Reflections on Twenty Years

By John William Brown


November 2017


They say truth is stranger than fiction. If I had a hundred years I still could not tell this story with all its nuances to capture and explain its accuracy. And even if I could, who would believe it?


I remember my last artistic venture in Boston during the summer of 1996. I had spent months developing a specific printing interaction of the brand new digital applications first introduced to me by my brother. It was similar to that being developed by Graham Nash of Nash Editions, and his Boston apprentice, Singer Editions, on 'D' Street, incorporating the first usages of the 'giclee or iris' printing method for fine art. I had done some watercolor painting and this was the effect I was looking for. A method that was to eventually go on and revolutionize the fine art printing field.


I created one of the first complete lines of greeting cards done without 4 color offset plates, introduced via my first web site,, at the Bayside expo gift show in 1996. People who were familiar with conventional printing methods marveled at the revolutionary process, not only because of the product itself, but the financial implications as well. For the first time in history, an artist had the opportunity to create quality fine art reproductions from electronic files and produce limited edition prints at a fraction of conventional cost, as well as obtaining many other valuable attributes, ………including infinite creativity.


It wasn’t long after that I sat down on my 47th birthday in June of 1997, and wrote the first passages of my 'Atlantis Rising; Awakening of an American Artist' manuscript entries. The first documentations of a journey that I was to chronicle over the course of the next three years that crossed the continental United States several times,


A journey that ultimately changed the course and understanding of my life.


First Journal Entry- June 23,1997

Today is a special day, for I feel that I am ready to embark on a journey that I have waited for a very long time to complete. During this journey, my intention is to choose and experience a special gift from what I refer to as Spirit, or the "Divine Source". A gift in which my intentions are to result in a series of artwork called "Faces of God".


From my introductory page to the Atlantis Rising manuscript;


"What we have all been witnessing as of late is the final quantum leap for the restoration of full human consciousness on planet Earth."


"Atlantis Rising" is a true experiential story. It is documented and constructed around the written journals of an Artist from 1996 through the turn of the new millennium. Due to spontaneous, synchronistic, and intuitive interaction, certain circumstances resulted in a spiritual pilgrimage across the United States. America, the great melting pot of the free world, is considered by the artist/author to be the land in which great transformations will soon occur that will change the world in which we know it today.


"Atlantis Rising; The Awakening of an American Artist" are the journals of this journey. Over time, documenting a personal transformation that reflects a quantum leap of human consciousness itself at the dawning of a new age.


The world now stands on the brink of a major transformation. A challenge to this transformation has been recently demonstrated by the last desperate acts of 'Annunaki-bred' Illuminati pawns to achieve their long sought after 'New World Order' agenda and total world-governed dictatorship. The war on terror and the latest global financial crisis are but two of the many 'prophetic' avenues that have been created 'by design' in order to deceive the world into accepting a world government, manipulated and implemented by the global elite.


Evil can never be eradicated. It can only be transmuted. This is our role to fulfill for human evolution


This story tells of how a new 'energy matrix' is now rising, exposing, and challenging a world polarized by a web of illusion. A net that was woven by relatively few sources that manipulated power and secret knowledge in order to separate, deceive, and dominate the human race.


Through a newly activated 'Light Grid Energy Matrix', humankind now has the ability to transcend this veiled net of deception and create a collective shift in consciousness resulting in a global awakening instead of global enslavement.


What we have all been witnessing as of late is the final quantum leap for the restoration of full human consciousness on planet Earth. A decree that all tyranny, all acts of domination, slavery, and destructive thought form control over human beings MUST NOW CEASE!


This story is not about new age or religious rhetoric. It is based in spiritual-science, meta-science. The trumpet warnings have all been sounded. This is is now....and we all must make a choice.


A Message from the artist;

"The following account is chronologically documented through my awakening experience. It is my story. Some names have been changed or omitted for the sake of anonymity. Although the results may never be proven through current "status quo" scientific methods, may history reveal a time in evolution in which humanity stood at a threshold and embraced a total shift in awareness. A 'Great Shift of the Ages' that resulted in a brave new paradigm of life on earth.


In the words of "meta-scientist" and author Paul Von Ward, "The current works of various frontier scientist and grounded metaphysicians are now confirming the validity of these concepts, we can now begin to test them and determine their application to all dimensions of our universe"....


