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Gallery Updates - October, 2003

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October 7, 2003

In light of recent investigations regarding 9/11, U.S. Gov and U.N. resolutions, the corporate fraud,

and the escalating march to violence and world war, much has been exposed of the world management team's role of creating deception and illusion. So refined are their tactics that even still, even the most intelligent and 'aware' people of this days society are still blinded by the total manipulation through controlled media outlets. But it even goes deeper than that. Many are now very aware of what is really going on behind the scenes and are being driven through fear and manipulation in order to play out their roles and contribute to the greatest 'show of illusion' in modern day history. Those that have been fortunate enough to penetrate the current veil of deception and not fall victim to the lies that are stuffed down our throats through every possible avenue available, are beginning to come forth and speak out against the threat of civil liberties and sovereign freedoms. For me personally, I find it hard to believe that even after all the information that has been made available to the general public, there is still a majority that are being fooled and duped into total control, subversion, and domination at the expense of personal freedom and democracy. I have seen to often lately how the 'truth' cannot be told simply because it could not be handled. Even now as the latest plans for catapulting the world into a deceptive war and chaos in order to further the new world agenda, many are so disillusioned that they are willing to swallow everything they are being told and allow themselves to be led blindly like sheep to slaughter.

The fact of the matter and truth behind the charades that are now being carried forth and exposed due to the current influx of high leveled 'Light Energy', would shock many. Has anyone noticed that the results of the investigations into US intelligence failure regarding 9/11was due to miscommunication between associated agency's? Does the terrorist term 'sleeper cell' ring a bell? Does anyone really think that it is not by design that after years and billions of dollars spent on establishing a central intelligence and federal investigation agency that it is only now being concluded that they speak to one another on a limited 'need to know' basis? Did not anyone ever think or make this connection before 9/11?

For those that are not familiar with the term 'sleeper cells' in order to carry forth terrorist activities, such as the one alledgedly carried out on 9/11 in New York and Washington, allow me to give this brief description. Sleeper cells usually consist of a team of individuals that work in a small 'cell' group. They are given certain information that only they themselves are to know. A complete 'need to know' gag order is implemented. Many of the members of the group will not ever meet each other or even know of each other until the time of their mission. Other 'sleeper groups' are formed in order to carry out a different phase of activity directly involved in attaining a specific mission. The groups of cells do not communicate to each other but are controlled by another source. Who is then controlled by another source. The current 'terrorist groups' are so trained by the SAME manipulating, infiltrated, powers of control that govern our world. They are ruled by all they same force and even the so called 'terrorist' pawns themselves, who are blinded by their false faith and martydom, do not realize it.
What  I am saying directly here, is that all the so called 'boogey men' of our times are but puppets and pawns of a much larger picture. The Bin Laden's, the Saddam Husseins, and Mohammeds and those that are running the so called, now defunct due to replacement by the Secret Government consisting of CIA and Military Forces, U.S. Government.

Folks, this spells big trouble and it's time to be direct, wake up, and smell the roses. The last time such a force was amassed and played out through the worlds stage was World War Two. It is all the same. The same dictating forces, although under a different name and operating through yet another ruling force, are yet again attempting world domination. History is now repeating itself once again and once again the masses fall victim and duped by the same controlling forces. 9/11 was a set up from the get go. America and the world was fooled into mass hysteria, fear and control in order for the few remaining steps to attained which is now being attempted. Soon, a plan to plunge the world into conflict, mass chaos and destruction, will be escalated. By many accounts, their plan will be twarted, but this remains to be seen.

As quoted in my manuscripts of "Atlantis Rising', written years before 9/11, and many times over the current months since, I have written and spoken of the New World Order Team (called by many names of the centuries). Much information has been written regarding the activities of such a 'secret society' through many different sources. Yet, even now, as their charades of manipulation escalate and penetrate the collective conscious with warning sign after warning sign, many still will not believe it, remain asleep, or are to afraid to look at the truth.

It's last call at happy hour folks for the trip home.

To answer what should be the most obvious question put forth by now is, what can one do?
The answer is relatively simple. Create a new reality. For those that may have been paying attention to the work that has been put forth through these web pages over the past five years, you may have figured out by now what the program 'Activations of Light' is really all about and why it is being brought forth now. Even though I have dedicated much time and money into the research of this particular information in order to bring it forth, I am also aware that the information itself is NOT my truth, but the truth of a much greater source. It is being channeled and integrated through me as a tool for manifestation. I have explained how this works many times, as well as many others.

I have also attempted many times to empower my work and have it financed and sustained by the work itself. This has not as of yet come to pass. Due to the current status and situation, as well as my personal situation, I have decided, as well as instructed, to allow the basic 'Activations of Light' program available free of charge. Although there has been specific instructions on how this information is to be distributed. First and most important it must be requested and called forth. Secondly, you will be asked to register a name and contact source with the Gallery. The first three lessons have been made available through Gallery Membership. This avenue will continue to bring additional updates and information evaluation in the time to come, but will be available only through the membership program.

I will be exhibiting one more major presentation this coming weekend in Manchester, NH. After that I will be conducting personal and group meetings in my home on Monday and Tuesdays. I am in the midst of preparing a program entitled: New World, or New World Order? I will continue to develop 'Activations of Light' both online and off for as long as there are avenues available.

I will have much more to post in the weeks ahead with more specifics. In short, the best method that one may use to empower themselves is to reconnect to the power of the spirit, thus activating their lightbody, enabling the power of thought, intention, and prayer to manifest and alter the course of a disillusion reality being perpetrated upon us.

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