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Gallery Updates - January, 2001

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Welcome to a SunSpirit 'Gallery Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to 1998 are located within the Gallery Archives. Please feel free to write the artist with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook above - Happy wanderings!:

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January 13, 2001: Humanity's Ascension Opportunity

Many great prophets and writers have brought us moments in the last two decades which have greatly advanced the light quotient of our human mass consciousness and the planet herself.

Beginning with the Harmonic Convergence and then the 11:11, then the 12:12, we have collectively shifted upward, dramatically. Now comes a moment of great importance. Since 1992 we (humanity, the awakened ones) have been eligible and the groundwork has been laid for a mass ascension.

What this means to us collectively and individually is explained in more detail below, along with some brief 'how-to' instructions. To accomplish the mass ascension, a minimum of 144,000 must be vibrating at a frequency of fourth-dimensional reality, simultaneously. According to Ascended Master Dwaj Kuhl, there are frequently days when there are up to 138,000 of us reaching these frequencies simultaneously. That is, we are lacking only 6000!

To push us over the top only a little more coordination and effort are required. If we miss the target this time, other opportunities will arise, but the longer we postpone, the more difficulties we will bring upon ourselves in later years.

There is a golden doorway for this ascension, this Sunday, January 13, 2001. It can be seen as the 13:13. It is the 13th day of the 13th month of the millennium. It is also the date of the new moon. The chosen time is 1:13, or 13:13 Greenwich Mean Time.

If 144,000 of us can reach 4th dimensional frequency simultaneously, the mass ascension will occur. Let me tell you what I understand this to mean for all of us.

First, those ascending will be granted great dispensations and advanced training, in appreciation for their dedication and taking this step. Once they have ascended, they will be able to move between the dimensional worlds and will be able to bi-locate, dematerialize, materialize, and adjust their vibration at will. If their third-dimensional obligations are a concern, they will be able to return to this dimension and fulfill any obligations seen as necessary. They will be able to look out for loved ones, perhaps even more skillfully than they can now. It will be a mission of pure joy.

For those who do not go with this first wave, their success is vital to those who remain here as well. The ones who have ascended will have the ability to come back and teach others how to move inter-dimensionally. They may also take as many as 100,000 people with each one of them. In the second and third waves, and so on, it will not be necessary to move simultaneously, so it will be much easier to plan and accomplish. [If an old friend suddenly materializes in your room in front of your eyes, you may be easily convinced to try his suggestions!]

All of those destined to ascend into the fourth and fifth dimensions are advised to leave the third dimension prior to 2012, as the weather and other conditions will make human survival very difficult.

The earlier we can lift the first wave, the more work can be accomplished to propel the rest of us forward at the appropriate times. We have already let 10 years pass since this tool was first available for mankind's use!

If you would like to participate, chances are you already know what to do. For confirmation, use a MerKaBa or Violet Flame type of meditation, communicate with your higher self or your guidance, and raise your frequency as high as you can. Try to stay in the meditation from about 1:00 to 1:30, (GMT - adjust the time for your time zone) if you can.

Focus on the joyful reality of ascension. Intend this. At this particular time other foci, such as world peace, etc. would be a distraction to the intent of the critical mass. Ask your higher self to guide you into the new vibrations.

If you find that you do not ascend, do not despair. Every one of us who raises his or her own vibration helps to raise the collective vibration of the planet, and facilitates the occurrence of the ascension for the others. If no one goes, we will still have accomplished a great vibrational acceleration.

If you find yourself in a new, clean, harmonious environment, there are no words of gratitude that we could express to adequately thank you for courageously taking this huge step for the benefit of mankind.

This is a great golden doorway. Please join with your sisters and brothers by meditating during these golden moments.

Ę January 21, 2001

The gallery has begun implementing a "site ring" that deals with connecting web sites involved in creating the "new energy" electromagnetic light grid systems throughout this planet. More specifics will be posted as site ring becomes more developed.

