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Tran·scend ( P ) Pronunciation Key (trn-snd)
v. tran·scend·ed,
tran·scend·ing, tran·scends
v. tr.

1. To pass beyond the limits of: emotions that transcend understanding.
2. To be greater than, as in intensity or power; surpass: love that transcends infatuation. See Synonyms at excel.
3. To exist above and independent of (material experience or the universe): “One never can see the thing in itself, because the mind does not transcend phenomena” (Hilaire Belloc).

v. intr.

To be transcendent; excel.

[Middle English transcenden, from Old French transcendre, from Latin trnscendere : trns-, trans- + scandere, to climb; see skand- in Indo-European Roots.]

Introductory message
from the artist.

Introduction to the online Resource Center

Introductory Edition

Atlantis Rising;
Awakening of an
American StarSeed

Part One; The Initiation

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1.'ArchAngel Michael'
2.Angel of Light

Special Exhibit
Activations of Light C.D.

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The most recent updates and insights to SunSpirit Gallery, messages from the artist, editorials and comments on current events, and the latest in todays Visionary Lightwork activities can be found posted on our main "Gallery Update" page.

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History of SunSpirit Gallery

"Through a world wide communication system, the impressions of the ancient mysteries and the angelic messages of love and light will spread from one hand, one mind, one heart to another. These gifts would contain activations of sound, color, light and form that make up art, creativity and expression."

About SunSpirit Visionary Art Gallery

Welcome to SunSpirit Gallery and the online portfolio of Visionary Artist Jon-William Brown. This virtual exhibit presents his fine art prints and gift products for retail and wholesale distribution. Collections are of the Angelic Realms, renditions of the Goddess of Astrology, his Cosmic Mythology, Naturescape and Newburyport series. It also features his journaled writings and manuscript, "Atlantis Rising: A StarSeed's Journey,"; along with the inspiring poetry of the Gallerys' "Goddess of Poem," H. Janine Price.

The work of Jon-William Brown is an etheric synergetic expression of the divine masculine and feminine forces, symbolically representing a journey from duality to oneness, aspiring to serve as a creative inspirational guide.

SunSpirit Gallery, together with the newly formed 'Resource Center', seeks to infuse Jon-William's visionary artwork, seminar workshops incorporating the Universal Language of Light, intuitive healings, and inspirational poetry, with that of the latest in cutting edge, alternative healing and transcendent life vitality resources.

SunSpirit Gallery seeks to serve as a demonstration of Art and Meta-Science as a powerful energetic, integrated force for personal and collective transformation, healing and empowerment. Be sure to check out the latest products and services of the Gallery's affiliate sponsors!

How Does Art Heal ?


The New Earth Paradigm

'Activations of Light;
Art, Science and Healing
A Program for
Consciousness Restoration

Seminar Soundbyte;
'Critical Mass'

Have you ever been Activated?
Vision Quests

Special Exhibit
Activation of Light C.D.

Visionary Artist and Geomancer,one who works with earth energies, Jon-William Brown, is now hosting introduction seminars and intensive workshops, both online and off, entitled "ACTIVATIONS OF LIGHT: A Program for Consciousness Restoration".

An Exploration into Meta-Science, Spirituality, Art and Consciousness. 'Activation's of Light' is about the energetic triggering, or re-awakening on a cellular level, to the knowledge of all time, place and occurrence of all living things in the universe.

Featured Video
Creation of the New Energy Light Grid Matrix

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'Update Gallery':

Latest Post: 2/8/16;IMPORTANT UPDATES

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NEW - 'Newburyport: An American Perspective'
Inspired by and Dedicated to all within the Culture of Peace Community.
[Schedule2006] Global Culture of Peace2010:

NEW -'The Newburyport Collection'

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Gallery SoundScape -
Angel of Light

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By Jon-William Brown. . .


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A message from the artist

The latest insights on today's lightwork and visionary activities can be found posted on our "Updates" page.

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