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March 21, 2001
Re-Discovering the "Flower of Life"
By Jon-William Brown

One year ago I was preparing for a yet another cross country trip to California via the Tennessee River Valley. A chapter included in my journal writings entitled "Integration", contains some information concerning the events that were to eventually take place during the time spent at the Giant Rock and Joshua Tree deserts in April of 2000. The following are excerpts of some of these writings that were forwarded through a network of lightworkers during the time prior to leaving New England in March of 2000. I have reviewed this information many times in an attempt to understand an evolution of consciousness that did not end with seemingly synchronistic meetings and events in the California desert,... but have continued to evolve throughout this past year. More specifically, within the last two months.

I have been contacted recently through different sources in regards to the events in April of 2000 at Joshua Tree. For me,'s the study of an ongoing process in which a "window of the times" were synchronized in order for certain alignments to take place.. A very profound celestial occurence took place in which we are just now begining to understand it's full implications.

Just this past week,..upon even further review of the following information contained in "integration", I noticed something in one of these e-mails that I did not see a year ago...nor would I have understood it's meaning even if I had. On March 31, 2000, one week before departing New England, I was sent an e-mail that now, in hindsight, contained some of the most pertinent information in which explains much of what happened to a certain group in the Joshua Tree desert descibed somewhat in my writings of the "Tribe of Seven". I did not understand at the time, ..nor was I consciously aware of it's implications fully. Even now, as continued information streams in, I find it's implications mind boggling. What I had not paid attention too last year regarding this certain e-mail was a phrase next to the title. It contains the words,.."the golden flower of life".

Now, one year later and before noticing this "phrase" on this e-mail a year old, I am currently reading the first/second volume's of Drunvalos Melchizedek's, "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life".

The e-mail sent on March 31, 2000.

Subj: [goldenfloweroflife] Info on the Truce and RECALL
Date: 3/31/00 11:44:01 AM US Eastern Standard Time
From: (G.S.)

Hi Everyone,

We are in new territory, something new has happened. The truce that I previously announced and talked about briefly is holding. This has occurred because for the first time the white T-shirts (souls of the light) have something to offer the dark T-shirts (souls of darkness) to show that RECALL is justified. The issuance of Recall was made and agreed to during consultations at the highest levels. In essence, it says that this is the time for all to come together. While this has been attempted several times in the past, this time it is quite different. When those of the dark (T-shirts) looked at coming over to the Love and the Light, they did not find anything to bring the sides together other than a longing by those in the Love and the Light to bring this Gathering together. They knew it would not be honorable to come to the Love and the Light until the agreed upon code word of RECALL was used. This code word would only be given when a techniques or way to bring all together once again, became available. The code word Recall was given out last week on all levels and the Gathering has begun.

The Sacred Merkaba Techniques were offered and accepted as the full set of techniques that would bring both sides together. The Sacred Merkaba Techniques have been accepted as the techniques because when one activates 6 or more energy fields into Merkabas using The Sacred Merkaba Techniques, a Non Linear Ascension process begins. Accordingly, in respect of the truce, and in an open gesture to our Light Brothers who are currently wearing dark T-shirts in this experiment of duality, high level representatives from both sides attended the March 8 day intensive workshop.

This gesture was appreciated and the truce is holding. Both sides are observing the truce. It would be absurd to state this was the end of duality, but it is the beginning of the end of duality. Everyone will still interact in business and personal relationships, etc., in the same manner as before the truce, but the physical and psychic attacks have ceased. There is an aura of peace. Last Sunday, great numbers of beings from both sides joined in on the meditation. However, as I have been speaking about recently at the intensives, humans are the key to the whole Ascension Process. Their range of emotions or frequencies are such that when their energies fields are fully activated, the effects from their Merkabas using the highest activations easily exceed those of any other species. This is why humanity is so critical to the Ascension Process. [More on this as time permits -- as you can imagine it is a huge subject.]

The effects of the Sacred Merkaba Techniques and the Non Linear Ascension created by the activations of six or more Merkabas have now generated new possibilities in the Ascension Process, and are bringing both sides together for something truly magnificent.

More in coming weeks.

Much Love to Each of You

The following e-mail was sent in response from a source in Germany.

Subject: Re: Unity, reconciliation, at Giant Rock at Easter
Date: Mon, 3 Apr 2000 10:21:54 -0700 (PDT)

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

I write to all of you, because I feel time is right to share / and connect more what is going on "on this part" of the globe - which is, as most of you know already, Germany/Munich.

