Current Event Editorial; October 26, 2005




By Jon-William Brown

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Special added update at the end of this editorial 3:41 e.s.t. 10/26/05


Second Addition ; October 27, 2005  

The following editorial contains some harsh statements. Before I go on and add another addition to the following editorial, I must take this opportunity to recognize those individuals, groups and organizations that have selfishly given of their time, compassion, and resources in the way of disaster relief. These efforts must be recognized and commended. I especially applaud those that have tried to offer their services and have been denied by the ‘powers that be’. The point that I have tried to make in the following editorial is to heed the bigger picture. I consider this wave of ‘natural disasters’ differently than most. I consider them outright blatant attacks on the continental United States, and its citizens. I also consider it a conspiracy involving the most upper level controlling forces of all aspects of social institutions,…including certain ‘infiltrated’ factions of this government, and others, in order to absolve the U.S. into a one world government.


When you have news anchors on TV using riveting emotional personal survival accounts and acting as liaisons and go betweens of certain levels of government in order to justify the assistance of the national guard, the Department of Defense, or the military and using highlighted newsreels of a gung ho general acting as if they are the saviors of the needy, we better stop and take a good hard long look at what is going down here, as the following account will demonstrate. What we are witnessing now in the aftermath of Hurricane Wilma, is exactly the tactics used in the aftermath of Katrina. Once again I take this opportunity to point out the PROBLEM/REACTION/SOLUTION formula used in so many Illuminati (If you are not familiar by now with the “Illuminati” please do yourself and your family the favor and do the research) staged events in order to gain the control in which they seek. Here again, we have a first hand account of how the media is being used to hail the military complex as the SOLUTION. This is how they manipulate the situation and use the human emotion as the vehicle to supply them with the material they need, as insidious as it is. I am now going to post a paragraph from my January editorial regarding the Asian Tsunami that can simply be applied to the present scenario of both Katrina and now Wilma.


“Natural disaster or man made, there are no excuses why so many were left to die without proper warning. None whatsoever! It is high time we take accountability for ourselves and learn to hold our government and world agencies accountable for the safety and security of ALL world citizens, or it is time that they go. Even if this was a natural disaster, which I have no doubt it wasn't, many lives could and should have been spared. In this day and age, there is simply no excuse. With the least amount of effort and research, one can clearly see the continued pattern, as in 911, of the manipulated 'stand down' procedures set in place along the time line continuum in order to assure the magnitude of casualties, exposing the standard 'problem/reaction/solution' formula typical in so many Illuminati signatures.


Editorial October 26, 2005


To begin with, I am posting an editorial written on September 3, 2005, New Orleans; The Modern Day Atlantis...(See Gallery Update) written just days after Katrina hit the Gulf Coast. Even though I have waited over a month to post it, nothing has been altered since. Those that have read it almost two months ago now will attest to this fact. I state this because you may find this a shocking and an unbelievable accusation, but then again...many who read my January 2005 posting felt the same way. Funny how you could just as easily supplement the January Update, change the name of the Asian Tsunami to 'Katrina',..and have the same accusation...same procedure...same result. Furthermore, since I have stated very clearly to heed what was to come in my January Update, and again repeated in my editorial on New Orleans, alluding to the fact that several more events were to come...quickly and decisively. I would suggest paying attention to what has been written on these pages for the past nine years and heed what is now to follow. The most basic question I hear asked after someone finally 'gets it’ is....O.k. So..If what you are saying is true..what can I,.or about it? Here is the most important reply that I can offer in face of the most recent developments regarding the New World Order agenda.


It is of the utmost importance that we become 'aware' of the actions of our world Governments and beyond the worlds leading global elite and their corporate centers of control. Why? It is this lesson that will ultimately decide the evolutionary future of the human race on Earth. It is this realization that we humans, and especially we Americans, can be so easily mind manipulated by fear and trauma, that we will WILLINGLY hand over our security, freedoms, and civil liberties in order to be 'saved' or 'protected' because we are so dependant on anything other than ourselves, our capabilities as individuals, and our local authority. I use the metaphor of the Wizard of Oz many times and the scene where Toto pulls back the curtain on the big bad Wizard. It is then that the ‘Grand Wizard’ is rendered powerless over the meek and frightened. It is this awareness of taking responsibility for ourselves and our destiny, which will ultimately lead to the next evolutionary stage of human development and entrance into the galactic community...and return us HOME.


