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Gallery Updates - March, 2007 ,

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Welcome to a SunSpirit 'Gallery and Resource Center Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to 1998 are located within the Gallery Archives. Please feel free to write the Gallery with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook above - Happy wanderings!:

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March 18, 2007

SunSpirit Gallery.Com - celebrating ten years of creative online expression.

The Gallery will be making its first posting in almost a year, shortly. This has been the longest 'downtime' since 1999. You can bet I have much to say. The virtual gallery will be celebrating its tenth year anniversary in June.

Formal Announcement; Spirit of Newburyport Gallery

Even though the Spirit of Newburyport has been open for almost a year now, a formal announcement was never made on this web site. Please check out the developing web site for the new gallery. The first anniversay open house for the Spirit of Newburyport is now being scheduled during the Newburyport Literary Festival and ArtWalk in April. Details to be announced shortly. I will have a lot more to say about this and more, including an update on current events very soon. Please stay tuned.