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Gallery Archive - July, 1998

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Welcome to a SunSpirit 'Gallery Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to October of 2000 are located within the links above. Within these links you will find updates and information as far back as 1998. Please feel free to write the artist with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook-Happy wanderings!:
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The Phoenix Sun

July,1998 Edition: volume #1
Editor: Jon-William
Artist-SunSpirit Gallery
web site:

Visions and Missions Statement

This Edition:

* Letter's from James Twyman
* A NHNE special report
* World Peace day, August 22, 1998
* Washington Prayer Vigil in September
* N.E. Harvest Gathering 98'
* Spotlight on MFPE speakers in October
* Dennis Weaver/Ecolonomics/Earthships
* Ed Begley on EV's and Energy
* Meta-Science/Hermetic Principles
* New World Creations
* Solarian Legacy

Gallery Editorial

By Jon-William

Hello Again. I'm glad that another edition of the Phoenix Sun has finally been completed. I have been putting this issue together for two months now and it is packed full of information that you will not want to miss. The following link to this editions editorial is directly related to the journals and spiritual insights I have been working on over the past year that this newsletter was founded on. It is also particularly geared to "set the stage" sort of speak to future editions concerning the topics that are dealt within this editions "Science and Spirituality". This editorial document was very intense for me and still only scrapes the surface. It has been the foundation of my travels, studies and creative work for over a year now. In the following editions in the months to come, an even broader perspective will be given on the subjects presented in this outline. Soon, hopefully, some kind of totality will emerge.


SunSpirit Gallery Update

If you have been to the Home Page of SunSpirit Gallery lately, you have noticed a new design and layout in frames. This is aimed at having all the galleries more accessible. Please feel free to leave your comments in the New Gallery Guestbook.

You may have read also about my dealings with Hinda Paquette and Hinda-Jonathan Productions, a New England Based Publishing Company for local artisans. I first met Hinda at a Boston Gift Show at the Bayside Expo Center a few years ago in 1996, as I was first venturing out into producing my own digital production company. I recall sitting in the Trident coffee shop on Newbury Street when I read an add for a seminar on greeting card production being sponsored by Helen Eddy, the owner of Daystar Publishing. I remember saying to myself,...this is want I want to do. Without ever meeting her before, fate would have it so a couple of weeks prior to the seminar, Helen would come into the Photo shop I was running and became one of my clients to produce her photography. I went to her seminar and ended up being fortuante enough to share a booth with her at my first Boston Gift Show later that fall. While there I met Hinda and for a few months after we dicussed the possibility of her writing for my Goddess projects. Although that never came to be we kept in touch over the next two years. The rest is history. I went on to develope SunSpirit Graphics while she went on to develope Hinda-Jonathan Productions. A couple of months ago, Hinda called to interview me for her newspaper art column. Once again fate would have it that a few weeks later I was working with her as an Administration Assistant. We are also discussing some design contracts between SunSpirit Graphics for more angel greeting card designs, and another entitled: "The Dancer". Stay tuned and be sure to check out the artist of Hinda-Jonathan Productions.

A review on the artist, Jon-William, written by Hinda Paquette and published by the Wilimington Advertiser newspaper on June 25th, 1998.

The Gallery has added it's first secured shopping cart program for a limited display of angel art. Be sure to check it all out in the newly designed Angel Gallery .

Focused Intent and Peace

* Letter's from James Twyman
* June 23rd, 1998 In what seemed like a show of solidarity, James Tywman along with Marianne Williamson (Course in Miracles), James Redfield (Celestine Prophecy) announced a peace concert in India. Jimmy explains his own theory on a "New-Clear" reaction in a letter towards the end of the page.

James F. Twyman's website
Marianne Williamson's website
Neale Donald Walsch's website
James Redfield's website
the International Network
for Attitudinal Healing.

* July 1, 1998 James Twyman writes and reflects on his current grounding in Boston that prevents him from his mission to India.

* A Special report from New Heaven New Earth on "Emissary of Light", by David Sunfellow. NHNE is located in Sedona Arizona and claims to be the "News, inspiration, & consumer protection for spiritual seekers all over the world who are seeking to give birth to a new way of life on our planet".


