"I have reached the inner vision
and through Thy spirit in me
I have heard the wondrous secret.
Through Thy mystic insight
Thou hast caused a spring of knowledge
to well within me
a fountain of power
pouring forth living waters
a flood of love
and all embracing wisdom
like the splendour of eternal light"

From "The Book of Hymns" of the Dead Sea Scrolls

The new featured exhibit "Art, Inspiration,..& Healing" is a multi-media presentation celebrating the official re-opening of SunSpirit Gallery. It will feature many different aspects of art in many different forms, including fine art, music, writing, poetry, photography, as well as audio and video demonstrations....all designed to serve as a source of inspiration and it's relationship to healing. It aspires to be a virtual interactive "exploration" of spiritual synergys and interactions. Although there is a basic program and outline of featured exhibits lined up for presentation,..the gallery's exploratory approach to featuring this program will be spontaneous and evolving.

It is my hope that come January 1st, 2001,..this presentation will adhere and demonstrate a cohesiveness that now only resembles fragments of a totality yet to come forth, yet residing dormant within deeper recesses of a collective consciousness. The seeds for this exhibit have been planted a very long time ago and although it's developement thus far may appear to be vague, I am sure that in the time to come it will eventually portray a wholeness. What I have discovered in my research in compiling this presentation and throughout the developement of this web site itself, has simply been a journey to "Oneness"...or,...a re-discovery of a source that exists beneath all the layers and dimensions of self...or separate of each other.

While crossing this vast land of America over the years, I have often marveled at the great rock formations of such places like the Green and White Mountains of New England, the Tennesse River Valley, the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and the Sonoran and Joshua Tree deserts. I have learned how the erosion of the land reveals crystalline structures and solid masses of quartz monoliths that take form over millions of years of evlotution below the surface of the earth,...yet,..over time......revealing to us structures of magnificent beauty, powerful vortexes and concentrations of electromagnetic energy. Energy that is magnetic to the essence and resonance of our own souls, our own etheric crystalline composition, and our own evolutions.

This presentation is about a discovery or exploration of that one source that is omni-present and omni-exisiting within us all,.whether or not it is visible on the surface or evident of our race, our religion,.or our beliefs. I am looking forward to observing this exhibits evolution as much as any one, for I feel that I am but a vehicle for a manefestation of powers that emanate not from myself, but through the self.....emanating from a 'higher self" that resides in the realm of the eternal "NOW". Blending and melting into a oneness that exists on the other side of a veil,..a veil that is growing thinner and thinner by the hour of each day, forming a trust, and a faith that needs not be seen,..but only felt with the heart.

The most valuable lesson I have learned throughout the four years of creating this virtual gallery has been how to "open the door" to this connectedness,..in contrast to the constant knocking in fear, mistrust, doubt, pain, suffering and eventual denial. It is my most sincere desire,.that the work that is and will be featured here in the time to come,..will help serve as a threshold for myself and anyone that wants to pass through the portal to blend the mundane,..... with the magical.

The Gallery's "Cosmic Mythology" collection will be the next presentation to be brought forth through this special exhibit, as well as the evolution of the "Golden Gallery" that now houses the release of my latest angel design, "Assiel: Angel of Healing". Hopefully,..this will take place during a "live" special guest appearance with Janine Price, the Gallerys "Goddess of Poem" in a special presentation called, "An Evening with SunSpirit and MoonEssence".

Another featured guest of this exhibit throughout will be Barry Goldstein and his new musical compilation peformed by several artist entitled "Theres an Angel Watching You". The gallery is also working on arranging several interviews with other artist and healers as well as a "live" interview with Barry and some of the perfomers of this C.D. to take place in the new "Interactive Gallery". Specific details on the program of this presentation will be posted here in time as the exhibit evoles. As a preview to this special presentation, please click on the banner below. Much more will be posted within this web site very soon regarding the program specifics of "Art, Inspiration, and Healing".

"Assiel: Angel of Healing"