Yes..thats right. This renegade cabal hell bent on destruction and control, will ultimately hand the human race its biggest lesson. Personally, I believe they understand and realize this fully. It’s actually the trade off. It’s like I say too many individuals when they dare bring up the topic of conversation around me. They will continue to give it to us up the ass until we get it. What would happen if they came on our TV sets and said..hello human race,..guess what?..You've been duped all these years! Everything we have told you is nothing but a big fat lie? Do you really think we would evolve? Do you really think we would get it, never mind believe it..understand it? We are humans! We wouldnt get it. We would turn around and fix it FOR us! We only learn when it happens to us, in our own backyards. We only pay attention when it happens to America, not some foreign third world country. We are basically selfish, concerned with our own measly little lives and security to pay attention to what is happening outside of ourselves. We only get it when the bomb is dropped on our own heads! Unfortunate...but true. Sometimes truth is a hard thing to accept. They are actually begging us to get it. That’s the deal. They are merely playing out their role in the evolutionary stages of human development. Someone had to do it. Why not the heartless son of a bitches that have lied, manipulated and deceived the human race for eons? Who better qualified to take on the task? They know this. Their time is up. It has been agreed upon, and all stages of evolution will be worked out in the end. As stated in my introduction to Atlantis Rising..written almost ten years ago by the way,..states very clearly that these actions are nothing but a last ditch effort to maintain control of the human race. It had to end this way. If you come to this realization, you will begin to understand what is happening on a global and universal level. This planet has been under quarantine now for many a millennium. This last ditch effort to maintain control by dispicuous actions of destruction, trauma and fear, is a DIRECT result of our passive ignorance of the past, combined with our pre-conceived evolutionary awakening and awareness in which I speak of. Correct, what I am saying is that the destruction that is now being unleashed is a direct result of our collective awakening. Like I have been saying for years, it was inevitable. It will continue to be inevitable, it cannot be stopped...nor will it until we all..everyone of us that chooses to be part of the new world...individually AND collectively…..wake the f*** up! We HAVE to learn this lesson in order to bring about the new world.


Those that are left (survive) when its all over will realize this and never..EVER..allow it to happen again. We will,..for once..become sovereign, free entities, capable of determining our own destiny, and for once be responsible for our own welfare, enter the galactic community, and begin to live at the next evolutionary stage as a free race on earth. Of course..this is only the tip of the ice berg. But perhaps you are beginning to get the picture. If not...well...prepare yourself for more of the same. This is only the beginning. It will only get worse before it gets better. Don’t want to accept this? Choose not to pick up a book and MAKE the time to read it? Choose not to do the research for yourself and would rather base your opinions on the six o'clock news and corporate controlled media? I'll have more of the same to report to you on my next Update in a few months when there is more death and destruction from whatever they can do to further their agenda of an 80% reduction of the human race. Bird flu epidemic? Give me a freakin break. AWAKEN NOW!


Someone asked me a question last night. They said, why is it you think that it seems that the most common mode of destruction lately seems to be with water and flooding. It was funny...I didnt have the answer right away, but I was taking a shower today when it hit me, as ironic as it may seem. All I can say is...wake up..and remember Atlantis!


Things to watch for;


Look for the redundant Problem/Reaction/Solution formula to be present in the aftermath of Wilma. Same ol same ol. The so called ‘failure of communications’ in order to provide basic needs of water, food, gas, etc. Failure of evacuations. Failure of FEMA. For crying out loud, anyone that was paying attention to the damn weather forecast could see that there was the possibility of Wilma reaching a cat 3 before Floridian landfall. It passed over the same water currents that propelled it to a cat 5 in the first place! (Amazing what these tropical storms can do these days in matter of hours, isn’t it?) Was there one forecast that stated this possibility? I never saw it. The most they predicted was a Cat 2, and a Cat 1 on the eastern seaboard. Wilma NEVER lost intensity. As a matter of fact, the reports stated an INCREASE in intensity right prior to landfall. (Over two landfalls as a matter of fact. This alone should turn some eye brows) What???,..Since when does a hurricane GAIN intensity when it hits landfall??? And even as unpredictable as these things are..what, they couldn’t predict this possibility???? They pointed out several times prior to landfall the lack of evacuations in these areas. They KNEW people were Hurricane weary and would not evacuate unless a Cat 3 was forecasted. My point being is that the citizens of Florida, although naïve in their own way, were set up…..duped again to be caught off guard by the corporate controlled media and weather broadcast of Cnn, the Weather Channel, etc etc…, right on down to the local broadcast,..pawns of the global elite that are pulling the strings and controlling the outcome. If you knew what to look for, you could see the set up being staged. If you knew me, and were around me when this was going down…god bless you by the way, I pointed this all out and lo and behold……all in order for the next stage of the Agenda to be set from the chaos that ensues. Watch for the backlash now……same as Katrina. That is of course, to bring down the current state of management of Local and Federal authority and to replace it with even MORE FEDERAL control due to the ‘Failure’ of the current administration. Same as 911 and the ‘Intelligence failures’ that led to the creation of Homeland Security. Watch out for the same tactics to be used in the up and coming indictments. More on this later.