A new 'human in the cosmos' myth is now being created. The new 'Light Energy Grid Matrix' is an instrument of peace, cooperation and love. It is not to be used to manipulate a New World Order, but to create a whole new world,..... The new "Heaven on Earth".


Atlantis Rising; Awakening of an American Artist


The following are excerpts from my documented archives from my web site;










July 3, 2000


On my last flight to Boston from Atlanta in May, I flew over the outer islands that make up Boston’s Harbor. With very little sleep over the prior nites in Tennessee, and after my adventures out in the California deserts, I was beyond exhaustion, both mentally and physically. During the flight I would occasionally open my eyes to see if I was indeed still on a plane. Engulfed in a deep 'meditative state", I relied on faith and guidance alone to bring me home safely from the last leg of the latest seven thousand mile trek.


As I glanced out the window during our final approach while crossing the outer harbors in the light of late morning. I was taken by the serenity and peacefulness of the islands as a stream of light from "Boston Light" would occasionally sparkle through the dense aqua blue mist. It's lighthouse beaconing my way home. Dream bound and weary it was easy to allow my spirit to fly over and through the islands as the plane whisked down over and began to align for landing. That vision planted a seed in my sub conscious ever since, and it wasn't until recently when it's bloom has bared it's fruit. For over a month now I have been trying to figure out what my next step is while patiently awaiting outcomes of certain events. In the meantime, I set forth in rummaging through three years of collective data and research to write another chapter of a documented journey that attempts to align and relate the separate parts into one cohesive, wholeness. The final pieces of the puzzle were 'literally" falling in place. Beyond the work itself there stood an global accomplishment of spiritual evolution that will soon come to full light.


I had visited the "Heritage Trail" when first returning to New Hampshire, and had considered a "vision quest" north towards the White Mountains. The "white spirits" were calling and so was the yearning to know more of my roots. Something held me back from taking off when I first felt rushes of energy to do so. Knowing that there was still work to be done where I was at I stayed put. It was a time of soul searching, healing and dealing with the detachment and attempted healing between myself and certain others. The undercurrent of movement flowed on and one day in a dream I awoke fully knowing that I had downloaded the next set of codes for integration and the time at hand for moving on would be nearing. I was to find my "Sirian Resort". My direction changed from north to southeast and I began to explore the possibility of returning to my northshore roots since beginning this journey three years ago. All signs pointed to this direction.


My thoughts returned again to the islands. For the past week I have done much research and planning on this. The Boston Harbor Islands are the newest National Park in the country, yet it is rich in history, heritage, environmental conservation, wildlife sanctuaries, sustainability, nature and group interactions. It also seems to be laden with opportunity and volunteer/work programs, such as a five year re-vegetation project of trees and plant life. A ferry provides transportation to and from Boston and free water shuttles between five of it's ten most developed islands. Camping is provided so I have booked my first four nites beginning July 4th at Peddocks Island, then four more the following week. My goals now are to familiarize myself with the islands and their relation to my surroundings. To take this time to rest and rejuvenate, to cleanse and clear more of the crud and filth that has been imbedded within my veins. My intent is to seek out connections and opportunities within the surrounding community along with employment and housing in the area. Once these goals are achieved I will then return here to the internet and incorporate and expand my creative ventures. I have no intention of losing access during this time. I want to maintain contact on a regular basis, even if it is to report once a week through the gallery update and mailing list if I can obtain access.


I have attempted to do the best I could with bringing forth a vision and relating my experiences through this web site during this time of great changes for all of us. Your words have told me that this work may have contributed in some way for inspiration and healing. Your words have done the same for me. They have inspired me to go on at times when I doubted, at times when i needed the "proof",...and times when I wanted to simply quit. This work has held me accountable and I am not done here yet. For many of you who have trodden down the "star trails" of Sunspirit Gallery as of late, you have found that a new path has now come to another crossroad. A full three months ago I spoke and wrote in "Return of the Dove" about yet another crossroad that had been reached. This path is now being told in the tales of "Giant Rock" and the "Tribe of Seven". In time, and in conjunction with other gallery writings, these works will all be assembled in a complete compilation contained in a manuscript entitled "Atlantis Rising". This is a goal.


