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Gallery Updates - January, 2002

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Welcome to a SunSpirit 'Gallery Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to 1998 are located within the Gallery Archives. Please feel free to write the artist with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook above - Happy wanderings!:

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January 22, 2002

Continuation of definitions regarding Lightwork:

What is Light?
Light is the emanations from the Divine Father Creator of All. Light is the tool, essence, and manifestation of the Creators essence manifesting in many realms. Light carries information. Light is Life. It is the emanation of the Creator's soul. Light carries with it all properties and aspects of cleansing, healing, annointing. For it is Light that you use in your life to cleanse, heal and annoint yourself and others. Light meaning: tools of perspectives for yourself - information / guidance. Light manifests in many realms, in many planes, in many realities. Light is the highest source essence of our Creator and Father. For, Light is the very essence of God. Just as your blood runs through your veins, the Fathers light shines and emanates everywhere. Light is consciousness, Light is pure, Light is the evidence of God's Love.

Introduction to Light Language;
This Language is both universal and eternal. Light Language is sequences of colored geometries that represents the way energy moves into form. Energetic symbols, images, and words used to communicate the energy of God Consciousness in everyday terms. They can be arranged╩to communicate love, truth and world peace, or soothe a headache, balance the chakras and manifest your highest potential. Balance your chakras daily with color and form to raise the consciousness of the planet. At the deepest level Light Language resonates with subatomic space - the domain of quarks and omegons. On the macro, Light Language is like a geometric gearbox orchestrating the grids that contain stars, galaxies, universes and life itself.╩ Such is the power, resonance and authenticity of Light Language to harmonize the Divine within and around everyone of us.

Recommended viewing:
Recommended reading: 'Light Language terms' published by the '' web site. This glossary is both extensive and consciousness altering when read.

January 21, 2002

"I have a Dream" - Matin Luther King Jr.

Dear Gallery Visitor's,

More people have been writing of late in regards to not only the current world situation, but also in asking what it is that they can 'do' as individuals, for themselves, in order to 'tap into' the 'Greater Reality' that is clearly beginning to rise above all the current chaos. The answers are not always easy ones. One response to such questions that I read, or am told many times, is that there is nothing 'to do', but only to 'become' the essence of our true 'beingness'. Well, this is all good and well for those that may have an inkling on how to 'do' just this. But I realize that there are many out there that have yet to grasp this concept.

Normally I would set up links containing the following information for one to follow. But the timing is much too critical for that. I feel it is important that such information is now placed with the least amount of obstacles before it in order to bring it out in the open as much as possible. It also explains why many of us are now embracing what we know to be true of ourselves, and stepping out from the shadows, or 'virtual worlds', in order to come forth in public forums. It is a time to stop questioning oneself, judging oneself, or coming from a place of fear of what someone else may think of us. The days of worrying whether or not one would be considered an 'oddball' for talking or sharing such information are over. I, for one, am sick and tired of it. The realms in which we speak of are real, and the sooner one embraces it, the better off he or she will be able to deal with what is ahead, and now clearly understood to be inevitable. Many words of warning and wisdom have already been said or written. Personally, I feel the biggest choice that remains for one to make now is very simple. We all must ask ourselves this one question...Do I choose to live within the realms of Heaven on Earth now?,...or be removed from this planet for a very long, long time to come.

Perhaps the key to answering this question, is in realizing it's relevance.

Now that the first wave of shock and 'mindless patriotism' begins to wane in light of greater truths that are beginning to emerge out of current events, many are beginning to see beyond the facade, .......that there is a lot more behind the 'wake up' call of September 11th, then were first realized. To sit here and say, "Wake up now, or else" does not sit well with me. It's not been my style.

But,... I have also come to understand, along with many others, that we are fast approaching a time in which the events that are about to take place on this planet will pale in comparison to what the world witnessed on that fateful day. To be quite frank, I do not believe it takes a "visionary" to figure it out. But I also understand the 'powers that be' behind mind and psychotronic manipulation and control, yet, I do not know of a magic wand and an 'ala cadabra kazam" formula to snap one out of it. I wish I did, for it is frustrating as hell to watch those you love continue to bang their heads against a wall and be led blindly down a road of total self-destruction. Yet, there are ways to break the 'spells'. The best one can do now, is take responsibility and walk the talk the best one can no matter what anyone thinks, in order to 'become' the example. For it will only become more apparant why in each day that passes.

For many that have been working diligently alongside 'Source' towards this time of major global transformation in anchoring Heaven on Earth, it is a time that can not come fast enough, for we know all to well what stands on the 'other side' of the ever-thinning veil of illusion that has been cast over this planet. All things happen within it's own time, yet I long to come home.

