.

My shared experience of this time period follows this meditation. In light of recent developments concerning both planetary and social events, I offer this meditation today, and every day hereafter, as a reminder that "Peace Prevails on Earth! "

Sister Jenna: Meditation for Peace
Photo by: Jon-William Brown-1998

Meditation is a process of thinking,...
and of feeling.
One of the most powerful forms of energy, which can transform energy... is thought itself.
This meditation is to go out to matter, to nature, to the world, to the universe.
We contribute thoughts of Peace to the World As we sit here in silence.

In silence, I turn my attention within myself, For I choose to create through the power of my mind.. A simple Power of Peace.

Who "I Am' is the spiritual energy within, that sits very quietly, behind my eyes. It's from this place, That I can create thoughts of Peace. For myself... for matter... for nature, For the world... for the Universe.

What is original and true within myself, Is the deepest Nature of Peace.. The feeling of silence.

And at this time... as I begin to quiet my mind, And bring my thoughts into a place of silence. Into a place of peace within my heart. I gently send Peaceful vibrations, In the form of Light.
To every human being..
In my Global family.

This peaceful energy within myself.. Is what I use to bring peaceful energy on my global planet.

With the power of my mind,.. and with the power of thought, I stop the voice of my mind.. And I send the silence outside- Transforming Chaos into silence,.. Transforming Peacelessness into Peace.

"I Am" that Peaceful Energy
I am silence...
I am,....peace.

And when I am peaceful,..
Then there can be Peaceful energy in the world.

Let me always remember,.. In order for peaceful energy to exist,
Let it start with me-

The instrument for real Peace.

During the summer of 98, I felt compelled to work with the reigning transmuting energies in a creative, yet spiritual-political way. Six months after my experiences with the "Great Experiment" (within 24 hours to the day), these energies were to culminate for me in Washington, D.C on October 24th. A lot of the guidance I was receiving from my inner sources at the time pointed me in this direction. A balance that is not always easy to find in dealing with such spiritual/political matters. It was here that I made contact with D.C. Solar national advocates for renewable and alternative energy sources. The movement embraced the understanding of a peaceful world through peaceful energy in contrast to a national energy plan based on fossil and nuclear fuels due to their effects on the environment, the planet, it's inhabitants, and it's centralized control of the mass population, let alone it's connection to the war machine and big business exploitation. Before long, what began for me as a sponsored artist to create a design of a logo for the event to be held in Washington , D.C. called the "March for Peaceful Energy" on October 24th 1998, turned into a full fledged organizational effort as a regional coordinator.

During the first phases of my involvement I shifted through ideas for the initial logo for the event. Late one night, I was walking the streets, barraged by mnay impulses of energy while contemplating a design. At one point, I stopped at a travel agency window and as I stared in, my eyes became transfixed on this picture of a "white dove". Little did I know what kind of "trip" I was in for. Something on a sub-conscious level inside me 'clicked". I quickly hurried home to work, and by the time the sun rose that morning, the result was the "Solar Dove".

Soon after, I had the privilege to meet David Crockett Williams of (G.E.A.R.) and by then I had become fully involved in an internet based organizational core that spawned from Boston to California. This group went on to form the foundation of the movement and drafted what was termed the "Citizens Peaceful Energy Plan" . One of the events for the March that I lobbied for and was involved in organizing was a group meditation for a "spiritual addition to the program". I then had the honor of speaking with Sister Jenna of the Brahma Kumaris Organization and with her help, co-ordinated a global meditation for the event scheduled at 11:11 a.m. on the morning of October 24th, 1998 at the Capitol Building in Washington. This event was promoted through the internet as a synchronized worldwide meditation. What it was to me was an opportunity to create a conscious, focused "grounding" of these reigning, universal, transmuting energies of the Blue Ray in the nations capitol of the most influential country on earth. Spirit had guided me to this balance of a spiritual-political action based on focus intent, thought, and prayer to a place that could capture and utilize it's full potential due to the state of influx and it's major role to determining peace or war in the world. I walked away from the event and D.C. exasperated, yet replenished. There were many conflicting energies going on inside me during this time, but I walked away feeling confident that the "White Dove" was somehow significant in 'grounding" these energies at our nations Capital that had been working through so many people over the months since April, and long prior. By the time I reached California in November, Capitol Hill was in chaos, on the verge of impeaching it's first president since Andrew Jackson and the country teetered once again on the brink of war.

After leaving my home in New England and spending this time in D.C. assisting in the organizational efforts, it was time to make a decision. I was to either return home, or go on to California for a "reunion" of many sorts.. My guides called for a reunion in California and more work in the "grounding" of these transmuting and cleansing universal rays of energy. Upon arriving, the first book that "literally fell into my lap" and given to me to read by a teacher and spiritual counselor of mine was called "Return of the Dove". It was the story of Nickola Tesla, the master energy alchemist and inventor of the alternating electrical current. For those that are not familiar with the story, the "white dove" was considered by Tesla his "soulmate", and constant companion. Again, after almost six months to the day of arriving in California, the grounding of these energies culminated for me once again on April the 4th, Easter Sunday, 1999, after a twelve day intense telluric geomantic process which incorporated the creation and activation of a 'twelve around one' (a foundation based on sacred geometry) energy vortex, activating an 'energy portal'. The focused intention of this particular experiment was to geomantically align magnetic fields and ley lines, activate them within a certain window of time in order to form a cosmic alignment and linkage to a planetary "Light Energy Grid Matrix". In the process a "third initiation" resulted, a transconfiguration. Based on my own and other channeled information, I was guided to these foothills in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in six and twelve month intervals (master numerals of sacred geometry) since September of 1997, to energetically charge a sacred parcel of land by working with 2D elemental forces, the Spiritual Hierarchy, and the crystal quartz that embeds this parcel of land and waterfalls. The crystal quartz was used for frequency and vibrational tuning and communications. The very first radio transmitters were 'crystal quartz based'. I was also guided to utilize quartz for my own chakra alignment by tuning into the spiral energy flow by grounding to the crystal core energy of the Earth and drawing it up through my spinal cord, thus, activating the "kundalini serpent". Then, exiting it via my crown chakra to the heavens above, creating an endless loop of cyclic, spiral energy, attuning all chakra centers to the current vibrational frequency of the universal flow of 'chi" (energy). This, according to the guided sessions (of which were audio-taped), was to ground an anchor to the new planetary Light Grid, clearing an opening, and establishing a portal doorway for a future union with the Hierarchy. I was also told by my guides to continue to document this process as I had since June of 97, and to record by any means possible my time spent there during the twelve day isolated period of the activations. In so doing, I documented channeled information during this time period via an audio recorder, through every step, including the activations themselves. Until this day, no one has heard these recordings in their entirety, nor have they been transcribed. Like many others that have come and gone before me, I wish the spirits guides, and caretakers of this sacred land many blessings of peace, light and love.

The following information is presented here to cover these events as they have evolved since the first meditation/prayer event on April 23, 1998, demonstrating their continous synchronicity of correlating events. James Twyman, Doreen Virtue and Greg Brayden are now sponsoring the 'Great Experiment 2' on..... when? Easter Sunday, April 23rd, 2000.

This is how the story continues....

Introduction to Part One"The Initiation"

Introduction to Part Two;"Activation"

Introduction to Part Three;
"Return of the White Dove"

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Atlantis Rising;
Awakening of an American Artist