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Gallery Updates - June, 2000

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Welcome to a SunSpirit 'Gallery Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to 1998 are located within the Gallery Archives. Please feel free to write the artist with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook above - Happy wanderings!:

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"SunSpirit Gallery.Com" is funded solely by the support and sale of it's artwork in order to present alternative learning programs such as 'Activations of Light'. We invite you to share your abundance and energetic exchange so that we may continue to contribute to a more collective learning, healing and harmonic society.

SunSpirit Gallery.Com needs your support in helping to advance it's mission statement.
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Gallery Log:Stardate; 6-23-2000 6:45 a.m. est.

The reposting of "Portraits of Meditations" and the "Cosmic Mythology" collection has begun, and will continue throughout the weekend. There will be another update and a mailing list notification made later today.


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Happy Summer Solstice!
A lot has been happening both here at this virtual gallery, as well as with me. I have added this search engine above and it will automatically spider this web site regularly for added updates beyond what is mentioned here in the "Gallery Log". As far as the gallery, the focus has been on the beginning stages of a mail order "catalog" program for ordering the gallery's work. For the time being, only checks and money orders are accepted but this may change. If you encounter any problems with the ordering or with the forms,.please, don't hesitate to e-mail nwith any questions. I have been collecting and editing a "print" description and will be posting it soon. This will give you a better understanding of the printing methods and the products involved that are being sold by the gallery. The order form will continue to be updated and list the items being sold.

Web page focus will still be on updating and completing the Angel collection while beginning to develope the "Cosmic Mythology" gallery of Gods and Goddess.

The gallery has also added a new "portal",... it's Interactive Gallery. These pages will be opening the gallery up to interactive communications between the visitors of the gallery,... as well as the artists. It will have chat rooms, message boards, link pages, a calendar of events and more. It will be a time before this is worked on and developed,...your correspondence on this will be appreciated.

Further updates, announcements and additional "help wanted" updates will be posted soon. For those still waiting for a response concerning the agent, publishing, sales, banners and printing request,.I am now finishing up some material on this and will be forwarding shortly,.Thank you for your patience.
In light and Service, Jon-William

6-17-00 12:00 p.m.
The gallery "spotlight" has just updated the "Evolution of "Heaven and Earth" and the release of the "New Heaven New Earth" design. More information will be provided there shortly concerning the availability of prints within this series.
Web design remains focused on the Angel collection links,..and work has now begun on the new "Cosmic Myth" gallery featuring the integration of the "Goddess and God" series of designs and, per request ; ) will include the original midi sound tracks as well as the reposting of the "Portrait of Meditation" journals that documented the process of creating the "Faces of God" series in 1997..


The Gallery is receiving many requests lately in regards to it's prints for sale. The following should help in answering the most basic questions I am receiving. I thank you all for your e-mails and encouraging comments,.keep them coming. Simply put: YES,..All designs are available now in a line of prints:

Please continue to scroll down for other updates.

Prints are available now of all designs and until order forms and shopping carts are available in the web site,.ordering is dealt with primarily on a one to one basis via e-mail.. Most designs displayed in the gallery and within the links,.(in which there will be more to come) come in the following sizes, formats and prices:
At the moment, you may see some samples of these in the angel gallery :

standard quality (ink jet on watercolor paper)
5x7 - $10.00
8x10 - $20.00
8x10 (see sampleimage and text)- $15.00

High quality (Iris-Giclee on watercolor paper)

8x10 -$50.00
14x17-$300.00 (half price sale available now during gallery reconstruction)

These Iris prints are all signed and numbered (500 from masters).... These prints are of very high quality and great color and digital resolution. More links will be available soon concerning the printing processes. All sales right now will go a long way in assuring the establishment of the online gallery and future work...Just send the title and size of the image you would like via e-mail and then a check to the following address:

Jon-William Brown
P.O. Box 152
Merrimack, NH 03054

Prints will be made upon receiving e-mail request and sent when payment is received via UPS. If you have any further questions,.Please don't hesitate to ask,.I also provide private online meetings at my web site via the "Human Click" link if you would like to setup an appointment for screenings and any other questions you may have in print availability, sizes, designs etc..Thank you for all your inquiries.

6-12-00 6:15 P.M. E.S.T.

The first of a monthly series: "Gemini Moon"


An Introduction to The SunSpirit Story.