Although I found this report inconclusive, it was one of the most profound and interesting articles I have read in sometime. I would highly recommend this reading. But in it's failure to address a coherent conclusion, i feel it is guilty of it's own exercise in judgement and it's original intention. I must add, seeing that I have followed the progress and activities surrounding James Twyman and the so called "Great Experiment" for some time now, I have to agree that some of the "credibility" issues NEED to be address. There is much that this report didn't even touch upon. Not so much upon Twyman, but from some of the associations of his that I too have shared concerns with. "The Great Experiment" was just that, experiment.....What I would like to see is the scientist that are involved (or were involved,..who really know's at this point) take public claim to their work in this project and continue this experiment and present it publicly. If not, then hand it over to those that will. It is my opinion that the professor's at Princeton University that were "supposedly" conducting this experiment had no idea of the public response to this event. In light of the onslaught from over-whelming publicity from all over the world, they withdrew their public support of this project from peer pressure over associations with an "Emissary of Light".

If a Scientist, or anybody for that matter, will not put his reputation on the line for something that he believes in,..then he must not fully understand what he believes ..for if he does,..he will stand tall against the critics and his colleagues,.. and rise to what they label as "too risky".......and dare to believe.

7-7-98 After writing the preceding message, I left for a few days for the july fourth celebration and a few days of R&R to New Hampshire. Upon returning, I read a statement that was posted at James Twyman's web site over the weekend in regards to the Great Experiment (which has since been deleted). In this statement Tywman relays that the news from the scientific results regarding the Great Experiment were released and were "beyond what was expected", but the scientist that were involved could not at this time devulge the results to the public. This was the extent of the explanation. Huh?

A few weeks later, Tywman regroups and the web site of Createpeace comes back online and announces his participation in the "World Peace Day" on August the 22 in New York.

Join in OnLine at 2pm EDT for a LIVE broadcast of The World Peace Prayer at

WorldPuja, a nonprofit organization specializing in using the Internet to bring people together in live, simultaneous meditation and prayer will launch its site,, joining with the World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS) to broadcast the inspiring World Peace Prayer Ceremony live from the WPPS's annual World Peace Festival in Amenia, NY on August 22, 1998. Five to ten thousand people are expected to attend the festival, where non-sectarian prayers for peace will be sent to every country of the world as each flag is raised. Tens of thousands more may tune in on-line via the web site.

"Imagine the thousands at our Peace Festival connected through the Internet to thousands more all over the world, simultaneously joining in the prayer ‘May Peace Prevail on Earth’. This could light up the world," said WPPS Managing Director Richard Matsuhashi.

Visit the Website :

Cast Your Ballot
For World Peace Through Inner Peace

On August 22, 1998, between 3:30 and 4 p.m. New York Time, you are invited to join people from around the globe and James Twyman, Doreen Virtue, and Gregg Braden, in a worldwide prayer vigil. Because the focus of this vigil is manifesting a world of peace through our own inner peace, it's important that we all cast our ballot for the world that we want to create within ourselves, and therefore to live in. As we prepare for the August 22nd prayer vigil, please visit the message boards at Under the topic, Affirmations for Peace", we invite you to cast your ballot for world peace through inner peace by putting your name and a few words, affirmations, or a prayer that expresses the world that you desire. So log on, cast your ballots, and join us in affirming and experiencing a world of peace through inner peace.

Visit the WebSites
( James F. Twyman )
( Dr. Doreen Virtue )

Get the
Directions to The World Peace Festival and print them out.
See you in New York August 22nd !
World Peace Festival
August 22, 1998

The Eighth Annual Amenia World Peace Festival will take place on the grounds of the beautiful World Peace Sanctuary located off Route 22, just south of the town of Amenia, New York. The Festival will be a happy day of multi-cultural entertainment, international food and exotic crafts, highlighted by the grand and moving World Peace Prayer Ceremony. This year, we will look toward the coming millennium with our theme, "Celebrating A Culture of Peace." 6,000-10,000 people from around the corner and around the the world attend the World Peace Festival each year, creating a true "global village" with their colorful blend of saris, kimonos and dashikis alongside American tee-shirts and jeans.

