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Subject: A New Twyman Message About Giant Rock
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 20:24:46 -0800
To: "Jon-William"

Hi again Jon,

I have slept almost the entire day. For the past 3 days Spirit has had me visiting key areas where I have carried out assignments during the past 3 years or so. I was asked at the beginning of Spring Break if I would re-visit these areas to complete a re-configuration that was happening. I had been shown this in the etheric, but was told for it to be complete on the earthplane - in the physical - I needed to go to each of the areas physically and Spirit would work through me to complete the reconfiguration. I first went to Bridal Veil Falls in British Columbia, Canada - about an hour's drive from where I live. I have sent here so many times during the past 7 years that I have lost track of the number of times, and all that has been accomplished through this area. A friend I know who sees nature entities and auras calls Bridal Falls, Angel Falls. It was here that I saw Archangel Michael and Jesus sitting on a log suspended over the stream coming from the falls. When they dipped their toes into the water, it became blessed and has 'behaved' differently - like Holy Water - ever since.

Then I was asked to go to Mt. Baker (Washington state) where I've been many times in the past on assignment. This is a UFO hotspot, but also a 'conference area' for the Spiritual Hierarchy. There are many rooms inside the mountain that I've been shown in the etheric where important meetings/conferences take place between Spirit and Space. As with Bridal Veil Falls, I was just asked to BE when I arrived. The energy that flowed through me into Mother Earth was the ascension energy of Giant Rock and a 'new' type of energy for which Spirit says I am the source. This goes back many years when I was trying to ascend and an explosion of sorts took place. Because of the blending of energies that causes the 'explosion', and the pure intent I had in becoming one again with the Creator/Universe, something happened that no one was expecting. The resulting energy which physically shook the bed on which I was channeling, Metatron called The New Order Energy. Because it was created through the process I was involved in, they say that I am the key or source for this energy. This energy and my part in its co-creation is known only to a few close friends and lightworkers. It is not time yet for it to be wildly shared - rather its existence to be wildly shared - the energy is part of the grid systems and Mother Earth since its creation.

When anchoring the ascension energy (and New Order energy) of Giant Rock at Mt. Baker I noticed how the energy there already felt very much like that of Giant Rock. Immediately I was shown a laser beam like light of energy speeding straight to Giant Rock, tieing the two area together in the reconfiguration light structure. It is hard for me to explain what this reconfiguration structure is. It appeas to me like the grid systems above the earth, but the reconf. structures are in geometric shapes - very complex. Each area has its own and is connected to the other areas where I have physically visited. They said that 'I' am the key for reconf. the areas as I was the one sent on assignment to each area over the years. I am only the physcial conduit for this work. I am actually doing nothing but checking in with Spirit when I get to their requested destination, then sitting where they ask me to go and allowing them to 'use' me in whatever way is appropriate with the intent that what is done is in the highest interests and for the greatest benefit for all concerned. (I also always ensure that I am communicating and working with only those of the highest light). I can take no credit for what happens. I just AM at the appointed spot at the appointed time.

So, now there is a direct link between Mt. Baker and Giant Rock. This was totally unexpected and makes me feel even more now that I must go to Giant Rock physically. Spirit knows that I am willing. Money - or lack thereof - is the only thing holding me back.

The trip I was going on when I received your first message was to Orcas Island which is part of the San Juan Islands in Washington state. I stayed with another lightworker who I also met over the internet a year and a half ago. As in most of the assignment areas where I work, there is a huge vortex, a portal and a new structure that was co-created between this friend (Molly) and another friend who lives quite near me - 20 min. drive., myself and Spirit. The structure is one that unites Spirit, Space and Terrans. It is a new part of my contract which I have just begun. The existence of the Orcas structure, vortex and portal is to be kept from the public at this time. It will be made known, and its function made known at the appropriate time. I spent two days on Orcas and had a wonderful time. Again, all I was asked to do was just BE. The appropriate links were made through me as a physical conduit.

I have been doing this sort of lightwork for 7 years, so you can imagine how much catching up we have to do. I asked that Spirit flow through me to share with you what was most appropriate at this time. I'd love to hear what your work has entailed, and more about your artwork. I look forward to seeing your website when construction is complete. It's already awesome! I thank you for allowing me to share it with others as I know many who will be interested in visiting it. I also would like to share it on the Kryon Message Board as I am known by many who read the Kryon Board where I've posted for almost two years.

I am enclosing a new message from James Twyman that I received tonight. I posted it on the KMB so as many people as possible will know of what is happening.