What clearly began as a personal introspective three years ago, became a journey amongst fellow star travelers. As I followed these "star trails" that were carefully and consciously set in place to follow,. I found that I was not alone. Many times my journey became yours,. and yours mine.


"We would walk this path together for a time..

Then you would go your way,. I would go mine.

Both knowing that in the end,.

We are only to meet once again."


While criss-crossing these trails we have woven the golden gossamer tapestry of the New Energy Light Grid Matrix, and we have created the super-human highway of evolution to the stars...and in so doing, we now begin to build a new world of heaven on earth. We have anchored the energies successfully, this you know to be true. We now begin to integrate these forces with that of nature, mother Gaia, and ourselves. We must make way within ourselves and clear out the filth and garbage that is embedded deep within our veins. We have the answers to rebuild our world. There is no room at the inn left for anything else. My new house does not respond well to any of the old energy, any of the "old ways" in which i fed it, sustained it, nourished or nurtured it. Unless these new energies are fully integrated within this body,. It will continue to waste away and transform back to earth. Our bodies are changing,...our very cellular DNA make up is transforming , adapting to shifts in magnetic and vibrational frequencies. There must be a cleansing and clearing for full integration.


A very important facet of this journey was stated in the first few chapters of Portraits of Meditations when I wrote on the importance of "physical integration and balance”,. and that anything less as a result of this process would fall short if not incorporated within that of other spiritual elements. It was no wonder or chance "happening" that one of the last anchor spots before the completion of the new energy matrix in June was in Landers California in April,. at a place called the "Integretron".,..with it's legend and tales of "cellular transformation for eternal youth and longevity". The implications of what has been accomplished by light workers around the world have yet to be fully embraced and comprehended. The genome connection and latest discoveries are but a small fraction of what is to come. The relationships between the "six around the one" and molecular biology and DNA transformation,...with the sacred merkabah techniques are so significant in blazing new trails for sustained health and multi-dimensional existence. Physical integration with our newly attained fourth dimensional selves is the next level of spiritual growth to the fifth dimension. We "have the cosmic technology" connect to a 'cosmic consciousness", the incorporating universal life force of all that is. We now must learn to fully heal ourselves and this planet. The principles that have been laid out in the creation of this "new energy matrix" , must be fully incorporated within our society,. and in order to do this,. it must first be fully implemented within ourselves. The new vibrational frequencies that our earth and higher selves are moving into will no longer tolerate any of the denser energies of old ways that contributed to our molecular and physical matrix. "Reality" as we know it will soon be forever altered. Once the new energies are fully integrated within the crystalline core structure of Gaia, only an attuned vibrational frequency will be able to move within the new energy matrix.


I have been called back home to the sea for many months now. I have been to the forest and the mountains. I have been to the deserts....and so now it is I return to the ocean. The legends of these islands are magnetic,. and it's energy now beckons me to explore them.


I ask of your thoughts and prayers of support. I pray and wish for you, that the light and discovering of your own paths be rich and fulfilling. We will meet up again soon.


The following are chronological links to the most recent compilations of writings that are currently being formed in my manuscript entitled: Atlantis Rising. Until other chapters are written, I have included 'associated writings" that relate to the documented material for the sake of clarity. There was so much more I wanted to do,. but have run out of time.


I have been working on these writings for over three years now. During the course of this time, I have reached several crossroads where only spirit has guided me. Many times these paths have taken me down a road that has led to brief silence and non communication. But I have trusted this source to guide me back in order to compile and express this experience as a whole. It has been a "mission". Today I will be leaving to follow another path. One that will hopefully lead to my "new house". Until then, these links and writings have been updated and expanded to the best of my ability. Once settled, my goal is to return to finish them. Since they are not completed, compilations and associated writings have been included. This is due to the most profound significance and clarity it offers in relationship to the rest of the writings. I believe the following "startrail" of essays contain some of the most profound discoveries and connections related to the evolution of the human spirit,...and the healing of the human body. Pay particular close attention to the "activation of the six" and the "six around the one"...the sacred merkabah techniques, the "seven", spiral energies, DNA and molecular transformation, the "twelve around the one", chakras and Kundalini...then of course,. the New Energy Light Grid Matrix. Put it all together and this compilation of writings offers a powerful insight and a comprehensive "overview" of multi-dimensional communication. The associated writings are a MUST READ!.