The Nature Gallery is now open, exhibiting "Visions",..the first of many designs that were created over the course of the last twenty five years by the artist and never exhibited before. Other designs soon to follow will be, "The Grand Canyon" (1979), "Keyboard of the Winds" (1980), "Consciousness" (1978), "Sunrise" (1977), "Tall Masts" (1980) and more to be posted. Stay tuned for an announcement regarding this very special exhibit.


The SunSpirit Angel Collection has now begun to be posted in the Angel Gallery and will continue to be updated. New upgrades, more designs, print information and links will be posted daily over the course of the next week.

The new communications program has been implemented in the gallery, so if you have any questions regarding any of the designs, print availability, prices, or just want to comment or say hello,..please don't hesitate to speak with the artist by clicking on the link for "human click". Remember,.there is no downlaod needed!..hope to hear from you.


Important Announcement:

SunSpirit Gallery is now seeking assistance. This is the first of more postings to come concerning a "help wanted" announcement by the gallery. In brief, the gallery has now reached a point where it is ready to expand it's business aspect and obtain a whole new level in marketing, correspondence, advertising, sales and creativity.

A rough business outline would include one person to act as a marketing agent,... to oversee the developement of this web site and all it's operations, including order processing, web site developement, retail and wholesale sales, and sponsorship advertising. Other avenues would be open to art reproduction and sale representatives (both online and off). There would be many, many avenues and opportunities available to anyone that would seriously be open to to such an endeavor. Over the years, the gallery has developed many leads to online and retail outlets...some have been pending for quite some time now. The web site itself has reached a whole new level of correspondence and traffic that has never been reached before. This has been done when the gallery itself is far from being completed with it's entire art collections and writings.

More will be posted within the "help wanted" link on the main page and will have much more added to this very soon. In the meantime, if there is anyone that would like to receive a more detailed account on one or more of these avenues either as an agent, printer, or sales representative, please feel free to contact the gallery through it's e-mail. The gallery would also be open to sharing the web site statistics with anyone that is interested in sales marketing for sponsorship advertising. This avenue alone holds great potential for both the gallery and it's sponsors. Thank you.

SunSpirit Gallery

Please continue to scroll down for other recent postings concerning activities within the gallery.


The gallery is currently implimenting and testing a java messenging program called "Human Click". You will see this logo graphic on the bottom of a few pages. It will tell you whether or not the artist is on-line when it reads "click for real person". Otherwise, will read "click to leave message". This program allows the artist to know when someone is in the web site and what pages are being viewed. During the tesing of this program, may see a "click to chat" logo appear on your screen,..if this happenes,.it is the artist requesting a chat with you. If you care to return the message and engage in a conversation, on the logo,....otherwise, on "close", and the logo will disappear.

More updates shortly,..thank you for visiting the gallery.

June 8th, 2000

What exist today within this web site is but a small example of the gallerys entire exhibit,..and potential. Art is a powerful force. It is an enpowering medium of inspiration, healing,..and transformation. The concepts that this gallery seeks to delve into and express is as unlimited as the electronic medium itself. For three years I have sought to establish a presense on the world wide web. That has been accomplished, times,..due to inexperience and ignorance of a powerful, transforming medium of information such as the internet and it's emerging influence during the last has been done too well....with thousands of images scattered amongst hundreds of web sites around the world with uncredited, copied, and manipulated artwork. But we are young and naive...and we learn,..and grow. We adapt, transform and aspire to dreams in which we die without. The images sent forth over the past few years through this web site have been that of angels, the goddess, ancient gods and that of the land and sea that nourishes and sustains life on this planet. Metaphors of an undying spirit and conscouisness. They were created to travel around this world, touch, inspire,..and to help heal....and this they have done also. For the past five months I have attempted to re-establish this presence on the www that was founded in 1996..After a years absense, I am still being written by many with e-mails in regards to the gratitude they have for the images of angels and guides to whom they have formed an affiliation with...forever giving the artwork life...and somehow the art giving back the same. But if you really want to know where these angels came from and why they are spread out over the internet,.please read this fully. A small sample.