Now that I've slept most of the day to catch up from my travels since Saturday, I'm full of energy and raring to go again. I have one last area to visit to complete the reconf. assignment that is happening. It is Alice Lake which is about a two hour drive north of Vancouver, B.C. It is just south of Whistler, B.C. - a skiing center which is known all over the world. (he princes came to Whistler shortly after Princess Diana's death.) I think tomorrow will be the Alice Lake trip.

March 13, 2000
Aries Full Moon Part 1-Sananda/Archangel Michael
"Triumph of the Human/Spirit"


My beloved fellow servants of the divine this month of Aries we will start in a unique manner and watch many events unfold together. BELIEF-an accepted thought-form and/or pattern that one has implemented into their own creative existence. Therefore we are going to open up the Red Ray of divine Will and allow for the energy of Truth to manifest in the physical. Many times it is a blind eye from the alignment of truth that holds one in a dense pattern. Our source adventure never is about hardships, disease or drawn out releasing, this is just an accepted belief in the old ways. But what a grand re-awakening for many through the fire of transformation that Aries will provide. It will be the month to merge the Old Jerusalem with the New Jerusalem. These two energies actually carry forth all manners of merging and go back into a sacred symbology of how spirit works. We will connect with the matrix of galactic proportions and be able to look past any previous accepted belief and celebrate the freedom of truth that manifests in our physical world. It is the glorious time to not be concerned about any entangled earthly ideals and bask in the light of the new. Most beings have simply been used to the old, and it is your assignment to BE the merge of heaven/earth. Ah the triumph of the human spirit in its finery will plunge into the depths of density, cleanse with ease and grace, while stepping into self-mastery. You are to be congratulated, while at the same time this is what all have come to do, release the cloak of illusion and stand in the strength of source. In the end, it is up to the individual and its connection to source for that is ALL..

Connect with your source, I AM Presence and Christ Consciousness. There will be a blanket of Christ covering the earth on March 19, 2000, which is the spring equinox and with this energy a spiritual corporate merger of the earth Christ workers with the Christ dimensions. Oh dear ones please prepare yourselves in strength and humility and take your seat once again within the confines of the spiritual/planetary hierarchy. There is no time to waste and all entities prepared to live in love at all times will be greatly assisted, for many rewards will show up this blessed Aries moon. Notice the subtle gifts that head your way as well as the obvious, each will be equally important. But most of all deem yourselves worthy to accept such an assignment, and the many gifts bestowed upon your light. The galactic star supporting such tremendous change is Cassiopeia. This grand entity will take part for the entire Aries month, not only assisting with reinstating on a massive scale the red ray of divine will, but preparing many for the physical manifestation of the spiritual hierarchy. Of course this manifestation comes via the earth incarnates, so don't look for celestial beings to come in and manifest, this happens at appropriate times, but for the most part the manifest hierarchy that will step into position is YOU. We have worked interdimensional for eons in preparation of this time. Most beings will spend much quality time in meditation to understand this grand undertaking, and it is time for the earth equal partners of Christ to manifest their own creation. The opposite sign of Aries on the solar scale is Libra. Here we have the first level of the Adam/Eve Kadmon representing the root chakra, and the last being that of level 12. And the first and the last shall become one and the same. Be very aware at what adversities come your way in lieu of rising above and seeing from the mountain top, never again to densify into a realm of anger or repression with your beloved light. Make a vow never to return in an energy less than that of the Christ light and you will feel the difference, and it will no longer be necessary to call these dense events into motion.

After connecting with your source, I AM Presence and Christ Consciousness open up through all 12 levels of your galactic though the physical being, the Red Ray of Divine will. It is here we are going to take several moments and work through the repatterning process of anything less than your own Christ self. Please call forth any activity in your Belief system that does not resonate with the glory and beauty of all there is, and let it release. There will be 12 doorways within the mind that will open up and cleanse. Along with the red ray, the white and lavender rays will accompany this process. Many old structures and sub structures will magnetically begin to reveal itself, leaving your body with nothing but the NOW in Christ. Often times entities get caught up in previously accepted beliefs from their own meditations, or books read, and this has served all until now. Let's take that important step into the void and know without a doubt because of your own divine connection to source all will be revealed. We have taken certain steps to assure this process, and now it is time to take quantum leaps. Hold until your physical body feels light and has let go of much to prepare for the new. Next if there is any group activity that has contained great learning but no longer serving the Christ light please let this activity go. After this clearing connect with all beings Christ light and this will be the group energy you shall work within. A very bold anchoring of the red ray will move through the crown into terra and we will call for an alignment with will of source. One may feel nauseous at this point, but the feeling will pass. This is very indicative of the many old thoughtforms one has allowed to cloud the Christed realms of light. In every meditation from this point forward please align with the Divine will of source and release your own will that is not conducive to the energy. You will find that a Belief based only on source through the Christ light will by the law of attraction start to carry forth-great love, light and many answers. Your earth/galactic work will manifest itself without the drama, and the attraction of like-minded individuals and masters will reveal itself. Often times when one is so focused on intent, one forgets to allow for the surprise unfolding of spirit. It is a time for final release of what other lightworkers are doing, and to concentrate on what you can do for the better of the whole with your source self. Most of all it is a time to create with your source self and to release that any other is your teacher or guru, for you are all there is.