This year's Festival will be held on the majestic ceremonial field, which will become a "global village" ringed by the giant flags of all nations that are only displayed on this special day for the World Peace Prayer Ceremony. During the 2:00 Ceremony, all voices join the multinational call for peace, as the flags of all nations are presented one by one and the prayer "May Peace Prevail on Earth" circles the globe. This year, flag bearers from countries around the world in their native dress will proudly carry the flag of their own nation. The World Peace Prayer Ceremony is a profound experience of unity, giving everyone present the opportunity to be part of a worldwide vision of peace for all of humanity. It concludes with joyful singing, to be led this year by the jazz and gospel sounds of the 100-voice New Millennium Mass Choir.

Those of you who cannot be in New York State for the Festival this year will have a special opportunity to join in the prayer from anywhere in the world through the launching of the first Internet web site devoted to real-time worldwide prayer at The World Peace Prayer will be webcast live from Amenia from 2:00-4:00 New York time. Please visit WorldPuja after July 23 to download the plug-ins that will allow you to receive both audio and pictures live from the Festival!

The day-long musical entertainment is sure to get toes tapping to a variety of world rhythms, including the American folk and fiddle sounds of Jay Ungar & Molly Mason, the Bamidele African Drum & Dance Company, the reggae beat of Winston Grennan and the Ska Rocks Band, and the world music and dance of the Vanaver Caravan and the Caravan Kids. Special guest "Peace Troubadour" James Twyman, author of the book "Emissary of Light," will sing the title song from his new CD, "May Peace Prevail on Earth" and recount his adventures singing prayers for peace in such troubled areas as Bosnia, Baghdad and Belfast.

As inspiring as these events are for adults, they can be a revelation for a child, combining the educational values of respect for diversity and an appreciation of the vastness of our global family with a day filled with activities especially for them. At the Peace Pals booth, children from 5-15 have a chance to participate in creative arts & crafts projects and join an international network of young people around the world. There will be entertainment with masks and puppets by East-West Arts & Fusion Theatre, master magician Masaji Terasawa and Howard Moody's wonderful LifePlay games for kids of all ages. The KidSpace features supervised active play, including the famous rope bridge.

There is plenty for everyone to do at the World Peace Festival. Everyone will want to visit the Native American area, to enter the wigwam and tepee, and admire dances and handicrafts. For browsers, there is always a wide array of crafts booths offering beautiful creations to admire and perhaps to buy. Food providing samples of a variety of cultures will be available throughout the day, and picnics are encouraged. There will be an Open Mike for musicians who want to bring your instruments. The Interfaith Representatives share traditions and discuss their religious customs in the Interfaith Pavilion. And there's always time to stroll around the lovely grounds, explore the Peace Path of Peace Poles dedicated to every country of the world, or simply absorbing the atmosphere of peace and serenity that pervades the World Peace Sanctuary.

The hosts of the Festival are the staff members and volunteers of the World Peace Prayer Society. Volunteers are warmly welcomed, as are vendors and crafts people. This year, we are also seeking flag bearers from the many countries of the world who live in the New York area to carry your country's flag in the World Peace Prayer Ceremony.

Visit their website:

Or Contact them the old fashioned way

800 Third Avenue, 37th Floor
New York, NY 10022
Tel: 212.755.4755
Fax: 212.935.1389

Focused Intent Events

Press Release

Prayer Vigil Internet Web site



Press Contact Only: Diane Sherwood 202/332-2706

Washington, D.C. -- At sunrise on Saturday, September 26, 1998, near the Washington Monument, Native American spiritual elders will hold a sacred Pipe Ceremony to begin a 33-hour Prayer Vigil for the Earth. Participants will maintain continuous silent and open prayer offered in various traditions throughout the vigil. A sacred fire will burn at the center of a ceremonial circle, which will be enclosed by 30 tipis and other traditional structures. Speakers will include members of all the worlds traditions. Indigenous spiritual leaders including William Commanda of the Algonquin Nation from Manawaki, Quebec, Canada; Phil Lane of Four Worlds International, and Harry S. Byrd of the Lakota Nation.

