‘Celebration of the Enduring Spirit’

with Visionary Artist Jon-William Brown

A multi-dimensional art exhibit/seminar - SunSpirit Tour – 2004


October 2-3, 2004




nand Activation at Giant Rock. preludeed 'editation presentations.nSpirit Gallery collections of the Angelic Realms, Goddess of‘Winds of Light Gallery’ Grand Opening

185 South Jefferson St.

Nashville, IN 47448



Art exhibit, product demonstration, introductory seminar; ‘Activations of Light’ and book introduction; ‘Portrait of Meditations’ (A prelude to ‘Atlantis Rising; A StarSeed’s Journey’) at Winds of Light Gallery on September 25th.


September 25, 2004 – 6pm


Seminar Feature; Activations of Light - 'Intent; and the Power of Form and Color.'

One night introductory seminar with readings from ‘Portraits of Meditations’, a journal from the experiences by the artist in creating mythological renditions of male deities from legends past entitled ‘Faces of God’.



October 9th & 10th, 2004 (tentative date)

5:30 PM – 10:30 PM


Two Day Intensive Seminar;

Activations of Light; Consciousness Restoration

with Jon-William Brown


This seminar is a follow up intensive to the September 25th introduction seminar and will delve into all aspects discussed and first presented in the overview, including the three major components of the Earth Ascension Process and all four lessons of the AOL program;

  1. Defining Activations of Light, New Energy, and the Hermetic Principles.
  2. Accessing the New Energy Light Grid Matrix
  3. Communications and the Universal Language of Light
  4. Activation of the Light-Body and consciousness restoration



SunSpirit Gallery