But nonetheless, well,..let's just say it is not going to be pretty to watch for anyone, regardless. Unfortunately, due to utter ignorance of those that have just not listened to what many throughout the world have been saying for decades, indeed lifetimes for that matter...there is no other way around it.

So it is I am guided here today, just for the record, to say something, anything, that may offer any solice to anyone that may be wondering what to 'do' now in light of the current situation that we all are faced with. I will be the last one to tell you that I have all the answers, and I am not here to 'save' anyone. This is not my intent, nor the intent of others that have some inkling as to what we are now confronted with. So take what it is that many are trying to tell you now, keep what makes sense to you, and throw the rest of it out. Wait, I take that back...don't throw it out...just, gently place it aside...for now. You never know,........ you may need it later ; )

Among some of the letters I have received lately, I would like to post one in particular, I have my reasons for this. To me, it is simple, short, and direct. I am posting it as is, so please bear in mind that I believe it is from someone in which English is not their initial language. I, for one, admire and respect those that reach out in a world that is dominated by what, for many, is a foreign language. I doubt that I would fair half as well if it were me.

> hi my name is 'beatriz' *****, and all this days i dont know ive been getting really close to angels and what the tru meaning of heaven and earth truly is i would like to get more deeply into this subject so if u could please send some informtion on how could get closer to this.
> sincerely betty.

Hello Betty,

Thank you for writing. Heres my suggestion for you. I have come to understand how all answers to any question lie within ourselves. All the questions and all the answers of all the 'how too's' exist within us, within the connection to our 'higher selves", which are connected to 'all that is', or what is also commonly known as the 'God force".

My suggestion would be to find a quiet place during a quiet time. Sit down and close your eyes and try to connect to this higher power within yourself. Then ask the question you just wrote to me. The answer will come to you. Trust this. Then follow it, whatever it is that first comes to you. If you feel it is not the answer you seek, follow it anyway. Through the 'synchronicity' of the events that will follow, eventually, will receive your answer.

Of course, most of us have a lot of crud that blocks the 'airwaves' so to speak, between what we can hear from our 'higher selves" and what "Source' is trying to tell us. There are all sorts of ways to 'unclear' the avenues in which our higher selves speak to us. Personally, I feel the answer lies in clearing our 'chakras', or 'energy centers' within our bodies. By clearing our chakras, this begins to align them, thus, attuning the energy centers and allows this communications channel to become clearer. An analogy may be likened to tuning into a radio station that has a lot of static. The more you 'tune into' the correct "frequencies' of the signal in which you seek, the clearer the channel, or message, becomes.

I would also highly recommend reading all the information you can. You can begin by reading through my web site and following the links at hand. I will also be offering a "Gallery Membership" very soon which will include much information on this subject. Sign my mailing list within my web site if you would like to "stay tuned" ; )

Here is a recommeneded excercise for chakra clearing by Ayal Hurst of This information is also being offer in correlation to the "Language of Light" seminars which I will be conducting over the next few weeks and months to come, on how working with color, words, form and sound have a direct effect on healing and consciousness. Please see current schedule on Home Page

Good luck and pleasant journeys.
Artist-SunSpirit Gallery

Energy Work Techniques

Clearing the chakras is a very important way to stay healthy and in balance. Here's how to clear your chakras, through color healing. You sit down each day for perhaps 15 minutes, in a quiet space, with eyes closed, sit quietly in prayer or meditation, breathing slowly and deeply until you are very calm and relaxed. ╩When you are relaxed, beginning at the base of your spine, at the tailbone, you visualize a beautiful, glowing, fire-engine red light filling up that area. ╩You ask with each chakra that it be restored 100% to perfect health, form, and functioning - that whatever needs to be restored, be restored, and whatever needs to be corrected, be corrected.

Then you move up the body and visualize a beautiful orange light at your reproductive area. ╩Then, moving up the body, see a bright yellow light at the navel area. Remember, as you do this, you also ask silently that each area you are visualizing be cleared and brought back to perfect health and functioning. Then you move up to the heart and visualize a glowing green light there - emerald green. Then on up to the throat, where you clear that area by seeing a beautiful sky blue light. Then up to the brow, where you see a glowing indigo light. Then to the crown of the head, where you see a beautiful violet light. Even if you are not adept at being visual or seeing these colors, just by saying to yourself that that color is there, it will begin to work for you.

To finish, surround yourself with a beautiful, glowing white light, and see it totally filling you up from head to toe as well. ╩There are actually minor chakras (light intersection points or energy vortexes) in the body as well, besides the above-mentioned main ones - ╩144 to be exact - and what I do with them is simply ask that they all be lit up with white light, sort of imagining myself like a bright starry sky or a lit up Christmas tree.