The Prayer Vigil welcomes people of all paths of spirituality. In the circle, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Bahais, Buddhists and many others share in the program. Participants pray together for harmony among all people and for living in balance with Nature on the Earth. From many traditions there are ceremonies, songs of healing and thanksgiving, drumming, prayers and sacred dances. The deeply touching World Peace Prayer Ceremony honors people of every nation on earth in a flag presentation ceremony. Tipis serve as a safe place for small groups of people to gather in quiet contemplation and conversations, for children's activities, and for story telling from many traditions.

The circle of tipis around the fire at the foot of the Washington Monument is a beautiful and inspiring sight. The first light of the rising sun casts long shadows of the tipis and the Washington Monument, dramatically juxtaposing symbols of Community and Nation. Smoke from the ceremonial fire rises and mingles with the morning mist as hundreds of people from many races greet the day - and each other - as they gather in prayer and fellowship. Sea gulls and other birds swoop over head, circling among the flags atop the tipis - following the winds that sweep across the Mall. The moment is breathtaking, inspiring and memorable.

The first Vigil was organized in 1993 by two not-for-profit organizations--The Circle and The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources. The Vigil welcomes all peoples from the greater Washington, D.C. area to join in the prayers, dances, and ceremonie."We encourage visiters to join us, not as tourists or curiosity seekers," said Sharon Franquement, Director, The Circle, "but as people seeking to heal the Earth and honor its sacredness."

Other organizations participating in the Circle are Unity By the Bay, The Washington DC Intertribal Cultural Association, Four Worlds International, Airline Ambassadors, the North American Coalition of Religion and Ecology, The Washington Area United Religions Initiative, and The Nathaniel Center for Spiritual Growth.

For further information or to volunteer support, call Sue Conklin at 703-242-3710 (Washington, D.C. area), The Wittenberg Center for Alternative Resources at 914-679-9764 (New York), or The Circle at 510-336-0223 (CA), or check the Prayer Vigil Internet Web site

The Harvest Gathering 98'
A synchronized event is being held in New England called "Harvest Gathering 98". On September 25th-27th at Mt Washington the "Spirit of Change" magazine is presenting a celebration of spiritual traditions to heal the earth. The event will feature simultaneous sunrise ceremonies to link through prayer and meditation to those in Washington D.C. and elsewhere around the world. There will also be a council of environmental visionaries, a vigil fire, drumming, dancing, and workshops. A registration form can be obtained in the "Spirit of Change" magazine, or contact them at 508-839-2228.

March For Peaceful Energy
24th October, 1998

July 9th, 1998

News out of D.C. Solar was positive following the press conference held at Maryland University. Plans are underway in solidifying a national delegation to hold similar conferences throughout the country for mobilization and fund raising. This newsletter will focus on Boston and the New England area over the next few months. For further information please contact the gallery e-mail.

MFPE Speaker Close-Up

A close up of some of the activist and invited speakers for the MFPE and how they are applying themselves to the issue of renewable energy.

Dennis Weaver. You will find the following written in his web site:

"In 1983, Dennis, Valerie Harper and several concerned community leaders founded Love Is Feeding Everyone (L.I.F.E.). Once providing supplemental food to 400 people each week, through Dennis's leadership, as President and Chairman of the Board of Directors, L.I.F.E. now supports 108 agencies who collectively are feeding 115,000 hungry people a week in Los Angeles County. L.I.F.E. now serves as a role model for groups throughout the U.S. who wish to launch a program like L.I.F.E. His work with L.I.F.E. earned Dennis the 1986 Presidential End Hunger Award.

A man of action, Dennis is living in a home he environmentally friendly solar-powered mass house made from recycled automobile tires and cans. It is called an "Earthship" - an independent sustainable living space......a living space that is not dependent on archaic centralized energy systems that are greatly damaging the planet. The "Earthship" is the brainchild of Taos, New Mexico architect, Michael Reynolds. An environmental film describing the building of Dennis' beautiful Southwestern style EARTHSHIP is available for purchase. In fact, the film is now being shown on PBS stations across the country.

