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Activation of Light C.D.

Special Exhibit;
Activations of Light C.D.

(2 C.D. Set)

'Atlantis Rising;
The Awakening of an American StarSeed"

Part One; The Initiation


Introductory Video

1. Atlantis and the Creation of
The New Light Energy Grid Matrix

Please scroll down for a special presention of SunSpirit Gallery's new audio C.D. 'Activations of Light', an audio/musical introduction to Jon-William's 'consciousness restoration' program, as well as Part One of his new book, 'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American StarSeed". An addition to this exhibit is Jon-William's latest design,'ArchAngel Michael; Warrior of Light'.

The following presentation includes audio samples that make up the 'Activation of Light" C.D..The audio tracks are narrations on literary chapters beginning with the story of Atlantis and the creation of the new 'Light Energy Grid Matrix' ('Electromagnetic Grid'). Together with audio demonstrations regarding the 'Universal Language of Light' and the 'Hermetic Principles' (Philosopher's Stone) this C.D. can be used as a valuable tool for transforming consciousness through application. The 'Activation of Light C.D.' includes original background musical compositions created by John Lightfoot that contain an 'energetic frequency' intended to activate latent memory codes (DNA) and triggers for conscious awakening.

The Activations of Light C.D. features an exclusive interview with Jon-William just twenty four hours after completing a twelve day geomantic, telluric activation at Celestial Falls (Sierra Mountains, CA - 12 miles south of Yosemite)on April the 4th, 1999. This event was written about in his latest book as a chapter entitled, 'Activation of the Twelve' and serves for a future C.D. project consisting of the original audio journals during the twelve days of the Activation in March and April of 1999. Other tracks on the CD feature musicals including 'Transformission' (actually recording and musical presentation of Jon-William's second initiation in November 1998, as well as a meditational excercise for connecting to the Light Matrix. Also featured is a special performance by Angela Campbell and Jon-William in 'Be That Change' recorded in 1996.

This online presentation concludes with Part One 'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American StarSeed", Jon-William's documented journey through his spiritual/social awakening transformation that began in 1997, reflected by the collective consciousness at the dawning of a new millenium.

The book is due out in its entirety for distribution through this web site by the fall.

"ArchAngel Michael"



"Beloved masters, the Earth and humanity are on the verge of the greatest awakening and transformation since the fall of consciousness into the density of the lower realms. It may seem as though the elements are out of control and destruction abounds on Earth; however, we ask you to please remember, “Out of chaos comes new Creation.” Many dear souls who are not yet ready to graduate from the wheel of reincarnation and karma are transcending into the higher realms in preparation for an “upgrade in consciousness” as they prepare for a new and better cycle of experience in the physical/material worlds of expression. As we have told you before, because of what you, the Legions of Light, have accomplished, it is assured that no other group of souls will ever have to experience the deep level of suffering, fear, negativity and deprivation that you have experienced during your many sojourns in this galaxy and especially on Earth."

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All artwork, special exhibits, seminars and workshops, as well as this website are made possible only through art purchases and donations. We hope you will support the art of SunSpirit Gallery and its innovative work in creating alternative educational programs.

Your continued support of 'the arts' is greatly appreciated.

A Special Presention of
the Activations of Light C.D.

Audio Introduction

You can use RealPlayer or Window's Media Player (with optional visualizations) for optimum audio experience. Enjoy!

* Soundclip of Jon-William
during an Introduction Seminar in March, 2003
'Critical Mass'.

Featured Song
*'Be That Change'
Lyrics/Vocals by Angela Campbell
Guitars- A.Campbell/Jon-William
Lead Guitar - Sergio

Be That Change

Is this really all there is
We work so hard to fill our time
We make money to buy us things
We try to walk the narrow line

The truth seems so forgotten
As the buildings mask the sky
These things we have won't mean so much
When we die

We can't believe the lie

The ground is covered in a concrete shell
Chopped to pieces that we buy and sell
Sometimes I think this must be hell
'Cause I can't see where we come from

Your in hell when Gods' not with you
Heaven is when love is at your side
Tell me how can love be with you
When you run away and hide

Can't believe the lie

They feed us the American dream
On a tarnished platter of broken dreams
Can't they hear the primal screams
Of our hearts that have been forgotten

You and I we are of this land
And we shall return to the fertile sand
It's as real as teardrops in your hands
Granite gardens in forgottern lands

We are dust in the eyes of time
Our time on Earth is all we know
This may be our final show
What we do before we go
Plants the seeds from which our children will grow

If you want to see a change in this world
You've got to Be that Change
Be that Change
Be that Change
Be that Change

'Activation of Light C.D. #1'
(2 C.D. Set)

Click Here for a Special Video Presentation
of a Sample Sountrack
from the 'Activations of Light' C.D.


1. Atlantis and the Creation of
The New Light Energy Grid Matrix

Electromagnetic Grid -
Written by Norma Malanovich
From 'The Light Shall Set You Free'
Narrated by Jon-William Brown
Background musical frequencies by John Lightfoot

2. Hermetic Principles and the Philosophers Stone
Written by Paul Von Ward
Narrated by Jon-William Brown and John Lightfoot
Musical frequencies by John Lightfoot

3. Light Grid Attunement Meditation

4. Critical Mass

5. Be That Change

'Activation of Light C.D. #2'

1. Activation of the Twelve

2.Interview with Jon-William
'Activation of the Twelve'; Celestial Falls,CA April 1999

3. 3 Components of the Earth Ascension Process


Activations of Light Arranged and Produced by Jon-William Brown
Music and Audio Production by John Lightfoot
A special thank you to Dean, John, Cindy, Cherie,
Anita, Greg, Scott, Wally, Alisha, Lisa,
Martina and everyone in Oakhurst and Fish Camp California
that made possible my time there.

More information on the Activation of Light Seminar/Workshop.

Click here for a special
Video Introduction to
'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American StarSeed'

Adobe Acrobat Reader E-Book Format

Click Here for Part One
'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American StarSeed"
By Jon-William Brown
Please scroll once accessed

"This is POWERFUL! I urge you to read Jon-William's manuscript as soon as you can. He describes a few of his personal experiences, 'chance encounters' with personalities who tell him remarkable things about the cosmos and himself. These descriptions are so penetrating I cannot possibly convey to you what they are like. You simply must read them yourself, and I urge you to do so with all possible speed. I have been greatly impacted by the parts available throughout his web site. This is so much more powerful than the 'Celestine Prophecy' which was so popular a few years ago. This is all my opinion, you will have to read it for yourself. Personally, I believe it has the makings of a big seller, and beyond that - a classic."

- Melanie Haden

All special exhibitions, seminars and workshops, as well as this Website are possible only with private donations and art purchases. We hope you will support the efforts of SunSpirit Gallery and its innovative work in creating alternative educational programs.

To obtain a copy of the 'Activations of Light' C.D., the Gallery asks for a $20.00 donation to be made in support of its alternative education and awareness programs. For a limited time only, SunSpirit Gallery will include an 8.5 x 11, signed photo-print of 'ArchAngel Michael; Warrior of Light'.

Your continued support of 'the arts' is greatly appreciated. Please forward this special exhibit to your family and friends!

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