Dear Jon-William,

I asked the person I got her (angel image) from who the artist was.ĘShe didn't know. She is so Beautiful. I get so many lovely comments about her. I'm so glad you found her on my pages. And Most DEFINITELY I will put a link to Your site and give You Your Credit. She is Just so Beautiful, she takes your breath away. Thank You Soooo Much for Allowing me to keep Her up. She has watched over me deligently, as my health is precarious at best.

Thank You.

I have come to realize lately that laurie is a web designer and very ill but will not go into devulging the specifics.

Since returning to the world wide web in Febuary, I have recieved many comments about how the angelic images of my gallery have kept their watch over others in time of illness and need. Many have written in regards to the affilliations between the angels and themselves or loved ones. I have been told countless tales of how they sent forth, or received a "guardian angel" from the gallery and have written just to thank me. There are many throughout the web, and the world for that matter, that suffer with daily, chronic pain and are in need of healing. The web is their seat by the window to the rest of the world, in which they would never have otherwise,...This powerful medium has unlocked the chains and have opened the doors of communication between these people like no other medium has ever done on this planet prior. It has presented the opportunity for those to develope relationships with people that otherwise would sit in suffering and pain,..alone,..and without the love of another,...even if it is from someone that they have never laid eyes on before. It is this spiritual connection of the light that is most powerful. It is this unconditional bond of love that empowers, transforms,...and heals. During the three years that I have presented these "visions" of angels through the internet,..I have witnessed and watched this process,..this phenomenon take place before our very "eyes". I have witnessed first hand the close bonds that have been made by some through the power of inspiration...and even though I may have been the "tool" or the "instrument" in which these angelic image presences have made themselves known,...I am not their "creator" or "keeper". ...I have simply 'allowed" for them to pass through the portals by "grounding" their energies here on earth and through this medium. I have allowed them not through a "belief", but through gaining the understanding of faith...practice,..and experience. I have learned how to trust and to understand,.. in that in which I cannot see, nor touch...but only to feel through my soul. I have come to learn how it works. I have labored hard for this. At times,..paying a heavy personal sacrifice. The time in which it has taken to absorb these energies, fully understand these energies and to create these images,..has torn me away from relationships between my family and those closest to me. But in the end, I believe the price that has been paid will be compensated ten fold.

In the winter of 97, when the angels first appeared to me through these forms of electronic images,...they explained to me further how their "energetic signatures" were to be carried on...and how I was to be the medium through which they had come to work through in order to touch, heal and inspire many others throughout the world. This was further validated to me later one afternoon on a snowy mountain top in the High Sierra/Nevadas in California one year later. One can only imagine the struggle that was to take place within myself in accepting the worthiness to uphold such an order...especially when I struggled financially to keep the web site on line to maintain that "worldy connection" and attempt to market my artwork. Let alone survive from day to day. After failing to accomplish this feat in December of 98,....a period of self doubt and separation took place between me and my art. I isolated and took to another avenue for income and occupation...playing out to the fears of self delusion. In January of 2000, an event was to rock my world and tear at the very foundations of my core beliefs and when the walls came tumbling down again,..I was forced to pick up on a contract that I now understand was accepted by another aspect of myself many, many years ago, that I have run from many a time in fear of self doubt and in which I feared the worthiness of.

No longer must I run..there is no other place to go. I have been forced to find this balance within me. To transmute my own forces of darness and light. After returning to the internet over five months ago now,...and seeing how the images have spread like wildflowers on a sunny country hillside throughout the world wide web,..I now realize that the responsibility that was bestowed upon me had been fulfilled...and this responsibility was truly a gift to be shared freely. I finally got had already been done. I had realized that I was given the gift of what I had truly come to this world to do,..and that was to touch another human being through my art, expression of the supreme oneness in all. It wasn't just about me, or the money at all. Gone was the struggle and turmoil on whether or not I could afford to keep the images online. The angels themselves had already taken care of such...and no matter what was to become of me, my website, or my career,..the angels had been given life within a new medium that was to assure their presence and influence over many years to come. Born at the dawning of the information age,..there was no taking them back. I was merely a conduit to anchor their electromagnetic energies for them to manifest..... And manifest they have. They will continue to be sent forth,.and touch one soul at a time,..being passed on from one to another in love...thus,..activating their energetic vibration and signatures on conscious and sub conscious levels....... healing for all that come in contact on a personal level, by one. It was a pretty clever scheme if I should say so myself..they knew exactly what they were doing all along. In the fall of 1997, when I first began my journeys to to the west coast, i thought it was about being discovered as an artist,..I thought it was all about establishing a business. I thought it was all about money,.and long sought recognition. Time after time again,.these objectives would fall short. Little did I know at the time of what it was truly all about. Yet,..there was no turning back,.I had passed through the portal and the process was left to be played out.