Envision now that your being is connected with the new planetary/spiritual hierarchy connected with earth/terra. You are as one through the heart of mother/father God along with Cassiopeia. On this grand entity much information will come your way as the responsibility to become a conscientious light server is accepted. There will be a mechanism placed through the cellular structure of the physical body, it will feel like very tiny electrodes where all mistruths will be pushed out and transmuted. As you complete with these very tiny laser beams of light a very high harmonic note will filter into the body. You are now aligning through the solar plexus with source, and as this comes into focus you see within the third eye center looking from the inside out. This is a very subtle, but extremely powerful transition. Your guides have mutated into your equals and it will not work any other way, however one must be in direct alignment with their source self for this action to occur. You have gone through the process of self-mastering the illusion and we will call forth the Pisces/Blue Sphere of light to connect with the Aries/Red Sphere and with this action the Vesica of Pisces makes its final descent into human kind and all forms of galactic electronics will eventually make their way into this atmosphere of expression for re-creational purposes. You are combining the energies of water with fire and although this is very appropriate now, you are implementing your many vast shifts, and know that they will come. Your head starts to tingle or vibrate as the higher worlds are merging within the body into the lower worlds of form, making them one and complete. Now you lock in and solidify your own source strength onto earth and feel the power of love and light move in energy waves, and as soon as one is finished another begins and the motion of source cannot be stopped, nor contained. A band of energy opens below the feet, that is the divine oneness of mother/father God. In a great reversal pattern the two energies although as one still split in two. The masculine opens under the left, while the feminine opens under the right. Through all the light waves and repatterning these two as one energies elongate and meet over the crown starting a circular pattern around your body, keeping the mother/father as one, yet splitting the equal energies into two. Herein lies the cornerstone of this universal creative pattern, and it all ignites below your feet with the chakrum. This grid of source energy will continually rebuild itself and raise in vibration, as do you. There are many energy sources opening up through the physical and etheric bodies known as chakrams that start with these sources. Chakrums are yet another form of patterning around the body, in co-union with source. They will open as the 12 electronic bodies are aligned and integrated. You will now call forth the first sephiroth through the Aries house of spirit, which is Physical Manifestation, and in-draw all energies able to connect within your world of light packets. The electronic pulse of spirit will open up and carefully align all facets of spirit locked into place this grand Aries full moon. We have talked, channeled and prayed for the physical manifestation of source and here it lies right under your feet.

It is time to call forth any held onto anger, dense economic situations, fear and victim consciousness. Take responsibility for creating them, and release through the red ray of power. It is time to stop adding in low thoughts and emotions tied to earth plane old scenarios and know that each situation encountered is in perfection of the plan. If petrol, food, or housing prices move up, then you call in the magnetics to create more funds or energy easily. All money is just energy, and it is ones attachment to it that keeps a creation dense. It is time to release all guilt from former situations and move ahead. Everyone regardless of where they are at has called forth instructions via the higher self. It is also time to clean up the 3 lower bodies and stop living from the root, sacral, and solar in a way that holds one back. We shall redirect here and focus now on releasing all dense economic thought-forms. Call forth any anger, which will never serve your source and release the need to fall back into this vibration. Refrain from placing your precious vehicle in group thought-form that angers in economics, government, lower body activity for most all of you will call this out. Any judgments or opinions that keep your energy tied to density, is simply your own density, and once re-established has been a very strong pattern to break with many light workers. The power of love is an amazing experience dear ones, and frees the body and mind up for pleasurable life. Draw now a line of distinction, and create your boundary, which states that no longer will you allow life's dense situations to hold you back from attaining a state of mastery. In doing so the unlimited forms of creating with spirit will draw your way. There is a responsibility for the light to stand solid in strength with no judgment, all the while maintaining that balanced state of not accepting any dense energy and moving forth. In doing so you will not allow any thought less than love to move into a perfected channel of Christ Light.

