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Gallery Updates - October, 2001

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Welcome to a SunSpirit 'Gallery Update'. Here You will find the most recent updates made to this web site by scrolling below. Archived updates from the Gallery dating back to 1998 are located within the Gallery Archives. Please feel free to write the artist with suggestions, questions, or add your own comments to the gallery's guestbook above - Happy wanderings!:

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Contained within this web page will be the latest postings regarding the Gallery and links (above) to archived updates.

October 22, 2001

In these uncertain times, there is but one thing for sure. On September 11th, 2001, our world changed,....and it will never be the same. Not only here in America from where I write tonite,...but everywhere. It was inevitable. Our world changed, because it HAD to change. It does not take a visionary to see that we now stand at a precipice between two worlds. Two simple reality's. We have but one choice left. We can continue by living in a world that does not adhere to the Laws of Mother Nature and proceed down the same path of terror, war, tyranny, oppression, ecological disaster and eventual destruction. Or, we can make a conscious choice to embrace Mother Nature and not only survive, but create a new age of peace and prosperity unlike this world has ever seen. For if one embrace's the basic Laws of the Universe, one can create a Garden of Eden from a dry desert. Infinite prosperity for all, eradicating evil at it's roots, and we shall know War no more. There is no other way. Peace will reign Heaven on Earth.

And so it is.

October 14, 2001

A real mind bender,...
The Enterprise Mission"

October 13, 2001

Gallery Post: September 15th

"Lies of the Anunnaki"

"I declare and decree that all tyranny, all acts of domination, slavery and control over the free will of human beings now cease."

"Resist Not Evil"
Channeled by Donna Simelunas

"Planetary Activation Organization" "Return to Full Consciousness".

October 11, 2001

Will You Change This?
By Jon-William-

The question echoed in every far corner of my mind, my surroundings, everything I saw, heard, felt, the question remained,....Will You Change This?

For a moment I forgot everything I once knew. When I looked around nothing seemed the same anymore. Surreal, chilling, cold and isolated. Nothing made sense, nothing was real. Gone for ever.

When I looked at the tall buildings that surrounded me in scuplted modern wonder, I no longer saw their majestic beauty. The images of the Golden City were buried deep in my sub-conscious, replaced with images of shattered steel, glass, and life,.. consumed in balls of fire in an instant.

Will You Change This?

When I looked in your eyes I no longer saw the Love, the reflection of the Sun, the Light that once shown so bright with the promise of tomorrow. For a moment I had forgotten your name even though your face seemed so familiar. I did not recognize you through the fear and dashing of a security that I had once felt some time long ago. No longer did I sleep in the comfort of your arms, dancing on stars in my dreams, nor wake to the vibrant colors of morning any more.

Will You Change This?

When I saw the birds, I no longer heard their song. When I saw the great beast of the earth as well as the smallest bug and leaf, I forgot about the life you bring in the air, the mountains and sea. I forgot about the life the air, land and sea gives you.

Will You Change This?

When I looked to the sky, I no longer saw the Sun in it's brilliance, nor the blue skies of royalty. I saw a dimming light and smoke on the horizon. A gathering dark, cold and brutal storm blown in by the mighty winds of Thor scourging the Earth, leaving nothing but wasteland in it's Doomsday path.

For a moment I had forgotten that we had a choice, and the free will of hu-man the test.

Will You Change this?

Then I awoke from a dream in your arms within a city of Gold, ablazed by the brillance of the New Dawns Light, echoing the promise of a brand new day filled with the song of the birds and the beast of all the skies, mountains and seas. I awoke and I was changed,... and Heaven had transformed the Earth.



