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SunSpirit Gallery History
By Jon-William Brown

After returning to the City of Boston to live in the summer of 95', certain events started to happen that have changed my life drastically since. At the time I wasn't quite sure what was happening, but I knew something was going on in the cosmos, I could sense it. Something that I still have trouble describing, but knew something had changed, or was "about" too. There is one day in particular that stands out in my memory. I went down to this lake and hung out playing my guitar. During this bright, warm, sunny afternoon, these images started to filter through my head. They seemed to be more than "images," like a "vibration of essences" that emanated through the tones. Female essences, goddess' of sort, like that of angels. The time came to leave and I drove to pick up my girlfriend. I remember turning to her and telling her that something strange was happening to me. I remember adding, "It is big." That was all I could seem to say,...."It is big."

The name "SunSpirit" came to me about a year earlier, and I embraced it. It seemed like a "union" of sorts which served as some sort of connection to my past,... like that of a bridge, although I had no conscious recollection why at the time. I began to apply the principles of synchronicity and intuition in which I was also becoming aware of at the time. I also began to work with a computer to apply the concept of expressing these 'essences' that I was now experiencing more frequently. A little while later, I experienced an empowering vision. It contained the following message. "Through a world wide communication system, the impressions of the ancient mysteries and the angelic messages of love and light will spread from one hand, one mind, one heart, another. These gifts would contain activations of sound, color, light and form that make up art, creativity and expression." At the time, I still did not realize that the essence of this message contained a 'title' of sorts, but I was to learn about that interactive relationship that a person has with a certain image or concept that leaves an " energetic imprint", a signature of sorts, that is attuned to the 'divine consciousness". It is these activations that act as "triggers" in awakenings. Attunements to an "At-One-Ment" . I was later to become aware of this as the 'Universal Language of Light'. Then there was the internet and the possibility of reaching millions of people world wide. It is this 'relationship", this "spirituality" that most intrigued me, especially having had this particular vision.

Like a pandoras box, once activated, there was no going back. The impulses became frequent, intense, and more defined. By the time the winter of 96' came I was spending days at a run with little sleep driven by these 'visions" of angels and unveiling legends of "ancient teachings." A family illness struck and my relationship fizzled while my own apartment went unlived in for the better part of a year. I returned to my family to help in their care while I continued to work at home. It was a source of inspiration and healing that helped me to deal with what was happening all arond me in ways that was difficult for anyone to understand, including myself. It was here that the angels began to work with me regarding 'intent to heal' in very intense ways.

During those long winter days and nites of late 95' and early 96', I began to develope the first designs, getting to know the digital applications and reading all that I could. Many hours and weeks were spent just on "feeling" my way through sketches and experimentation. I could not afford any formal training and just took it upon myself to learn everything I possibly could at home. This went on for months and then in the spring of 96' I designed my first web site. The line of art that I was producing fit perfectly for the medium. I found that for the first time an artist could produce themselves creatively and most importantly, do it independantly and relatively cheap compared to conventional methods. Not only this, but to incorporate all the mediums that I had touched upon throughout my career as an artist-painting, writing, music- all of it, could now be incorporated into one singular media. Something I was never able to do before. This was a whole new world in which the medium itself became as unlimited as imagination.

I joined with Janine, a.k.a. "MoonEssence," also known as the gallery's "Goddess of Poem" in 1996 to put together a line of poetry to accompany the artwork. It was here that I was guided to incorporate the energetic imprints of 'the word'. MoonEssense was to become the vehicle for this. There was something of greater importance about this "creative/business adventure" that I was soon to discover in time. It was this joining of spirits between the "SunSpirit and Moonessence". An "invocation" of sorts, although not yet fully aware of it's implications. It is this concept of joining the Father Spirit/Mother Goddess, represented by the 'Sun and Moon', to create in the 'unifying spirit of oneness', that I was to spend the next four years re-discovering and expressing. I went on spending many months being inspired and guided by these 'angelic esssences', at times their energies became overwhelming, driving me into periods of extreme isolation. I found it very difficult to explain to anyone what was happening to me out of fear of misunderstanding. In the winter of 97' the angelic visions culminated in the Gallery's "Angel Realms" collection. Then in July, the mythology renditions came through in full force resulting in the "Cosmic Mythology' series. It wasn't so much the images themselves, but what I was sensing and being guided to experience, share, and express 'through them". I was then told to leave my home behind and travel to California. At one point finding myself alongside a ridge in the California Sierra Mountains with no money, food, nor 'apprarent reason' for being there. Seven trips cross country and a three year, forty thousand mile "pilgramage" ensued. Awakenings upon awakenings. Pandoras box had been opened, and there was no closing it,... no going back. In time, the reasons became very clear. Needless to say, my life, nor the way I perceive life, has never been, nor will ever be the same again.

The following is a prelude to my documented journals that began in June,1997.Preface to "Atlantis Rising", of which there are many chapters. Some of which will be re-posted on this web site soon. In addition I have included an introduction to Part Two:"Return of the White Dove". Please stay tuned for further postings within this page, or as notified in the "Gallery Update" page.

Preface: "Atlantis Rising"

Part I - "The Invocation"
Chapter 1

Introduction to Part Two;
"Return of the White Dove"