We here have been extensively guided and been trained for the last month to understand and "do" in our bodies the reconnection of the "white and dark" side. Our intention is to help anchor on this planet the Highest Truth.

I beg your pardon, and ask for your understanding - at this time I cannot explain much more than this, partly because my/our "logical mind" does not understand it all and second - related to that - because large re-coding and re-connection processes are happening in my body.

In regards to the comments made in the previous e-mail:

I had a very busy "night session" last night. What came out of it into my conscious mind was this: I have gotten two emails recently regarding reconciliation of Light and Dark. The essence of the messages is that codeword "RECALL" has been issued and those playing dark roles are coming Home. Lightworkers are to play an important part in their reintegration into the Light.

This is exactly what we have been confirmed and told those last weeks and especially days!

I feel like the events at Giant Rock at Easter will provide a focal point for this activity, a kind of symbolic representation of the larger reality of reintegration.

You two, Gobean Rainbow and SunSpirit, will both be there physically. I expect you will meet resisting, 'negative' forces. They will feel drawn to be there, just as you are. The reason is, their presence is also needed. The purpose of this gathering will be reunification. The challenge of all Lightworkers who participate in Twyman's meditation will be to transform the 'Dark' ones via this event, to bring them Home at last.

Around the same dates in which I was receiving these messages from a group of lightworkers from around the world regarding a 'gathering" or re-integration process taking place,...I came across someone else through a totally different source, who was involved with activations and a sacred site here in New Hampshire called 'Telos Portal". I wrote her and explained briefly my history concerning activations at sacred sites and told her of my upcoming visit to the California desert and inquired about any insight or assistance she may have for me. In her response she simply asked me one question,...

"Are you familiar with the merkabah?"

I had to admit in my reply that I knew little of this "merkabah", but had heard about it through several sources,..and here once again,.I began to sense a correlating theme due to the e-mail correspondence taking place through an unrelated source. I began to pay attention.

On April 2, 2000,..just one day before my final transmissions via the internet before departing west on April 4th, 2000,..I was to recieve this one last message from "Telos Portal" in regards to the merkabah.

Dear Jon,

I did visit your site and your work is beautiful. Felt I might be able to add a word here as to the "circle". You may already know this, but for some reason it needs to be said.

In the study of Merkaba and sacred geometry all started out in a linear motion of Source-back, front, left side, right, up, down and center, and within-the place we all start from. N-S-E-W -Above, Below and Within. Theses are the 7 sacred directions of native American culture and also the Medicine Wheel. This is a linear, male configuration. Try this in meditation. If you allow yourself to come back to center and envision your surroundings from that stand point, you'll find that you are actually standing within a sphere. That is the female aspect. Mother/Father God combined within the one. The Child is formed when the "two" decide to recreate themselves by creating another movement, another sphere. The overlapping area of the spheres, now become something "new" to us known as the Christ Light, the Creative forces, Light, Vesica Pisces. Now we have three in one-Trinity. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva- Father, Spirit(Female) and Son.

On Earth we have had the linear, but have lacked the Sphere energies of the female aspect. The Son has manifested to bring about balance, but the influence of the linear, male has been too strong due to some events eons ago that threw us into this imbalance. The time of our seclusion from the rest of the universe is now coming to an end as the female energy grid is about to be reestablished here on Earth. Some of us around the globe have been forming the Hologram of Love, making the spheres and sending them upwards. My next job is to go to Belize to anchor the grid in place. The temple of Chitzen Itza was built 2100 years ago by the Mayans for ONE specific date-May 20, 2000. On that date something wonderful is going to happen that has not happened before. Our position in the heavens is coming into an alignment with the Pleides. The opening and alignment of the Pleides star system and our son-a gateway to the energies of the feminine, and I will be there to open and do the ceremony. Remember the dates of WESAK , true Wesak on the 18th of May and the 20th of May-POWERFUL dates in our history!

Jon, you have been given this information. I will leave you in thought and you will be guided for these dates!

Be well, be joyous!

I was to experience continued resistance that first week in April and my flight to Atlanta was delayed several days. There was not much time for researching the merkaba before leaving and did not hear much in regards to it thereafter. That is, until I was left alone in the Joshua Tree desert that last week in April to write and reflect on some of the events that took place the weeks prior.

March 31, 2001

I have slowly spent the last ten days piecing the preceding information together. At this point i was going to continue and post several excerpts from my journals at the time of the Joshua Tree visit and more about the "Tribe of Seven's" activities while there. But due to several computer glitches, I was just able to access an e-mail sent to "the seven" two weeks ago by one member of the Tribe. I was so overwhelmed with the significance and implications after reading the following information, the energetic surges that I was recieving made my jaw and head numb with pins and needles, upset my stomach, and made my heart race and palpitate to a point in which I had to lay down, relax, sleep, then reawake to finish with this most recent compilation of writings.