The Bride will purify this month, a symbology directly related to cleansing ones own channel, or body, and prepare for the Bridegroom, which of course is Christ Consciousness. For those making that decision a grand gift is bestowed upon the vehicle. A grand diamond of source light will filter into the 12 level system and turn on its motor. This grid of energy will always be in commune with mother/father God and is a frequency yet to bestow itself in this level of terra. Because enough light beings are prepared to carry forth great assignments, the beloved energy of Archangel Michael along with many other ascended masters will see this pattern of perfection into many a clear vessel. If one does not feel the implementing of the grid, keep with it, eventually it will seat in many Christed vehicles. This diamond will take on a counterclockwise spin and run on the power of the chakrum of mother/father God underneath the feet. It is for connecting spirit with matter. As it is approaching please state "I Believe in the Power of Love". The Power of God is at hand dear ones and here for all to reclaim in its glorious birth. In honor and love of the human/spirit merge I AM Sananda along with Archangel Michael.

Hello xxxxxx, Thank you so much for sharing what you have,..I honor the integrity of the work and the order that you have been called upon to complete. The process that has been unfolding will never cease to amaze me,...I will always stand in wonder and awe of the magificence of the perfection in which spirit matter how long it's been or to what decree,.I have drawn much faith and the strength needed to carry on at times in which my contract had not yet been revealed to me at all. It has been for the work of lightworkers such as yourself, that has given me the courage to carry on at times when my burdens of a human were to heavy to carry. This has been such one of those times. I have been able to draw on the energies in which you have been anchoring to rise above my present situation and to recharge and a point in which i feel positive and balanced in order to be productive. Something happened to me two months ago that sent me into both a physical and emotional a plane that is in a dose dive headed straight for the ground. It has just been recently that I have been able to at least gain control of the throttle,..but have yet been able to pull up. I keep holding on as the ground looms closer and closer. What has transpired over the past few days, has been a spark of hope, a guiding beacon of light for me that I have embraced in my heart... since most everything around my heart now has been torn away...and I feel as though I am being guided back on course....if ever so slowly. I have prayed many a day over the past few months for the guidance,..i have been so lost. I have prayed and prayed for a sign, a spark,..anything. But now i see the perfection in what had to happen to me. The connection that I am feeling with Great Rock and the work that is "being" done out there is very intense.

I thought my work had been completed. I was under the impression that my jouneying as a conduit (yes,.I have used the same word many times) had come to an end and had settled down to anchor here in the North East...while I tried to regain a sense of 'normalcy (whatever that is) and stability" in my life while the rest was for spirit to unfold. This was in July of last year,..I had just returned after crossing the continent several times since the fall of 97...35,000 miles worth of activations from Florida to Mt Shasta...criss crossing the country five times. I had climbed back up in the saddle in just six months after coming home to literally nothing. I had sold everything or lost everything in the traveling and uprooting. when i returned, I stayed in a motel for months while I worked a job on up from laboring to construction project manager. I sent for my girlfriend and we moved into a house in October...most all of it was provided from my Job..all of it on a "manefestation list" i had created one night in the hotel room in july. i was ready for this,..and I wanted it so bad.

Right after Christmas, there was a shift in job, my relationship, that order,..all gone within a matter of weeks...days actually.. And I could not for the life of me figure out why. For weeks i have battered myself for failing,..battered myself and others with anger,.and resentment..and blame,..creating a sorrow so deep within me that the only way out was to shed my skin, tear at the inner fibers of my soul and to clear out what was left. I could not understand what I had done so wrong...and why I had failed so miserably.

Well,.time to create a new list and start all over again. I am an artist,..not a consctruction worker. I am not to be married right now, nor even be with the one I thought i was too marry..and well,..i take it my journeying is not over. The way I understand it to be now, is that these final 'anchoring spots" are for grounding the matrix in preparation for this new 'order" energy....and from what I can observe,.it is a critical grounding to be undertaken at Great Rock and the Integretron...a prelude for what is to come soon after.

It is no wonder that I have gone through what I have and i'm sure you can understand better now why I feel so compelled to go....there is not a better time for me to spend some time in the desert nites and the aroma of a white rose to rejuvenate my soul. It would be hard to imagine how hard it is for me to let go,.and to move on from here. So, once again,..i thank you for the work you have done. I am the one that was waiting. I honor you. Namaste'.