A word about the associated writings. Although the topics and correspondences may be related, The information contained within these associated writings do not necessarily reflect or endorse the opinions and objectives of SunSpirit Gallery...or vice versa. They are included here as a vital correlation of information that puts the writings and events described within "Atlantis Rising" into perspective by offering valuable insight.


In love, Light and Service,


Artist/SunSpirit Gallery

SunSpirit Gallery


Introduction to Atlantis Rising:


[ Portraits of Meditations]

[ Activation of the Twelve around the One]

[ Return of the Dove]

[ Integration]

[Activation at Giant Rock]

[ Joshua Tree and the Tribe of Seven]


Associated compilation by Bekhat and Angelynne

[ The Creation of EarthNet]


Associated writings by Jonathon Earl Bowser:

[The Awakening] [The Return]


[ The SunSpirit Story]




Dear Friends of the Gallery,


Hello once again ; )


It's been a little while since I have been able to post here. I hope the summer months have been kind to you. The time away has brought many changes for me personally. I last posted any message on or around July 4th. I was on my way to spend some time on the outer islands of Boston Harbor. I spent ten days camping and exploring on four different islands within the harbor. I had no specific agenda this time around so it gave me an opportunity to spend some quality time alone and do a lot of thinking and reflection on the three years of traveling and experiences I had just completed. I had planned this trip out so that I would be out on the islands during the "Parade of Sail 2000" on July 12th and viewed the Tall Ship sailing spectacle from Gallops island with my son Justin. It was truly a magical time for me, a time that I will never forget. I took many photographs and will have a few "sea faring' adventures to share in time.


I had also talked about a relocation move and this too is still happening, although slower then had hoped. When I came back to the mainland, I knew I stood at yet another crossroad of change, yet this time the road back home was going to be long and arduous. I still long to return and live by the sea and have my goals set to do so some day, but for now I have chosen to remain in New Hampshire and solidify my 'foundations" for the time being.


After returning and going through a difficult period of "resettling", I had an opportunity to sit down and read some of the mail that came in to the gallery while I was away. Some of this mail and interactions have had a great impact on me as far as determining what direction I was to work towards now as far as any art, or the virtual gallery was concerned. I realized I have been in the prayers of many,. and there were a few of you that have helped me beyond what I can ever repay. I thank you from all that I am,. you know who you are. I will not go into many details about what I have been dealing with lately,. but I will say this much. I do not regret the decisions or time spent involved in what I had to see through since the fall of 97. Many of which has been captured within my journals and writings here within this web site. I had to do what I had to do and perhaps someday those that have been affected most by it will come to understand why. When one goes through something like what I have experienced,..You learn a lot about yourself and the universe in which we live. You also learn a lot about others. You find out who your friends and family really are,...and you find out what kind of friend you really "have been". Somehow in the end, it all balances out.



August 2001


A message by the artist-


Start the Presses!! This just in. It's official. At 2 p.m. e.s.t. this afternoon, due to some last minute help, some luck, and a whole lot of Divine Intervention ; ) confirmation was made. It is in my sincerest pleasure, pride, and gratitude, to announce the following.


The web site of SunSpirit Gallery's featured digital-visionary collections of yours truly; ) will make it's long awaited, premier 'live' showing on September 28th, 2001 at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts as part of the Wholelife Exposition and Conference national tour.


After five years in the making, one might easily imagine how happy and excited I am to post this news here today. I realize that the Gallery has posted several times in the past, especially over the past couple months, in regards to this "unofficial -debut- live- exhibit" after years of production and exclusive, virtual viewing solely on the internet. But it is now officially confirmed. I will be where it all began in my hometown next month, and kicking off my first, of what I hope will be many live showings to come. There will be more details posted here in the "Gallery Updates" and mailing lists concerning this announcement in the hours and days to come. But I wanted to take this opportunity now, to personally make it official. In the meantime, please check out the links provided for the Wholelife Expo as well as the featured exhibitors and speakers of the conference including Deepak Chopra, Maya Angelou and Marianne Williamson. It promises to be quite the show and I am so looking forward to seeing it as much as I am being a part of it. As of this moment, the Wholelife Expo dates at Chicago in October, and Los Angeles in November are tentative as far as SunSpirit Gallery's participation, and I will have much more to say about those shows in the near future. (Is there another trip cross country in store for this digital vagabond yet?...stay tuned ; ) But for now, "Please come to Boston" in September and celebrate this special "coming out party" with the angels and me at booth #322! I look forward to "seeing you" ; )~


Speaking of angels, I have another announcement to make, but you will have to surf to my collection of "Angelic Realms" to see about this one ; )


Your Continued support and purchases via this web site of the Gallery's prints and artcards will help now more than ever in helping to share the art, writings, and "inspirations of angels" with the rest of the 'real world".


