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Gallery Updates - October - November, 2000

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Welcome to a SunSpirit 'Gallery Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to 1998 are located within the Gallery Archives. Please feel free to write the artist with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook above - Happy wanderings!:

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SunSpirit Gallery

December 13, 2000

For you from an Angel... Seasons Greetings

December 8, 2000

Imagine all the people, life in peace.

Miss you John....

Latest Gallery Update:
December 2000 2:45 E.S.T

I'm still working on a December update while remodeling ; ) I initially wanted to post at the first of the month, and wrap up this page of updates in the archive files.

In the meantime,..The gallery is still working on supplying direct communication channels for "live" interaction. Until all OP systems and programs are updated,..please use AOL and Instant Messaging to communicate with the gallery anytime when online to SunSpirit Thank you and look forward to hearing from you

November 27th, 2000

Coming soon!: "In This Experience" and "Theres an Angel Watching You"
Please stay tuned,....more will be posted soon.

November 27, 2000

On November 15th,..within this page of updates,.I commented on the U.S. election and the 11/11. How ironic that the date that now looms for finality is December, 12th 2000.


Entering the Fifth Dimension,..the 555 part 1, 555 part 2.

Scorpio Full Moon , 11-11-2000

November 26 2000 7:30 E.S.T.

The following exhibits are still under construction,
please stay tuned!

New Presentation

Click on the banners below to go to the special introductions of "Art, Inspiration, and Healing".

"Assiel:Angel of Healing"

In the ""Hands of Love".....

"Art, Inspiration,..& Healing" is a virtual interactive "exploration" of the spiritual synergy between the power of the human spirit and the universal life force. It will also explore it's potential impact on our planet, the cosmos, our health, ...and our healing.

The Gallery's "Cosmic Mythology" collection will be the first of many new presentations to be brought forth through this special exhibit, as well as the new release of Jon-William's latest angel design, "Assiel: Angel of Healing". This will take place during a "live" unveiling and a special guest appearance with Janine Price in a special presentation called, "An Evening with SunSpirit and MoonEssence".

Featured Guest

Another featured guest and presentation of this upcoming exhibit will be a new music compilation by Barry Goldstein inspired by Angels. The title cut is called "Theres an Angel Watching You".

The gallery will be featuring the title cut and other cuts off this new compilation in their entirety, along with a "live" interview with Barry OH! Goldstein and some of the perfomers of this C.D. will take place here in the new "Interactive Gallery". A demonstration of a musical and fine art synergy will also be part of this exhibit. As a preview to this special synergy of music and fine art presentation, please click on the banners below. More featured guest will be posted soon, as well the program specifics of "Art, Inspiration, and Healing". Please enjoy.

November 25, 2000

Update: Gallery Home Page.

November 24, 2000

A message from the artist in regards to "Art, Inspiration, and Healing" .

A message from the Beacons of Light, Now is the Time.

November 23, 2000

On this Thanksgiving day, the Gallery would like to present it's newest angel design, "Assiel: Angel of Healing", along with this special song, "Touch the Angels", written by Barry Goldstein and sung by Lelah. This "Golden Room" is not completed as editions will be added as "Art, Inspiration, and Healing" continues to evolve. More will be posted here shortly.

This presentation is dedicated to "Aurora", and all those that suffer from chronic Illness. May the flame of your desires to overcome adversity never be extinguished. A special thank you to Judy for all your work and dedication to this project...

Please see the latest Home Page, and Interactive Gallery update.

A "Happy Thanksgiving" to all of you!. The following prayer was sent to me this morning. It is written by Marianne Williamson from her work, "Healing the Soul of America". A fitting tribute to this timely release.

Dear God,
Please help us change America,
from a land of violence
to a land of love.
Where there is separation,
please bring union.
Where there is distrust and pain,
please bring reconciliation of our hearts
with each other,
and with You.
May all be blessed and prosper,
here and throughout the world.
And so it is.

