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Gallery Updates - June, 2000

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Welcome to a SunSpirit 'Gallery Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to 1998 are located within the Gallery Archives. Please feel free to write the artist with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook above - Happy wanderings!:

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Introduction to Atlantis Rising:

[ Portraits of Meditations] [ Activation of the Twelve around the One] [ Return of the Dove] [ Integration] [Activation at Giant Rock] [ Joshua Tree and the Tribe of Seven]

Associated compilation by Bekhat and Angelynne:
[ The Creation of EarthNet]

Associated writings by Jonathon Earl Bowser:
[The Awakening] [The Return]

[ The SunSpirit Story]

July 3, 2000

On my last flight to Boston from Atlanta in May, I flew over the outer islands that make up Bostons Harbor. With very little sleep over the prior nites in Tennessee, and after my adventures out in the California deserts, I was beyond exhaustion, both mentally and physically. During the flight I would occassionally open my eyes to see if I was indeed still on a plane. Engulfed in a deep 'meditative state", I relied on faith and guidance alone to bring me home safely from the last leg of the lastest seven thousand mile trek.

As I glanced out the window during our final approach while crossing the outer harbors in the light of late morning,.I was taken by the serenity and peacefulness of the islands as a stream of light from "Boston Light" would occasionally sparkle through the dense aqua blue mist. It's lighthouse beaconing my way home. Dreambound and weary it was easy to allow my spirit to fly over and through the islands as the plane whisped down over and began to align for landing. That vision planted a seed in my sub conscious ever since, and it wasn't until recently when it's bloom has beared it's fruit. For over a month now I have been trying to figure out what my next step is while patiently awaiting outcomes of certain events. In the meantime, I set forth in rummaging through three years of collective data and reseacrh to write another chapter of a documented journey that attempts to align and relate the separate parts into one cohesive wholeness. The final pieces of the puzzle were 'literally" falling in place. Beyond the work itself there stood an global accomplishment of spiritual evolution that will soon come to full light.

I had visited the "Heritage Trail" when first returning to New Hampshire, and had considered a "vision quest" north towards the White Mountains. The "white spirits" were calling and so was the yearning to know more of my roots. Something held me back from taking off when I first felt rushes of energy to do so. Knowing that there was still work to be done where I was at I stayed put. It was a time of soul searching, healing and dealing with the detachment and attempted healing between myself and certain others. The undercurrent of movement flowed on and one day in a dream I awoke fully knowing that I had downloaded the next set of codes for integration and the time at hand for moving on would be nearing. I was to find my "Sirian Resort". My direction changed from north to southeast and I began to explore the possibility of returning to my northshore roots since beginning this journey three years ago. All signs pointed to this direction.

My thoughts returned again to the islands. For the past week I have done much research and planning on this. The Boston Harbor Islands are the newest National Park in the country, yet it is rich in history, heritage, environmental conservation, wildlife sanctuarys, sustainability, nature and group interactions. It also seems to be laden with opportunity and volunteer/work programs, such as a five year revegetation project of trees and plant life. Transportation is provided by a ferry to and from Boston and free water shuttles between five of it's ten most developed islands. Camping is provided so I have booked my first four nites beginning July 4th at Peddocks Island, then four more the following week. My goals now are to familiarize myself with the islands and their relation to my surroundings. To take this time to rest and rejuvenate, to cleanse and clear more of the crud and filth that has been inbedded within my veins. My intent is to seek out connections and opportunities within the surrounding community along with employment and housing in the area. Once these goals are achieved I will then return here to the internet and incorporate and expand my creative ventures. I have no intention of losing access during this time. I want to maintain contact on a regular basis, even if it is to report once a week through the gallery update and mailing list if I can obtain access.

< I have attempted to do the best I could with bringing forth a vision and relating my experiences through this web site during this time of great changes for all of us. Your words have told me that this work may have contributed in some way for inspiration and healing. Your words have done the same for me. They have inspired me to go on at times when I doubted, at times when i needed the "proof",...and times when I wanted to simply quit. This work has held me accountable and I am not done here yet. For many of you who have trodden down the "star trails" of Sunspirit Gallery as of late, you have found that a new path has now come to another crossroad. A full three months ago I spoke and wrote in "Return of the Dove" about yet another crossroad that had been reached. This path is now being told in the tales of "Giant Rock" and the "Tribe of Seven". In time, and in conjunction with other gallery writings, these works will all be assembled in a complete compilation contained in a manuscript entitled "Atlantis Rising". This is a goal.

What clearly began as a personal introspective three years ago, became a journey amongst fellow star travelers. As I followed these "star trails" that were carefully and consciously set in place to follow,.I found that I was not alone. Many times my journey became yours,..and yours mine.

"We would walk this path together for a time..
then you would go your way,..and I would go mine.
both knowing that in the end,.
we are only to meet once again."