Thank you to all those that have contributed to making this happen. You know who you are and I will never forget you.... It's been way too long in coming. I thank you with all my heart.



Jon-William Brown

Artist- SunSpirit Gallery



October 22, 2001


In these uncertain times, there is but one thing for sure. On September 11th, 2001, our world changed,....and it will never be the same. Not only here in America from where I write tonite,...but everywhere. It was inevitable. Our world changed, because it HAD to change. It does not take a visionary to see that we now stand at a precipice between two worlds. Two simple reality's. We have but one choice left. We can continue by living in a world that does not adhere to the Laws of Mother Nature and proceed down the same path of terror, war, tyranny, oppression, ecological disaster and eventual destruction. Or, we can make a conscious choice to embrace Mother Nature and not only survive, but create a new age of peace and prosperity unlike this world has ever seen. For if one embrace's the basic Laws of the Universe, one can create a Garden of Eden from a dry desert. Infinite prosperity for all, eradicating evil at it's roots, and we shall know War no more. There is no other way. Peace will reign Heaven on Earth.


And so it is.


October 11, 2001


Will You Change This?

By Jon-William 


The question echoed in every far corner of my mind, my surroundings, everything I saw, heard, felt, the question remained,....Will You Change This?


For a moment I forgot everything I once knew. When I looked around nothing seemed the same anymore. Surreal, chilling, cold and isolated. Nothing made sense, nothing was real. Gone for ever.


When I looked at the tall buildings that surrounded me in sculpted modern wonder, I no longer saw their majestic beauty. The images of the Golden City were buried deep in my sub-conscious, replaced with images of shattered steel, glass, and life,.. consumed in balls of fire in an instant.


Will You Change This?


When I looked in your eyes I no longer saw the Love, the reflection of the Sun, the Light that once shown so bright with the promise of tomorrow. For a moment I had forgotten your name even though your face seemed so familiar. I did not recognize you through the fear and dashing of a security that I had once felt some time long ago. No longer did I sleep in the comfort of your arms, dancing on stars in my dreams, nor wake to the vibrant colors of morning any more.


Will You Change This?


When I saw the birds, I no longer heard their song. When I saw the great beast of the earth as well as the smallest bug and leaf, I forgot about the life you bring in the air, the mountains and sea. I forgot about the life the air, land and sea gives you.


Will You Change This?


When I looked to the sky, I no longer saw the Sun in it's brilliance, nor the blue skies of royalty. I saw a dimming light and smoke on the horizon. A gathering dark, cold and brutal storm blown in by the mighty winds of Thor scourging the Earth, leaving nothing but wasteland in it's Doomsday path.


For a moment I had forgotten that we had a choice, and the free will of hu-man the test.


Will You Change this?


Then I awoke from a dream in your arms within a city of Gold, ablaze by the brilliance of the New Dawns Light, echoing the promise of a brand new day filled with the song of the birds and the beast of all the skies, mountains and seas. I awoke and I was changed,... and Heaven had transformed the Earth.



December 27, 2001


SunSpirit Gallery is only honored to see the use of "Mebahiah; The Angel of Winter" as an image of hope, healing and re-birth for the Pentagon Angels, a web site created for and by the families of those that passed from this earth from the Pentagon attack on September 11, 2001. I trust their souls are in good hands and are at peace.


I am quite aware that many try to find the original artist before using the images created within this gallery. I received the following e-mail on December 21, 2001.


Dear Jon,

I hope you are doing well, saw this on the fox news, and wanted you to be aware of it, there is a site established, called Pentagon Angels, and they are using your part of their logo, you might want to contact them so that they can give you credit for the artwork.....hey, your angel was on the news!!


