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Gallery Updates - March, 1998

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Welcome to a SunSpirit 'Gallery Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to 1998 are located within the Gallery Archives. Please feel free to write the artist with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook above - Happy wanderings!:

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Update on significant web sites, articles, conversations, events, scientific studies, channelings, etc,..all related to the study of consciousness, sound, vibration, frequency, Art and the correlations on how they are being used as a transformational force in healing, energy, and spiritual awareness. I will be posting as much of this information as frequently as i can.

The story behind "Visions". A link to a letter written Jan 30th, 1998.

" A caravan of angels are coming from a heavenly place. It is as if they are riding horses of white light with wings upon them...and they are riding these with a powerful, powerful energy of light to this place and they are now like a stampede from does not feel like a stampede,..just a tremendous energy,... fast... coming toward you and placing itself upon the cloud of light over waterways upon this property...It is being shown that they now create energy,.. like that of horses from heaven to guard like sentinels this property. They place them at the circumfrence of this place with an angel upon each one, is a host of angels that guard this place,..."

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Moon Cam

A sample "unfinished" sound track for an upcoming special exhibit "Transformissions" Produced by John Lightfoot in association with SunSpirit Gallery.
Introducing "Cathedral Falls".
A journal about the journey to Cathedral Falls, "A Portrait in Meditations".
An excerpt from the current edition of journals "DiMarino of the Sea

This Showroom has always been an open forum and will remain so throughout the changes that have taken place recently with SunSpirit Gallery. This forum will now become the gallery's official journal. Entries will be made often and will document the events, interactions and the current developements of not only the gallery's projects, but those of "Cathedral Falls" also. Each edition of 25 posts will then be saved as a file and linked as an archive. The gallery welcomes public response, so please feel free to post your message, comment, question, or link to the related topic or another related site here in the Gallery, or by signing the SunSpirit Gallery Guestbook. Stay tuned or sign the mailing list for notifications of events. Personal comments to the artist should be sent to his personal e-mail at Thank you for visiting , and we hope that you enjoy the current special exhibits.

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Gallery said at 07:42 PM EST, March 30, 1998
New editions and updates to "A Portrait in Meditations" will be made shortly. Steps for editing and formatting of an illustrated inspirational guide are now being taken, including the entire "Faces of God" collection. Speaking of which,..the lastest designs for this particular series of work are now under way and a date for their release will be posted soon. This series of work promises to be as captivating as the first edition of designs. For a better understanding of what is happening in this gallery and it's intentions and goals,..please read this journal and documentary of the behind the scenes creation of this latest series of work. More to be posted on this soon. Also, an automated response for the lastest information and happenings of this gallery is now being worked on and will be available as a contact list ...stay tuned.

Gallery said at 05:56 PM EST, March 30, 1998
As time goes on during the ongoing fund raiser efforts,.more details will become clearer as far as the gallery's intentions. I will be making further postings concerning this in time. if there is enough interest generated by this,.i may be able to do the same thing with some of the other designs. So,..keep your eyes open during this current "Webathon"...

Gallery said at 02:27 PM EST, March 30, 1998
*Inspiration for the Day*

We are healed from the suffering only by experiencing it to the full.

Marcel Proust

Alisha said at 11:55 PM EST, March 29, 1998
You are intiating a very neccessary project,and with each brick a foundation is being layed.Every step vital for completion With every vision and vibration brings us closer to the reality of light.... You have courage and great faith Jon. We all have a responsibility in this transformation,please know I believe in you and will stand beside you on the "journey" You are on the right path......thank-you for opening yourself and talent to me and others. you have much to offer Spirit...........Spirituality........... Synchronization... Bless you

Gallery said at 06:48 PM EST, March 29, 1998

Gallery said at 06:34 PM EST, March 29, 1998
As always your loving creativity never fails to touch my heart & spirit. I also admire the man behind the magic ... your love, light , emotions, intuitions , insights all combine to make you & your art beautiful ... your drive, determination, and belief in yourself & a higher Power will see your dreams to fruitation ! So many of your emotions and insights into same seem to stir thoughts and connections for me !!!