By NOW most of us have been saturated and sometimes overwhelmed by the infinite commentary's, editorials, dedications, and the multitudes of opinions, ideas and pictures of events since September 11th. Over the course of the next few days, and whatever time deemed necessary and available thereafter, this web site will be focusing on another paradigm of perspective. It's main focus will be on preparation for the coming days ahead and what we all can do "NOW" to take responsibility for ourselves that the current times are demanding of us all. The insights you are about to read within this update are written and gleaned from the heart. It is my hope that they are read from the heart. Many people throughout the world today have spent a very long, testing time learning, remembering, preparing, sacrificing and sharing the experiences that have led us to this crossroad in time for one purpose only. That purpose is NOW and it was written within a contract that was signed in dedication to humantiy lifetimes ago. If you have not been listening until now, it is time to pay attention for we all have a say in what happenes NOW to ourselves, each other, and this world. But we must listen with our hearts as well as our minds. As we do, we may realize that in face of the 'valley of fear" in which we have all been forced to tresspass through, there is a Light that will transcend the confusion, chaos, and fear that abounds. It is the only thing that is real. Falling victim to the fear is the ultimate Illusion. There are answers. There are those that have spent a very long,..long,..long time seeing to it that this light remained as a beacon to follow, specifically for this time upon us NOW. We have been given choices and the tools to learn exactly what it is we can do for ourselves NOW, and exactly how to proceed from here in regards to the specifics of this day no matter who determines what path is chosen around us. It is absolutley crucial that the focus remains on this light in order to transmute the negativity that is about to consume this earth. Choose the darkness, and you too shall be consumed by it. In this time of true uncertainty, there is no need to travel the path of the chicken with it's head cut off, running in circles, hearded to slaughter. YOU have the power to determine our own future and it is time to remember this,..NOW. We, as a world have the power to determine our own destiny...NOW. And no matter what it is we see, hear or read in the coming days ahead, we must keep this fact in the forefronts of our minds and hearts, and NOT allow ANYONE to tell us differently. May we all awake in order to transform our lives, our world,..our universe....NOW. We owe it to ourselves. We owe it to our children. We owe it to all that may come and to all that have come before us. The time has come to take the reigns of responsibility that have been gifted us and take control of our own future and to "become" the future in which we desire.

The times, they are serious....and it's time to take them seriously. Simply put, it is time to wake up and smell the roses folks,..literally. Have you found yourself lately trying to determine what is real,.and what isn't? During the times when you have listened to your heart, have you asked the questions that we all should be asking right now? Or have we allowed ourselves to be led blindly through this valley of fear. Wake up now! Arise above the lies, manipulation, negativity, deception and free your soul once and forever and do it NOW.

I speak NOW to those of us who have made the choice not only between love and fear,..but that of continued life on this planet. I do not believe this is an over-reation,..nor a joke. The real joke has been played on us. It is time to make the committment to life like we have at no other time in history. Let there be no mistake about it, there WILL BE a new world in the way,.or the other. The real questions are,..what kind of world will we choose, ...who will choose it....and how? Will we choose it with our hearts from love and transform our world to one world of peace that allows us all to co-exist with each other with all our differences, together with our Mother Earth....and live? Or will we choose it through fear with wounded ego's and false pride that will only lead to certain destruction and the possibity of life on Earth as we know it. Some say that we are living out a pre-determined classic tale of "good versus evil", which, like most fairytales in the end,..good triumphs and we live happily ever after. Some say there is nothing to do,..but only to "become". No doubt,..we are about to 'become" something very different than what we have 'been". Whatever the case may be, for me, there remains a duty. An obligation. To each other and to ourselves. We can throw up our arms, leave our mess for someone else to clean up, allow ourselves to feel hopeless and worthless and roll over and go back to sleep for a very long time....... or we can roll up our sleeves, open our hearts and minds, stretch them to the outer limits of the universe, and allow Love to "become" anything we want to it to be....and live in the ETERNAL CONSCIOUS NOW of LIGHT that has been forever and forever will be.

Time is of the essence, and if you do not understand this, if you do not believe this, then just go take a look at what is happening to your own Sun that sustains your life in this world. Do not expect your Government to save you. Do not expect ships to fly out of the sky to rescue you. Do not rely on anyone to save you, except yourself and the source of "all that is" within you....NOW.

Over the next few days, this web site will be posting a vast array of information, insight, context and content that will address these issues and questions...directly. Some may reject what you are about to read. Some may not. Others will embrace it. For those that may find it a bit "far out" and label it as "new age junk", all I ask is that you listen,..and listen with your hearts. Then take a good look at what has happened to our world and how it got this way,... not just the hedious and devestating act on the World Trade Center,..but the whole world itself, for what happens anywhere within this planet today, will surely come back on us all. It is the law of nature and there is NO WAY around it. Then ask yourself what is real,..and what is not real. It's time to stretch our minds, wake up, transmute and transform once and for all....and that time is NOW.

In Love and Service,
Jon-William Brown

Reposting of "Return of the Dove" within "Atlantis Rising".

October 8, 2001

Planetary Activation Organization, including introduction statement, and glossary.
*What are Starseeds?
*Starseed Activation
* Self Multi-Dimensional Alignment, (Chakra aligning)

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