To:╩ chuff, CYNTHIA, docsong, Galahadof7, sunspirit, thanson
Subject:╩ *** A Gift for the 7****
Date:╩ Wed, 14 Mar 2001 13:38:27 EST

Good Morning,

I wanted to share this incredible gift with you...╩ Since it is because of us coming together that this took place!!

I received a phone call this morning from this lady who was nudged by spirit to call me today, make a voice connection and give me some information... I have never spoken to her before but through her husband and I e-mail a bit over the last year...╩

She just finished and published a book about crop circles with transmissions applying to each one.╩ Randy (her husband) who was actually in Joshua Tree when we were! (Shelley you remember him) He had started writing me about another women we met, while we were there, who does Angel Readings.╩ Part of what she was to tell me includes all of you. Back in June I had sent Randy the story about what happened to us. Not knowing me nor really remembering what took place with us, a few weeks ago Judy wrote me and asked if I could resend it because something was up and she wanted to validate what she was getting.

She wrote this article for the Sedona Journal this month or it may come out next month (not sure) But in the call today she revealed how important our coming together was and in this article we are the initial beginning part of this whole thing and she writes about it in here.╩ We really are being Blessed. We can go a whole lifetime without understanding why something was happening, only knowing and trusting that in the Master Plan, it meant something!╩ Well, we where just given a gift of learning the importance and shown a bigger picture of what was taking place that weekend...╩╩

╩ Namaste,
The Divine in me, honors the Divine in you




In the past nine years of co-existence with the beloved one Judith, I have experienced╩ the feelings of a woman, the pain and passion, the grief and joy. All of these feelings are jewels of the cosmos, to be treasured and╩ treated as precious.╩ In the dimension of light from which I come there is Oneness, total immaculate compassion, and esoteric emanation of the divine spirit of the Mother Father God.╩ To know the flavor of food, the joy of a sunset, the feeling of a grandchild asleep in my arms, the ecstasy of experiencing a crystalline ice waterfall, these are Earth experiences.╩

Oh! Beloved Ones,╩I call to you to savor each morsel of Gods creation as you have chosen to experience in the third dimension.╩When you grieve experience the Joy of grieving, they are not opposite feelings but rather emanations of vibrational frequencies within a spectrum of light in which your neuro-fibers detect and interpret.╩ The species has been conditioned on a cellular level to experience and interpret sensation as good or bad, this is the epitome of the dichotomy.╩ These interpretations can be re-circuited and thereby the recipient of the feelings can at last be free from the agony and the ecstasy.╩To do this you apply gratitude for each sensation, feeling and honoring these neuro-responses as part of the gift of creation.╩ You will maximize the frequencies of healing and joy and thereby reduce the frequencies of chaos and fear which will result in a minimum of╩ uncomfortable sensations.╩ The objective of this teaching and the practice is to fine tune your neuro-fibers and the sensory receivers in the mind cells of╩ your╩ body, to purify the receptors. Once accomplished this will allow information needed for these miraculous times to be received and interpreted without the hindrance of negative interpretations of human experiences.

The reason that I have requested your audience through this vehicle of cosmic expression called the Sedona Journal is to call to action a large group of readers for a vitally important project.╩ This is your cosmic call to action. I am Laiolin and have been given the authority for this cosmic call by the Council of Aboraha, the council of the 13 Solar houses of the Great Central Sun.╩ I am a 13th Dimensional Ambassador of the Great Central Sun and a Keeper of the Records of RA, or the archives of the Great Central Sun.╩ I emanate my essence in many dimensions and have existences in parallel time lines, frequency patterns, and universes. The Mother Ship that I serve on, is Arcturian.

The Council of Aboraha has chosen Judith as a cosmic messenger, she is the White Dove.╩ Part of her Earth mission is to be the messenger from the Great Central Sun, as to the meaning and purpose of the Crop Circles. These jewels of creation are resonant formulas of light and sound frequencies that are fractal geometric formulas patterned in non linear forum known to Earth science as quantum physics.╩ The formulas are being imprinted in the 3rd dimensional dream fields of the Mother Gaia planet to assist with the healing of this precious planet, to quicken and manage the energy surges necessary for the full transformation of mass and matter,╩ and to awaken a critical mass of the species known as human and ascend the consciousness of the planet.