' Visions' was no exception ! Your letter expressing your reasons for completing this work and your insights moved me greatly . I was reminded of my greatest loss which was my Grandfather. I was 12 but the emotions still run deep !!! He was always my guardian and greatest admirer. I empathised with you and your loss , and was touched by your deep love & admiration for this lady . So few of us have the opportunity to have a strong , loving bonds with our elders ... and for those of us that have been nurtured, loved and taught by our Grandparents,we are truely blessed !!! I think it was beautiful the way you gave honor to her life and so that it can continue to be celebrated forever because of your love and vision !

Although I greatly miss his physical presence in my life , Ive always believed that he is and always will be my "Guardian Angel" , as I believe he has protected me from harm several times in my life ... situations that had taken so many others , I seemed protected from ! Ah , the Power of Angels darlin !!! I'm sure you feel her love & guidance in your life too ! My recent readings give validation to my many 'knowings' throughout the years ... and I do believe that all the wonders of Heaven are within our grasp ... just reach !!!... "Visions" will be my newest addition !!!

Gallery said at 08:32 PM EST, March 28, 1998


For those of you who have not received any information from not being on the gallery's mailing list, this is a short general announcement of the up-coming event that is to take place soon here at the gallery. Although Monday, March 30th is the official beginning of this particular "Webathon" fun-draiser event, it has already begun. Numerous postings will be made here soon concerning the scheduling, the purpose of the fundraiser, events,.including "live" unveilings of new art work, registration of "live" art auctions and open houses and much much more. The purpose of the "Webathon" is to eventually raise enough money to finance some of the major projects and undertakings of the gallery ( see "special update" on main page), such as collective prints, distributions, publishings, video's, educational tapes, etc.. Also to help with some of the gallery's debt in order to flourish and to continue on in it's quest for it's goals. But the main focus will be that of the creation of the "Cathedral Falls" Spiritual Education Center in Oakhurst, California and the purchase of it's parcel of land. Many more announcements will be made shortly regarding the details of this major undertaking soon,.. Please sign the gallery's mailing list for more information. For anyone that wishes to volunteer their services for the upcoming time at hand,.the gallery will more then welcome your support. thank you,..and stay tuned.

said at 11:54 AM EST, March 28, 1998

And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
And if there is no room upon the hill
And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too
I'll see you on the dark side of the moon.

Gallery said at 01:53 PM EST, March 27, 1998
Starting next week, the gallery will be holding a fund drive to help finance this web site to keep it online and some of it's ongoing projects. One of the promotions will be the above design of "Visions" offered as a 8x10 iris print (digital print on watercolor paper) for half price. ($25.00) Please click on the order form link above and request the print of "Visions"!..please help support the arts!

said at 06:22 PM EST, March 25, 1998

me and the sarasota sea...

said at 06:20 PM EST, March 25, 1998

passages in the sand....

Gallery said at 04:25 PM EST, March 25, 1998

It's springtime in Boston...This picture was taken from a helicopter at three thousand feet with a Pentax 6x9 format camera. Prints are available. Please contact gallery for details.

Gallery said at 04:24 PM EST, March 25, 1998

It's springtime in clear=all>
Jon said at 12:49 PM EST, March 23, 1998
I arrived home from california yesterday at 5:30 p.m. I had spent seven intense days dealing with many people and related topics,... some of them dealing with the foundations and programs for the spiritual education center in oakhurst, future publications in the way of writings and books, and short term future endeavors just to name a few. After spending 28 hours between buses and airports and planes i hadn't splept much and arrived home both physically and mentally exhausted. I would like to give a wonderful heartfelt thankyou to all those that were instrumental in my travels of late to tennessee, florida, boston, california and back home again. I will continue to work hard and, in time, to share and pass on the experiences gained and shared through this site and my work so that all may learn of such happenings within our realities as of late if they choose to do so..I would also like to take a moment to thank all those that have recently contacted the gallery while i was away. I was touched by all your letters and guestbook signatures and postings with all the wonderful support. For those that are waiting for a reply from me, please be patient as much writing and time (to process and sort through) will be required of me, but be assured that i will contact each and every one of you as soon as possible. Over the next few days as much work will be done as possible to bring current writings and postings up to date and hopefully get a chance to share with all that wishes some of the events that have taken place lately. I thank you all.
But for now,....... i must begin to accept the process of confronting the "dualistic nature" of realities,...and go shovel my walkway.....hello new england. 02:32 AM EST, March 21, 1998
Rejoice & celebrate the 1st day of Spring ! * Ostara is a time of great emergence & rebirth. It's a time when seeds are planted ...blessed with the nourishing magick of the Goddess & the blazing energy of the God ! All in perfect harmony , leading to the promise of the blossoms of Summer ! * As you embrace the energies of Spring , allow that energy to blend with your own ... allow your inner garden to flourish !!! * Blessed Be *