The "SunSpirit Story" (originally posted in June, 2000-deleted along with the rest of my writings from this web site after September 11th, 2001) may explain a little more in just how this came to be.....and why. Coincidence? decide. I have been moved beyond words since December 21st. I will always be amazed on just how Spirit works, no matter how many times it's 'proven' to me. As a good friend has asked me countless times, "What else do you need,. a burning bush" !? This event has prompted me to re-post the "SunSpirit Story".


December 25, 2001


On behalf of all those that are associated with SunSpirit Gallery in one way or another, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Solstice, Yule, Hanukkah, Ramadan, or whatever observance one may be, or have been celebrating during this festive, and reflective time of year. My prayer today is that the realization of Peace, Love and Light to reign abundant with many blessings of Spirit to all of you and yours and may the coming millennium be all that you envision it to be.


The following is dedicated to the "Prince of Peace" and all those that have walked the path for peace in the last 2,000 years since.


I have a little vision of the world.

It isn't much.

But in it, beauty shines whenever earth

and people touch.

There's laughter,

and there's music,

and the trees are standing tall,

and the creatures whisper stories to us all.

No one is lost or hungry.

Every life's of equal worth.

And the snowflakes fall and scatter

like a dream of Peace on Earth.....


So....light a candle for help,

for each heart that's in need,

a candle for every compassionate deed.

Light a candle for smiles

on the children's sweet faces,

a candle for peace

between countries and races,

a candle that shines

like a star in the night.

Light a candle of hope

for a future that's bright.


ĘThanks to my friend Michael for sharing this little vision for the world.


Love you all



December 11, 2001


SunSpirit Gallery Premier Exhibit Tour-

Opening reception- December 12th, 2001

Spirit of Sedona- Ancient Awareness Center

See press release for details.


Next Showing:

Galant Gallery

197 Derby Street

Salem, Massachusetts

Preview - December 15, 2001

Opening reception February 24, 2002-

Details to be posted soon...please stay tuned.


November 11, 2001


Announcement- Premiere Exhibit Update: See Home Page


For those that have been familiar with the work of SunSpirit Gallery, you know that after five years of production, the Gallery announced it's premiere exhibit two months ago to be held at the "Wholelife Exposition" in Boston, Massachusetts on September 28th. A lot has happened since. In the following weeks after the tragic event of September the 11th, not only did the Wholelife Expo postpone it's show in Boston till next spring, but also in Los Angeles and Chicago in the two months since, thus, altering the plans of the Gallery for it's debut showing once again. Like many celebratory "events" of late, the enthusiasm for such things was quelled in light of the life altering events that stemmed from the WTC attacks. But life goes on and hopefully better then ever. After much debate on how to proceed, the Gallery decided to move forward and is pleased to announce that it's premier exhibit will be showcased at the "Spirit of Sedona - Ancient Awareness Center" in Salisbury, Massachusetts beginning this month and running straight thru the holiday season. The Gallery would like to extend it's gratitude to "Kathleen and Rose" for Granting the Gallery this opportunity and look forward to the weeks ahead. The Gallery hopes that this will be the first of many shows to come in the new year.


There will be many details in regards to this special presentation in the days ahead including specifics for the "Spirit of Sedona" show, as well as the first leg of the tour itself within the New England area. Please stay tuned and hope to see you soon!



I never ended up doing that show Wholelife show in Boston. A couple months later I booked my 'coming out'  at the Spirit of Sedona in March 2002 and introduced my 'Activations of Light' program for the first time. Accompanying this metaphysical introductory workshop was my 'Angelic Realism', 'Cosmic Mythology' and "Goddess of Astrology' series that are shown on my web site, first created in 1996. A couple months later I was living in my new home, my new 'Sirian Resort' by the ocean in Newburyport Massachusetts. I was scheduled to do the Spring festival in Newburyport in May of 2002. Twenty and Thirty mile wind gust whipped through the downtown area as I was setting up adjacent to the Firehouse Theater of the Arts in downtown Newburyport for my first showing in years. Before the festival had even begun, several of my framed pieces of artwork of angels had been blown over and lay on the ground amongst shatters of broken glass, reflecting that of a broken heart.


I picked up the pieces, went back to my apartment, and watched the rest of the festival from my living room window resigned to the fact that it just wasn’t time, again.


I continued to interact with the angels for a few more years, culminating with an exhibit in, wait for it,....'Heaven', at the Towle building in Newburyport in 2005. But that was as far as they were to go. After ten years, it was time again to move onto something new.