Three Crop Circles appeared in the fields of Great Britain last summer, these were experienced by Judith during her journey to the UK. The accompanying Star Glyphs were brought through in channeled transmissions on sight in these field.╩The Star Glyphs are hieroglyphic interpretations of a Universal Language of Light, emanated from the Great Central Sun.╩ The visual experience of these combined images will profoundly affect your ascension process and activate your soul or cosmic DNA.╩╩ You will also be participating in the Great Plan and contributing your alchemical essence and vibration to the vital project that is coded in these three images. There is a specific process required to maximize the effect.╩ If you choose to participate you will be working in three stages.╩The procedure for all three activations is essentially the same. Enter a meditative state, view the images, consciously connecting your fiber optics to your brains neuro synapses, and bring images into your heart chakra with intent. Unite the frequencies with the Cosmic Christ that dwells in your heart center,╩and consciously infuse the energy patterns from the heart chakra to every cell of your being. Expand the frequencies to your auric fields down loading the frequencies into your mind cells, not just the brain but the living mind that resonates in each cell of your being ness.

1.╩ The first phase is an individual activation.╩ Follow the above procedure, preferably in daily meditation in a series of seven sessions. These can be done at your convenience.

2.╩ The second phase is to gather with a group of people that have completed the first phase.╩Repeat the initial meditation, when the meditative procedure is complete, expand your auric fields and consciously link the sacred geometries of the group.╩ Once this link is felt, project the energy from your heart chakra to the center of the group creating a holographic seed.╩Now expand the group consciousness to the cosmos, preferably the heart of the Great Central Sun and then return it to the group consciousness.╩ Concentrate all energy into the holographic seed in the center of the group.╩Now image that you are planting this seed in the very core of consciousness in Mother Earth.

3.╩ The third phase is to take the images to a vortex or sacred sight, alone or with a group of like minded souls.╩Repeat the process and connect the energies to the sacred sight.╩Once this is accomplished then open your auric fields and╩ image that you are recipients of a photon beam that will surge energy into the earths biosphere, charge the light grid in the ethereal, the atmosphere and the inner core of this beloved planet.╩ The mother ship will be assisting in these photon surges. As you might already know your planet is receiving massive frequency surges between the dates if 3/3/01 and 6/21/01.╩The completion of this process before June 21, 2001 is an essential element of this surge process. Intuitively you will know that this project is right for you.╩ We are allowing as much flexibility in timing as you wish, as long as the process is complete prior to the Summer Solstice.╩ Once you have completed this process CELEBRATE!.╩ You have committed to a process that is truly service of the most High.

The formulas for these surge patters has been emanated into the Earths grid system by the creation of 3 Crop Circles that appeared in Wiltshire Counties between May 31rst of 2000 and July 23rd of 2000.╩ Remember the accompanying Star Glyphs interpret the images in╩a Universal Star Language and are activation codes.


1. On May 31, 2000 this precious jewel appeared in a field in Wiltshire County, on the West Overton Road between A-4 and Lockeridge Rd. It is in technical terms the obelisk of the sixth resonant hexatronic equal lateral tri-adular geodesic module frequency residual mesotraonic fixtural equatropic resonator.╩The image represented in this crop circle is a simplified schematic for the blue print of the psychatronic device beamed from the Arcturian Mother Ship that modulates the frequencies emanating into the Earths grid system resonating the initiation of the surge patterns that will maximize in June of 2001.╩ This particular pattern is a stabilizing formula that must be implemented to stabilize the Teutonic plates during the surge patterns.╩The frequency pattern formula was emanated into the earths bioenergetics and energetically matrixed into the grid system in six locations on the planet.╩The initial energetic implant occurred in Joshua Tree, California during the Great Experiment, Easter of 2000. The crystalline DNA of a specific group of chosen individuals was used in the creation of this geometry in the visual field at that time.╩The formula was then electro-magnetically charged with the frequencies of this powerful event and infused into the grid system in that location.╩This initially served the purpose of stabilizing the San Andreas Fault. The long range effect is far more expansive however, anchoring the energetics of the Teutonic plates minimizing massive shifts and extreme earth quakes, and volcanic eruptions.╩The second frequency pattern was emanated via this Crop Circle on May 31rst,2000.╩The third patterning was located in the Sahara dessert on July 25th, 2000.╩ Buried beneath a massive dune is an Arcturian pyramid that energetically prepared the matrix 5000 years ago for this formula to be triadularly initiated connecting all three phases of the formula with these specific geographic locations, in conjunction with the Mayan day out of time. Three other locations were chosen to matrix the full formula, one located in Hawaii, in November.╩The next aspect was anchored during the Great gathering of souls in India in mid╩January, 2001. The subsequent earthquake the following week of great proportions was minimized with this anchoring. The final aspect was anchored in the planetary core 3/3/01. Upon studying the Crop Circle and Star Glyph these patterns will be revealed.