Jon said at 08:16 PM EST, March 17, 1998
Hello all,..greetings from oakhurst California....Things are wonderful and coming along just great,..will talk to all when i can,...L>dean is sitting beside me and wishes to say hello,...*s


Jon said at 03:30 AM EST, March 14, 1998
The Gallery would like to take this opportunity to thank several people for their lodging, financial and continued moral support during my lastest enlightening excursions. I am grateful for all those that have and will continue to play a role in these, but a special thank you to Barbara Ryan, Teri Taylor, Dean Patterson and Alisha Desonier.

Jon said at 03:20 AM EST, March 14, 1998
Departing Boston at 8:00 a.m. and arriving in San Franciso at 11:40. As of March 14th through the 22nd, I will be back on the west coast and in the Yosemite Valley where I spent close to one hundred days last fall. I will be reviewing and presenting new material for publishings, working on future projects and musical arrangements for the "Faces of God" webeo, along with the proposed foundations and programs for Cathedral Falls. Access and interactions during this time will be limited but several entries into this journal during this time could be expected. Thank you for visiting the gallery and reading the current entries and will hopefully be talking to you from what will "hopefully" be sunny California.

said at 04:54 PM EST, March 11, 1998

Gallerys logs, Stardate April 13th, 1998

Gallerys logs, Stardate April 8th, 1998

In an attempt to make SunSpirit Gallery more of a spiritual educational and interactive center as well as an Art Gallery, SunSpirit designs is working on a new gallery that will bring to you a wealth of spiritual information, an interactive message board, video and audio presentations as well as editorials. To take advantage of the newest in internet technology, the gallery's first presentation is a direct link to "Spiritual Spectrum Online" . Spiritual Spectrum TV Series is a Colorado-based community access project currently produced through the facilities of Denver Community TV. They have been producing spiritual panel discussion shows since 1986 covering a variety of topics. If you have an interest in new spiritual concepts, life after death, UFO's, God, art, music, clowns, channeling, meditation, vegetarianism, love, capital punishment, the world's scriptures, healing, prayer, sex, skepticism, atheism, humanism, morals and ethics, revelation, angels, mythology, medicide, soul growth, parenting, and much more....this is the link to check out. Spiritual Spectrum has put together a series of 60 minute internet video and audio files to be presented on the internet. All you need is realplayer 5.0 which can be downloaded right here for free.

If all goes as planned, the SunSpirit Gallery will have a message board in the new gallery and will serve as an interactive question and answer discussion on the topics of the presentations. The gallery itself is working on a series of audio files, art presentations, music and editorials that will be presented here in the near future that will deal in a number of spiritual topics including the transformation and ascension process, the Hermetic Principles, astrology, angels, channeling etc.

This weeks presentation is on


click on Angels.


A sample sound track has been added .
Also a link to Cathedral Falls Web site.

Since Feburary the 20th, travels to Tennessee, Florida, Boston, California, and back to Boston again have left a very huge impact on both my creative, professional, and personal life. Although the personal ramifications and relationships encountered during this latest time of travel far outweigh any creative or professional aspects, i would prefer to concentrate on the creative and business ventures in this update and leave the more personal side to the documentation of my journals as of late.
Nine thousand miles were covered in a period of thirty three days. The entire trip was just another example of synchronistic significant events and interactions that are being repeated over and over again that has stemmed from the beginning of the "Faces of God" project. Everything seems to be happening for a reason,...just as it should. It seems like there is no place i can go, or nothing i can do to stop it. Nor would I want too. The first stage of the trip was to get away from the events that were surrounding the project at first,..but it was soon discovered that there was no getting away,..theres simply no turning back from what is happening in my life, the purpose of this gallery, and the portal that has been passed through. The events have been documented in a series of e-mails and journals describing the latest series of events that led up to the completion of the "foundations and platform" for a spiritual education center in oakhurst california and the beginnings of a formation of a non-profit corporate entity.