This will help immensely to get you back in balance. For your rational mind, here is the analogy: we are made of light, we are electrical frequencies, as physics will tell us, and just as the light spectrum has different frequencies which create different colors, depending on the speed of their vibration, red being the slowest and violet the fastest vibrational frequency, we too have different wavelengths in our bodies that vibrate at varying frequencies and correlate to the light spectrum. Caroline Myss, one of the great clairvoyant, intuitive healers of our time has a wonderful, inspiring and fascinating book out called 'Anatomy of the Spirit' , that goes into a profound explanation of the chakras and what we are dealing with in each one.

Ever wonder why people are so enthralled with, mesmerized by, and love rainbows? It is because we are, ourselves, in effect, a rainbow. We somehow know that, and seeing one resonates deep within us with awe and joy, and reminds us of our Divine nature. We are a spectrum of light with different frequencies vibrating within us. Each frequency corresponds to a different level of conscious development, beginning with red, our roots, our family, our tribe of origin, up to violet and white light, which is higher spiritual thought, awareness, and communion with the Divine. By keeping your chakras clear, you will become a more harmonious person, and you will be much clearer, more able to incorporate and generate the higher awareness of peace, love, and joy from within you.

Sometimes the traumas of life cause a hole in your aura, the energy field around your body, that needs to be repaired. Here's how you do that: Stand with your arms upraised at a 60 degree angle each from the body, with fingers closed, thumbs out. Hold for one minute. You can also accompany this with what is called the Breath of Fire. This is a very fast, non-stopping breath, through the nose, in and out as fast as you can. It's important not to do this breath too long to start with, as it is very powerful and you can get very woozy or pass out if you do it too much. So, start with it a bit at a time as you do this exercise until you can do it for a full minute. It is a deeply purifying breath and creates a fiery energy in the body. Make sure you drink a lot of water afterwards all day. I would suggest that you do this twice a day for 6 days.

Ayal has given an incredible wealth of advice to many people through her web site - 'Clearing the Way'

January 19, 2002

Rarely do I have a chance to get back and check on what many do with the images from the Gallery. Glad someone pointed me back to the Forest this evening. It's been awhile. Love what Nadeen has done with 'Shekinah'. Thank you for giving her a 'voice' through Micheal, and an opportunity for many to hear it.

Please visit The Crystaline Forest and - "An Angel Has Spoken"

January 16, 2002:

* The final (for now) re-written versions of the first four sections of the journaled manuscript "Atlantis Rising' has now been reposted with new writings and updates contained within all parts. These writings are highly recommended in preparation for anyone that plans to attend one of the upcoming seminars. Please see current schedule on Home Page.

* Additional Language of Light information has been posted regarding the 'New Earth' image also on my Home Page. There will be more regarding special offers of this image shortly.

January 13, 2002:

As always, please use your own discernment in regards to the following information:

*Humanity's Ascension Opportunity: 1313 World Meditation
Use the following link to convert your time zone to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

* Click here for your personal profile based on:
::: The Amazing World of Colorgenics :::

*For further clarification on some of the terms (see also; glossary ) and subjects used within this web site as well as the most recent updates in regards to the upcoming seminar and workshops being presented in February and March:
Geomancy: Harmonizing Yin and Yang
By Serge Kahili King Ph.D.-"Earth Energies"

The oldest energy technology of all-far older than the pyramids or Egypt or the most ancient tales of flying and destruction from India and China-is also the most simplest. This technology combines a deep awareness of the energy patterns of nature with the creative imaginations of the human mind. The most familiar English term for this technology is both misleading and inadequate, but it is growing in use. Since nothing else better has turned up, I will use it-"geomancy". Unfortunately, that term implies only a passive awareness, but this technology also has an active side. We could call it "geomantic engineering," though I prefer "geomagic." However, I will stick with "geomancy" as a generic term.

The essentials of this technology are based on several important assumptions: 1) the visible, tangible world is generated by an invisible and dynamic matrix of energy; 2) this energy has two polarities which are not absolute, but which are relative and transformative and can change into each other; 3) these polarities have an influential field effect which may be harmonious or inharmonious; and 4) either mental or physical action can change the effects of the polarities or the polarities themselves.

Feng Shui

The term Feng Shui , by which Chinese geomancy is known, means "wind water." It refers not so much to the natural elements themselves as to the forces they symbolize-the two polarities of vril (chi- or "life force") which are also called yang and yin . Relatively speaking, yang expresses itself as hardness, whiteness, brightness, highness, straightness, maleness, stimulation, and activity; while yin expresses itself as softness, blackness, dimness, lowness, curviness, femaleness, sedation and receptivity. An excess of yang in the body produces tension, swelling and infection; in the emotions it produces anger, jealousy and resentment; and in the environment hyperactivity, violence and destruction. An excess of yin in the body produces flabbiness, weakness, and lethargy; in the emotions fear, anxiety and guilt; and in the environment apathy, solitude and stagnation. The purpose of Feng Shui is to establish a harmonious balance between yang and yin, either by changing attitude, location, or changing the physical environment itself. The purpose of the harmonious balance is to enhance the three most important factors that concern the ordinary Chinese (or anyone for that matter): health, wealth, and sex. Harmonious balance, however, does not mean equality. The ideal harmony is about 60% yang to 40% yin, roughly the ideal balance between positive and negative ions in the air.