WWW of Light SiteRing The World Wide Web of Light SiteRing

This site owned by
Jon-William Brown
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January 18th, 2001


SunSpirit Gallery is now seeking assistance in the form of administration personel. Although this announcement was first posted in June,.it had to be retracted due to a relocation move. This is the first of more postings to come concerning a "business venture" with the gallery. In brief, this web site is now ready to expand it's business aspect and obtain a whole new level in marketing, correspondence, advertising, sales and creativity.

I am now seeking one person to establish a home based business with me and act as a marketing agent to oversee the developement of this web site and all it's operations, including order processing, web site developement, retail/wholesale sales, sponsorship advertising, affiliate programs and many other operations. There would be many avenues and opportunities available to anyone that would seriously be open to such an endeavor in the fine art and graphics field. Experience in art prefered, but would consider right person with a business background.

Over the years, the gallery has spent much time developing a line of products as well as many leads to online, offline, wholesale/retail outlets...some that have been pending for quite some time now. The web site itself has reached a whole new level of correspondence and traffic that has never been reached before, opening many doors of possibilities in generating revenue through sales of it's own products as well as other related products such as books, music and new age items. The web site itself is open to all avenues of advertising and retail sales through mail order.

The goal of establishing art and print exhibiting tours and shows this spring/summer depends largely upon establishing an administrative foundation for this web site. Even though much of this work could be done via the internet and computers,..I would prefer to work closely with someone within the general vacinity of New England. I would also consider serious ventures concerning relocation in regards to either party.

Much more information will be posted within this update and the 'help wanted" link on the main page soon. In the meantime, if there is anyone that would like to receive a more detailed account about this venture, please feel free to contact the gallery through it's e-mail.

Thank you, and will look forward to hearing from you.

SunSpirit Gallery

Next Update;
January 17, 2001

I have used this web page to post current information about the gallery's web site, my thoughts and events concerning both this web site and my life, for quite some time now. In the past, these updates have been brought through in different forms such as it's art, it's writings, newsletters, editorials, "update galleries", and in many other ways. Due to the ever developing nature of this web site, the current avenue calls for yet another change. This page will now be split into two separate links concerning the current nature of both the gallery,..and the artist.

The current titled link "Update Gallery" will remain in tact and will be used for posting information only on the current status of SunSpirit Gallery and it's graphics. This will include all the latest designs and updates, the sale of the art, it's exhibitions, locations, scheduling dates, administration and order processing, as well as it's developing retail and wholesale information.

The second part of the current "updates" will be in regards to my personal thoughts, journals, writings, and reflections on past and current experiences. As of today, this link will be entitled, "Artist's Journal" , and will be located just under the "Update Gallery" to the left.

. It has been a couple weeks since I have posted an update. It wasn't suppose to be this long. I had all intentions on posting some current exhibiting and update information that I had planned on following along quite closely. Unfortunately, the current situation has forced an "impasse" in which the means, nor the time necessary to do this is not available at the moment. Although I do believe however that the work will continue currently in some form,...just not at the level in which I had previously planned for the time being. I also believe that this will be quite temporary and may be back at full intent within a couple weeks.

I will be making more specific posts shortly in regards to both the status, plans and avenues of this web site and myself. But for the time being, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have had me in their thoughts, prayers,....and their grace, as of late..I want you to know that I appreciate all that you do,... all your messages and all your calls. Even though I have been mostly silent and have not been able to answer you...,.please know that you have my gratitude and my thoughts and prayers are with you also. I will do my best to contact each and everyone of you as soon as possible.

In love, light, and service,

Next Update: January 3, 2001

The Gallery would like to extend it's best wishes for a very happy, joyous and prosperous new year to all.