In what first appeared as a faint hint and glimmer of hope within the series of work entitled "Faces of God" , the gallery's "dancing star", birthed ten months ago with the images of "Ares" the God of War, along with "Zeus" and "Thanatos",... has now emerged, been re-defined, and made itself known through and beyond the ancient archetypes, the great myths, to the remarkable assimilations and incarnations of the Underworld Gods "Thoth" of Egypt , "Mercury" of Rome, "Pathagoris" of Greece...through the "mystic" powers of "Hermes, The Enlightened One", Moses, the Master Jesus, and the rebirthing manifestations of the "Lord of Death" and the warrior and overseer of Earth's "Great Transformation" ...
Archangel Michael.

I have continued the research, in the most objective way possible, into the teachings, transmissions, and channelings of such "spirits of light" and the documentations have intensified over the past several weeks. Even to the point, although not intentional, of experiencing several "channeled receivals" myself. These transmissions correlate to several others that i have witnessed and read about, and all seem to be saying the same thing. That very important information and energy is poised and ready to rain down on this planet over the next few months and preparation for the receival and acceptance of this is of the most profound significance..... They say to be ready..... be prepared. I only report this as what is being received and only to inform in the most objective way possible.
This recent work will become documented as part of the current edition of a "Portrait of Meditations" in the near future, the ongoing journaled account of the spontaneous creation of the "Faces of God" project. The designs for the next set of renditions are also being set and put in place. The designing of such renditions promises to illuminate this entire project , define it, and bring it full circle, connecting with the essence of SunSpirit Gallery.

The gallery's showroom archives have also been added along with the beginnings of the gallery's history .

Also emerging from this particular work are the fundamentals and applications of the "Hermetic Principles", discussed in length and serving as the premise to the book "Solarian Legacy", written by Paul Von Ward. Hopefully in the near future the Gallery will be delving into the study and presenting workshops on these particular principles that will also be applied as the platform of the Cathedral Falls Cosmic Educational Light Center.

The gallery will continue working on a multi-media presentation as part of it's "Faces of God" collection., entitled "Transformissions". We are currently working on whats been termed lately on the net as a "webeo", a combination of video, photographic stills, and designs underscored with a musical audio streamed soundtrack. This, by far, has been the galleries most creative and technically challenging undertaking as of yet. With combined efforts between the artist of SunSpirit Gallery, Jon-William Brown, several recording artists ,and musician/sound engineers headed up by John Lighfoot, this presentation promises to be a multi-textured process in design, musical voice and instrumentation, produced to conceptualize the transformation between the healing and re-birthing process from chaos to the ascension of enlightenment. A 7:22 sample version of this soundtrack can now be heard by down-loading this file and playing it on realplayer 5.0. (see below for program). Here is the file for "transformission". This is only an unfinished sample of the soundtrack.

The Gallery has also been working on another project in association with the "Faces of God" series. "Cathedral Falls", located 13 miles south of "Yosemite National Park" sits on a 8 acre parcel of property in the valley of Oakhurst, California. This sacred land is a "Gateway to Higher Dimensions"...a power vortex. This land hopes to be the future home of a Cosmic Light Center, "Island of Light".... designed to co-exist with Nature and to teach, guide and help heal one through the process of Ascension. This is the introduction of "Cathedral Falls" web site. A special link has been added for the connection to the Pine Rose Inn . Watch for the Cathedral Falls "Pictorial" of the sourrounding sacred lands of Yosemite Valley. In time more information will be added and all the links updated.

To obtain best results from the sound/design presentations you are about to hear and see in these collections, including the lastest "Christmas Holiday" special exhibit, you will want to download the lastest version of "RealPlayer" for original real time audio sound!

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