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Gallery Updates - January, 1998

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Welcome to a SunSpirit 'Gallery Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to 1998 are located within the Gallery Archives. Please feel free to write the artist with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook above - Happy wanderings!:

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January 18,1998

I kind of feel that we are pioneers in a new age of art, but at the same time,.we are the micheangelo's,..picasso's, the van goghs, the dali's,..of yesterday. I posted a statement at my web site last week in my showroom gallery. It was in reference to the book i started reading "Solarian Legacy". Actually,..i quoted the introduction. It said " Humanity needs a new "humans in the cosmos myth",..a new description of our Solarian legacy, one that is powerful enough to encompass believable explanations of our stellar past, includes theories to things unseen, and leads to significant behavioral choices", goes on later to say....."Even with numerous constructive cultural and historical insights published by independant writers, some of whom are highlighted in this book, there is NO new "humans in the cosmos myth" emerging that can draw all societies together.Metascience, incorporating the best available knowledge from frontier science and traditional wisdom, can form the basis for such a concensus, creating a new cosmic myth that resonates with the inner experience of most and becomes a powerful guide for the behavior of all. As parts of this composite vision rings true, people will be more inspired to test the rest of it.
Although the definitive material or intellectual consensus on which to build such a new cosmic myth is not yet available, abundant evidence from new and ancient sources does exist to expand our frame of awareness and help us see more clearly our part in the stellar or galactic story. This book presents solid research underpinnings for a provisional new story and offers the rudiments of the myth that can accelerate the advent of the New Renaissance."

Coming from the "scientist" point of view,.i can understand exactly what he means by this,....I have always believed that it is science that will show the masses what can't "be seen", Solara refers to in her commercial domain name at her web site as the,."Nvisible",..(
, but...what is really important here is when he says... "As parts of this composite vision rings true, people will be more inspired to test the rest of it."..I believe it is Art, is art that inspires.

In Jonathan Bowsers overview in "Myth and Naturalism"..he writes; "A myth is any enduring story that engages the mystery of existence, and thereby seeks to relate the human experience to the divine. It is the expression of the irresistable human need to touch and comprehend in this touching-some of the sacredness that we feel around us. In our modern technological world, however, myth has become a perjorative term; when we say something is mythical, we mean that it is fictious-not real. This is a tragic corruption of it's original meaning. A myth is not something that is out there in the world that is waiting to be revealed through archeological revelation. It is not any kind of phenomenal truth that can be apprehended by the senses. A myth lives in the shadow world of the unconscious; it is a Noumenal Truth: Like Love, it is a real -world, real-Truth, that can never be proven to exist; it can only be apprehended by the mind. the enlightenment of wisdom and awareness are hidden, waiting to be retrieved from the forbidding labyrinth of the universal dreamscape- the mind itself."

He goes on to state the purposes of his work and paintings and how he strives to make the connections of such things... here lies the inspiration,..the beginnings of the New Renaissance. What he claims and writes about here is true,..but at the same time,....even through his science and mythological approach, he's approaching it through a very three demensional perspective....where the "invisible" can only be proven or inspired by the "senses", we only know them to we percieve with only the five senses we are aware of!

In Jon Von Wards book, the Solarian Legacy, he goes about laying the foundations through the term and ways of 'metascience",..the existence of senses and the detection of those things ... "invisible"...thus achoring the contemporary 'cosmic myth' that will transform our society. Everytime this happens it still blows me i stumble across certain things as if i'm meant to find them at a certain time and then connect them all together,..(revealing and unfolding..).thus paving a whole new road,.or shall i say,..a new path to follow... I've been reading this book that i have mentioned to you,.then i stumble across this other artist work, connect the dots back to my work,.......finding it all interelated....not to mention mind-blowing.

and every time i sit here and think back to june 23rd of last year,.when i "consciuosly" decided to do a highly charged introspective through meditation that i entitled "Portraits in Meditations" (meditations meaning a highly intense "focus") ....that first book i write about on the first page,..from that first quote I read that sent an electrical charge up my arm and throughout my body,..

"I say to you: One must have chaos in oneself in order to give birth to a dancing star."

I have written on things that have happened since in my life that I am still trying to put in perspective. In hindsight, I see the process of invocation being evoked.

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