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Gallery Updates - January, 2005

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Welcome to a SunSpirit 'Gallery Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to 1998 are located within the Gallery Archives. Please feel free to write the artist with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook above - Happy wanderings!:

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January 3, 2005

Dear Friends of the Gallery,

Despite the recent tragedy in Asia, I hope your holiday season brought with it all you desired.

I realize that this list spans the globe and is sent out to many sources all over the world. My heartfelt condolences goes out to any and all that may have been affected by the Tsunami on Christmas and 'Boxing Day', 2004.

In a world that brings such tragedies right into our own living room, its hard to ignore such plight and human suffering. At a time when most of us are enjoying the festivities of a holiday season and are absorbed in our own little worlds of comfort and safety, we cannot turn our backs on what is happening to fellow citizens across the globe. For me at least, on more than one occasion, I have shed a tear of compassion for those that passed, suffered, and for those that are left to endure such loss.

Many have been so moved to donate whatever they can and many have been forced to ask themselves, 'what is it that I can do?'

For those that have gotten to know me through my work as a visionary over the years, you have come to realize that, as a visionary artist, such a gift of vision and insight comes with a social responsibility, at times, whether I like it or not. It has been a challenge to find that balance between art, science, spirituality and social concern.

Although a life as an artist is sometimes difficult, I have found myself blessed with many wonders of the universe. I am not an accomplished artist in such a way that allows me the opportunity to donate financially, nor the security to travel and volunteer services at times of such tragedies, although I wish I could on many occasions.

After taking some time and seriously evaluating my life, work, and direction over the past couple of months, and after the events of this past week, I am left with what I feel is the one contribution that I can best give back to the world, and that is my vision. A message of social responsibility for the future survival and security of the citizens of this planet, and the planet itself.

It is in the spirit of this intention in which I must continue to 'stay the course' and continue to forward the following information, at times with great risks of damaged reputation, angered reaction, accusations of fear mongering, or out right slanders of delusion and insanity ; )

Please keep in mind I do NOT do this to perpetuate an already saturated world level of fear that is being used to manipulate war and terror. God knows there is enough of that going on. Knowledge and information is not used to spread fear when it is the truth. It is when information is manipulated and false that it becomes dangerous and misleading. If something is fearful, it is best to confront the fear with the awareness that something can be done about it. It is here that knowledge and information serves for the highest good and best interest of all. Is what I speak and about to present to you scary? Yes, it is, better believe it. But what is even more frightening is the thought of nothing being done to stop it. Millions who endured the wrath of World War II in gas chambers are held as a testament to this fact.

I realize that my work and research has gone to places in which others don't dare to go. This does not make it misleading, nor delusional, but quite the contrary. If anything, it is empowering because it presents solutions and states very clearly that there IS something we can all do about it. This does not mean we all have to give up our sense of normalcy or change our everyday lives, or run off to join a revolution and chain ourselves to fences. My work states very clearly that all one has to do in order to empower themselves, and at the same time DISEMPOWER those that seek to control, dominate, and manipulate the human race and consciousness, is to become AWARE. Simply put,...just wake up and 'see' what is going down. This is all that needs to be done as a start. This is YOUR contribution to the collective awakening of humanity. At very least, READ and do the research for yourself instead of swallowing the hook, line, and sinker of utter ignorance being perpetrated by the worlds centralized media outlets. Their manipulated and misleading perception of the world events is a dispicable outright insult to basic intelligence. THEY ARE OWNED AND OPERATED BY THE SAME SOURCES THAT SEEK TO CONTROL AND DOMINATE THE HUMAN RACE!

The following information may be hard to digest at first. But as I have written for years and much has come to pass, this is for real, and it is happening, whether we choose to confront it or not. For those that have embraced their awakening, I wish you Godspeed. For those that remain steadfast that such controlling forces are not at work on this planet, then all I ask is that you open your minds to the possibility. Do not discard it and treat it in the stereotypical fashion as wild rantings of a crazed conspiracy 'freak'. If you open yourself to the possibility, you just may find that the information provided and that of my work may not be that far off of your conscious recollection, and just maybe, just maybe, the information provided to you may make sense and provide some answers and understanding in what seems to be a senseless, hopless and condemned world of suffering and pain.

It does not have to be this way.

