activation- energetic awakening of cellular memory of multi-dimensional consciousness that is triggered by dimensions outside of linear space and time.

cellular memory- knowledge of all time, place, and occurence in the universe that exist in the actual cells of all living things.

chakras- energy centers of the physical body.

codes- knowledge imprints from star intelligence, instinct, memory, genetics and experience that exist in crystal templates that can transmit their information if they are activated within certain time frames.

electromagnetic fields- Zones of energy that are created by electromagnetism.

electromagnetism- magnetism or attraction that is developed by electrical currents. The magnetic force is directly proportional to the strength of electrical charging.

elementals- metallic, nuclear, chemical, and mineral intelligences of the second dimension.

etheric- a non-physical realm of subtle vibrancy that can be accessed by transduction out of the etheric into feelings that can be decoded. It is one of the most important sources of intuition, and the etheric is where fourth dimensional archetypal forces locate, and that is why they can be felt.

geomantic activation- deliberate alignment by shamans with the telluric realm of Earth to create energy and feelings the facilitate an enhanced alignment with Gaia.

Impulsed- the projection of ideas or desires into any intelligence.

karma- unprocessed actions, feelings, thoughts, and desires, that hold energy and impulse repetition until they are clarified.

kundalini- subtle electromagnetic energy that flows in body channels and coalesces in the chakras..

making home- consciously locating self in linear space and time by being so conscious of the four directions that all dimensions and realities are totally accessible. Also called 'grounding".

miasms- antiparticles that concretize into etheric mass in the physical body that hold memory of desease patterns that can be activated by feelings.

monad- the kernal within self that contains cosmic intelligence.

Net- the structure of apocalyptical fundamentalist belief systems that the World Management Team employs to slow down vibratory rates of thought. This causes consciousness to lose subtlety and become more dense, until all realities solidify and there is no more movement.

Portals- Locations on the surface of Earth where second dimensional, or telluric lines or tubes are sourced. By activating telluric intelligence in these locations, multidimensional forces can be accessed. Also, portals are entry points into the physical body where telluric intelligences guard against invasion into the body; these portals are the source of healing by shamans, such as physic surgeons. Not yet known to modern science.

power places- portal zones.

resonance- occurs when essences that vibrate in different dimensions are on the same wave length; this is how different worlds and dimensions are linked.

solar initiates- shamans who communicate with the intelligence of the Sun, which is linked to other stars and to the Galactic Center.

telluric- natural electromagnetic forces of Earth.

transduction- reception of a wave in one form that is changed into another form; a phone, for example, recieves sound, transduces it to electrical signals, then transduces it back into a persons voice.

vortexes- portals in the physical body that access multidimensional fields.

World Management Team- individuals in the third dimension who are controlled by the Annunaki, who are impulsed by them to carry out plans that benefit Nibiru and not Earth. All individuals working in team agencies- such as in the Vatican, secret societies, banks, governments, school systems, the medical system, and many buisnesses- are agents of the Annunaki, unless they are conscious of Annuaki vibrations and do not carry out their plans. In recent days, the World Management Team has been calling itself the New World Order.

Glossary of terms have been collected from the "Pleiadian Agenda" by Barbara Hand Clow.