Now,.in hindsight,.as their gift to me continues to evolve, I bask in it's illuminating light, awareness and remembrance comes more into view. I look back to the story of my life and update my biography,..including parts that have been left untold,..and despite my best efforts of has all come to pass.

I thank you my Brothers and Sisters of the light....and to you SunSpirit, constant companion and guide. It has been a journey of discovery,..and one that is long from over,... if you are ever in need of my service,..may my heart always be open.

Since I was old enough to hold a pencil, I wanted to create. I wanted to create with words,...with music,..with pictures, with anything that is used to express ones soul,..ones spirit. That which cannot be seen nor felt with our eyes or hands alone, but only with our hearts,..that certain "feeling"...the unifying, eternal bond.

When fully released, the gallerys writings will be comprehensive and extensive,..They are not for your casual reading. They will be filled with correlating, multi-dimensional synchronicities that are impossible for anyone to grasp in one glance...even to the author themselves. It's a constant balancing act to "keep it simple", when no matter how you slice it,..theres just more to it when you begin to delve into all the multi-dimensional aspects. Yes,.the basic principles are simple and will forever remain constant. Peace, Understanding, Healing, Acceptance, Unconditional Love...all,..basic ingredients. But as we stand on the threshold of a whole new paradigm through the fusion of science and spirituality,...the scope becomes immense. What exactly will compute to your average layman who suffers from an incurrable disease and chronic pain,.... save an addict from pumping his veins with poison, ....cure an alcoholic from beating himself,.. his wife or husband,... stop our children from self destructing and killing,... stop a country or a religion from warring with another, .....or between and within ourselves for that matter,..... or offer much hope at all to anyone, about anything else,... without the understanding of HOW IT ALL WORKS?? How do we apply what we 'think we know" to our lives on a daily basis in order to sustain PEACE? Are all the answers contained within these pages?...NO!,..They are filled with a learning and sharing process of a life that has had many mistakes...but many lessons also,...and all is for a reason,...and if one pays close enough attention, including the author,...they may offer a glimpse of the "Bigger Picture" that could help anyone to become more 'whole". They will help to inspire, motivate,..transform,..and heal.

As an artist,.I have been blessed with a gift from the prime creator of insight within this lifetime...and together with my remembrance of my previous contracts,..I am awakening to the responsibility in which I now carry. I feel it is now my duty to initiate another level of correspondence,...and to begin to not only relay information,....but to "get off the fence' sort of speak, to source,.. and allow the interpretations to get to the point of why I am here and who I am. The divine exist within all of us. It is the personal choice of each and every soul to open up to it...and become it.

Throughout my writings over the past three years,.I have acted as a 'reporter",...gathering information,...focusing on relaying the facts, the events..and to pass on information. I now believe that it is time to tie it all together, expand on this information........and to summize the meanings and purpose like that of an editorial. I understand now that this is all possible. It is time to transform our system. A system that no longer works nor sustain us without suffering instead of killing us slowly.

It is also time to expound and to reveal more of an aspect of myself,.. to you,..and to myself....This will be done with great trust and in faith of what I trust is within me. Much of this has already been written and I will point out to you where you may find this information if you care to know more about this energy. The following is what I have come to know so far,..and I have a feeling,.that in a short period of time,..much more will come to light.

I will now speak of this energy,.the one I have come to know of as SunSpirit,...whom I first became consciously aware of in 1994...but since has learned of it's presense long before then.

SunSpirit is of the Great Central Sun,..and the constellation of Sirius. Known aspects are of Zadkiel,..Metatron,..and the Master Jesus as well as others. This energy works closely with the Legions of Light, the Great White Brotherhood....Archangel Micheal, Hermes,..Kryon..Dwal Kuhl, Kutumi, and Lord Matryea name a few. It has come forth through a lineage of Lermurian and Atlantean priesthoods, and shamans. It has been sent from an establishment of galactic schools and universities that exist in the present, thefuture,..and of the past,..simultaneously. It's service is of magnetic, creative and educational integration through inspiration and co-creation.