January 3, 2005
Updated 1-4-05

ALERT: New World Order Takes Global Step Forward
By Jon-William Brown

On December 26/27th, 2004, The World Management Teams/New World Order and their Illuminati/Annunaki bred forces took their next major step in achieving its global agenda of world domination by intentionally creating and manipulating a natural disaster that claimed more than 150,000 lives, displaced over 5 million people, and secured a geo-political and military foothold in oil-rich southeast Asia, the next step in fulfilling it's occupational global agenda. More specifics on the possibilities of how this was accomplished is given below, and will be elaborated upon within this web site in the days to follow.

The stakes have now been raised. In the past, the attacks on NY on 9/11, 2001 and the 'war on terror' was the standard in which we determined what was deception and what was real. All has changed with the latest tragic tsunami events in Asia on Christmas/'Boxing Day',2004, for we now have a new global standard to judge our level of awakening, awareness and knowledge of the current level of manipulated deception.

With this new standard of judging our awakening, we must now take our committment to empowering ourselves to another level. We must stop 'waiting' for some 'great event' or 'power of authority' to save us. Its not going to happen. This evolutionary process is about non-intervention and learning how to take control of our own destiny. From what I can tell at this moment, although more and more are awakening every day, very few are awakened enough to see beyond the mass deception that is now occurring on this planet. Many of the so called 'awakened ones', or 'lightworkers' are still being lulled into a false sense of spiritual security, relying on some form of off world 'intervention' or rendered powerless and complacent by other passive states of 'new age' mind control.

Be aware of any sources that tend to downplay and discredit alternative viewpoints, no matter how delusional and far fetched they may seem. Do not fall for the trolls who rush to defend the most basic of questions with such utter nonsense and passification. Watch for those that cannot answer a simple direct question with a simple direct answer. We no longer can afford to close off our minds to any and all possibilities. If anything, 911 should have taught us this. I have no pleasure to state the following, but feel I must do so in order to heed a most dire warning.

We must make major advances in our consciouss awakening NOW, or we will not be counting body bags by the thousands, nor hundred thousands, but by the millions worldwide before it is all over and our safety assured in terms of evolution on this planet.

Our best chance at overcoming these forces hell bent on their last ditch effort at world domination remains within our ability to restore full consciousness within ourselves, and our ability to 'see' beyond the current deception. In doing so, we render these forces powerless. Do not buy into the reasoning that many more souls will need to be 'sacrificed' in order for evolution to take its course. This is a dangerous and irresponsible way to ignore what we need to do as individuals, as starseeds, as lightworkers and as responsible future members of a galactic society.

We must continue to work diligently at lifting the veil of deception. This is our only chance. There are many similarities to 911. We can take this unfortunate event in Asia and turn it into an opportunity to awaken. Or we can continue to be deceived and rounded up in, what is now a 'global' and not just national unity, like sheep to eventual slaughter. Unfortunately, like 911, thousands had to die in order for us to have the opportunity to do this.

Take care and pray for those in need now, but let’s not ignore what is truly going on here. Watch for the geo-political ramifications of the long term 'reconstruction' and humanitarian efforts. Watch for those ('They' that have been exposed, named and identified by numerous sources), to make more public appearances and their quests for financial aid. Watch and be aware of a continued thread of possible natural threats or cataclysmic events to follow.

Natural disaster or man made, there are no excuses why so many were left to die without proper warning. None whatsoever. It is high time we take accountability for ourselves and learn to hold our government and world agencies accountable for the safety and security of ALL world citizens, or it is time that they go. Even if this was a natural disaster, which I have no doubt it wasn't, many lives could and should have been spared. In this day and age, there is simply no excuse. With the least amount of effort and research, one can clearly see the continued pattern, as in 911, of the manipulated 'stand down' procedures set in place along the time line continumn in order to assure the magnitude of casualties, exposing the standard 'problem/reaction/solution' formula typical in so many Illuminati signatures.

How many of these events and wars are we going to allow in order to justify our assured evolution? How many times are we going to allow ourselves to be deceived by what is manipulated and conspired to be an act by 'terrorist, natural disaster, mission for freedom, democracy, liberation, re-construction, or humanitarian relief'?

We can ill afford to allow any more at all. Period.

In Service,

Centre for Research on Globalisation

Foreknowledge of A Natural Disaster:
Washington was aware that a deadly Tidal Wave was building up in the Indian Ocean

by Michel Chossudovsky

Portland Independant Media

This Happened on Their Watch - First-World Governments and the Tsunami

a GLOBAL STANDDOWN! in earthquake warning revealed: intentional deaths, for what purpose?