A much sought-after speaker, Dennis is continually being invited to share his views on the it at the United Nations, on college campuses across the country, or Windstar's "Choices For The Future" Symposium in Aspen. His speaking engagements are numerous. In 1990, he narrated an EARTH DAY special for NBC. His environmental film, EARTHSHIP was shown at the 1991 International Environmental Film Festival in Boulder and was shown again this year at the US Environmental Film Festival in Colorado Springs. Dennis actively supported the United States' participation in the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio (the Earth Summit) in June of '92. In May of '92, he delivered his now famous "Mc Cloud" Senate speech as part of the preparatory conference for UNCED, which was held in the UN's General Assembly. Dennis serves on the Board of Directors of ECO (Earth Communications Office)... a group of creative people from the entertainment industry who are dedicated to using their power of communication to inform and influence people to take action to save the home we all share...our wondrous Mother Earth. He is also on the Advisory Board of the "Center For Environmental Solutions' " based in Denver, Colorado.

Most recently, Dennis has founded the INSTITUTE OF ECOLONOMICS. The Institute is a 501 (c) (3) based on the realization that our ecology and economy must be sustainable. For every environmental or economic problem, the solution already exists in the mind of an inventor, innovator or entrepreneur. The goal of The Institute is to find them, support them and connect them to those with the expertise to bring those solutions to the marketplace. In other words, to create an environmental that do not destroy the place we live."
A closer look at Dennis Weaver's EarthShip

Science and Spirituality

This issue will continue on the theme of focused intent and bridging the gap between matter and energy,.. what Paul Von Ward refers to "Matenergy" in his book the "Solarian Legacy". The following will include outlines on:
* The "Solarian Legacy" connection. Exactly who and what is this Legacy?.
* An introduction to the "Hermetic Principles".
* Some interesting transcripts and writings on some of my experiences concerning Mythology, Hermetics, and the Solarian Legacy. These are portions taken from my journal not posted at my web site. Segments of an e-mail written on January 18th, then an essay on an experience that I had two days later on January 20th. In the next edition of the news letter, I will be following up more on Paul Von Wards work in regards to the Hermetic Principles, the history and assimilations of Hermes Trismesgustis, and more about my personal experiences in relationship to them since January.

Broadcast; Multi-Media

EV (electric vehicle) World's interview with Ed Begley and the following real audio and video part one and part two.

Art Review

New World Creations

Last month the Gallery featured the photography and digital creations of Fred Castlemen of Western Massachusetts. This month the gallery continues with it's New England connection featuring the work of Rebecca Atmara Cloe and New World Creations. The following is an update from Rebecca's last response from her mailing list:

It's been a creative month and there are many new pix to view! Both Gallery 6 and 7 have been completely redone and are now filled with a Sacred Symbol collection. The entrance image now shows one of these images, too. I had so much fun doing these I would love to do more! If you have a favorite sacred symbol and would like to commission the creation of your own special rendering of it, please contact me for prices.

The Gallery Tour has been updated. Come visit for a refreshing experience of the synergy of art and music . Many thanks again to David Denniston, and Bruce Deboer for the use of their music.

As I mentioned last month, New World Creations' dolphin art is being featured in the summer issue of Images 'dma': Online Journal of Thoughts & Ideas. If you are interested in how these images were created there is a brief explanation accompanying each one as well.

I will soon (should be up in a week or so) be a featured artist at the Covenant of Fire Art Studio. This is a most interesting site including images, poetry, prose, mythology, etc. A great place to visit!

Book Review

A closer look at Paul Von Wards book and web site, The Solarian Legacy.

Next Volume:

Just a few highlights...

* Portraits of Meditations: update
* Applications of the Hermetic Principles
* The Emerald Tablet
* Planetary Logos
* Hermes, Pathagoris, Mercury, and Micheal

Last Months edition of the "Phoenix Sun".

Related information has been posted in prior updates in the gallery that are called "Spiritual Insights" . These were the postings that resulted in writing the newsletter. Click on last update made on 5-9-98

Prior updates:
April 8th 1998
April 15th 1998

Back to the Gallery

July 31, 1998


Hello, and welcome to the long awaited second edition of the "Phoenix Sun". I realize it's been almost two months since I first introduced this newsletter, and even though my intentions were to post an edition monthly, it seems that time has been a very rare commodity for me lately.
One reason for this has been my recent commitment and involvement with a local publishing company called "Hinda-Jonathan Productions", as it's advertising quote states, a "small New England publishing company with large global visions".
I first met the owner, Hinda Paquette, at a Boston Gift Show at the Bayside Expo Center a few years ago. I believe it was in 1996, as I was first venturing out into producing my own digital production company. More about this in the "Gallery Update" column.