2.╩ This crop circle appeared on June 11th, 2000 at West Kennett Longbarrow, in Wiltshire County, England.╩The geometric patterning of the double hexahedron anchored within a triadular toner frequency balancing device. Within the core of this precious planet an energetic implant has been anchored and this image is the visual fractal geometry patterning of this implant.╩The implant has been anchored as a toner resonate device that stabilizes the planetary energetics as the Earth prepares for the upcoming pole shift. Using this device, the surge patterns that are being intensified between 3/3/01-6/21/01 are stabilized and adjusted in the resonant frequency patterns with the electro-magnetic energy of the magnetic poles. This process is implemented through the expansive formula in quantum physics known as the quiadular resonant toner principle. This implant will remain in place through out the coming century, but will be in peak effect in the year 2013.╩ What this means in practical terms is the third dimensional dream field will be stabilized as Earth passes through point zero. The stabilization of the nine protoplates within the planets core that energetically link to this device and to the above mentioned stabilization device further serves to establish equilateral wave patterns that resonate a pulsar code of eight octaves, toning frequencies that enhance the stabilization of Earths energetics.

3.╩╩ Judithë*¬s note:╩ On July 24th this crop circle appeared in a field across from Silbury Hill, in Avebury, Wiltshire County, England. The field is very near the Crop Circle in this series #2.╩ The sacred Swallow Head Spring is at the foot of the hill that this Crop Circle appeared in.╩ I was delighted to enter it just in time to join a meditation group from Switzerland.

Laiolin speaks:╩╩ The patterning of this formula was anchored just prior to the╩third phase of #1 in this series.╩Upon observation one may notice the pattern of the five frequency implants with the core one anchored in the center.╩One might ask why one of the stars has an apparent misplaced triangle, it is not misplaced it demonstrated an opening of this energetic patterning to allow the photon energy full surge frequency pattern.╩This formula is the matrix for infusion of the energy of compassion to be infused into the final matrix of the formula.╩ What humans relate to as compassion is a result of an energy matrix, in fact not the energy matrix. Compassion once implemented in a magnetic resonance formula stabilizes all mass and matter and equalizes all energy fields.╩ Please accept an expanded concept of this word, beyond what you know of in human relationships and dramas. Compassion is the result of the law of cause & effect, activated within a cosmic formula that stabilizes force fields and tones frequencies in harmonic resonance.╩ The full resonance of this light formula has been severely impaired in the fear paradigm through the resonance of lower or more dense energy patterns of separation, greed, fear, competition, hate and so forth.╩ These resonant frequencies are destabilizing and create chaotic wave patterns.╩ The full matrix of the harmonic energy of compassion creates stable toner frequencies that are conducive to strong surge patterns rather than chaotic energy forms.╩ This formula is╩ essential for the project for obvious reasons.╩ The formula for compassion stabilizes and equalizes the energy matrix allowing a smooth transition.╩ The recommended addition to the procedure outlined above for full activation of these frequency patterns, is as you view this set fill your psyche with the energy of compassion, focus this energy in your heart then proceed with the activation as described.

You my dear ones have chosen to incarnate during the times of miracles, and have agreed by soul contract to participate on a cellular level in the awakening of Heaven on Earth.╩ The mind is the cellular existence of the God or Divine force of creation, it is not confined to the brain but rather is the living essence of each cell in creation.╩ Your body is comprised of many such micro cosmos of divine potential which resonates with the planetary mind/heart and galactic consciousness.╩ You are the alchemical manifestation therefore of the creative God Force.╩Knowing this ingest it on a cellular level, manifest only that in your thought forms that you wish to create. That is why you are being warned on many levels, be careful of what you wish for. Make a daily practice of implementing the principles of peace on a cellular level, be mindful of your creative thought form. Then engage in the divine mission that you have incarnated for, all missions are essential none more than others, all are part of the weaving of a new world of peace, freedom, empowerment and co-creation.╩

Go in Peace.

The excerpts and e-mails that I have included in this update have very significant correlations to the events at Joshua Tree and to the Tribe of Seven in which I will review further soon.

Next: New journal entries from "Joshua Tree" and a review of the events concerning the "Tribe of Seven" in April, 2000.

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