Ecology News:

UPDATED: "Earthquake-Tsunami Event of Christmas/Boxing Day 2004:
Frames of Alternative Analysis or Perception"

Was the Christmas/Boxing Day 2004 Earthquake-Tsunami Event Caused by Seismic (Tectonic) Warfare?

Most All Quake Govts Knew -
But Didn't Issue Warnings

By Sudhir Chadda
Special Correspondent
India Daily News

January 7, 2004

In light of the January 3 posting, SunSpirit Gallery would like to re-inforce its focus and intention on continuing to develope learning programs dedicated to the restoration and advancement of human consciousness, for it is through this that true freedom and sovereignty will eventually reign.

Due to current events, the Gallery has decided to extend the following material for a while longer before discontinuing full online access to the 'Activations of Light C.D.' and the online audio files now available. Please click on '
Special Exhibit' for this special limited time viewing.

Continuing along the lines of January 3, and 'just for the record', as ex-veteren Joe Vialls says in the following article,...

"there are many provable irregularities in the official American tsunami story that simply have to be recorded now, or forever be lost in the sands of time......."

For those that continue to need 'proof', or have the desire to educate themselves, or simply would like to have a better understanding of the facts involved in the bigger picture regarding Asias 'tsunami', thus the bigger 'overall' picture, please heed the previous and following material. Please keep in mind that when I write and post such related articles, and even though the challenge is with the American version and official statement regarding such events, my comments are directed to the New World Order and its world management teams (Elite worldwide corporate/military sponsorship), not so much the US government in particular which are mere puppets, as are most governments, in a much larger scheme. I am also in the midst of expanding my 'New World, or New World Order' seminar online introduction to include an outline on some of the basic parties involved including the Illuminati and Annunaki connection. Please stay tuned.

Did New York Orchestrate The Asian Tsunami? With Afghanistan and Iraq already lost, the Wall Street bankers were all desperately looking for other ways to control our world, when suddenly and very conveniently, the Sumatran Trench exploded. Trick or Treat?

Copyright Joe Vialls, 5 January 2005, Updated 6 January 2005

"Others are engaging even in an eco type of terrorism, whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes or volcanos remotely, through the use of electromagnetic waves." American Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, April 1997. Big surprise! Presumably Cohen already knew that a nuclear weapon generates what he refers to obliquely as "electromagnetic waves".

Full Cohen Statement

Despite a natural human tendency to be shocked into silence by the sheer number of dead and injured across Asia on 26 December 2004, and despite also being slightly fearful of losing personal credibility because of the magnitude of the apparent crime, there are many provable irregularities in the official American tsunami story that simply have to be recorded now, or forever be lost in the sands of time. It is beyond any doubt that a giant tidal wave (tsunami) smashed its way through South and South East Asia, and still had enough legs to continue all the way across the Indian Ocean to Africa, where it killed and injured a few hundred more. So the only question we must ask, is whether this tsunami was a natural or man-made catastrophe? A natural event would be horrifying enough, but if the tsunami was man-made, then we are unquestionably looking at the biggest single war crime in global history. To make any sense at all of the irregularities, we must start at the very beginning, and then follow the course of events as they unfold, especially events in the immediate vicinity of the real tsunami epicenter, because the latter is quite different from the location being remorselessly peddled by the New York Times and CNN. At midday local Australian time I faithfully recorded the magnitude and position plotted by the Jakarta Geophysical Office in Indonesia. An earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale had hit the north of the Indonesian island of Sumatra. The Jakarta Geophysical Office meticulously noted that the epicenter of the event was located 155 miles south-southwest of Aceh Province.


Era of the New World Order has begun
The Global Gulag is Upon Us

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."
David Rockefeller Baden-Baden, Germany 1991

Prison Planet is a Global Gulag

The Global Gulag is the inevitable result from the design for a world - ruled by Elites - that lust for total domination and control. Let no one be mistaken, for no one can escape. The enemy of humanity has planned long and manipulated well. Their scheme for earthly society has the individual reduced to a slave on a plantation of global proportions. Their New World Order is no longer the butt of jokes or conspiracy ridicule. It is FACT! It exists and even the sheeple are coming to the realization that they are mere captives in a sick game of a universal realm.


January 12, 2004

Illuminati and the 'New World Order'; Who and what are they?