November 22, 2000

The beginning presentations of the gallerys special exhibit "Art, Inspiration, and Healing" will be posted shortly, including the postings of chapters 8, 9, 10, and 11 of "Portraits of Meditations", including the first ever posting of Chapter 12 and an updated photographic pictorial. The first phase of this presentation will also include the release of "Assiel: The Angel of Healing" along with a special synergetic musical by Barry Goldstein, "Touch the Angels". The complete collection of "Cosmic Mytholgy" will then follow...with more to be announced afterwards.....please stay tuned. Automatic notifications of updates will be sent via mailing list. Thank You.

November 15th, 2000

The following updates on this page date back to the beginning of October. Within the information and literature posted here, there is a correlation of topics that weave a very interesting pattern of events, especially in light of the United States election for President. One so subtle that only time will comprehend the full ramifications.. In the Gallery's writings, Return of the Dove there is the story of a meditation that took place at the nations capitol on October 24, 1998. This meditation was scheduled to run eleven minutes, was originally scheduled this way with a certain purpose. In November of 1997, in journal entries yet to be recorded through this web site, I write of my experience with the 11-11. More will be posted here shortly in regards to this. A few days ago I posted some information that took a look below (or 'above" depending on your perspective) the surface of the most recent events. It spoke of a evenly divided people. One that is not so much divided by classes of people, it is by what one believes in, as if a line has been drawn within the sands of this country. It spoke of the possibilities of something taking place that is not as evident as what appears to be. "Left or "right" is but a polarity within the same continum, an expression of duality. Yet, a threshold to oneness has been achieved by the creation of a "tension point" of the extreme.

This is best reflected, represented, and expressed through the publics vote of the two candidates running for office of the most influential country within the free world. Amongst the barrage of numbers that have bombarded the airwaves since the election,..there has been one recent poll that has stood out in my mind the most that mirrors this phenomenon. It was one that asked a percentage of americans of their choice of President since the post election scenario that has been played itself out since November 7th. The results are as follows.

Al Gore 47% (4+7=11)
George Bush 47% (4+7=11)

The following information, as well as the gallerys "Return of the Dove", attempts to cast a light on what may be happening to this country today by looking deeper into the heart of what is.

November, 9th, 2000

"I know that the world can be changed, and I know that the only way this can ever happen is by looking deeper than what appears to be into the heart of what is.

Like most Americans, as well as the rest of the world,...I have sat patiently, while riveted to the news concerning the events of the past few days. Even amongst the chaos, the signs are vivid and clear to see. If nothing else, the closeness of this past election has clearly demonstrated again one thing for sure...and that is the underlining movement of what is really happening to our collective unconscious. Until now,.I have refrained from any postings regarding the current events. But now,..Like the overview one gains from being airbound and looking down on the country side, I feel an overwhelming nudge to offer a perception that may be getting lost due to the confusion on the ground. It is time to rise above and look at the truth of what may be really going on here.

With the confusion that has reigned over the American election for President, it has been easy to get caught up in it's chaos and histeria. I was sent the following affirmation yesterday that I would like to share here as well as a personal insight soon to follow. To me,.the following has served as a method to remain centered, and a reminder of the truth that will always reign within,... even when our judgements are clouded by the chaos that surrounds us. I feel it is so important during this time of uncertainty, to remain focused on the larger picture.

From: The Women's Spiritual Network. Mail to:

Date: 8 Nov 2000 08:54:57 -0000

Affirmative Prayer of the Day

My life flows in a state of eternal blessedness, because it flows from the One Source of all blessings. I am one with the infinite loving wisdom of life; I am one with the heart of creation. I have been given the power to create a life of love, of meaning, and of joy, and I do this.

There's no condition or fact in the world that cannot be changed. Facts and conditions are not cause; consciousness is cause. I choose to live in such a way that my consciousness always centers upon the deep sacred nature of my life and all life. This being the case, I clearly see the presence of the divine in all things, in all people, and in myself. In the actions of my family, the activities of my neighborhood, and in the workings of the government, I see the hand of the divine.