Often, time seems to pass us by at an ever-increasing rate, does for me anyways. I often wonder if this is a personal perception or if time itself is indeed accelerating. It seems like just yesterday I was gearing up for the beginning of the summer and introducing a June newsletter. Before I knew it, ..I was another year older,... July is here and practically gone, and the "dog days" of August are upon us. During the past few months I have had a chance to take a few small but important steps in balancing and stabilizing my personal affairs since having one of the most turbulent, unsettling, yet mystifying and wonderful experiences of my life over this past winter.

For those of you that have been following the Gallery, you know that last June I embarked on a personal journey while creating the series, "Faces of God", that led me from a quaint New Hampshire town to the Yosemite Valley of California in September, to a mountain rural community called Oakhurst, California,... then back to Boston in November arriving on Thanksgiving day. An unforgettable Christmas came and went as experiences gained continued to expand my consciousness horizons,..stretching them to unbelievable limits and testing my own sanity with questions of delusion. On one cold and confusing day in Febuary as I was struggling to make sense of it all, and although this won't make much sense to anyone that has not read my introspection, I once again turned to the "Dancing Star" and read,...

"What, after all, did the king do? He watched his conduct carefully and turned his face southward solemnly. Nothing more."

It was a confucious reading. For the life of me I couldn't figure out what this meant. The reference to "the king", really bothered me. Since my journals have not yet been updated and posted on this web site to cover this time period, its hard to convey the whole story and some of the circumstances that I was struggling under. And until I do this, it will be impossible for anyone to understand let alone myself. If anyone has done any serious soul searching through past life regressions, they can at least understand this much, and how unbelievable it can all be for the pragmatic mind.. I recall telephone conversations from Oakhurst California in October to close friends of mine. I have referred back to these conversations many times in my mind, and I can clearly remember telling them that I had to follow this through. That I had to take this to the limit and test the full experience no matter what the consequences were,... to find out just who I am and whatever purpose I may have in this world. At one point I can recall telling someone that it was time for me to "test the other dimensions" step through the 3d physical barriers. A few days later, and under many other surreal circumstances that I have since written about in my journals, I was to meet Mr. Patterson, an initiate of the Tibetan Master Djwhal Khul, whose personal claim, as well as from others, is a "communicator and liason between Men and Gods". This is what was written on his personal card that was given to me the first day I met him. I went on to study with Loren Dean for six weeks and ended up taking the second initiation according to Tibetan Principles and was Baptised at "Celestial Waterfalls" on November 21st. On the back of "Initiation: Human and Solar", one of the many books that Loren Dean has since given to me, it defines initiation and states:

"An initiation is an expansion of consciousness- a means of opening the mind and heart to a recognition of what already exists in reality.

One of the great values of this book is that it stretches the mind towards a new conception of the intense activity involved at all levels of consciousness on the planet to create conditions in which evolutionary growth can proceed. The work of the planetary Hierarchy, and some of the responsible workers within the Hierarchy, is outlined in a way which brings every human life into focus as an outer expression of qualified purpose through the Ashrams of the Masters. The inter-relationship and interaction of the many kingdoms and centers of consciousness are revealed as tending towards the complete integration and alignment of our Planetary Logos within the systematic whole."

The few remaining hours after my baptism I said my goodbyes, plans were made of returning in the spring, and at five a.m. the very next morning I started my 3,000 mile trek back home. Time past,..and during this one particular cold new england winter day in Febuary, the references to 'a king" were at the very core of my confusion. Not only from this lastest passage that quoted "a king looked solemnly southward" from the "Dancing Star", but several other sources and references to a king throughout the entire journey. In one such documentation is a set of recorded audio tapes that were explained to me somewhat by Dean right prior to leaving California. Upon returning home Dean sent me a copy of these tapes and during three days in January my life stood still.

Also during this same time, I was to learn of the term and definition of "Stichomancy" that explained why the readings from the "Dancing Star" had become so significant to me.