Before clicking and reading up on the following link, there is one very important factor I would like to share with you first. Please keep this in mind when reading the following material, or any related material in the future. After years of study and research, this is the single most important lesson in all of this that I can impart. In time, and if you choose to follow this research, you will come to understand even more, why this is so.

'Intention' is at the very core of secret knowledge. Secret Knowledge is truth, and truth is truth, no matter how you slice it up. It is based in science, even though it may be a science untapped and unknown by the masses, nor embraced by the 'status quo'. Anything else is just personal perception. Secret Knowledge can be used for either benevolent or malevolent purposes. It is for BOTH of these reasons why it has been called, and kept, ..secret ; ) This means that when you learn of certain energetic symbols or rituals used by the Illuminati, do not be so quick to associate them with any particular occult group. For example, if you know nothing of the Illuminati history or how they go about using 'energy' and 'knowledge/information' you will come across certain symbols that they have used for their practices. One in particular is the Pentagram (hence, 'The Pentagon'). Do not be so quick to jump to the conclusion, that this symbol is used to serve the 'devil' or 'black magic' in particular. Secret Knowledge demontrates how this particular symbol can and has been used to serve both the light and the dark, depending on INTENTION, throughout history. You will come to understand, if not already, why this is so important when researching the following material.

Illuminati News

January 15, 2004

An excellant article...

Michael Ruppert Becomes Front Man
for Illuminati Depopulation Agenda

"Do we live in an abundant universe or a finite one? If you choose the latter, then Ruppert and the New World Order is the place for you. Sign up now for your World Citizen ID card, get your microchip implanted, and enjoy the show that the satellites will soon be beaming down into your mind. The world will be a friendlier place than this one, or so they promise!

If you believe in the former, that an abundant universe is at your disposal and that it is indeed part of who you are, then one shining truth becomes patently obvious.

There is no energy crisis.

To manifest this world, everyone must summon up all their courage and power and demand that the manipulation of information stop at once. Nothing short of complete access to all information, still held privy by governments, churches, corporations, and NGOs must be given to everyone who desires to know. This means the common people must finally receive the information that governments and the media have purposefully withheld for so long, information on which they have profited. Only then can humanity properly chart the course of its future.

If such a thing happens, Mr. Ruppert may well be partially vindicated. We indeed could be running out of oil, abiotic or not. But I dare say that it wouldn't matter anymore.

Hidden from us right now are technologies so powerful, effortless, and pollution free that the Earth could find itself hosting billions more life forms happily and easily on this planet.

Hidden from us right now are such startling truths about our history that we would rapidly redefine ourselves and the way we behave towards one other.

Hidden from us is a multiverse that is awaiting the acceptance of its invitation to explore it intimately.

Hidden from us, simply put, is the paradise of our deepest collective longings."


New World Order Watcher.Com
Exposing the global elite corruption and crimes orchestrated by globalist bankers and those they control through various means to achieve their end goal of a 80% world population reduction and the installation of a one world fascist body dictatorship run by unaccountable"private corporations".

Excellant RADIO SHOW resource dedicated to exposing the Illuminati New World Order Agenda. In the past I have urged visitors to this gallery to read,
Now I am urging you to LISTEN!!
NwoWatcher.Com 'Revolution Radio'

A posting soon will deal with 'Who are the Annunaki'?
Please stay tuned.

January 19, 2005

Ultimate Solution to the New World Order by G. Edward Griffin
« on: October 19, 2004, 09:40:21 PM »
Valuable speech by G. Edward Griffin delivered.

Although G. Edward Griffin offers valuable ideaology within this speech and format for solutions to overcoming the New World Order agenda, I have come to understand that there is yet another level of solution that needs to be incorporated within this particular format. I will touch upon this 'other level' in future postings to come soon. In the meantime, I have urged the visitors to this web site to continue to read, listen, and now I urge you all to PLEASE MAKE THE TIME TO WATCH!, then check out
Freedom Force International.

For best results, download Windows Media Player.

G Edward Griffin reveals Freedom Force Internatonal's platform for change:

The Ultimate Solution - Part 1
The Ultimate Solution - Part 2
The Ultimate Solution - Part 3

January 26, 2005

Alex Jones and A Must See Video
911- The Road to Tyranny

October 4, 2004

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Code Red Alert - Coup D'Etat in America?
By Michel Chossudovsky

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