Due to recent developements, it seems that I may be writing this update during the most "auspicious" of times. I take the leisure to borrow the term "auspicious" from a recent letter received through a contact source that has been used by the gallery for guidance in many of it's endeavors over the past year. There is much that needs to be disclosed and posted within this update, including the before mentioned letter as well. But before I begin to attempt this,.I would again like to stress the importance of the information contained within the December update. I realize that this information is lengthy and saturated with intensity. On top of this, posted at a time in which "available time" itself has been limited for many due to the holidays. But due to the extraordinary events at hand, the gallery is now motivated to continue to process it's information, through both personal and "contact network sources" concerning the spiritual progression of this planet, at a rate in which now demands focus and individual personal responsibility for undertaking the "process" unlike ever before. The information will be more intense then ever. It will be left up to you, the individual, to stay current and updated in order to fully process, absorb, and comprehend what is now happening and about to happen. In 1998,.the declarations were of "are you ready"? During most of 1999, these declarations turned to, "ready or not"...At the turn of the century and now on into 2001, the declarations have become.... Now!!,.the time has come.......The time is NOW!.

For the past few years I have done my best to relay information regarding this spiritual process through my own experiences based on "intent" and "initiation". I have purposely left a series of 'startrails" within this web site in order for one to follow within their own free choice and leisure. Some of you have immersed yourself within these cosmic-conscious trails and like myself, have shared in the experience phase of both a personal and planetary spiritual transformation. Now, a quantum leap of understanding has been taken and the time has come to go beyond the startrails, and arrive at the core of their essences. What will eventually be disclosed is already known to all of us. It is nothing new. It is ancient as the stars themselves. The intent is to awaken to what we already know to be true within ourselves. It is time to remember who we are,..what we are, where we came from,..and where we are going. I will continue to lead and guide to the most pertinent of information already posted within this web site by using the archived links as well as adding the most updated sources available to the best of my ability, including my own personal insights received. I turn to any and all associates and ask for any input that would contribute in helping to clarify any of the following.

The following update will be broken down into four main categories. The first dealing with the most current events regarding the "gathering" including the most recent information as well as my own personal receivals regarding such.. Secondly, i will gather information already posted within this web site to give a clearer and more comprehensible understanding of the activations of the grid, including it's history, current, and future purpose. Thirdly, I will be offering a personal insight and receival on the "Temple Mount" in Jerusalem, Isreal, .......the most sacred of sacred sites on this planet that so happens to be at the core of the Mid-East peace process. Lastly, I will be offering a complied review of this update as well as Decembers, including the latest on the gallery's "Cosmic Mythology" collection.

The Gathering

On the eve of December 28th, I awoke to another round with a bout to an ongoing illness. The following morning I developed a very high temperature as I lay in bed on the brink of convulsions and delerium. After a phone call, a friend soon arrived who is a registered nurse and within a few hours I managed to break the fever. Since this has been a re-occuring illness for some time now, i will be undergoing test soon, but hopefully all will turn out fine. For the better part of a week now, I have slowly been trying to nurse myself back to a more normal and healthy state of being. On new years eve I took part in the global meditation concerning "Lightshift 2000". For some time prior to this, but more intensely since the first of the year..I have been recieving very important and pertinet messages. Some externallly through the internet in the form of very timely mail correspondences,...and some internally through the 'innernet" in the form of visions, contacts, channelings and messages. I cannot go into the specifics of these messages or happenings at this present time...but will say that they have to do with "imminent transport" through established "power vortex's" or portals. Just hours after my first contact with sources in California two nites ago seeking validation and feedback regarding the current receivals,..the following message was sent via one of my "contact source mailing lists". More will be posted soon.

Dearest Seekers of the Sacred,

A very auspicious time will soon be upon us, as a magnificent and powerful star alignment moves into position and unleashes its impact upon spiritual potential. This letter is written that as many souls as possible might benefit from this celestial event. It is for this reason that I also ask that you make every effort to spread the word.

I have just returned home to the US from a 7-week journey, most of which was spent in the monasteries, temples, and ashrams of India and Nepal. This trip was extraordinary, and represented a major transit in my own progression of awakening. Feeling reborn into a new state of being, I am eager to immediately pass everything on to each of you through the transmission of light and love that the Teachings of Wisdom offer us. One of the significant revelations that I received is the occurrence of the upcoming star alignments that will herald a major gateway of spiritual progression for initiates and seekers worldwide.

