‘Celebration of the Enduring Spirit’

with Visionary Artist Jon-William Brown

A multi-dimensional art exhibit/seminar - SunSpirit Tour – 2004


Beginning in September, 2004, visionary artist, speaker, writer, student, and teacher Jon-William Brown will embark on a national tour dedicated to the ever increasing elevation of consciousness awareness in humanity. In the face of the current state of war, violence, terror and fear tearing apart the very fabric of the collective American consciousness, Jon-William feels that it is necessary to make a statement regarding the ever increasing presence and awareness of a potential modern day renaissance, or what has been known through ancient teachings and legends as the ‘Great Shift of the Ages’.


By presenting a program aimed at the inevitable eventual restoration of full human consciousness, Jon-William intends to demonstrate the interconnection between art, meta-science and spirituality and their contributions to a shifting elevation of consciousness awareness, personal empowerment, and healing.


Beginning tour dates and Itinerary are as follows;


September 26, 2004

3 State Street

Newburyport, Mass 01950


Reservations required


Open House ‘Celebration of the Enduring Spirit’.

A Multi-Dimensional Art Exhibit and Seminar Presentation


Archival Print and Gift Product Demonstration.


Exhibit includes sample designs of all SunSpirit Gallery collections; Angelic Realms, Goddess of Astrology, Cosmic Mythology and Naturescapes. Wholesale and retail product gift items, including greeting art card lines to be introduced.

Featured Exhibit; Introducing Jon-William’s “Newburyport Series”;

 ‘Spring and Summer Editions’ in archival print.


Introductory Seminar; ‘Activations of Light’.


Jon-William will present information and a general overview of his seminar series; ‘Activations of Light’; A Program for the Full Restoration of Human Consciousness’. Introduction will include CD, video, and meditation presentations, and emphasis on the correlations between form, color, words, and sound and their role in activating consciousness, awareness, personal empowerment and healing.


Publication introduction of ‘Atlantis Rising; A StarSeed’s Journey’.


Readings and discussion on Jon-William’s brand new introductory publication, ‘Portraits of Meditations’, a prelude to his publication of a five year journal manuscript, ‘Atlantis Rising; A StarSeed’s Journey’. Portraits of Meditations is the journaled experience by Jon-William while creating a line of mythological ‘Faces of God’, resulting in a five year ‘spiritual pilgrimage’ across America. ‘Atlantis Rising’ is the documented journals of that journey, and is expected to be published soon. In the meantime, Portrait of Meditations includes such excerpts as ‘The Initiation’, The Return of the White Dove’, ‘The Tribe of Seven’, and the ‘Activations of Celestial Falls and Giant Rock’.


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