I simply refuse to believe that a system is stuck. I know that the only thing that has ever changed anything is a heart devoted to seeing the truth expressed. A mind committed to creating something better. I know that the world can be changed, and I know that the only way this can ever happen is by looking deeper than what appears to be into the heart of what is. In all things, the blazing glory of Spirit is present; this Spirit goes beyond parties and affiliations. It goes beyond us and them, and unites it all in one infinite I AM. From this place, I speak my word, I cast my vote, and I choose the world in which I will live.

I give thanks for this ability to cocreate with Spirit a life filled with the good I envision and embody. I give thanks for my willingness to go beyond the small distinctions of the human mind, and I know that my life and the life of all is blessed by this way of seeing. I let this prayer do its work in my heart, in my mind, and in the world, knowing that Spirit guides it all in divine right action. And so it is.

Where there is light in the soul,
there is beauty in the person..
When there is beauty in the person,
there is harmony in the home..
When there is harmony in the home,
there is order in the nation.
When there is order in the nation,
there is peace in the world..
Ancient Chinese proverb

The following e-mail was picked up through my mailing lists that brings about a very important overview on what may be really happening in the world today..please listen carefully...

From: George Hopkins

Be advised when chaos is happening, something bigger in the world is taking place. To keep people evenly divided is an art, which has been done with the finest strokes in this election. When buttons are pushed people are being controlled by their emotions. The indigenous people of America would watch nature and learn about life. A dove that sees the enemy approaching her nest will fake a broken wing to get attention away from the enemy. Many things are happening in this world and in order to control the masses you get them divided. I hope things turn out to give you peace in your heart. As for our organization, we are moving forward without political or religious motives. You will know our Love for all life forms by our actions.
Hope you can join with us soon, to move forward. Time is short before a potential biological apocalypse gains momentum. If there is a fire in your home get out alive first, leave the mementos behind. Its time to realize what is really happening here. The canary has stopped singing, all efforts need to be resolving the problem, not creating another committee, or whatever. Eyes but do not see, Ears but do not hear. Bless GIHopkins of

Please click on GIHopkins link for some insight into the Economic Environmental Conservation Organization of which the following quote is taken.

"Our spiritual journey is about love and hope for all mankind. Today we stand at the crossroads of life and death for all life forms. If humans were animals, we would be on the endangered species list. Scientists estimate as much as 30% of all children will not be able to reproduce. This is not about blame. It is about responsibility. In the words of the man of the century Albert Einstein, One cannot apply the same logic to solve the problems that created them." (Please see web site for recent facts backing up this quote).

November 7th, 2000

Scorpio Full Moon , 11-11-2000

October 14th, 2000
Gallery Update

Please send the following prayer to as many people you can. Send this to the planet and heavens. Whisper it to the trees and the plants.... Let it be pasted through the roots and return in every breath taken. Let it be whispered in our Hearts!

Thank you Miciella for sending this prayer forth,...and for the reminder that we are not helpless in the face of current world violence. May peace prevail in a New Jerusalem!!!!

We the people of Planet Earth ask for conflict resolution in the Middle East.

"Remember, I am you, you are me, and we are One."

We ask for balance guided by knowledge that goes back to the beginning of mankind. To heal the heart, mind and soul of our fellow man for the highest good of humanity.

This land is crying to be a center of spiritual freedom for mankind and governed by gentle and equal representation under the mantel of the grace of The Creator. I shall treat my brother and sister with gentleness and kindness, for he/she is me and I am him, and together we merge out of the Sacred Land as One. For if he hurts I hurt, and as he bleeds I bleed. Therefore, I must love ME in order to love YOU.

We thank you for the peaceful resolution.

The People of the Planet Earth

If you have followed the interactions of this gallery since 98', the following will need no introduction. If you haven't,.. "Return of the Dove" will give many insights to the power of "focus intent", consciousness, prayer, meditation,..and peace.