Within a year, I had created the Spirit of Newburyport. I then spent three years applying my developed techniques to my first extensive cityscape series and booked a showing at 'Off The Wall' artisans gallery in October of 2005.I followed this up with my first appearance at the Newburyport Harvest Festival. I did several more shows during the holidays including a local city tour in the winter of 2006. and a presentation at the Newburyport Library entitled 'Newburyport; An American Perspective" on creative sustainable communities featuring 'Market Square Transformation', a co-creative project with local teacher historian Theodore Kyrios.


That was over ten years ago, and the rest of the story is told in the chapter called,


Newburyport: A Contemporary Perspective



See Also: Reflections on Ten Years


Reflections on Ten Years of the Spirit of Newburyport


Special dedication to Ted Kyrios


I just came upon a newspaper article in my archives from ten years ago. I had just hosted a speaker presentation at the Newburyport library entitled ‘Newburyport; An American Perspective’. Wow, talk about flashbacks, I cant believe its been ten years. Michael Whalen, one of my favorite musicians.


I was saddened deeply to hear of Ted’s passing just this past year. My interest in this city began with him, and I owe him a great deal of gratitude. Ted Kyrios did a slide show on the history of Newburyport during that presentation, and provided images taken in 1976 of Inn Street and Market Square during the bi-centennial celebration of America. I will never forget these first few days in which I look back on now as setting sail on a remarkable discovery.

In the twelve years since establishing the Spirit of Newburyport, I have broken the 'glass ceiling' many times. I was the first artist to be granted what's referred to as a 'transient vendors license' for a non-food vendor in the city of Newburyport in order to sell my work on the streets. Not only have a now done twelve years worth of art festivals in the city, I am now coordinator of the Artisans Revival and run a good portion of the artisans Festivals in the city, and making great strides in establishing an year round artisan marketplace. You can read all about it in a art exhibit I first presented in 2006 called Newburyport; An American Perspective.


I used these images to put forth some of the first series of what was to become the first exhibit of Spirit of Newburyport at Off The Wall Gallery on Pleasant Street, what is now Three Sisters Artisan Shop, later that fall. One of these images is used as the featured image for this article entitled; ‘The Inn Street Griffin – 1976’ and is one of my favorites.


Along with re-discovering the following news article in my extensive eighteen year archives, I also found three audio files from the ‘Newburyport; An American Perspective’ at the library in February of 2006. Please keep in mind this was ten years ago, and my very first public presentation in Newburyport.


Introduction to ‘Newburyport; An American Perspective


Part 11 – What are you doing out there?

Get Link


Part 111 – Amy Bachellor on Personal Transformation

Get Link



Around summer of the following year, I began to put out the first self publications and online ebook editions of what I referred to in the following paragraph at the beginning of this 'reflection";


"It wasn’t long after that I sat down on my 47th birthday in June of 1997, and wrote the first passages of my 'Atlantis Rising; Awakening of an American Artist' manuscript entries. The first documentations of a journey that I was to chronicle over the course of the next three years that crossed the continental United States several times,


A journey that ultimately changed the course and understanding of my life.


Indeed it was a journey that was to ultimately change the understanding of my life, but not the course. For this understanding was to come into clearer view during the course of the next ten years of my experience in the city of Newburyport, Massachusetts, culminating in a creative epiphany explosion in 2016 with what has come to be known as the Artisans Revival.

The story comes full circle in an update to 'Atlantis Rising; The Awakening on an American Artist'; Part 2, 'Activation".


November 7, 2017


Its been more than twenty two years since I began writing this story that includes my first chance meetings with a Mr. DiMarino. Its been seventeen years since I flew over the Boston Islands and spent that day watching the Tall Ships with my thirteen year old son. Obviously one would have to read the full story and the links provided in order to grasp the full understanding. Consider this just a primer of 'Reflections on Twenty Years'.

This past June the Tall Ships came back to Boston. This time, My son, now thirty, and I, watched them from his boat anchored off Spectacle Island. I took many Photographs. I will be doing my first show and photographic interaction, 'Tall Ships in Boston 2017' at Boston Winter 2017, since my Boston Expo gift show in 1996, over twenty years ago now.


They say things come full circle sometimes.


Sometimes, they just go round in circles.


Either way, I will be in Boston once again on November 24th, 2017.



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The End.