While criss-crossing these trails we have woven the golden gossemer tapestry of the New Energy Light Grid Matrix, and we have created the super-human highway of evolution to the stars...and in so doing, we now begin to build a new world of heaven on earth. We have anchored the energies successfully, this you know to be true. We now begin to integrate these forces with that of nature, mother Gaia, and ourselves. We must make way within ourselves and clear out the filth and garbage that is embedded deep within our veins. We have the answers to rebuild our world. There is no room at the inn left for anything else. My new house does not respond well to any of the old energy, any of the "old ways" in which i fed it, sustained it, nourished or nurtured it. Unless these new energies are fully integrated within this body,..It will continue to waste away and transform back to earth. Our bodies are changing,...our very celluar DNA make up is transforming , adapting to shifts in magnetic and vibrational frequencies. There must be a cleansing and clearing for full integration.

A very important facet of this journey was stated in the first few chapters of Portraits of Meditations when I wrote on the importance of "physical integration and balance",..and that anything less as a result of this process would fall short if not incorporated within that of other spiritual elements. It was no wonder or chance "happening" that one of the last anchor spots before the completion of the new energy matrix in June was in Landers California in April, a place called the "Integretron".,..with it's legend and tales of "cellular transformation for eternal youth and longevity". The implications of what has been accomplished by lightworkers around the world have yet to be fully embraced and comprehended. The genome connection and latest discoveries are but a small fraction of what is to come. The realtionships between the "six around the one" and molecular biology and DNA transformation,...with the sacred merkabah techniques are so significant in blazing new trails for sustained health and multi-dimensional existence. Physical integration with our newly attained fourth dimensional selves is the next level of spiritual growth to the fifth dimension. We "have the cosmic technology" connect to a 'cosmic consciousness", the incorporating universal life force of all that is. We now must learn to fully heal ourselves and this planet. The principles that have been laid out in the creation of this "new energy matrix" , must be fully incorporated within our society,.and in order to do this, must first be fully implemented within ourselves. The new vibrational frequencies that our earth and higher selves are moving into will no longer tolerate any of the denser energies of old ways that contributed to our molecular and physical matrix. "Reality" as we know it will soon be forever altered. Once the new energies are fully integrated within the crystaline core structure of Gaia, only an attuned vibrational frequency will be able to move within the new energy matrix.

I have been called back home to the sea for many months now. I have been to the forest and the mountains. I have been to the deserts....and so now it is I return to the ocean. The legends of these islands are magnetic,..and it's energy now beckons me to explore them.

I ask of your thoughts and prayers of support. I pray and wish for you, that the light and discoverings of your own paths be rich and fulfilling. We will meet up again soon.

The following are chronological links to the most recent compilations of writings that are currently being formed in my manuscript entitled:Atlantis Rising. Until other chapters are written, I have included 'associated writings" that relate to the documented material for the sake of clarity. There was so much more I wanted to do,..but have run out of time.

I have been working on these writings for over three years now. During the course of this time, I have reached several crossroads where only spirit has guided me. Many times these paths have taken me down a road that has led to brief silence and non communication. But I have trusted this source to guide me back in order to compile and express this experience as a whole. It has been a "mission". Today I will be leaving to follow another path. One that will hopefully lead to my "new house". Until then, these links and writings have been updated and expanded to the best of my ability. Once settled, my goal is to return to finish them. Since they are not completed, compilations and associated writings have been included. This is due to the most profound significance and clarity it offers in relationship to the rest of the writings. I believe the following "startrail" of essays contain some of the most profound discoveries and connections related to the evolution of the human spirit,...and the healing of the human body. Pay particular close attention to the "activation of the six" and the "six around the one"...the sacred merkabah techniques, the "seven", spiral energies, DNA and molecular transformation, the "twelve around the one", chakras and Kundalini...then of course,..the New Energy Light Grid Matrix. Put it all together and this compilation of writings offers a powerful insight and a comprehensive "overview" of mutil-dimensional communication. The associated writings are a MUST READ!.

A word about the associated writings. Although the topics and correspondences may be related, The information contained within these associated writings do not necessarily reflect or endorse the opinons and objectives of SunSpirit Gallery...or vice versa. They are included here as a vital correlation of information that puts the writings and events described within "Atlantis Rising" into perspective by offering valuable insight.

In love, Light and Service,
Artist/SunSpirit Gallery
SunSpirit Gallery

Introduction to Atlantis Rising:

[ Portraits of Meditations] [ Activation of the Twelve around the One] [ Return of the Dove] [ Integration] [Activation at Giant Rock] [ Joshua Tree and the Tribe of Seven]

Associated compilation by Bekhat and Angelynne
[ The Creation of EarthNet]

Associated writings by Jonathon Earl Bowser:
[The Awakening] [The Return]

[ The SunSpirit Story]

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