James Twyman, Doreen Virtue and Gregg Braden, who will be presenting their wonderful work, including a worldwide prayer vigil at The Prophets Conference ~ Palm Springs this December, are asking that you join them in a focused meditation to heal the current violence in the Middle East. The worldwide Prayer Vigil will take place on Saturday, October 21, 2:00 PM, New York Time. We have seen this process work in the past, so we encourage you to help make it happen again. --Cody

About the Vigil:

Author and Peace Troubadour James Twyman will travel to Jerusalem to help focus a worldwide prayer vigil to heal the conflict in the Middle East on Saturday, October 21. He brings with him a section of "The Cloth of Many Colors," the mile long peace quilt that was presented at the United Nations, the US Capitol and the Pentagon last month. (For more information on the Cloth go to Gregg Braden and Doreen Virtue will join him on for a live meditation at 2:00 PM, New York time. Please pass this message on to everyone you know. In the past, hundreds of thousands or even millions of people have joined this team in prayer while critical peace negotiations were taking place in various parts of the world, often with miraculous results. Together we can extend healing prayers that have the power to shift the recent violence away from destruction and toward a world based upon peace and compassion.

How You Can Participate:
1. Pass this email on to everyone on your list.
2. Stop what you are doing at the appropriate time and "Pray Peace" for the Middle East. (For more information on this mode of prayer go to this Findhorn Press link ( an excerpt from the new book: "Praying Peace" by James F. Twyman in conversation with Gregg Braden and Doreen Virtue.)
3. Log onto at 1:30 PM for interviews and the live vigil.

A Note From James Twyman: "I believe that this vigil is of vital interest to us all, more than we might initially imagine. The "New Jerusalem" will be realized only when we allow the old form, based upon competition and intolerance, to fall. The events of the last few weeks call us to claim the power of this new world, and I believe that a focused vigil like this can lay the foundation that will allow this to happen. Please join us."

Gregg Braden, Doreen Virtue and James Twyman have focused several worldwide prayer vigils including the Great Experiment on April 23rd, 1998. Two months earlier, Twyman, author of "Emissary of Light," had been invited by Saddam Hussein to perform The Peace Concert in Iraq, and hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world stopped to Pray Peace and bring an end to the conflict there. Again on November 13, 1998, the three were together for another vigil for the people of Iraq. President Clinton ordered the air strikes to begin at the same time the prayer vigil took place, and while thousands of people prayed he gave an unprecedented stand down order. The jets returned to their ships and at least for one night no bomb was dropped and no one died. This as well as many other examples demonstrates the power of a mass prayer, and we ask you to participate again.

Doreen Virtue will be joining the vigil from Hawaii where she will be swimming and interacting with dolphins.

The situation in the Middle East grows more tense each day. Please join us in bringing to bare the power of focused prayer to bring peace.

May Peace Prevail on Earth!


Please remember the Grimes Point Activation today!!

Written by Rona Herman,

My dearest friends:

Sometime ago, Archangel Michael asked us to do an activation of the "CRYSTALLINE ENERGY" at Pyramid Lake, which is about 30 miles north of Reno, Nevada (accomplished in November 1999), as well as at Lake Tahoe (accomplished June 17, 2000), and also at an ancient geological, sacred Indian site out in the desert. These three sites form a triangle or pyramid and create a vortex of energy which Lord Michael says will eventually become a city of Light. Many of you have heard me say that before I moved back to Reno in December 1996, Lord Michael asked me to envision an ascension column over the Reno area. I began to visualize and build this vortex of energy in my meditations about five years ago. Then, with much loving energy and help from all of my spiritual brothers and sisters in the area, I was told that we had built a pyramid of Light in the etheric realms and that the column of Light was firmly anchored. All of this is in preparation for the future city of Light. Many of us have a vision that this area will become a center for seminars/workshops in which all who wish to do so can participate, offering their own specialities and expertise. Also, we would like to give those who wish to visit our area an opportunity to experience the beauty, wonder and unique energy at Pyramid and Tahoe lakes, as well as the sacred site at Grimes Point.