Stichomancy is the practice of seeking metaphysical insight into the world by reading a random passage from a book. An important type of Stichomancy is Bibliomancy, which restricts itself to holy books.

Needless to say, one month later during a streak of extreme synchronic events, I continued this journey southward to the Tennesse Valley, to Tampa Bay and Sarasota, Florida, then back to Boston. One week later I found myself on a plane to Oakhurst and Yosemite once again, only this time is was for seven days before returning to Boston. By this time it was April and spring was in the air, a winter barely experienced. After covering almost 10,000 miles in six months of traveling, what I experienced and learned during this time has since changed my life and my very perception of life within this universe forever. But more importantly,.... life within myself. Another quote within the "Dancing Star" (which I have just discovered today while writing this editorial) describes it best when it says,..

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes".

In a quote from my Journals one day last November, a week before my initiation, I wrote,

"Today nothing seems the same,...everything looks and feels differently,'s like poking my head above the clouds and seeing everything differently for the very first time. Everything is different,..and along with this I realize that nothing will ever be the same again."

I began to document this journey from the very beginning in my written introspection, "Portraits in Meditations", on June 23rd of last year. Even though the journals have not yet documented the journey in it's entirety,.. in time, it will portray an innner and outer journey of completion, of total personal transformation, of order from chaos. It is becoming increasing clearer day by day on just how significant and relevant this is not only for my life,...but for every human life on this planet. It is no wonder why the lessons of transformation are so important to humans now as we are approaching a new millenium and the "Age of Aquarius". Life simply cannot be sustained by this planet much longer the way that it exist today. We have raped and pillaged Mother Earth for too long.

It's hard to believe at times that it has been over a year since I began documenting this journey. But in many ways, it seems like lifetimes ago. During the weeks following my return back to Boston in April, I began writing "Spiritual Insights" that were posted at my web site. These were, in a sense, current extensions of the journals I began last year. This newsletter is but another extension of the journals and insights. Consider these editorials but the lastest chapters of the introspection. In time,..all that was experienced during this journey, ...and what I have learned since,..will be revealed through my journals and this newsletter. If not for anyone else, but for myself. To see it in it's totality. At times it all seems so overwhelming. During these past few months I have had to step back and shut down, still trying to comprehend the reality of what I experienced. At times,...not even wanting too, a way, was all to absurd,...even to me. Had I gone too far?. Not just in physical distance,..but inward?. By the time of my second and last visit to Oakhurst in April,....the revelations, insights, synchronistic events, intuitions and vibrational frequencies were so intense, I found myself on a mountainside alone sobbing profusely like I had never done before. A few days later I held my last "study session" with my "soul team," ....made the last documentations via audio recordings and realized my job was done, journey complete for the time being,..and it was time to go home to stay.