This gateway will take place for one week from January 14th through January 21st. For tens of thousands of years, this gateway has been awaited and prophesied by the Vedic sages. It is an opening that will make manifest the turning of the Great Wheels of Time, as we move beyond the dark influences of the Kali Yuga and emerge from the grasp of past solar karma.

As the sincere seeker offers up the open book of the human heart for healing and ascension into the higher realms of being, divine response will be accorded exponentially.

This spiritual gathering of all gatherings, the Maha-gathering of our time... will soon commence. A great congregation of our planet's true illuminaries will occur as the sages, masters, yogis, pundits, and nirmankayas come down from their sacred abodes throughout the Himalayas. Some will come by foot, traversing the high passes of the Himalayan range, descending from the most remote regions of India, Tibet, Nepal, Burma, Bhutan, and Sikkim. Some will teleport and simply appear out of the ethers, seemingly emerging from thin air into the crowds that will be gathered. Entire groups of nirmankayas will suddenly appear, manifesting through their lightbodies. Together this mighty and majestic conclave will move into the rhythm of the Vedic chants and ceremonies of the ‰*oancient of days‰* on the banks of the revered Ganges, at the convergence of three sacred rivers, in the holy city of Varanasi, India. The three sacred rivers represent the causal spiritual streams of Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma, the three aspects of God Consciousness through which enlightenment and co-creatorship is achieved.

Untold numbers of holy men and women are expected to gather, perhaps more than half a million. The Himalayas are now literally buzzing in anticipation as representatives from all the mystic traditions in the East, prepare to join together in a massive invocation for enlightenment and liberation.

The Ascended Masters of the Brotherhood of Light will be represented in full force, as the Divine Corridor is ignited at levels of manifestation never before attained. This gathering of illumined saints and sages in Varanasi happens every twelve years on a smaller scale, however this year represents a specific and extraordinary star alignment that occurs only once each 144 years. The sequence of 144 years is occultly significant in and of itself. This most powerful high holy week is called Maha Siharshrum Kumba Shalela.

To be gathering at this specific time, in spiritual invocation and unification, with our planets Masters and Illuminaries will be nothing less than phenomenal. If ever there was a fertile moment in history to gather together in group formation this is it! Astrologically, the sun will be making a transit from the south node to the north node, which energizes the progression from the past to the future at solar levels of karma. This is big, much grander in the cosmic scheme of things than we can really understand. It has to do with everything that humanity is or ever will be. The south node represents where we have come from and what we have learned from that journey. The north node represents what we aspire to and where we seek to be. Many sages of the eastern traditions resolutely believe that gathering in conclave during this star alignment assures enlightenment in this lifetime. The fact that it is seven days in length is occultly significant as well, regarding the attainment of all seven dimensions of human divine development. During this most auspicious gateway, the mantle of planetary guardianship will be passed from the East to the West for externalized manifestation. The Oath of the Nirmankaya will be taken by many, many souls as an undeniable fact of planetary progression.

The initiates of the West will now be made ready to fulfill their destiny. The time is now! This celestial gateway will provide the impact of cosmic impulse at a level of power and light that can truly penetrate the density that has hampered the progression of the human spirit. A full eclipse in the sign of Capricorn will also take place which will offer a primal surge of influences that bring thought, aspiration, and all manner of spiritual longing into manifestation. There will be no better time in this century to move forward on the path and to put into vitalized motion your souls higher purpose. This will be a potently auspicious time to seed and sanctify new creations, projects, and endeavors of both personal and collective intention. I cannot find words to truly emphasize the spiritual opportunity that the Maha Siharshrum offers us. Initiatory ascent in the revelation of the higher thresholds of consciousness will be at an optimum.

I am at this moment continuing to gather information for this current update, but wanted to post what is here now...please stay tuned

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