When AA Michael mentioned the site out in the desert, I had no idea where it was, but he said I would be told when the time was right. In July, there was a four-page article in the Reno Gazette Journal about the Spirit Cave Man found at Grimes Point (in the desert about 50 miles east of Reno). The first dating fixed the age of the mummy at about 2,000 years old, but later it was dated to be more than 10,630 years old. It has also been determined that the skull/remains are not linked to any known Indian tribe and there is much conjecture and argument about the origins of the Spirit Cave Man. It is interesting that the mummified remains were found in 1940 but were stashed way in the basement of a museum until 1994. The controversy and publicity are now heating up and it is "big news." After I read the article, I knew this was the place and AA Michael validated it, saying, "It is time for the third activation to take place."

A large portion of the desert East of Reno was covered by a great lake in ancient times. Pyramid Lake is all that remains. At Grimes Point, there are huge boulders scattered all over the hillside and they are a deep brown with a shiny finish, almost as if they have been coated with shellac. There are hundreds of petroglyphs and pictographs in the area, many of them spectacular and seemingly drawn by someone with advanced knowledge of the cosmos. It is very hot on the desert in the summer, and so I have scheduled the event for October 14, 2000. AA Michael tells me that there is a portal there, one which will give access to the higher dimensions and one from within the Earth that will be activated at that time. We go there as Record Keepers to give our gift of Love/Light and to receive the gift of our heritage and memories from our Mother Earth.

Some time ago, Lord Michael told (showed) me how the Lemurian people migrated to the West Coast of No. America, before the great deluge, in the latter stages of that continent's existence. He states that the Spirit Man is our connection to our Lemurian heritage and it is very appropriate that this information is brought to "Light" at this time. Of course, we have no way of proving this and you have to follow your own inner guidance as to whether this is your truth or not. If you are led to do so, join us in the higher dimensions from wherever you are. Assist us and experience the activation and energy transference at Grimes Point and we will help you in anchoring the Light wherever you are. See you there, love and angel blessings, Ronna October 9th, 2000

In light of the up coming "Art, Inspiration, and Healing" presentation.... a commentary by Susan Nidle . The gallery hopes to collectively link many of such commentarys, editorials and channelings, of both past and present,.. that correlate to the current times and topics presented here within the new virtual exhibit. If you have, or know of any such articles,..please forward to the gallery for presentation.

The gallery is presently continuing to work on fusing the "Cosmic Mythology" collection for full presentation soon. The main link for the upcoming exhibit will be posted within the Interactive Gallery now under construction. The gallery will also be testing it's "Chat Gallery" this week where the "live events" will be held in the near future. Notifications of days and times will be posted here. Chat room is available only to those members of the gallerys mailing list . Further announcements and instructions for visitors use during the exhibit will be posted here in time. Thank You.

October 5th, 2000

Rona Herman - Grimes Point Activation, October 14th, 2000
"You are the Time Keepers of the Universe"

Julianne Everett - Reclaiming Your 12-Strand DNA

The preceding links are but a few of the many "interconnecting essays" that will be shared and elaborated on within the gallery over time. I have followed and corresponded with many of these sources for a long time. At the end of "Your the Time Keepers of the Universe", Rona Herman elaborates on the current "third activation" now taking place over the south western United States. These undertakings are now confirming what I have been writing here about since the fall of1997 and contained within the manuscripts of "Atlantis Rising". I have communicated with Rona on a few occasions, but never once was anything ever shared between us concerning the current activation. Once reading her description, the assimilations and correlations to the experiences and information contained within this gallerys "Return of the Dove" and "Activations at Giant Rock" in regards to "energetic pyramids" are simply astounding.

The association with "Reclaiming your 12-Strand DNA" written in 1995 by Julianne Everett, and the gallery writings of "Activation of the Twelve" demonstrate that what was forcasted years ago,..are now coming to pass. The connections to the universal life force based on light energy and regulated by "chakra centers" within the human electro magnetic energy field, ....activating higher frequencies and "fields of consciousness", are now being confirmed by leading scientist and metaphysicians. The gallery will continue to follow and explore these avenues. Please stay tuned.

I am now working on the program for the new presentations of "Art, Inspiration,.and Healing". This exhibit continues to develope and come together in a synthesis of many aspects of what has been shared in this gallery over the past three years. Once released for it's target date in October, the presentation will run through the holiday season and into January of 2001. More will be posted shortly.

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