I will end this by stating that, as unbelievable as it may sound, there is not ONE event that is happening in our world today that is not being totally controlled and manipulated one way or another. Weather and all. Think about it. What other way could they control the outcome? If you don’t believe or understand this, I would suggest doing the research on Weather manipulation and control. A basic search will produce revealing results. They have been doing it for years and years. Theres even a current bill that deals with weather manipulation in Congress. Its old news, but new results for an old agenda that is now being fully exposed. Sound to far fetched? Please…get used to it. It only scratches the surface.


Added Update; October 26, 2005 3:41 E.S.T.


I had finished up this editorial during the wee hours of the morning. Posted it, then determined that perhaps I had been a little harsh in some of my statements. I then went to my directory after it had been on my web site after a couple hours and deleted the file until I had a chance to make a few adjustments. I have done this constantly ever since 911 with most my editorials due to the obvious inner struggle one goes through when dealing with such a subject. After a conversation this afternoon, I decided to repost it as is. I then began to take care of some other business while watching a news update on MSNBC,..of which I seldom watch. Usually I tune in to CNN to see the latest manipulations of corporate controlled fear induction. All of a sudden I look up and see a huge shot of Hurricane Wilma and the words,..’Hurricane Wilma Update’…and what do I see in the center of the eye of the hurricane? A PENTAGRAM! As plain as day! Now that I have seen this with my own eyes, I realize this is a blatant mind manipulation, in your face, confirmation of what is going down here. Allow me to explain further. Yes, I have seen the reports of the same electromagnetic cloud formations in the eye of Katrina through others who have done the research into weather manipulation. To tell you the truth, I didn’t accept it at first due to the possibility of imaging manipulation of it being implanted. The reports stated that this was an intentional manipulated formation of the electromagnetic properties being used to form, intensify, and steer the Hurricanes projected path. Whatever it is…it is there. It could be just an implanted image ( the picture of the hurricane lasted but a few seconds) sort of like a subliminal implant. Or, it could be just what the reports have stated. That it is the formation of clouds due to the electromagnetic properties being projected into the eye of the hurricane forming a grid pattern in the shape of a pentagram. This is extraordinary and very significant. I am going to take this time to explain even further. I have stated the following here several times on this web site in the past. I am going to state this very important fact once again. Energetic manipulation is ancient knowledge. As old as the human race ( and others) itself. The pentagram is very symbolic of pagan and sun worship in many many cultures. The symbol is also used in many other representations throughout history. THIS DOES NOT MEAN that everybody who uses this symbol is the devil incarnate himself! TRUTH IS TRUTH. Secret knowledge about the universal means of energy is based on this ancient knowledge on how to manipulate energy. Here is what matters most and what determines its INTENT. Once you learn the basics of energy manipulation based on ancient secret knowledge you have a choice on what and how to use it. It can be used for benevolent intentions, or it can be used for malevolent intentions. THIS IS THE DIFFERENCE. INTENT! Obviously, the powers that are hell bent on the New World Order’s destructive agenda is using it for malevolent intention, not only in creating and manipulating massive storms to destroy, but subliminally projecting these images into the psyche of all that view the news on our TV sets.


As I finished writing this update, I then set forth to do a search on where I thought I had seen these reports and this led me to the web site of ‘Enterprise Mission” and lo and behold,…same exact report, same exact TV station regarding Hurricane Ivan. This event has happened exactly as I have written. For a complete report on what I am talking about here, see “Enterprise Mission’ at  (Beginning with Hurricane Ivan – 2004). I have also briefly seen a report on CNN (prime time with Lou Dobbs) with Scott Stevens at regarding weather manipulation.  I will continue to post further research and related information in time. Many sources can be found throughout my archives. Although I have my own conclusions that may or may not be reflected in the following reports, there is one common conclusion throughout all of the research, and that is, someone….someone is altering and manipulating the weather with devastating consequences dwarfing impacts of nuclear destruction. It becomes obvious when you begin to connect the dots and see who benefits and why. It becomes obvious just who this someone is when you see the continued repeated patterns and formulas used throughout the events from start to finish with predicted results. All though the following reports are lengthy, extensive, detailed and repetitive, I highly suggest taking the time,…no…MAKE the time to read them.

Katrina Report:

Wilma Report;