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March 15, 2013

Back Again! ; ) Will have posted updates soon!

In the meantime, please check out the following links to current activities.

Please see the 'Spirit of Newburyport' Series
by Jon-William Brown
'Plum Island; A Love Story'


* Plum Island Series premier
Additional Links to 'Plum Island; A Love Story' Journal

* 'Rockaway Beach - N.Y.' Series of Images Fundraiser

* Inn Street Artisan Market and
Merchant Community Garden Proposal

A 64th scale diorama model created by Joe Cmar as a 'Thanksgiving Gift' for the Spirit of Newburyport. Model is being used to depict and envision an Inn Street Artisan Market and Merchant Community Garden. Model will be on display at the Spirit of Newburyport, 10 Prince Place, Newburyport throughout the month of December as part of the 'Plum Island; A Love Story' exhibit, along with a special fundraiser edition of 'Rockaway' Beach, New York ( post 'Sandy'), as well as a Special Newburyport tribute to the 'HMS Bounty'.

March 26, 2013

Although I have been working on the Plum Island images for years now, the concept of the Plum Island Love Story began last summer when I began to issue the first series of final and printed images. I have spent a winter on Plum Island now. I have so much to say. So much to share. As I look back on these pages over the years it may seem that I have forever to share it. Yet, sometimes it seems there is never enough time, or the right time to do it.

I came here in November I believe. And for the first few weeks lived a dream that was over by Christmas. But like a good portion of the island, along with a few homes, those dreams have crashed and been washed away into the ocean. And as the last gasps of the howling north winds blow and sandblast my windows, my thoughts turn to leaving here. But the images and memories of this nonetheless unforgettable winter, will be with me forever.

My prayers are, like that over the years, that you and I may return back to these pages soon and safely, to share these gifts together. The videos, the photographs, the story and yes, the love,...all unbelievable in many ways. A Love Story destined to be told. Beyond the humility, the frustration, the adversity, and the shame,...there is hope, for in these winds and sights of the sea and song of the oceans, are the wisdom of the ages, and the healing of the soul, as hope springs eternal.

Plum Island; Devastation
Newburyport Daily News; March 2013

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