SunSpirit is an aspect of me,..and I am an aspect of SunSpirit. I was told many years ago of my contract within this lifetime by a vision of the Master Jesus as he appeared before me as I have now disclosed in my somewhat unconventional biography as an artist. Try as I may,..I denied and rationalized this occurence for years,.. and traveled a path of self destruction through the desease of addiction for a very long time. To a point in which I came very close to ceasing my existence on this earth during this lifetime.

That path is now over,..and a new one just begun.. I have come full circle. I prayed to my guides and angels to help keep me alive long enough for this day. This day is now,......the time has come...and so shall it continue,...till this too is done.

I am Jon-William,..
I am that of John.
I am,..SunSpirit.


Good Evening Friend,
I was reading something just today about how we humans have a tendency to "assume" certain things,.so, forgive me if I assume that if you are reading this,..then you are my friend. We may know each other,..or we may not. You may have seen my image, or one of my imaginations. I may have seen yours. Perhaps we have read each others words at one time.....perhaps I have assumed too much; )

But,.there are those I know that do take the time to trudge through my ramblings,..i do know this, have told me so. So it is for you friend, that I write this as well as for me. For it is you that has somehow resonated to me,..and I too you. It has been you that has returned here often to read these words, at times with the passion of which I tend to return and write them. I do not assume this, have told me so, I have told you.

Sometimes we go away, and sometimes we come back. ... somehow,..we manage "to be" wherever we are. Some of you have gotten to know me,..and I have been fortunate enough to have gotten to know many of you. You have accompanied me while I sit at nite and create. You have talked to me in the mornings when I'm still there to greet the sun; )

You have accompnaied me on my travels over the years now,..and we have shared our stories. Recently I have become much more aware of you,....myself,..and this world in which we live. Even more about the universe...for much is coming into light,.is it not? The pieces of the puzzle seem to fall right into place now..all by themselves at times. We have had many journeys and I have begun to tell you more about mine. Perhaps I have told you more about mine then I have inquired about yours,....but it has been through this journey in which I have gotten to know you,..and me. So it is now that I would like to speak to you today, ..not from a journal of a past quote but of here and now.

Tonite I sense a completion. A completion in the sense of coming full circle,..attaining a new level,..and of 'clearing house". And with this clearing, comes this time again to move on. Only this time it is to go home. move into my "new house". Although I know my path will forever take me to new places,..I sense this latest journey to be over,..and and a new one just begun. Until my place of "being" in the time to come becomes clearer, I would like it to be known where I am here and now.

When I left New Hampshire in April on my last trek to California, I left behind a home, a job, and a relationship. One of those things that didn't work out the way it was planned. I then went to California,..for many reasons,..some which will be told here in time. Since returning in June, I have been staying with a friend in the community in which I was living last ebfore i left...and it is now time to leave. But the long distance traveling is over for now. I seek my own place in the sun by the sea here in New England. I am to return to my home state of Massachusetts and seek to settle within the northshore. To be close to the city when needs be, live close to the sea,..and to my son. My intent is for this to materialize as soon as possible, but there are things beyond my control that may not allow for this to happen as soon as I would like. This virtual web gallery will continue on, although beginning the first week of July there may be a downtime between communications. This does not mean I will not be communicating at all until I am re-settled, just may not be as often. I will be available for most this week (June 26-30) as I attempt to complete and update the gallery as much as possible. I realize there are a few that are awaiting correspondence and this will be a priority this week.

I was also reading something else today,'s still amazing what comes to read at times we need it most. As long as we pay attention,.we will always hear what it is we need to hear. Please take some more time to read the following. It may answer many questions you may have about me,,.and this world in which we live.,..and why. And always trust that what we know in our hearts, is real.

"Tobias: In your New-House"

In love, Light and Service,

[Boston Harbor Islands][ Boston Islands] [ Friends of Boston Harbor Islands]

Introduction to Atlantis Rising:

[ Portraits of Meditations] [ Activation of the Twelve around the One] [ Return of the Dove] [ Integration] [Activation at Giant Rock] [ Joshua Tree and the Tribe of Seven]

Associated compilation by Bekhat and Angelynne:
[ The Creation of EarthNet]

Associated writings by Jonathon Earl Bowser:
[The Awakening] [The Return]

[ The SunSpirit Story]

July 3, 2000

On my last flight to Boston from Atlanta in May, I flew over the outer islands that make up Bostons Harbor. With very little sleep over the prior nites in Tennessee, and after my adventures out in the California deserts, I was beyond exhaustion, both mentally and physically. During the flight I would occassionally open my eyes to see if I was indeed still on a plane. Engulfed in a deep 'meditative state", I relied on faith and guidance alone to bring me home safely from the last leg of the lastest seven thousand mile trek.