I know I have not gotten into much here as far as any particulars in my work in the grounding of the grid system,..for that has been my work also..I read your words and as if I were writing them. You use the same vocabulary,....even the names of the places you have been. I have been to grounding sessions at Bridal Veil Falls in Yosemite...and so on. The activations that I have done have been somewhat intense and very involved. I have acted as a shaman of sorts and work with many of the elementals and devas. I work with the unifying energies of earths core and the Galactic center,..emanating from the Central sun. Most of my activations centered around the alignment within ones body to the frequency of the magnetic energy source of the power spot. I have done this with quartz and other minerals. I have done this without any prior knowledge of what i was to do before hand,..All my knowledge of the activations came after the experiences were completed...the final leg of my journey home last summer..I relied entirely up to spirit to guide me first,..and then the awakening to the knowledge afterwards. When I began to read up and realize what I had been doing for two years,.I was amazed at the process...And even now,.as i learn more about what I already knew,.I am realizing that the processes and information that was instilled in me and through me,..have been of the highest forms of healing . This is only what I feel,..not what I know. It seems that i too have gravitated to the placement of this new order energy. I have done this anynonmously and without any monetary reward or personal benefit,..It has been quite the opposite in which I have sacrificed much,..but that is of my own accord,..for what I have gained personally is a transformation ticket back home.

To do what I have been doing and have my work pay for the price of getting there would be ideal,.but that is not wehere I am at, least,...not right now. Money has not detered me from doing what I have needed to do,..somehow,..someway,..i have always been led and guided..sometimes i look back in amazement and wonder how I ever accomplished what i did,..and of course,..the answer is easy,..i never 'did" anything, was always the power of spirit guiding the way.....and I was just the tool. I have always known this.

angelshealing: 3/24 The divine told me in 1996 that 1/3 of the world population would cease to walk the earth. Last year they said that many old people who have been hanging on will be leaving cos their energy frequency will not be able to deal with the planetary frequency change. They have also said that many others will ascend beyond this planet for similar reasons. When you think of the reality the critical mass awakening is still a small number of mankind at the moment. It is no coincidence that the dead sea and essene scrolls and the internet came into being in the last century of this millennium. But there is a yin and yang to all things in as much the transition will bring problems before final resolution in 2012.

ubject: AA Zadkiel
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 05:09:25 -0800
From: " To: "Jon-William"

Dear Jon,

With all the sleep I got yesterday, I woke up at 4:00 a.m. knowing that you had sent a message. You were in a dream I had and you were associated with Archangel Zadkiel. Do you know of any such association? If not, could you check with your guidance?

I'm glad that the visions and messages that have come through me have been of help to you. You certainly have gone through a lot! I can feel that you are just opening up to a new 'contract', a new life. The worst is behind you. I agree that the Giant Rock event is just the beginning of something new and wonderful that is now part of the planet. My work has always been about the ascension of humanity and the planet. The asension at Giant Rock was just to whet our appetites! There's lots to look forward to, and soon!

ubject: Hello Jon
Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2000 14:10:15 -0600
From: To:

I became aware of you via xxxxxx...I have known her via message board and email for over a year now. She is a grid worker in BC Canada who anchors energy vorticies (stargates). She does not tell us about everything Spirit has her do; I think she is afraid we wouldn't believe her!

Anyway, you can trust her, I think she is genuine, as validated by my own experiences with her insights over the past year. She has been quiet most of the past 6 months, but the recent activity at Giant Rock has brought her back 'online.'

I am also writing to bolster you against attacks from "redeemers". Take it in the spirit of 'trying to help' that it was offered in and know that they are asleep and know not what they do in their sleepwalks...Soon enough they will be awake and no longer subject to being used by Others. Like the paint and markings on Giant Rock, it flows off. We are unaffected. We are eternal.

As for my part in the Giant Rock saga, on March 11, I miscarried in 10th week of pregnancy and held in my hand what would have been a human being had things proceeded correctly. There is no more sadness or upset. I am just still trying to figure out what it all really means to me. Somehow, I am tied up in all this too, and waiting anxiously to see what happens next.

We posted some March 11 experiences described by GobeanRainbow at

Love and Light!

I AM xxxxxx
47 711

ۿ,,ۡ`ۿ,,ۡ`ۿ,,ۡ`ۿ,,ۿ,ۡ`ۿ,,ۡ`ۿ,,ۡ`ۿ ,,ۿ,,ۡ`ۿ "You are learning the wisdom of thinking individually and acting collectively"

Sheldan Nidle
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