January 11, 2002- Update regarding current seminar and workshop scheduling and information at the "Spirit of Sedona: Ancient Awareness Center". See Home Page

*Also, information never before released has been added to the journaled writing "Return of the White Dove" . This information will be disclosed in more detail during the upcoming seminar and workshop series in February and March. Till then, as I have written many times here, keep the following in mind. "Energy, Everything. Everything, Energy." In light of current social events, especially regarding the Enron Energy debockled bankruptcy and federal criminal investigation, as well as it's up and coming, widespread impact on events yet to come, I will be writing much more about this topic in the days ahead. Please stay tuned. In the meantime, for those of you that would like to trudge through some meanderings that I posted here last July, you may want to check out "Return of the Dove, Zero Point Energy, and the Citizens Peaceful Energy Plan/1998". Whats it all have to do with now? Always Everything....Everything, Energy... Energy is Everything... Energy...

January 5, 2002- Free Greeting Card Gift
No Purchase Necessary

*In Celebration of SunSpirit Gallery's "Enduring Spirit" Premier Exhibit Tour: 2002, you may receive a FREE "New Earth" Greeting Art Card, signed by the Artist and suitable for framing, by simply filling out Product Orderform with your name and address for shipping and enter 'free greeting gift" into message block on bottom. Then click on "send" to forward your request. That's all there is to it. Please allow up to two weeks for delivery. Promotions will be for a limited time only. Watch for other free gifts offered by SunSpirit Gallery during the "Celebration of the Enduring Spirit" Premier Exhibit Tour!

January 1, 2002

Happy New Year ; )

* A New Astrology for a New Milennia"
Mother Earth and the One Source through Karen Danrich-Mila

January 3, 2002

Introduction and review of sources in reference to;
*"Activations in the Universal Language of Light"

Over the coming weeks, this web site will be presenting an outline and review regarding "Activations of the Universal Language of Light". It is this topic that the artist of this web site began to present along with his premier art exhibit on December 12, 2001. He will be further introducing a seminar/workshop at the "Spirit of Sedona" on Febuary 8, 2002. Please see listing of 'current showings" on Home Page.

*The following material will act as a foundation of the program and will be drawn from various sources, including the artist's own experiences and input for further review in time. Due to the nature in which this material is brought forth, some sources may be incomplete or contradictory. Please use your own discernment in evaluating the following material.

*Please see glossary for clarity in terms used throughout this presentation.

Activation- energetic awakening of cellular memory of multi-dimensional consciousness that is triggered by dimensions outside of linear space and time.

Cellular Memory- knowledge of all time, place, and occurence in the universe that exist in the actual cells of all living things.

Energetic Codes- knowledge imprints from star intelligence, instinct, memory, genetics and experience that exist in crystal templates that can transmit their information if they are activated within certain time frames.

*Language of Light Glyphs- by the Spiritual School of Ascension

The Language of Light Glyphs are constructed on 144 concepts that are reflected in shape, color and tone. The tones are equivalent to the tones or vibrations of creation. Over time on Earth, the tones of creation became distorted and then destruction and separatism became prevalent on Earth. The Language of Light is the original glyphs, tones and vibrations utilized on Earth prior to the distortion.

*The Language of Light is based on unity consciousness where there are no destructive thoughtforms. As you embody all 144 glyphs of the Language of Light, you transcend all destructive patterns on all planes of reality: conscious, subconscious and unconscious.

*Click here for The Ten Octaves of Love

*Other references to the Language of Light "cyclic energies", may be found in the Preface to "Atlantis Rising" written by the artist beginning in June of 1997. Another source is posted within the December, 2000 update regarding the "Electromagnetic Grid", by Norma Malanovich.

A point for review and future discussion. According to the Spiritual School of Ascension, and contrary to the "Electromagnetic Grid Work" described by Norma Malanovich, the original glyphs (or codes) of the Language of Light experienced 'distortion" (see above) over time and decension on Earth due to a fusion of electric energy and that of pure magnetics. More evaluation of this topic will be reviewed in time. Please read introduction to "Atlantis Rising as well as the "SunSpirit Story" for more background information on "energetic signatures" and magnetic resonance. More information will be presented here shortly.

This information is currently under review and further research with intent to bring clarity and purity to the Universal Language of Light. Any contributing sources are welcomed. More will be posted shortly. Please stay tuned.

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