As I glanced out the window during our final approach while crossing the outer harbors in the light of late morning,.I was taken by the serenity and peacefulness of the islands as a stream of light from "Boston Light" would occasionally sparkle through the dense aqua blue mist. It's lighthouse beaconing my way home. Dreambound and weary it was easy to allow my spirit to fly over and through the islands as the plane whisped down over and began to align for landing. That vision planted a seed in my sub conscious ever since, and it wasn't until recently when it's bloom has beared it's fruit. For over a month now I have been trying to figure out what my next step is while patiently awaiting outcomes of certain events. In the meantime, I set forth in rummaging through three years of collective data and reseacrh to write another chapter of a documented journey that attempts to align and relate the separate parts into one cohesive wholeness. The final pieces of the puzzle were 'literally" falling in place. Beyond the work itself there stood an global accomplishment of spiritual evolution that will soon come to full light.

I had visited the "Heritage Trail" when first returning to New Hampshire, and had considered a "vision quest" north towards the White Mountains. The "white spirits" were calling and so was the yearning to know more of my roots. Something held me back from taking off when I first felt rushes of energy to do so. Knowing that there was still work to be done where I was at I stayed put. It was a time of soul searching, healing and dealing with the detachment and attempted healing between myself and certain others. The undercurrent of movement flowed on and one day in a dream I awoke fully knowing that I had downloaded the next set of codes for integration and the time at hand for moving on would be nearing. I was to find my "Sirian Resort". My direction changed from north to southeast and I began to explore the possibility of returning to my northshore roots since beginning this journey three years ago. All signs pointed to this direction.

My thoughts returned again to the islands. For the past week I have done much research and planning on this. The Boston Harbor Islands are the newest National Park in the country, yet it is rich in history, heritage, environmental conservation, wildlife sanctuarys, sustainability, nature and group interactions. It also seems to be laden with opportunity and volunteer/work programs, such as a five year revegetation project of trees and plant life. Transportation is provided by a ferry to and from Boston and free water shuttles between five of it's ten most developed islands. Camping is provided so I have booked my first four nites beginning July 4th at Peddocks Island, then four more the following week. My goals now are to familiarize myself with the islands and their relation to my surroundings. To take this time to rest and rejuvenate, to cleanse and clear more of the crud and filth that has been inbedded within my veins. My intent is to seek out connections and opportunities within the surrounding community along with employment and housing in the area. Once these goals are achieved I will then return here to the internet and incorporate and expand my creative ventures. I have no intention of losing access during this time. I want to maintain contact on a regular basis, even if it is to report once a week through the gallery update and mailing list if I can obtain access.

< I have attempted to do the best I could with bringing forth a vision and relating my experiences through this web site during this time of great changes for all of us. Your words have told me that this work may have contributed in some way for inspiration and healing. Your words have done the same for me. They have inspired me to go on at times when I doubted, at times when i needed the "proof",...and times when I wanted to simply quit. This work has held me accountable and I am not done here yet. For many of you who have trodden down the "star trails" of Sunspirit Gallery as of late, you have found that a new path has now come to another crossroad. A full three months ago I spoke and wrote in "Return of the Dove" about yet another crossroad that had been reached. This path is now being told in the tales of "Giant Rock" and the "Tribe of Seven". In time, and in conjunction with other gallery writings, these works will all be assembled in a complete compilation contained in a manuscript entitled "Atlantis Rising". This is a goal.

What clearly began as a personal introspective three years ago, became a journey amongst fellow star travelers. As I followed these "star trails" that were carefully and consciously set in place to follow,.I found that I was not alone. Many times my journey became yours,..and yours mine.

"We would walk this path together for a time..
then you would go your way,..and I would go mine.
both knowing that in the end,.
we are only to meet once again."