Many times since I have thought of the best way to go about expressing my experiences. At times I feel I must lead a dual life with noone knowing what has gone on with me, especially my family and those closest to me. There may be some that would ask,.."What does a newsletter have to do with an Art Gallery?" I am an artist, hence it is all part of an expression being relayed through a series of images, songs, writings and recordings. There are audio tapes, recorded music, photographs, books, hundreds of pages of documented journals, and artwork,..all with bits and pieces like parts of a huge jig saw puzzle that needs to be put together. There are many individual links hidden in the compounds of this web site that tell portions of the story. I have many times since attempted to put it all together but had not yet returned lately from an uninspired, neutral position to regain forward momentum. Sometimes one needs to take a few steps back in order to move forward again. This has been a time when I had to concentrate on restoring order to a life of duality in chaos when everything else had to be put on the back burner to simmer. Broke and broken, it was time to rebuild. And even though there is still a long way to go in restoring my life in order and reimbursing all those that have helped and stood by me along the way, I am slowly and in very small increments, making forward progress. Responsibilities to my family are slowly being restored. Attempts at restoring my comittments as a father are being made. Personal integrity that was once at an all time low is on the rebound. Social interactions are once again being embraced where I at least feel comfortable in leaving my own house. Physical conditioning is slowly on the mend. Fear is diminishing and being replaced with love and tolerance. Patience in dealing with family illness is increasing. Pain and suffering is succuming to reason. I have grown a garden of herbs and vegetables and once again I feel whole. I am a planter, a harvester, ....a farmer. I am Dejon, with the faith of a mustard seed that can move a mountain. I am SunSpirit, searching for my lost identity and finding it within the "Solarian Legacy". Did you ever feel like someone knows something about you that you didn't know, or had forgotten about yourself? In 1977, upon graduating High School, a good friend of mine wrote in my yearbook, ...."To Brown,...from the Sun...your friend, Peter". It was meant as a play on words, but today, takes on a whole new meaning. Slowly and steadily, I am once again the "king" of my own domain,...manifesting my own life. I am slowly regaining control of my own destiny, my own reality,.... refusing to play the role of the victim any longer. Experiencing a transformation the likes of what thousands of others are doing today. Soon,..the entire planet will have to confront it's own existence.... It's own mortality. There has been many times when I questioned that what I was experiencing was to 'far out", "far fetched" to be an acceptable reality. But when I return to the everyday reality of how this world functions today,..i realized it is this "reality" that is unacceptable. ........We are killing this planet........ We have co-created a planet that is polluted and dying from the very "reality" in which we have created. In so doing we are killing ourselves and suffering with pain and sickness,... creating deseases and cancers in which we have no known cures. Meanwhile corporate powers profit off our misfortunes while western medicine cannot even define it's own symbol of creation,..the caduceus...the very symbols and origins of healing and transformation itself. I have learned that this is not an acceptable reality. This is the world that doesn't make any sense. I will have the faith in any alternate reality that has to deal with co-creating life within this cosmic conscious universe before I succumb to a world which destroys the very essence of our being in how we live and adapt as human beings. If the entire system needs to fail and be dismantled in order for life on this planet to be restored the way it is meant too,..then so be it. I for one am prepared. If the Y2K phenomenon turns out to be more then just an "end of millenium" fallout of fear....then let it be. Those that would survive will build a new world based on the principles of co-creating life as it is meant to be,...order out of chaos,..and I will be there. There is a long way to go in restoring the faith of sustained life on this planet and it all comes down to each and every one of us to confront our own lives and determine our own futures through positive co-creation. None of us will have a right to enter the utopian era of the "Aquarian Age" unless we change our own way of living. I for one can vouch on how difficult it is for one to "look within the mirror" and to see oneself as we really are. There will always be those that fail to look at themselves and find it a lot easier to blame someone else for their own short comings. As one who has sacrificed a lot by taking a good look at my own life, I am an easy target for those that fail to do this for themselves. I know how freightening this can be and how difficult it is to like what we see when we take a good look at ourselves. It is so easy to judge others then it is to judge ourselves. It is also a lot harder to follow through and make amends to those that we have used or crossed in our path. It's an on-going process. Each and everyone of us must confront our own fears,..or own realities,..and re-create what has been forgotten. This we can do not by the "miles of distanced traveled",...but what it is we see,..what it is we see with new eyes. By establishing a new paradigm in the way we think. We must awaken to our "Solarian Legacy" in order to survive. Survival is a simple word with little meaning until it is thought about,...and it is usually then when it is in question.
I was recently asked a question concerning the re-emergence of the interest in the Angelic Kingdom and Mythology. I responded with a very simple answer. If anyone knows anything about the meaning of a cosmic "myth", you will know that a myth is not what we "think" it is. A myth is a "truth",...a Noumenal Truth that is "hermetically sealed". We are on a re-emerging course with cosmic truth. We are re-awakening to our stellar past and remembering just who we are and our purpose for life on Earth. This edition of this newsletter deals with the beginning blueprints of our "Solarian Legacy". It deals with the principles of the very existence of universal consciousness itself. This edition is an extension of my journals, my experiences of the past year, and one more small step in relating the whole story. A real life, true story,..not one that wraps itself in fiction, but one that makes an attempt to confront the very barriers that binds us,..whether it's a pretty picture or not,..the fact remains, is real life. This edition is a long awaited blueprint of a threshold. In the few months to come and the several editions to follow, I will follow up on what has been written within these pages. Pay particular close attention in this edition to the topic and column of "Science and Spirituality". Enjoy.

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