While criss-crossing these trails we have woven the golden gossemer tapestry of the New Energy Light Grid Matrix, and we have created the super-human highway of evolution to the stars...and in so doing, we now begin to build a new world of heaven on earth. We have anchored the energies successfully, this you know to be true. We now begin to integrate these forces with that of nature, mother Gaia, and ourselves. We must make way within ourselves and clear out the filth and garbage that is embedded deep within our veins. We have the answers to rebuild our world. There is no room at the inn left for anything else. My new house does not respond well to any of the old energy, any of the "old ways" in which i fed it, sustained it, nourished or nurtured it. Unless these new energies are fully integrated within this body,..It will continue to waste away and transform back to earth. Our bodies are changing,...our very celluar DNA make up is transforming , adapting to shifts in magnetic and vibrational frequencies. There must be a cleansing and clearing for full integration.

A very important facet of this journey was stated in the first few chapters of Portraits of Meditations when I wrote on the importance of "physical integration and balance",..and that anything less as a result of this process would fall short if not incorporated within that of other spiritual elements. It was no wonder or chance "happening" that one of the last anchor spots before the completion of the new energy matrix in June was in Landers California in April, a place called the "Integretron".,..with it's legend and tales of "cellular transformation for eternal youth and longevity". The implications of what has been accomplished by lightworkers around the world have yet to be fully embraced and comprehended. The genome connection and latest discoveries are but a small fraction of what is to come. The realtionships between the "six around the one" and molecular biology and DNA transformation,...with the sacred merkabah techniques are so significant in blazing new trails for sustained health and multi-dimensional existence. Physical integration with our newly attained fourth dimensional selves is the next level of spiritual growth to the fifth dimension. We "have the cosmic technology" connect to a 'cosmic consciousness", the incorporating universal life force of all that is. We now must learn to fully heal ourselves and this planet. The principles that have been laid out in the creation of this "new energy matrix" , must be fully incorporated within our society,.and in order to do this, must first be fully implemented within ourselves. The new vibrational frequencies that our earth and higher selves are moving into will no longer tolerate any of the denser energies of old ways that contributed to our molecular and physical matrix. "Reality" as we know it will soon be forever altered. Once the new energies are fully integrated within the crystaline core structure of Gaia, only an attuned vibrational frequency will be able to move within the new energy matrix.

I have been called back home to the sea for many months now. I have been to the forest and the mountains. I have been to the deserts....and so now it is I return to the ocean. The legends of these islands are magnetic,..and it's energy now beckons me to explore them.

I ask of your thoughts and prayers of support. I pray and wish for you, that the light and discoverings of your own paths be rich and fulfilling. We will meet up again soon.

The following are chronological links to the most recent compilations of writings that are currently being formed in my manuscript entitled:Atlantis Rising. Until other chapters are written, I have included 'associated writings" that relate to the documented material for the sake of clarity. There was so much more I wanted to do,..but have run out of time.

I have been working on these writings for over three years now. During the course of this time, I have reached several crossroads where only spirit has guided me. Many times these paths have taken me down a road that has led to brief silence and non communication. But I have trusted this source to guide me back in order to compile and express this experience as a whole. It has been a "mission". Today I will be leaving to follow another path. One that will hopefully lead to my "new house". Until then, these links and writings have been updated and expanded to the best of my ability. Once settled, my goal is to return to finish them. Since they are not completed, compilations and associated writings have been included. This is due to the most profound significance and clarity it offers in relationship to the rest of the writings. I believe the following "startrail" of essays contain some of the most profound discoveries and connections related to the evolution of the human spirit,...and the healing of the human body. Pay particular close attention to the "activation of the six" and the "six around the one"...the sacred merkabah techniques, the "seven", spiral energies, DNA and molecular transformation, the "twelve around the one", chakras and Kundalini...then of course,..the New Energy Light Grid Matrix. Put it all together and this compilation of writings offers a powerful insight and a comprehensive "overview" of mutil-dimensional communication. The associated writings are a MUST READ!.

A word about the associated writings. Although the topics and correspondences may be related, The information contained within these associated writings do not necessarily reflect or endorse the opinons and objectives of SunSpirit Gallery...or vice versa. They are included here as a vital correlation of information that puts the writings and events described within "Atlantis Rising" into perspective by offering valuable insight.

In love, Light and Service,
Artist/SunSpirit Gallery
SunSpirit Gallery

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